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Free and Dream: The Prequel
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Free and Dream: The Prequel

Started, but still accepting! PM me with your character sheet to join!


When the world was but a few thousand years old, a great war broke out. It was between the five great kingdoms of the time versus a single clan. It was all due to the clan's strange power simply known as "Bloodlimit," as the clan was named after. The clan's great power was desired by the other five kingdoms, and tried their hardest to persuade the Bloodlimit clan to share their knowledge. But the clan flatly refused. After a few years the five great warlords of the other kingdoms decided that the powers of the Bloodlimit clan were dangerous and inhumane, and that it would be their duty to destroy them. However, when they reached town after town in the realm of the Bloodlimit clan, they found that all had been evacuated. The clan had retreated to their stronghold called "Dragon's Spire", a spiral mountain in a strategic location with great defenses. The armies reached the mountain in a few days, and found only one thousand clan warriors standing to face ten thousand warriors from the five kingdoms. Little did they know that the clan was simply playing with them.

A few hours into the battle, the armies of the five countries were everything but obliterated, with the Bloodlimit clan only sustaining a few minor injuries. The battle was about to be won when thirteen warriors of the Bloodlimit Clan suddenly used their "Hyper Resonance" at the same time. The Hyper resonance caused the single continent to split into a few smaller islands, the reason behind the current lay of the land, with the islands connected by small spits of land here and there. The clan, after the battle, decided to seal their powers and hide among the populous, never using their powers ever again.

The Warring Age has ended.

The Age of the New Dawn came and 4,970 years passed by. The Bloodlimit clan passed into legend and eventually myth. Their true history was forgotten. Yet, the myths and rumors still exist, and as they continue to do so, their existence piques the curiosity of those who hear them.

*Note: This RP is based off of Kenji's Free and Dream RP series (First, second, and third parts), so the credit for the basis of this RP goes to him! This is just meant to be a prequel to the events that happened in the later versions, and I just wanted to create a new RP to explore some of the lore that came about in the Free & Dream world. I tweaked a few things from the original to make it easier to follow, but the general premise is still the same.

That being said, if there are any ideas, connections, etc. that you wish to see explored in this RP, you can PM me about it! I really want everyone who joins it to have a fulfilling RP experience, in whatever way you see fit (So long as it doesn't drastically differ from the style of the RP, of course).

Lay of the Land:

- North: Dominated by the ones they call the "Cold Ones". They live deep in tundras, hills, and mountains that are abundant in this region. Rumor has it that there is a strong presence of the undead here, as well as those who are able to control them.

- South: Rules by the Riders clan, who ride gigantic battle wolves they call "Fenrir". The south is composed of deserts and savannas, and has a hot climate, although the temperatures on the few mountains it does have can be cold enough for some slight snowfall.

- East: The east is surrounded by mountains and is has many dense forests. These lands are frequently patrolled by rangers, who know the lay of the land like the back of their hand and help the many that get lost here, and are dominated by the Council of the Elders.

- West: The most civilized part of the world, where machines exist (Medieval Machines). it is the most united of the lands, with it's commercial and populace hub residing in its ever-growing capital, Ivalice. It is home to nobles and knights who's behavior is are governed by the laws and regulations created by the Senate, and ultimately the King.

Rules & Notes:
- Magic is allowed
- No God-modding (Without my permission, if you have some sort of cool idea that you might want to use in a situation to advance the plot then give me a PM about it first, it has to be reasonable though).
- No invincible characters. Your character can have cool powers and whatnot (Because, hey, they're our characters and that's fun for us), but they need to have weaknesses too, and have reasons for why they're skilled at x, y, z, etc.
- No more than 2 characters for now please (PM me if you really want to have more and let me know the reason behind it, and I'll give you the go ahead if it makes sense to me for RP reasons, or if it doesn't). I'll probably allow people to create more characters later on in the RP.
-"Hyper Resonance" - It is when a clan member used the most destructive portion of their power resonating within themselves. It is said that when fifteen Hyper Resonance's are used the same time, it will destroy the world.
- Killing is allowed, if you want to kill another player's character then PM/chat with the other player first and send me a PM as well.
Please interact with other characters, or at least let your character have an interest in them. It's fine if you're character wants to do their own thing, but this RP is about character interaction, not about having just a bunch of loner characters who happen to be in the same RP.
- Love and violence are allowed, just keep it PG-13. I won't enforce this too strictly, just don't do something reckless, such as using strong language or going into detail. Leave the details to the reader's imagination.
- This RP will be using absolute time since it's much easier to deal with. Just make sure your character doesn't travel cross-country in a single post.
- If you have any questions PM me or make a post about it in Gendou RPer's United.
- Have fun!

Character Sheet:

Age: (At least have one of your characters be 16 or older, no characters younger than 13)
Abilities: (Up to 5, including magical skills)
Bio: (Don't make it too dark)

Notes about the abilities section:
- Typically the first ability is just listing what magic your character is proficient in, but if you want to state that elsewhere that's fine too!
- As the RP goes on you can add more abilities to the list.
- Keep in mind age when creating skills, younger characters won't have as much experience/proficiency as older ones.

