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How does the bloody typing battle work?
In the chat room, you can challenge another user to a bloody typing battle by using the command "/challenge". Your opponent is then presented with the option to accept or reject your challenge. You cannot challenge AFK users. A challenge that is not responded to within 60 seconds is automatically declined. If your challenge is accepted, you and your opponent will see an image with some text written on it, starting with "/battle". The first one to type the message, wins. If you submit the message with a typo in it, you automatically lose, so type carefully! The message is case insensitive, meaning it doesn't matter if you capitalize letters or not. The loser of a match is "killed" and must leave the chat for a duration of ten seconds. If you do not want to leave the chat, you can simply neglect to type the "/battle" command; you will still lose the battle, but not be ejected from the chat. You can view the score board here.

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