Lyrics for Ft. (TV Size) from Fairy Tail by Funkist (Opening #3)

daijoubu ore ga nanman kai mo sakende yaru
kimi no ashita ga subete kagayaiteiru to shinjiteru

yume o kanae ta subete no hito ni kasanari au kyoutsuuten
akirame nakattatte koto sore dakesa maken na yo

mukai kaze ni nagasare kujike sou na toki wa
kono te nigire TRY TO TAKE A CHANCE mou
kimi wa hitori nanka janai ze

motto motto mae e mae e
kimi no ikashita yume akirame nai de
sou naite nai de susume MY WAY ima
kimi o terashiten da hikari

akirame nanka zenbu sutete
tsuyosa to hikikae ni mata kizutsuite
demo kimi no matsugu na hitomi ni wa
ima mieru daro hikari
大丈夫 俺が何万回も叫んでやる
君の明日が全て 輝いていると信じてる

夢を叶えた全ての人に 重なり合う共通点
諦めなかったって事 それだけさ負けんなよ!

この手握れ Try to take a chance もう

そう泣いてないで進めMy way今

It'll be all right! I'll yell it out countless times.
I believe your every tomorrow will be shining.

The intersection of all people whose dreams have come true is one point:
Never giving up. And that's why we're not gonna lose!

When it seems like you'll be blown away by the headwinds,
Grasp this land, try to take a chance.
Because you're not alone anymore, got it?

Go forward, more and more!
Don't give up on your awesome dream!
That's right, don't cry! Move on, my way!
Now, with the light shining down upon you.

Don't even think about something like giving up!
Even if you trade being hurt again for strength.
Your eyes, always looking straight ahead,
Now you can surely see the light!
を se lee "o", pero se escribe "wo" y su pronunciación no varía. Debería cambiarse "o" por "wo".

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