Lenora Locke - Toyumi
Ruriko Kuronuma - Emiya
Octavia Crechendo - Ugo
Orion Deimos - Fenris
Master Long - H
Celeus Thyros - kingepyon

Serge Clef
Isabel Clef

My Character:

Name: Lenora Locke
Age: 22
Weapon: N/A, is skilled in martial arts and has some expertise in archery, but prefers to use magic.
- Mastery of Fire magic, and skilled in enchantments and water magic as well (She has to know how to dose the flames too, right?). She is in the process of learning wind magic and earth magic, in order to be skilled in all 4 of the basic elements. She has been using fire magic since a young age, and so she considers it to be an extension of herself; she has built up a natural resistance to burns, high external temperatures, and has a naturally high body temperature.
- Fiery Hands: Useful in close combat situations, where Lenora can surround her hands in flames hot enough to bend metal. She first applies an enchantment spell to prevent burns, of course, yet this spell begins to wear off after ten minutes of continuous use (Will last longer if she doesn't use it continuously).
- Distant Fire: A rare feat in fire magic, Lenora does not have to use herself as the source of heat to create fire magic, and can use any source of heat within 400 meters to create and manipulate fire magic. She just has to know who her target is and how to direct it (Or, in other words, if her vision is obscured she must have seen the source of heat before and she must know the surroundings of the area in which she'll start the fire).
- Fireworks: Lenora can concentrate her fire into a ball and throw it at her opponent. After only a few seconds, the large fireball explode into many small fireballs, all but guaranteeing that her target will be hit unless they block the attack, or have heightened enough agility to avoid it. She can also use this technique with her water magic, or combine the fire with some water to create a burst of both water and fire, or to create a burst of rocks by combining the water and fire, however she cannot control the trajectory of the rocks as well as she could if she was using the fire and water separately.
- Dancing Fires: A skill she learned while at the academy, Lenora can use enchantments to change the color of her flames however she pleases. With this, she can create wall-like fires that have a variety of colors, which can confuse her opponent to Lenora's whereabouts so long as she's on one side of the flame and her opponent is on the other side.
Personality: Reserved in most matters, and chooses not to speak up unless otherwise spoken to, unless it is about an issue or a cause she is passionate about. This doesn't mean that she is unfriendly, as she is kind and caring but only to those she has felt a connection with. Passionate about justice and uncovering the truth.
Bio: Born to a high class family, yet not considered nobles, Lenora grew up in the East, more towards bordering the North. Her childhood was spent living with her sister, father (Her mother died shortly after the birth of her sister due to illness and complications) and grandparents, and learning in a local school along with her younger sister. She moved to the West when she was 12 to continue her studies in magic, as her family and local nobles could see that she had a knack for it. She enrolled in a small academy that offered her to study for free in order to attract more talented students. She studied there for 7 years, and became a part of the first graduating class of what became known as the Great Academy of Ivalice just in the short time she was there, and unbeknownst to her, as it would be known for generations to come. For the next 2 years, she traveled here and there but for the most part stayed in Ivalice to advance her studies. When she did travel, however, it was to learn more about the ancient myths that she heard only as small preludes to her history books, or as rumors from other students. Regardless, these myths fueled her curious nature, and led to her passion for both archaeology and ancient history.

Re: Free and Dream: The Prequel
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C H A R A C T E R | S H E E T

Name: Ruriko Kuronuma
Age: 24
Nickname: Blue, Peach. She nicknamed as Peach due to the peach ornaments on her black hat.

Weapon: Normally unarmed, but she has a sword named as Heavenly Blade, which can be only conjured through the use of pure magic (as shown in the appearance pic). Without magic, the sword is only a harmless wooden hilt. Due to Ruriko's self-imposed anti-weapon and anti-killing rule, the Heavenly Blade is rarely seen in battle, except in the most dire situations that requires her to break the sets of rules. Made and given by her family when Ruriko graduated from the Great Academy of Ivalice. The Heavenly Blade emits an orange aura and pulsates with a rhythm.


I. Mastery: Pure Magic

Instead of mastering elemental magics, Ruriko learned pure magic from her parents, as it is a required skill to control and maintain magical swords that the Kuronuma family commonly used. Her proficiency in pure magic was further improved during her time in the Great Academy of Ivalice. Pure magic can be also used to increase Ruriko's strength and endurance temporarily. Whenever Ruriko utilizes pure magic, she will emit trails of orange aura.

II. Combat: Hand-to-Hand

Since maintaining Heavenly Blade in battle ready form requires constant use of magic, it can be very exhaustive in long endurance battles or facing numerous enemies. Ruriko learned hand to hand combat under her parents, and were further improved in the Ivalice Academy. Instead of focusing in fast-hitting attacks, she focused on reversal throws and crippling submission holds, under the strategy of 'ending the fight as soon as possible'.

