Lyrics for You're Not Alone from Escaflowne by Maaya Sakamoto

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I've walked so long I can't remember-Where was my home?
Their distant faces fade away. I'm always on my own.
I can show a smile, it's not hard to do.
I can have the strength to go on
But sometimes I wanna let go of everything.

When thoughtfulness is not their game, I teach by giving love.
High mountain seems higher endlessly when they're pebbles at your feet.
And if you should still fall into despair, there is one thing left to believe
I lie in your heart always.

Nothing is braver than honesty, my life is your faith in me.

I'll be there when you need
You don't have to hide from me
What you are feeling now.
I fill your soul.

We will seek together destiny
Troubles have an end.
We'll carry on hand in hand
You're not alone.

People searching desperately outside themselves,
Caught up in thinking of what never helped.
And I'd forgotten too that love exists inside me as in
those I wanted from--
I feel you now.

I'll be there when you need
We will live together.
Nothing is in our way
with trust in our soul.

We will seek together destiny
troubles have an end.
We will carry on hand in hand
We won't forget we have each other.
Love is in the hearts of all men
you're not alone.
Edit lyrics as seen in the official lyrics booklet from the OST, as well as corrected some discrepancies in the lyrics.

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