Lyrics for One from Detective Conan Movie 3 by B'z (Ending #1)

Shizuka sugiru yoru da
Mimi ga uzuku hodo
Boku mo kimi mo dare mo
Nemutte nanka inai no ni

Kotoba ga mada taisetsu na koto
Tsutaerareru nara mata nandemo ii kara koe wo kikasete yo

Wakatterutte mou ikitain darou
Kizukanai wake nai darou, you're the only one
Donna koto demo muda niwa naranai
Bokura wa nanika wo akirameru wake ja nai

Yoake no shunkan wa
Itsudatte taikutsu datta keredo
Itsumo to chigau taiyo ga
Heya no katasumi terashita

Yume ga aru nara oikakereba ii
Maru de jipushii mitai ni jiyuu ni samayoi nagara bokura deattan dakara

Mata aimashou itsuka dokoka de
Wasureru wake nai darou, you're the only one
Doa wo akereba michi wa nemutte
Fumidasareru ippo wo machikogarete iru

Yukai na toki dake omoi dashite
Namida ni oboreru tamaniwa sore mo ii

Tomoni sugoshita hibi wa bokura wo
Tsuyoku shite kureru yo kono mune wo harou

Zettai aimashou itsuka dokoka de
Wasureru wake nai darou, baby, you're the only one
Hi ga mata nobotte yuku

静かすぎる夜だ 耳がうずくほど
言葉がまだ 大切なこと
伝えられるなら また 何でもいいから 声を聞かせてよ

わかってるって もう行きたいんだろ
気づかないわけないだろう you're the only one
どんなことでも 無駄にはならない
僕らは何かを あきらめるわけじゃない

夜明けの瞬間は いつだって退屈だったけれど
いつもと違う太陽が 部屋のかたすみ照らした

夢があるなら 追いかければいい
まるでジプシーみたいに 自由にさまよいながら

また 会いましょう いつかどこかで
忘れるわけないだろう you're the only one
ドアを開ければ 道は眠って
踏みだされる一歩を 待ちこがれている

愉快な時だけ 思い出して
涙におぼれる たまにはそれもいい
ともに過ごした日々は 僕らを
強くしてくれるよ この胸をはろう
ぜったい会いましょう いつかどこかで
baby,you're the only one
The night is far too silent that it makes my ears throb in pain
Even though neither you nor I nor anyone else is asleep

If words still have the ability to convey what's important
Then I don't care what it's about, let my hear your voice again

I know, you want to leave already, right?
How could I not notice? (1) You're the only one
Whatever it is, it won't be in vain
Because it's not like we've given up on something

The break of dawn was always such a boring moment
But a different sun then usual shines through to the corner of the room

If you have a dream, go ahead and pursue it
Because it was while wandering freely like gypsies
That we found each other

Let's meet again, someday someplace
There's no way I'd ever forget you (2) (3) You're the only one
When you open the door, the road is asleep
Tired of waiting for you to take your first step forward

Remembering only the happiest times you drown in your tears
There's nothing wrong with that from time to time
The days we spent together will make us stronger
So let's hold our heads high
Let's meet again no matter what, someday someplace
There's no way I'd ever forget you (2) (3) Baby, you're the only one
The sun is rising again

Translator's Note:
(notes for the corresponding numbers in the English translation)
This note is also a part of the English translation from the source (

1. The stress on this sentence is on "not." In other words, he's saying that there is no way he wouldn't notice how she was feeling.
2. This is a more literally correct translation of this line. The emotion/tone/connotations of the original Japanese lyrics are probably better understood by translating it as "How could I ever forget you?" (As in "it would be impossible for me to forget.")
3. Inaba-san doesn't actually use the word "you," but from the context it’s clear that he is either referring to the person that's "the one" or referring to the fact that she is "the one."

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