Lyrics for Hatenaki Michi (TV Size) from Letter Bee by Himeka (Ending #1)

Aimai ni miegakureru sora o matagu kumo no you na hibi
Hitomi no oku de monokuro no kioku ga yomigaeri
Afuresou na namida korae isogu

Kako to ima to mirai no hazama de
Nani ga seikai ka tesaguri na mama uneru tabi

Hatenaki michi de deatta kono kiseki wa
Life, this is my life ima anata no moto e
Koe ni naranai omoi wa yozora no hoshi e to
Sky, into the sky ikite iku in my soul

あいまいに見え隠れる 空をまたぐ雲のような日々
瞳の奥で モノクロの記憶が蘇り
溢れそうな涙こらえ 急ぐ

何が正解か手さぐりなまま うねる旅

果てなき道で出逢った この奇跡は
Life, this is my life 今あなたのもとへ
声にならない想いは 夜空の星へと
Sky, into the sky 生きていくin my soul

On days that look like clouds striding across the sky, hazily fading in and out
Deep in my eyes, the monochrome memories revive
And I quickly hold back my tears that almost overflow

In the rift between the past, present, and future
What's the correct answer? It's a meandering journey that I fumble through

This miracle is that we met on an endless road
Life, this is my life, now I'll go to where you are
My unspoken feelings go to the stars in the night sky
Sky, into the sky, I live in my soul

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