Lyrics for Still Doll from Vampire Knight by Kanon Wakeshima (Ending #1)

HI Miss Alice
anata garasu no me de
donna yume o
mirareru no
miirareru no

mata atashi
kokoro ga sakete
sukima ni sasaru

HI Miss Alice
anata kajitsu no kuchi de
dare ni ai o
naigeite iru no
naigeite iru no

mou atashi
kotoba o tsumugu
shita no netsu
same kitte
mederu o uta mo

Still you do not answer
Hi Miss Alice
あなた 硝子の眼で


Hi Miss Alice
あなた 果実の口で


Still, you do not answer.

Hi Miss Alice.
With glass eyes
What kind of a dream
Are you able to have?
Are you entranced by?
Again for me
My heart tears apart
And flows out
Pierce into
The mended crevice

Hi Miss Alice.
With a fruitful mouth
To whom are you
Throwing love at?
Grieving love at?
I’m already
Spinning words
The warmth of my tongue
Completely cools
And I can’t sing
The song that I adore

Still, you do not answer.

Does anyone have karaoke version and instrumental?

-- by soraakira at 2011-12-13 00:53:40

It seems that the long version has "mata" and the short one "mada". I looked on all the Japanese sites I know and that's what I saw. Well the short version doesn't necessarily need to have the exact lyrics.

-- by kuratsu at 2011-06-16 03:21:13

So is it "mata atashi" or "mada atashi"? The TV Size version on Gendou says "mada atashi" and it says that in the kanji version too. So which one's right? They both make sense, and you can't really tell from listening exactly which one it is.

@atashi, Sometimes punctuation is changed during romanization so that it makes sense to English readers, or according to personal preference, or to make everything look uniform. Punctuation doesn't affect pronunciation, and in this particular case (ellipsis versus full stop) it doesn't affect meaning either, so it doesn't have to be totally faithful to the original kanji version.

-- by norimori at 2011-06-15 19:32:00

An I solved my own problem, found a scan of the original lyrics so it's 魅入る/みいる/miiru.
someone should put an edit button in here ><

-- by kuratsu at 2011-05-26 13:25:55

魅入られるの = miirareru no => since the hiragana is みいられるの and comes from the verb 魅入る= miiru having the hiragana みいる meaning to be entranced or possessed.
In that part I have another problem, maybe someone that found the original lyrics in Japanese can solve: is it miiru the second verb or miru ( to see ) as a bis.
From the English and kanji lyrics the correct romaji is for the miiru verb, if it's the good one please do not change again since it's not corect miru ( need another i )even if the singer uses for both the verbs a a long i. keep in mined that it's singing; when talking you wil have the vb miru with a short i and miiru whit a long i meaning when talking and righting you can tell the differences ( like every 2 or long vocal or 2 consonant like in the te ending of some group 1 vb )

-- by kuratsu at 2011-05-26 13:06:18

This is my favorite ending by far. Gothic, passionate, chilling and really beautiful. i love it.

-- by beckyc at 2010-03-30 03:53:10

There's no comma between 'Hi' and 'Miss'. There is only a period after 'answer', not '...'.

-- by atashi at 2008-06-01 08:47:19

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