Lyrics for Spiral (TV Size) from Blood-C by Dustz (Opening #1)

Samayou trapped in endless night
Sonzai jitau ni imi ushinai
Modorenai kako don't you get too low
Kuzurenu all things I believe
Genjitsu mitakunai kurai hibi
Nukedasenai joukyou don't know where to go

Do you know that hope is fake in this world?
And despair is the only truth I've got.
Yami wo kirisaite

Mugendai swash line why am I speeding
Nigerarenai melancholy
Genkai kaiten hakai sunzen
'Cause I will never end
J'ai plus rien à croire, juste qu'il y a à voir
Kanawanai discovery

Mugendai kowashita that's my last speech
Scary night. Reality.
No pain no gain zettai kousei
If you need, the reasonin'...
Parce que je m' attends, apocalypse maintenant
Kawaranai discovery
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Lost, trapped in endless night.
Lost the meaning of existence.
The past that can't be returned, don't you get too low.
All the unbroken things I believe,
The dark days that don't even look real.
I'm trapped, don't know where to go.

Do you know that hope is fake in this world?
And despair is the only truth I've got?
Cut through the darkness.

Why am I speeding on the swash line of infinity?
Unavoidable melancholy.
Limitations spinning, I'm breaking down.
'Cause I will never end.
I have nothing to trust, just what there is to see.
A discovery, never to be made.

I want to destroy infinity, that's my last scream.
Scary night. Reality.
No pain, no gain. Absolutely fair.
If you need, the reasonin'...
Because I expect an apocalypse now!
An unchangeable discovery.
Don't worry, I think it's good. :D

-- by kuroshirodt at 2011-08-11 12:57:10

Hope the lyrics i put there is right and useful :P

-- by leizel at 2011-07-31 22:58:06

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