Lyrics for Wasurenaide from KimiKiss Pure Rouge by Suara (Ending #2)

doko ni mo ikanai nante yakusoku dekinai
itsu hanarete shimau ka mo shirenai
anata o zutto mamoritai
demo yoku kangaete mite
honto wa anata wa hitori demo hitori ja nai

zutto zutto sou yatte kono sora mo tsuki mo meguru kara
sou hontou wa dare mo ga kabe nante koerareru you ni tsukurareteru n da

anata no koto o omotteru hito ga iru koto o
dakara waratte mite
kagami no naka no anata wa itsumo itsudemo
hohoemu koto ga dekiru

zutto zutto sou yatte kono sora mo tsuki mo meguru kara
sou hontou no koe nara dare ni datte ataerareru you ni tsukurareteru kara

kono omoi o itsu ka kitto todokeru kara
dakara waratteite
kagami no naka no egao wa itsumo itsudemo
hitori de mo hitori ja nai
いつ 離れてしまうかもしれない
ほんとはあなたは 一人でも 一人じゃない

ずっとずっと そうやって この空も月もめぐるから
そう 本当は誰もが壁なんて 越えられるように作られてるんだ

あなたのことを 想ってる人がいることを
だから 笑ってみて
鏡の中の あなたは いつもいつでも

ずっとずっと そうやって この空も月もめぐるから
そう 本当の声なら誰にだって 与えられるように作られてるから

この思いを いつかきっと届けるから
だから 笑っていて
鏡の中の 笑顔は いつもいつでも

I can't promise that I won't go anywhere
We might be separated someday
I want to always protect you,
But try to think about this:
The truth is that even when you're alone, you're not

Always consider that, because this sky and moon go 'round
Yes, the truth is that everyone is made to be able to cross barriers

Don't forget
There's always someone thinking of you
So try to smile
The you inside the mirror is, always and forever,
Able to smile
Don't forget

Always consider that, because this sky and moon go 'round
Yes, because if it's your true voice, we're made to be able to give it to anyone

Don't forget
Because someday I'll surely send these feelings
So keep smiling
Keep remembering
That smiling face inside the mirror
Is never truly alone
Don't forget
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-- by shin at 2010-02-06 07:41:03

Updated with a more accurate (Japanese has gotten a lot better), perhaps less flowery translation.
Tried to preserve ambiguity so the reader can interpret freely, but as a default went along with the possible interpretation that the speaker is going to leave the person being sung to, making that person become alone.

-- by intrusion at 2009-05-15 04:30:51

The translation is rather loose to preserve the poetic vibe of the love song, and to accommodate my not-stellar Japanese skills.
The last line of paragraphs two and four completely stumped me, literally-ish they might be something like:
"yes, the truth is even if everyone is a wall, in order to be able to exceed, can be making" and
"yes, if it is the true voice, whomever it is to, in order to be able to give, can make".

-- by intrusion at 2008-08-15 20:24:56

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