See other polls! Poll: If Japan were to stop producing anime or music or games, what would you do?
total emotional shut-down
15 26.32%
Just move on, it's just another hobby.
10 17.54%
Won't sell it, instead build a room with glass shelves and spotlights and treasure all anime collections.
8 14.04%
Would you commit Seppuku.
7 12.28%
Rally a team and produce new Anime.
6 10.53%
Would you try and salvage all known animes known to man kind now that it is a commodity and try and sell it on the black market.
5 8.77%
Would it mean the end of the world for you.
2 3.51%
SUE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 1.75%
Retro cartoons! Besides, I have my own animes already at my disposal.
1 1.75%
Walfas, Touhou will never die... so long as Satan.
1 1.75%
Hold every one of them at gun point until they agree to create more
1 1.75%
1 1.75%
Would you invent a Time Machine to relive the days of anime.
1 1.75%
Could it mean that aliens have taken over the world. 0 0.00%

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