Lyrics for Only My Railgun (TV Size) from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun by fripSide (Opening #1)

hanate kokoro ni kizanda yume o mirai sae okizari ni shite
genkai nado shiranai imi nai
kono chikara ga hikari chirasu sono saki ni haruka na omoi o

aruite kita kono michi o furikaeru koto shika
dekinai nara ima koko de subete o kowaseru

kurayami ni ochiru machinami hito wa doko made tachimukaeru no
kasoku suru sono itami kara dareka o kitto mamoreru yo

The blitz loop this planet to search way.
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it. ima sugu
karadajuu o hikari no hayasa de
kakemegutta tashika na yokan

tsukame nozomu mono nara nokosazu kagayakeru jibun rashisa de
shinjiteru yo ano hi no chikai o
kono hitomi ni hikaru namida sore sae mo tsuyosa ni naru kara

放て!心に刻んだ夢も 未来さえ置き去りにして
限界など知らない 意味ない! 
この能力が光散らす その先に遥かな想いを

歩いてきた この道を 振り返ることしか

暗闇に落ちる街並み 人はどこまで立ち向かえるの?
加速するその痛みから 誰かもきっと守れるよ

The blitz loop this planet to search way.
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it. 今すぐ!
体中を 光の速さで
駆け巡った 確かな予感

掴め!望むものなら残せず 輝ける自分らしさで
信じてるよ あの日の誓いを 
この瞳に光る涙 それさえも強さになるから
Release the dream engraved in your heart! Leave even the future behind.
I know no limits; they’re meaningless!
This power scatters out those feelings that are so far from how they used to be.

If I can’t do anything but look back at this road I walked down,
I can break down everything here and now.

On a street that falls into darkness, how far can people fight on?
I can definitely protect anyone from the accelerating pain.

The blitz loops this planet to search for a way.
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it right now.
The certain prediction circulated
Through my body at the speed of light.

If there’s something you wish for, grab it and don’t leave it behind! We can shine with our own style.
I believe in the vow from that day.
Even the tears that shine in these eyes will become my strength.

To sum it all up, there is no second version to this song.
It only has one. The only difference of the two is of course, the length. Locked.

-- by ehmz at 2010-02-07 01:38:42

Official TV Size scan.

-- by ehmz at 2010-02-07 01:35:22

alright, i checked, and firstly, there is no need for arguments, secondly, there are 2 versions to this song, i got both, if you listen carefully, this version is the same as the anime which lyrics are as such:"look into the prism, discriminate in such a way...." whilst the other version is the "blitz..." so i think it needs to be changed no matter official or not, this version is like this and i don't think it should be kept wrong.

-- by bennettauyeung at 2009-11-17 03:02:52

Tv size scan

-- by nel33 at 2009-11-02 06:17:08

I think the dificult is becose she doesnt say exactly planet but "thu pureneti"as i could understand but i agree...lets wait the official lyrics come out and check

-- by shoran_himura at 2009-10-24 19:04:44

It still sounds more like 'discriminate' than 'this planet' after listening to it a few more times. I can't hear anything sound like 'pl' inside that line. I think it's safer to wait till the official version for the lyrics comes out with the CD on the 4th of November to determine the correct one. Also, at least spell the lyrics correctly, it's only one mouse click away. I was wondering if 'prims' and 'mt' were typos or jokes.

-- by sooo0osleepy at 2009-10-19 22:17:49

According to some sites, including the one posted as source theres a mistake in the English part:

current transliteration:look in the prims, discriminate through such a way, only mt railgun can shoot it, letting my soul out.
correct transliteration: Looking the prims, this planet to search a way, only my railgun can shoot it, ima sugu!

After listening a few times again, theres no doubt, the second one is correct...you can almost clearly hear she singing planet.
Also, the "ima sugu" is undoubtly clear at the end....

just my two cents ^^

hope this was helpful ^^

-- by shoran_himura at 2009-10-16 20:45:03

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