Lyrics for Newsong from Naruto: Shippuuden by Tacica (Opening #10)

ibitsu na MERODII de dekita
aisareru beki ikimono da
seika wa agerarenakute mo
kokoro ga utatteiru kara

doredake tsuyoi ame koete
aisareru beki ikimono ka
yakusoku ga mamorenakute mo
kokoro ga utatteiru kedo

dono DOA NOKKU shite aketara ii
aketara doko e mukattara ii
hitori ja kaerenai kara
dareka o matte itadake

kimi ga ima ichiban aitai hito wa dare
kokoro no naka de dake hanaseru hito no kazu wa fueteiku
tsuyoku naritakatta tada

NYUUSU ga hitogoto no you na
sono kokoro ga shinpaigoto da
zenryoku o waraeta hito mo
zenryoku de naiteita no ni

yoru ga kowai nara naitara ii
asa o mukaete waraetara ii
doredake kyou ni tsukarete mo
mada minu kyou wa utsukushiinda

taiyou o utagatteite
tsuki yori sukoshi kagette
uso tsukarete kega mo shita kedo

taiyou o utagatteite
tsuki yori sukoshi kagette
uso o tsuite kega mo saseta darou

boku ga ima ichiban aitai hito wa dare
kokoro no naka de dake hanaseru hito yo
kazu ga fueteiku no nara
boku wa ikirenai

bokura mada yomitarinai monogatari
muriyari owarenai koto wakattete
daremo mina jibun no mama
tsuyoku naritakatta kara

tsuyoku naritakatta tada


どのドア ノックして開けたらいい?

キミが今 一番 会いたい人は誰?
強くなりたかった 只



嘘吐かれて 怪我もしたけど

口虚を吐いて 怪我もさせただろう?

僕が今 一番 会いたい人は誰?

僕等 まだ読み足りない物語
無理矢理 終われない事分かってて
誰も皆 自分のまま

強くなりたかった 只
Raised with the strangest melody..
..I am a being that needs to be loved
Even if my efforts are to bear no fruit.. heart won't lose its melody

No matter how strong a rain I wade through..
..will I still be in need of perceiving love?
Even if I cannot fulfill my promise.. heart won't lose its melody.. still..

Which door should I knock open?
And when I do which way should I face?
I can't really "go home" when I'm all alone..
..unless I have someone to await my return

Right now who is the one person you'd give the world to see?
They keep piling up, people whom I can talk to only in my heart..
..that's why..
..I've just wanted to become stronger

Your heart, that disregards news of others as "other people's problems" a problem itself that you should worry about
That person whose devotion has been mocked
is now devotedly crying, believe me

If the night is frightening, go ahead, cry
But you should face the dawn with an easy smile
No matter how worn out you are today..
..the whole today you have yet ahead of you is beautiful

Having come to doubt the sun..
..even a bit cloudier than the moon
You were lied to, and hurt.. but..

Having come to doubt the sun..
..even a bit cloudier than the moon
In turn, you have lied and hurt others too, right?

Right now, who is the one person I'd give the world to see?
To all those whom I can only talk to in my heart;
If you keep piling up..
..did you know I can’t go on living?

The story that we have yet to read enough of.. cannot be forced to an end..
..knowing that, everybody, each in their own ways
..have always wanted to become stronger

..have just wanted to become stronger
*: This is one of the songs I had a hard time making sense of, if any..and I have made sense of quite a few songs D_D

The first verse of the 5th couplet is ambiguous, or better called polysemous. Far as grammar is concerned, the newly edited version is more accurate, however the previous one is in not inaccurate or dismissible. The reason, if anybody wants to know, is 'sono' which (in contrast to 'ano') refers to 'that' which is close to listener and far away from speaker; as well as 'na' which is a/an determiner/adjective (clause) maker which connects the first and second hemistichs as one consecutive sentence, rather than two related ones. If 'wa' was used instead of 'ga' in second hemistich, it would completely certify my older version was wrong. If 'ni/ni wa' was used instead, it would certify my old version was right. Despite that this TL version still is valid but less preferable:

"The news sounds like none of your concern..
..while to that person it matters"

About the rest I'm 100% sure about accuracy of TL.

-- by kyuzo_dono at 2012-04-08 05:20:44

Thanks to animeyay's TL version on animelyrics, couplets 7 & 8 which needed modification were fixed. Blame my.. naivete =).

-- by kyuzo_dono at 2012-01-24 02:02:18

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