III. Augment: Focused Strike

Through the use of pure magic, Ruriko charges one of her unarmed attacks and delivers a single, powerful attack. Capable of deflecting a weak magical projectile.

IV. Defense: Null

Ruriko enters into a defensive stance, before applying a circular barrier around her that absorbs or deflects magical attacks. Can be broken by using powerful spells. Everytime Ruriko uses this skill, she will not be able to access pure magic for a moment. Should the barrier be broken, the pure magic downtime will be longer.

V. Ultimate: ???

- Locked - Will be revealed as the RP progresses -


A mischievous person, but can be serious at times, especially on those who threatened peace and well being of an innocent person. Ruriko is sociable, and occasionally throws some teases or even sarcasms depending on the person or situation.

She is highly against the act of killing a person, even he or she has done wrong. However, Ruriko strongly agrees in severely punishing them, mostly leaving her adversaries with broken limbs or even bodily paralysis, because "There are always magic to heal them in good shape, so why not breaking them up!", she said.

She hates using weapons in battle, and people who advocated their use. She also dislikes people who are overly reliant on magic as well, which makes them weak, she claimed. As a result, Ruriko has self-imposed herself with two rules whenever she participates into a battle: The first rule is that she cannot use specially made weapons (swords, daggers etc) to harm or kill her opponents, and disarm them should they equipped with one. Ruriko can use the environment around her to gain some advantages. The second rule is that no matter how evil, how vile her enemy is, Ruriko will not kill her opponents, and will turn them to the authorities, letting them to decide their fates.

The rules are broken if an innocent person, her friends and beloved ones lives' are at stake, and they can only be saved by using weapons, killing the one who was threatening them, or both. Even though Ruriko is severely wounded or at the brink of death, she will still uphold the self-imposed rule.


Ruriko was born to a family known for its practice of pure magic and their magical swords that are able to pierce defensive magical barriers, while being as strong as their steel-made counterparts. She has 2 more siblings, a brother and a sister. Ruriko was the youngest of all 3 siblings in the Kuronuma family. Her father was from the East, while her mother was from the South. They both met during a caravan escort, before eventually settled in the East. A year later after conceiving their first child, Ruriko's parents once again moved to the West, so that their children would receive proper education in magic.

From there, Ruriko was enrolled into the Great Academy of Ivalice after receiving basic teachings from her parents, just like her older brother and sister. She became proficient in handling pure magic and combat, as well as controlling the Heavenly Blade. However, her achievement was nothing special compared to her older siblings, or any other similar clans as their family.

When she was graduated from the Academy, Ruriko joined a group of bounty hunters. The inconspicuous group has no names to go with, but they commonly referred themselves as 'retrieval experts'. The group specializes in searching for artifacts and other relics from ruins scattered across the land, mostly for persons who requested for their service, rather than contributing to archeological discovery. Even so, they also dabbled on the other side of the business, where they were paid to forcefully 'retrieve' valuable artifacts and relics from other people.

Ruriko decided to quit as a 'retrieval expert' when an assignment had gone wrong, and lives were lost as a result. By then, it has been 4 years since she has graduated from the Great Academy of Ivalice. It was after this unfortunate turn of event, where she established her own two personal rules that define her way of fighting against human threats, as well as her heavy dislike on using weapons, and that includes her own Heavenly Blade.

Now, Ruriko is currently working in a tavern in the West that is commonly frequented by the students of the Ivalice Academy. She was hoping to have a slow-moving life, as opposed to those crazy, frenetic times that she had when she was a 'retrieval expert'...

Picture/Description: [Show]

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As promised. Edited only for spelling errors, Emiya :P

Name: Octavia 'Tavi' Crechendo
Age: 26

Throw Daggers - Disposable Iron Daggers that are the Preferred Method of Combat for those Trained in the Hamlet. Agents ensure they have access to many of these at all times.
Mother's Tanto - A Tanto Sword passed down from Mother. The blade has the 'Steel Soul Mantra' Chant Etched into it, written in a long since defunct script.


1) Foedorati Guard of the Hamlet [Master] - The user was brought up and trained in combat arts in a place known as the Hamlet of the Assassins. The Hamlet has served the Crown at Ivalice for centuries, providing agents whom answer directly to the King. They are trained for combat, espionage, and assassination.

The user is an excellent throw with daggers. Able to confidently toss them in rapid succession and accuracy, even when rapidly moving. The user also approaches combat with stealth, agility, and speed - preferring to end battles quickly rather than prolong them. Each attack they launch is meant to be potentially fatal to a target.

2) Blink [Adept] - A secretive art used by Hamlet Assassins to get from place to place quickly and quietly. It propels the user in a certain direction at inhuman speed. It allows a user to perform rapid maneuvers, or even dodge a hit that would otherwise inevitably land on them.

Though Blink has a roughly medium range in combat, at full power blink can transport the user out of the immediate area, making them 'disappear'. It's considered bad practice to do such a long range blink when already engaged. Blink has a 30 second recharge period between uses in combat.

