Lyrics for The Love Song (TV Size) from Nurarihyon no Mago 2 by LM.C (Opening #2)

I'm ready Go Stay gold ai yue ni No more walls
itoshiki subete ni sasageru This is The Love Song

nani hitotsu nakusanai youni kakaekonda mama ikitekita
te o nobasu kakugo ga nai nara kore ijou nani mo tsukamenai

Are you ready? Go! Stay gold kirameki kireigoto narabe Here we go
tsutaetai no wa itsudatte kotoba janai

koe ni naranai kokoro no sakebi wa dore dake atsumereba todoku no darou
kakegae no nai itoshiki subete ni owaranai uta o utai tsudzukeru yo
I'm ready Go Stay gold 愛 故に No more walls
愛しき全てに捧げる This is The Love Song

何一つ失くさないように 抱え込んだまま生きてきた
手を伸ばす覚悟が無いなら これ以上何も掴めない

Are you ready? Go! Stay gold キラメキ 綺麗事 並べ Here we go
伝えたいのはいつだって 言葉じゃない

声にならない 心の叫びは どれだけ集めれば 届くのだろう
掛け替えのない愛しき全てに 終わらない歌を歌い続けるよ
Are you ready? Go? Stay? Go!
Are you ready? Go! Go! Go!
This is for everyone I love...
To sing a love song...
To never lose a single thing...
I lived holding them all.
If you're not prepared to extend your
you can't reach any further.
Are you ready? Go? Stay? Go and
Here we go with all these pure
It was never just the words I wanted
to get across.
My soul's voice will never turn to
How much has to gather to reach you?
To the irreplaceable people I love,
I sing an endless song.

full please ^^

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