Lyrics for Sociometry (TV Size) from Shakugan no Shana II by Kotoko (Ending #2)

Inoru tensei ni mugen no you na toki ga tomaru
Itsuka todokimasuka kuuhaku darake motsureru koe
Tameiki tsuku tabi kuzurete yuku baransu
Kasaneta jikan wo tashika ni kanjita noni

Mune no oku de uzuku no ha tenchifumei no paraguramu
Kimi no kotoba wo sotto kurikaeshita
Massugu ni te wo nobashite
Kako no mirai mo furete mita
Kakeru omoi ni kaketa ima
I Believe
祈る天星に 無限のような時が止まる
いつか届きますか 空白だらけもつれる声
ため息つくたび 崩れてゆくバランス

I Believe...
I pray to the stars in the sky, and seemingly infinite time stops.
Will my empty, entangled voice reach you someday?
The balance falls apart every time I sigh.
And though I surely felt the time we shared,

What aches inside of me is a paragram that doesn't know up or down.
I quietly repeated your words.
I reached my hands straight out...
...and touched both the past and future.
This moment exists because I've put my upstoppable feelings on the line...
I Believe...
Translation Note : English translation line 5. from...
Translated to... Aches deep in my chest are because of ignoring to the destiny the world granted

Tenchi (I assume this is "The sky + The earth -> The world", a dying Chinese composite word, but still widely used in my language ;p)
fumei (unknowing -> ignoring)
paragram (a pun. In this case, positively probably, what have been occurring in the world -> destiny)

The existing (what aches inside of me is a paragram that doesn't know up or down.) one (ONLY this line) maybe too rough. Maybe since my English is poor, I could barely understand it. I don't know if it's alright not to include the world "paragram" in the translation, since it doesn't have literal meaning.

Suggestions or editings are appreciated.

-- by eakka at 2008-02-24 02:27:35

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