3) Fatal Strike [Adept] - A rapid strike that exploits openings in an Opponent's movements and attacks to land a clean hit with the aid of magic. It's a skill that can potentially dismember a foe.

A momentary and more intense application of the Blink Skill. The user has to have fought or seen the opponent fight for a period of time before being able to use it on them. This generally means being in the presence of the opponent using a skill. If that skill is used again, then Fatal Strike can be applied as a hard counter. Though this user can use it in regular engagements as well, as long as the foremost requirement of having seen the opponent fight has been satisfied. Rules are more lax on Minion or Mob Type Opponents due to the having less developed combat styles. Governed by a 1 minute recharge period.

4) Recursive Explosion Glyph [Adept] - The user is able to place down a glyph on an object that can trigger an explosion. After the initial explosion breaks an object apart, the smaller debris explodes a second after, increasing the spread of damage to a maximum of a medium area for exploding something about this characters size. (Larger objects will just crack open as if being subject to demolition)

The glyphs are enough to blow open doors and break open boulders. They can also be applied to throw daggers to add an explosive effect to thrown projectiles. 10 Second recharge period, a maximum of 3 dormant glyphs can be placed before recharge.

5) Steel Mind Mantra [Inherit Skill] - The user performs a chant which places them into a trance that heightens their combat capacities to aid in 'annihilating offense'. The user attacks more ferociously and aggressively for a short period of time. The hidden marks on the user glow blue when active. Though the mantra is quick, it can still be interrupted if the user tries to do it when tied in combat.

Steel Mind Mantra is a Chant Attributed to thee Crechendo Family in the Hamlet of the Assassins. It was said that the chant forces the body to apply adrenaline and also depress any sort of hesitation in combat. The user effectively becomes a machine solely seeking out the destruction of their target. Their speed, strength, and agility increases. Reflecting the accelerated state of mind, Fatal Strike becomes Easier to Execute, and has it's recharge period shortened to 30 seconds. The user becomes unable to use Blink or Recursive Explosion Glyph due to Mana use from this skill until this skill is deactivated with a single phrase.

Personality: A good natured young lady. Ocatavia has a fascination with the world, and is concerned with the well being of the people who inhabit it. As expected of an assassin, she is can be quite observant, but she seems to truly have a carefree attitude. Her faith to her king and country is stoutly resolute, and her dependability is admirable.

A Foedorati Assassin on the Doorstep of being considered in her Prime.

Ocatavia hails from a place known as the Hamlet of the Assassins. A small fief that came under the control of the crown of Ivalice Centuries ago during the first expansions. The territory came under control peacefully - the general at the time fearing the repercussions of attacking a town known for producing assassins who would likely go after his life. Instead of conquest, the Hamlet was granted imperial territory status and citizenship, in exchange for their loyalty and providing the crown of Ivalice with Foedorati, 'loan forces' conscripted from the local population separate from the normal citizen army.

Thus, it can be said that the King has a band of assassins at his control. Octavia has served the crown for 10 long years. She and the others like her serve as the eyes, ears, and sword if need be for the king, and answer directly to him. The king's 'Foedorati Guard' served as the basis for the Special Operations Office that would form units such as the 'Black Ops' decades later. Octavia hasn't had quite the amount of glory that her peers have already claimed. However, being in a unit of Elites, she is more than capable of wresting it from fate if it ever comes within reach. She is loyal to her country, and is faithful that the decisions of the king are in benefit to the people as a whole. She is fondly referenced in some of the King's later memoirs.

At the start of the story, Octavia is tasked with exploring the various ruins across the land in search of a 'conversion codex'. A book that would be able to directly form the basis of translating ancient Runic into More Modern Forms, and gain access to the knowledge of the ancients who have left their traces all over the islands.


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Name: Orion Deimos
Age: 25
Nickname: Stardust

Weapon: Spear "Sirocco"


Primus: Child of the Four Winds
The mastery of wind magic that Orion displays goes beyond common sense. To him using wind magic is like breathing is to most. It isn't something he can do
it is simply something that he is. If necessary he can use his magic to supply his body with the required oxygen circumventing his need to breathe, for a time.

Secundus: Phantasm Champion
Orion has been trained in the usage of four more disciplines of magic: fire, water, lightning and earth, though he isn't particularly strong with any of
them. But the purpose of this training was to give him more options to use with his true discipline, the world of phantasms or illusions. His skill with
illusions blurs the line between imagination and reality.

Tertius: Beast Within
There has always been a sort of primal feeling felt by those near Orion, the feeling is not something they have imagined, but is a result of his training
as a shapeshifter. Orion has managed to assume three different forms after an exhausting year of training. His most used form is that of a white tiger,
larger than average, but not exceptionally so. His second form is that of black feathered hawk, with exceptional aerial agility and speed of flight,
though his stamina isn't enough to accommodate long flights. His final form is that of silver scaled dragon, this form is used rarely as it tends to leave
him low on energy for the following week. He needs few minutes after changing from beastform to human until he is ready to transform again.

