Lyrics for Light My Fire (TV Size) from Shakugan no Shana III ~Final~ by Kotoko (Opening #1)

Light my fire

Ima tokihanate himeta omoi o
Mu ni kaeru genjitsu tachikiru tame ni

Unmei ga hitsuzen da to shitatte
Nobody can predict what will happen
Hisshi ni aragattekun da
Sono hitomi ni utsushita mirai o
Kono te ni

Shout out onore no sonzai
Sakebe wow
Shout out
Shout out donna konnan ga
Kono saki ni matteyou to mo wow

Light my fire

Light My Fire

今解き放て 秘めた思いを
無に帰る現実 断ち切るために

Nobody can predict what will happen

Shout out 己の存在
叫べ wow
Shout out
Shout out どんな困難が
この先に 待ってようとも wow

Light My Fire

Light my fire

Now I'll set my hidden feelings free
to sever myself from the reality that returns to nothingness

Even if fate is inevitable
Nobody can predict what will happen
I'll desperately fight against it
The future reflected in your eyes
will be in my hands

Shout out, for my own existence
Shout, wow
Shout out
Shout out, no matter what hardships
may be waiting ahead, wow

Light my fire

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