Lyrics for Arcadia from Escaflowne by Yoko Kanno (Background Music)

Hito wa naze, ayamachi wo kurikaesu no darou.
Naze, chi wo konomi, arasoi wo konomu no darou.
Aa, demo, sonna no koto yori
Watashi no chiisana imouto wo omamori kudasai.
Ichi saji no mizu wo
Watashi wa kakoi no naka kara inorimasu.
Utsukushi Arcadia yori mo,
Watashi no chiisana imouto wo osukui kudasai

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Why is it, people always repeat their mistakes, I wonder?
Why is it, that they love blood, and seek conflict?
Aah, but more imporantly than that
Please, protect my young sister.
At least,
Do this one small thing for me.
I pray this from my very innermost self
Even from this beautiful Arcadia,
Please, aid my small sister.

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