Quartus: Eight Trigram Palm
The circular movements and style of redirection this style utilizes is perfect match for Orion's capability in wind magic, allowing him to utilize both
the martial arts and magic in a seamless combination. The more advanced usage of style let's him temporarily disrupt magical flow within bodies of those
he strikes, though the strikes must be exact and delivered in rapid succession.

Personality: Orion possesses an easygoing charm that conceals a will of steel. He prefers to let thing go by him if possible, but isn't afraid to stand
up to face any issue if it becomes problematic. He ultimately cares little about the opinions of others, as long as he knows himself that he is doing
the right thing, it's enough for him to be content.

Orion is possibly the person with the most evenly mixed blood in the world. His paternal grandparents are from North and South, his maternal grandparents
are from East and West. This is most likely the reason for the wide variety of magical skill he has developed. His training is also more varied than
what most people would expect. After his eighteenth birthday he left his home to travel the world making his mark on the world as he wandered around,
sometimes alone, sometimes with company, but always moving somewhere. Recently the city of Ivalice has become the place where his travels start from and
where they end up.


ClaimedStrong Heart

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[Post from 7/19/15]

I'm glad to see the interest in the RP so far! Thank you all for joining!

Emiya, your profile looks good to go! Just PM me your final ability before using it in the RP so I can just make sure that it's okay. Seems like our characters will be a part of the same graduating class lol :P

Ugo, your profile is good but just one little spelling mistake with Ivalice (You wrote it as Invalice). It's a major location for this RP so I'd like it to have right spelling haha, but otherwise everything looks good!

[8/3/15 Post]

Alright, so I think it's about time to start this up. I'll be keeping the casting open in case anyone else wants to join along the way, but for now let's start it with everyone who's joined already.

Free and Dream: The Prequel

[Lenora Locke - Ivalice]

Lenora woke up at sunrise as she always did. It was a day like every other, the sky was clear and the sun, the ball of fire in the sky, was the wake up call to the fire within her. She freshened in her room, which was a private room located above a potions shop. She then dressed for the day, in her favorite outfit no less, and with that she was ready to set out for the day.

... Or, at least she was, until she heard paper as she stepped out of her doorway. Lenora looked down, and saw a letter right at the base of her door.

But who could it be from? Lenora thought, Sister and Father rarely ever write to me since it takes so long to arrive here in Ivalice...

She picked up the letter, and looked down the hallway that led to her residence, seeing if anyone was there, before retreating back into her room. She looked at the letter, and noticed that it was stamped with a peculiar crest, one that signifies that the sender is a knight.

Feeling both curious and cautious, she carefully opened the envelope, and read the letter that was inside.

Lenora Locke, the letter began, I hope this letter finds you well. That is to say, I hope the servant I sent out to leave it at your residence does not get lost or take his time, as I know you are apt to be an early riser. I had him set out late last night in hopes to get it to you by morning.

Lenora looked at the date on the letter. Yesterday, just as the author said.

I am in request of your services, the letter continued, I know that you are fond of and experienced in researching ancient history from our previous conversations. At the moment, my wife and I are adding two new rooms to the mansion, which naturally calls for some construction. During the construction, we have uncovered a few artifacts that we would like for you to look at. We haven't even moved the artifacts from where we found them, and set up a tent around them just for you to look at them. When we found one, we thought little of it, but as more appeared we felt that it would be best for someone other than a local librarian or my wife to try and decipher the meaning behind these artifacts.

I have left a horse for you in the stable of the nearest tavern, the letter continued, Two, in fact, in case you have a friend that you would like to bring with you. They'll have saddles and harnesses with the same crest on them as was stamped onto the letter, so fear not about identifying them. I wish to see you soon. Regards, Serge Clef.

"Serge!" Lenora exclaimed, then lowered her voice remembering that anyone nearby was most likely sleeping, "Of course he would wait until the end to identify himself."

Lenora and Serge Clef became friends when they entered the Magical Mastery Competition* and faced one another. In spite of beating him in their match at the tournament, she was still awed by his power, and they became quick friends. With power like his, it was no wonder that he was knighted to serve those in higher society, even though he came from an upper class family himself.

Lenora looked around her apartment to find her large leather satchel, and once found she put in a couple of outfits, and after packing a few necessities she was almost ready to leave. She wouldn't need food, as the trip to the Clef mansion would take only a few hours according to the directions at the bottom of the letter, but there was something else she should bring along.

"If I'm going out of Ivalice, I might as well wear it." Lenora said as she took a brooch from a bookshelf in the corner of her room. It's not that she didn't like wearing the brooch, on the contrary, she liked wearing it very much, but she did not wear it often aside from special occasions as a show of respect for what the brooch meant to her. It was proof of her talents, as only a select few were allowed to wear any of the brooches awarded from the Magical Mastery Competition. Lenora's brooch in particular was for her mastery in fire magic, while she knew Serge would always wear the three brooches he won, wind, water, and ice, that showed that he was a rare triple tournament winner.

