Lyrics for Dopo Il Sogno from Gunslinger Girl by Yoshitaka Kitanami (Ending #1)

Ascolta, dolce Maria
Ridonami, ti prego il mio sorriso

Ah! si, del mio cammino sii la propizia stella.
Pervenir teco, bella sera la morte a me.

Ascolta, salve Maria
Suo duol suoi tristi accenti oda il tuo pietoso cor.

A te, che benedetta fra tutte sei, Maria.
Voli la prece mia, pura s'innalzi a te.

Ascolta, santa Maria
Ridonami, ti prego, la mia calma.

All' anima che anella di ricoverarti in braccio,
Deh! Rompi, Maria, il laccio che le impedesce il voi.

Ascolta, dolce Maria
Suo duol, suoi tristi accenti oda il tuo pietoso cor.

Kanji lyrics not yet submitted.
Listen, Sweet Mary,
Restore, I beg, my pleasantness.

Ah! Yes, be the guiding star of my path,
To come with you, sweet will be death for me.

Listen, Hail Mary,
His sorrow, his sad accents, let him hear the mercy of your heart.

To you who is blessed among women, Mary,
My prayer flies, pure it rises to you.

Listen, Saint Mary,
Restore, I pray, my calmness.

Let all souls who cry take refuge in her arms.
Ah! Break, Mary, the trap that prevents you.

Listen, Sweet Mary,
His sorrow, his sad accents, let him hear the mercy of your heart.
The current lyric here is fit with the full version of this song. I don't know why the TV version have different lyric, but it is.
This is the correct lyric of TV version I found in sub file of a German dub version. Unfortunately, it doesn't have English translation. I'm still finding everywhere.

Si mio amore per pietà
Lasciami piangere

Lascia cambiare la tua sorte
E che sospiri la libertà
E tuoi rimangano questi ricordi
Dammi ai martiri sai per pietà

Si mio amore per pietà
Lasciami piangere
Oh per pietà

-- by thefog92 at 2012-12-22 21:33:15

finally found the original lyrics. its an Aria that belongs to Almirena and it is called 'Lascia ch'io pianga', from George Frederic Handel's opera.

is there any way to post the original version of the lyrics? anyway, this is the lyrics of dopo il sogno anime version:

Signor! Ah! per pietà, lascia mi piangere

Parte A: Lascia ch'io pianga, Mia cruda sorte E che sospiri La libertà!
Parte B: Il duolo infranga, Queste ritorte, De' miei martiri, Sol per pietà.

-- by hatake_kornel at 2011-05-09 07:37:49

this is definitely an another version of the song. i can't find the original except extracting it directly from the anime.

-- by hatake_kornel at 2011-05-09 07:04:46

This song is a mixture of several prayers to the Virgin Mary, including Ave Maria, hence the basis of the translation I just submitted.

-- by a6wilson at 2010-10-10 10:55:32

Yeah. you're right. I cant find the right song thats in the anime anywhere, this version keeps coming up -.- I don't really know if the version in the anime is a different translation/language or if it was just based off of the one available to download here but either way its two different songs =/

-- by kitsune-girl at 2008-05-24 20:28:32

umm.. this lyrics is differ from the one in anime.. i think.. am i right?

-- by hatake_kornel at 2008-05-24 02:41:43

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