Lyrics for In the Night from Key the Metal Idol by Sario Kijima (Opening #1)

ano hito ni suki to tsutaete
kagami yo kagami In the night
doushiyou mo nai setsunasa ni
doko made mo ochiru Rainy day

konya wa kitto nemurenai
hitomi wo tojireba aeru itsudemo

anata ga afurete itsumo
anata de afureteru

suki na hito iru to itteta
sonna UWASA wo listening
uchikeshite demo moshikashite
watashi ka mo nante Nothing

konya mo kitto nemurenai
RIFUREIN meiro no naka e tobikomu

mitsukete watashi wo soshite
deguchi ni michibi ite

anata ga afurete itsumo itsumo
anata de afureteru

ai wo tsukamitai kono te de
anata no kokoro wo
ima osorenaide soshite
True kagami ni utsusu ima ima

鏡よ鏡 In the night
どこまでも落ちる Rainy day

瞳を閉じれば会える いつでも

あなたがあふれて いつも 

そんなウワサを listening
打ち消して でももしかして 
私かもなんて Nothing

今夜もきっと眠れない リフレイン 
迷路の中へ 飛び込む

そして 出口に導いて


あなたがあふれて いつもいつも 

愛をつかみたい この手で あなたの心を
今 恐れないで そして 
True 鏡に映す 今… 今…

Please tell him that I love him,
oh mirror, mirror, in the night.
Sorrow I can't do anything about
makes this rainy day fall on and on.

I won't be able to sleep tonight.
When I close my eyes, you're always there.

You're overflowing, always
Overflowing with yourself

You said that there's a person you love.
I was listening to such rumors
I want to forget about it, but, perhaps...
Maybe I am the person? Nah, nothing...

I won't be able to sleep again tonight.
Flying into the labyrinth of refrain...

Oh, please find me
and show me the way out...


You're overflowing, always, always
Overflowing with yourself

I want to grab hold of love, with these hands.
Now don't be afraid
of your heart,
and reflect the truth in the mirror... Now... Now...

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