Lenora fitted the brooch on her robe, so that it was just below the collar of her shirt, and after one last look around her apartment, she closed and locked the door to her room.

The nearest tavern to Lenora's room was just at the corner of the street. It was a short and uneventful walk to the tavern, which was uncrowded now that it was the morning. Lenora sat down at the bar, and without looking up stated her order.

"A bowl of hot porridge," Lenora said, "Please."

As she looked up at the waitress, she saw that her face was one familiar to her.

"No way," Lenora said, "Ruriko Kuronuma? Is that you?"

Lenora only asked it to be sure that it was her former classmate before her face lit up as she smiled. They had quite a few classes together due to being in the same graduating class.

"It's been far too long!" Lenora said, "I can't believe it, you were working here so close to me all this time! I mean, I hardly ever come here to eat or drink in the first place, but regardless it is truly nice to see you again! How have you been?"

"Oh, and you can take your time putting in that porridge order," Lenora said, "I'm only here to wait for a friend, he tends to come to this area for breakfast around this time, and hopefully he'll continue to stick to his habit."


*Magical Mastery Competition: A competition created for recent academy graduates, to set apart those who are truly skilled in elemental magic from those who were only mediocre at it, aimed at showing future employers and anyone involved in the future endeavors of the graduates how skilled a person is. All students who graduated within a year, who have a diploma to prove it, can enter the tournament in order to win a specially crafted brooch that has a gemstone imbued with the magical element associated with it. Only 2 people can earn a brooch in each element, but there is no limit on how many elemental categories that a person can compete in for a brooch. A person advances in the tournament by either beating their opponent in the 10 minute time limit (Knocking them out, rendering them unable to battle, etc.), or by showing a more skillful use of magic within those ten minutes (As determined by a board of 7 judges). Any student from any academy in the world is welcome to enter this competition. Elements in the competition include fire, earth, water, wind, ice, plants/wood, and about 40 years later will also include metal. The associated gemstone for each element is ruby for fire, emerald for earth, sapphire for water, pearl for wind, opal for ice, topaz for wood/plants, and (later) smoky quartz for metal.

Fire Brooch - Ruby
Earth Brooch - Emerald
Water Brooch - Sapphire
Wind Brooch - Pearl
Ice Brooch - Opal
Plants/Wood Brooch - Topaz
Metal Brooch - Smoky Quartz

OOC @ Emiya - Hopefully you don't mind me letting Lenora meet up with your character haha.

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Good to see things are starting. Reserving this post for character creation.
I'm still tinkering on the html for my rp.

edit: done, please check toyumi

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Name: Master Long (aka The Unrivaled Fist)

Age: 42

Weapon: mocking speech about how the opponents are lacking proper training

Status: Medic, non-combatant, combat mentor role (compare: Yoda, Kamesennin, Hiko Seijuro)


Anatomy & Healing Magic Mastery
Long has mastery of how the human body works and synergizes with magic.
Pressure points, mana manipulation, blood circulation, joints and tendons, nervous system, internal organs, yin and yang of the musculoskeletal frame, pretty much everything.
He can act as a healer, stopping fatal bleeding, accelerating his patient's regenerative cells, relieving people from mental strains, repairing broken nerves and restoring lost senses, etc.
In case of special requests, Long can improve a person's physical and magical ability past his/her limits, drawing out their hidden potentials.
On the other hand, this discipline can be used in a destructive manner.
Back in his days as the Unrivaled, Long can permanently paralyze his enemies by destroying their nervous system and proceed to blow up their internal organs, thus killing them in a quick and painless fashion.

Assassination Arts. Musougen'eiken
I'm running out of creative juices here, he's largely a non-combat character anyway.
To keep things short and simple, this is basically Fist of the North Star circus trick. Yes, that Fist of the North Star.

Considered a cool father figure among the students of Ivalice.
He doesn't talk much and often seems annoyed by his lively students, but they know that he cares a great deal about them.
Due to the nature of the academy, students often deal in dangerous situations and Long is often asked by the headmaster to supervise their activity, in which he begrudgingly accepts.
He is fiercely loyal towards the academy's headmaster.
Once, he cleanly cut the vocal cords of a student after said student used f-bombs in front of the headmaster, making him effectively mute.
It's not until the headmaster asked him to stop that he restored the student's vocal cords.

Ivalice's resident medic, specializing in healing techniques and support magic.
Long is in charge of Support Magic classes and the infirmary.
He treated dozens of weary students on a daily basis with his signature pressure point techniques.

Beneath his gruff exterior, lies the legendary "Unparalleled Fighter".
If you are a mercenary, an assassin, generally a warrior of sorts who lives in a world full of fighting and killing, you would have heard his name, The Unrivaled Long.
He's the only successor and the last remaining practitioner of the ancient killing arts "Musougen'eiken" (Phantom Fist of the Unrivaled), dubbed "The fist that knows no equal".

