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About Me:

Nicknames: IamKC/ KC/ Kel/ Kelster(matt)/ Kelso(george)/ KFC(sour)/ Kizz(shini)/ KCio(Samio)/ K Dog(boys at my school)/ KCKC(Taro)/ Kayshee(Yat)/ Kayc(Fharis)/ Cashii(zuru)/ Keisee(DD08)/ Khaycee(Rikza)/ Ket-Chup(Mojo)/ Casup(Gatsu)

Birthday: 20th March

Country: United Kingdom

Hobbies: Sleeping/Playing sports/Reading/Watching anime/Playing keyboard/Singing/Chatting

Fav Sports: Badminton/Tennis/Ice skating/Roller blading/Rounders/Basketball/Table tennis/and many more

Fav Manga: Hana Kimi/

Fav Anime: Tsubasa R Chronicles/Tennis no oujisama/Daa Daa Daa/Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight guilty/same again watch so many can't think

What I dislike: Bullies/Stuck up people/CLOWNS/DOLLS i.e china dolls... T_T/People who copy me/and times where a needle has to pierce your skin ><

MINE: /higging, /poke sooo...(name) like..stuff?/, who knows, /stfu i love typos/ What the duck?

My Gendou Family:

  • Dad:?
  • Mum:?
  • Lil Sis:Saku
  • Big Sis:?
  • Lil Bro:?
  • Big Bros:Juan, Kazuma, Samio, Hikari, Angel
  • Sis in Law:Ayako
  • Brother in law: Light
  • Perverted Cousin: Cloud
  • Aunty:?
  • Uncle:Cross
  • Grandma:?
  • Grandpa:?
  • Husband: PG
  • Wife: Jokes
  • My affair: Lol jokes again
  • My fish:?
  • My dog:?
  • My Rabbit: Mong Mong
  • My baby polar bear: Yoshi

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    Special avi i.e. Couple/Rival avatars
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    Signature made by Yuuki Signature made by Silent

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