Lyrics for Bodhisttava Cathedral from Hellsing by Yasushi Ishii (Background Music)

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Searching within me
You who only hates
You lead me in heaven, going about pleading.
Your lack of love is
It's clouding my heart and
Freely gives me something that flows in my mind.
If this love will stay.
Please only use this love.
Please Ohhh....

2nd Half:
Never know glaver gley in a glisten.
-Tell me like a day in the rising.
Heavy going and I like getting peace that's clean.
Like a child, in the light where the light's been.
-Hear the cry of the leave in the heathen.
Ever know where the blamed and the leathered get lashin?
Oh I'll never want a heaven only sewn with gold.
It's been kinda lousy when it's gone.
It's been never kinda clean being if you would want to climb.
-It's really God who loves the soul.
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