Only a handful of people knows that the rude doctor in Ivalice's infirmary is the same person as the Unrivaled Long. These people are Ivalice head professors and the headmaster himself who invited him to the academy.

Bio pt.2:
As the Unrivaled Long, he was a wanderer, a freakishly powerful and cold-blooded fighter who roamed throughout the world looking for worthy opponents.
From east to west, from north to south, his name was etched as a legend among fighters and assassins alike, he was the "top of the food chain".
For him, to live is to fight. He breathes on the thrill of battle, the pleasure of betting his life against powerful opponents.
He took pride on being the strongest, a target of sorts for elite fighters and swordsmasters alike. His body full of scars and wounds, proof of his lifelong dedication to the art of fighting.
However, it all changed 10 years ago and the echoes of his name practically vanished.

Long was lost in the middle of nowhere in the Southern Desert after a deathmatch.
His face bloodied, his body battered, his stomach grumbled for days, craving for food.
Death seemed to be imminent until a passing lone horseman gave him a piece of bread and tended to his wounds.

Feeling ever grateful for his lifesaver, Long offered to repay the kindness of the lone horseman, in which the horseman replied,
"Stop fighting recklessly and come with me, put your talents to good use"

The lone horseman was Ivalice Academy's current headmaster, and thus, Master Long the infirmary doctor was born.


(reference: Ozaki Toshio - "Shiki")

Gossip (open character development and relationships):
- Deep down in his heart, he is still looking for suitable candidates to pass down his Musougen'ei-ken.
- An oracle once prophesized that he will face death in the hands of his disciples, which Long found to be utter bullshit since he has none anyways.
- A close friend once said that Long needs to be careful of his own power. If he is somehow mind-controlled, he'll be demon god incarnate.

Gendou City Crossover RP! ~Coming soon~

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[Ruriko Kuronuma]
[Flashback - The Last Assignment]

A young woman stood in the middle of a large, round chamber. The room were surrounded with multiple altars and shrines, as well as other unknown artifacts and relics, with lit candles and lanterns as the ambient lighting. Amidst on the ancient decorations however, there were human bodies. Motionless bodies drenched in blood, due to fatal blows and cuts. The young woman, who was sporting a waist-length, blue colored hair, was the sole survivor. Her blue-white dress with colorful designs were unfortunately stained with blood and dirt, along with some cuts, presumably caused by her former enemies.

"I already warned them..." The woman mumbled to herself. "I already told them not to take this job..."

Her expression displayed extreme despair and sadness, as her gaze focused on certain bodies, probably her former partners. Her right arm was holding a magical sword which was giving off an orange hue, while her left arm was holding a black hat with peach decorations. She stood there for a long while, before wearing her hat. The woman wiped off what it seems to be tears, off from her eyes. After performing a formal bow to the fallen ones, she slowly made her way out from the large, circular chamber...

[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

"... Hey!" A gruff female voice called out to Ruriko who was standing, looking sad. "It's too early for daydreaming, Kuronuma! We're having customers now, so go and serve them!"

A middle-aged woman dressed in a formal, tidy working long dress shouted at Ruriko. With a rag in hand, she was diligently wiping the bar counter. It was quite early in the morning. As for Ruriko, she was startled by her employer's shout. With a quick rub on her eyes, she quickly apologized to her boss.

"Whoa! Oh! I'm very sorry Ms. Winters! I'll get on it!"

Ruriko then quickly approached the first customer who just sat down at the bar, as her boss went to the other side of the tavern. It was a young woman with a short silver hair and a black-white outfit, carrying a large leather satchel. Without looking at Ruriko, she placed her order.

"A bowl of hot porridge, please."

The woman ordered, which Ruriko quickly jotted down with an ink quill and paper. "Got it." She acknowledged afterwards.

Then, the silver haired woman turned around and looked at Ruriko. Her expression was soon changed into a surprised one.

"No way. Ruriko Kuronuma? Is that you?"

"Huh?" Ruriko gave out a puzzled cry and looked at the woman in black confusedly. She was looking quite happy too. Without saying anything, Ruriko allowed the woman in front of her to finish.

"It's been far too long!" She continued on, with an excited tone. "I can't believe it, you were working here so close to me all this time! I mean, I hardly ever come here to eat or drink in the first place, but regardless it is truly nice to see you again! How have you been?"

"Uh..." Ruriko was unsure on how to respond to her. She was still struggling to remember the identity of the woman in front of her.

"Oh, and you can take your time putting in that porridge order." The woman then explained her reason for doing so. "I'm only here to wait for a friend, he tends to come to this area for breakfast around this time, and hopefully he'll continue to stick to his habit."

"Oooookay..." Ruriko tilted her head sideways, as she responded. She continued to stare at the woman in front of her in confusion for a few good minutes, until something struck her thoughts like a rolling stone, presumably when her eyes saw that ruby-colored brooch on her outfit. She immediately straightened her head afterwards.

