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[vampire hell girl~!]
*ish back and spreading ebil~ness everywhere~!

~hotline to hell~ ::click~!::

闇に惑いし哀れな影よ・・・ 人を傷つけ貶めて、罪に溺れし業の魂 ・・・ いっぺん、死んで見る?
"O Pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness.Thy actions cause men pain and suffering.
Thy hollow soul drowns in thy sins. Would you like to see what death is like?" ~enma ai

::current mood::
[about teh μιζυκι~! / mizuki ._.]

[μ] *ish spreading ebil~ness everywhere*
[μ] 300 + years old [yeah~ me ish very very old] *ebil laugh*
[μ] nicknames? lots~!
[μ] just got back and ish active now~! ^^
[μ] an avy~ness maker~! XDDDDDD *points down below*
[μ] umm..what to put here? anyone? suggestions?
[μ] shtiill updating teh prowfeey~! *achhoooo*

[contact meh~!]

[μ] i got~! skype~! msn~! YM~!
pm~ness meh
if you want to have one of "those"~!
[other prowfey~!]

[μ] friendster~! «««
[μ] teh blog~! «««
[μ] face~book~! «««
[μ] imeem~! «««
[μ] my webby~! *noob* «««
[μ] teh beboh «««
[currently watching~!]

[μ] C L A N N A D «««
[μ] Shinreigari/Ghost Hound«««
[μ] Sketchbook ~full color’s~ «««
[μ] Kodomo no Jikan «««
[μ] Hana Kimi
[μ] Myself;Yourself
[teh clubs~!]

[] [] []

~ness avy~ness [Lucky✩Sentai]

want one ~ness avy~ness?
PM me for ~ness orders
~by clicking HERE !!!!!

~click HERE to view all teh lucky sentai~ness... ^^

PM meh if you want an avatar from meh~!
with teh name,teh piccie,or anything
you might want in your avatar~!

click here to view all of mah works~!

ODD FACT: I can make nice avy/siggys/graphix if I'm
working on it for someeone else~ but...i
i don't make nice graphix for myself~ O_o


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