"Wait. Aren't you..." The blue-haired woman paused. "Aren't you the one who are very good with fire magics, back at the Academy?" She questioned, with one of her index fingers pointed at Lenora. "Le-Lenora is it, from the Ivalice Academy? I still remember those crazy fire tricks that you have done back in the days...!"

Ruriko chuckled. "I mean, blue fire, green fire... It was pretty impressive. Not to mention those... fiery pranks you pulled on those perverted boys..." She teased at the end, displaying a sly expression.

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[The Hamlet of the Assasins - The Governor's Grand Hall]

"Octavia Crechendo, you have satisfied all necessary requirements to become a Foedorati Agent of our Glorious King. Now, state your pledge before his Majesty, with the understanding that from this point forward, you are to be under his service as agreed by the Hamlet-Ivalice Treaty, or unto your early death. Shall you make your pledge?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Very well. You may begin."

From an outward perspective. It was a big decision to dedicate most of your life to become a Foedorati Agent. According to the story of the elders, it was likely that young Octavia, now only 16, wouldn't be able to make it to the 30 year mark that would grant her freedom from the pledge she was about to make.

However, for the people of the Hamlet, to become a Foedorati was to her acknowledge as the best of the best. The crown had been good to the Halmet for the past couple of centuries since they came under the rule of Ivalice. Stories long before told of how the hamlet specialized in making war due to never having enough food to feed all the people of the settlement. When they came under the rule of Ivalice, the Hamlet became a provincial Capital, and all the grain gathered from the surrounding area had to go through the town as a result. Food stopped being an issue long since then.

The age of wars and starvation was long over. The peaceful life Octavia and several of the previous generations had enjoyed was secured by the few of the town to uplifted the obligations of the treaty.

Octavia now stood before the king of Ivalice himself. One of only 5 out of a set of some 200 trainees personally chosen by the King's Retinue and eventually the king himself. It was this sort of moment that Octavia would no doubt engrave into her mind. Everything she had done since she first began training had lead to this one moment.

"I hereby swear on my honor... To be your sword in War..."


10 Years Later

[Octavia Crechendo]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

"...your Shield in Battle. Your Faithful Tool to Protect the people of this land. In the sincere belief that your mandate is all that is good for this kingdom. I pledge my undying loyalty to you, your Majesty."

Octavia repeated the same words she said ten years ago. It was a normal thing for her to do from time to time, as a reminder of the sort of life that she lived. It was still one of her most fondest memories. But today was an especially important day to repeat it. Considering today marked ten long years since she became a guard. Statistically speaking, she was more or less in the clear in terms of survival rate.

Normally surviving for a decade would be worth a pint or two of ale. But Octavia was not at the barracks today. She was still in the process of performing an assignment that she had received a week ago. Festivities would have to come about later - but she didn't particularly mind having to wait a little either.

"These beds sure are comfortable." Said Octavia, looking longingly at the fluffy looking bed she was to leave behind. "Goes to show how well the economy is doing around here."

Ten years older and more experienced, she wore her black tunic issued by the armory, which was more of an outfit suited for her long trip. The bright and showy uniform she wore as a palace guard was unnecessarily uncomfortable to stand in for hours on end. Being send out on an assignment was quite a relief.

She covered up the conspicuous looking battle outfit with a slightly weathered but convincing looking traveler's overcoat. The only thing left was to pay the innkeeper for the extra day she had kept in the room, on account of the contact being late themselves. Not even needing to keep a separate knapsack to carry the things she needed, Octavia exited the room and went downstairs, looking for the Middle Aged Lady to pay off her fees before heading out.


Going down the stairs, Octavia caught sight of the middle aged woman coming out from the main hall of the tavern.

"Pardon, Mam'!" She called out, catching her attention. "I'm sorry for staying a day extra. But here, I can pay for the overstay charge."

Octavia approached the woman and opened her hand to her. Presenting the amount of money the woman had mentioned yesterday evening.

"Here. I should be on my way now." She said, presenting a smile that took years off of her apparent age as she waited for the old lady to take the payment.

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[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Orion had woken up early and had already eaten when he spotted Lenora entering the establishment. He finished his drink before standing up and heading to where she was talking with the waitress. He had been listening into the conversation and sat down at the bar next to her.

"Well... I was going to change my habits for today, but then I spotted these two lovely ladies all alone in this den of vice, so I figured I should get over here to protect their virtues."

He smiled to Lenora then turned to the waitress.

"You obviously know my dear friend here, how she forgot to mention she knows such an image of loveliness boggles my mind. Orion Deimos, singer, traveler, storyteller, a pleasure to meet you."

He stood up giving an exaggerated bow to her before taking her hand and kissing it before sitting back down.

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[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Lenora waited seeing as Ruriko was trying to remember who she was. Lenora couldn't blame her, Lenora just had an easier time remembering places and people who she was familiar with.

"Wait. Aren't you... Aren't you the one who are very good with fire magics, back at the Academy?" Ruriko questioned pointing at Lenora, "Le-Lenora is it, from the Ivalice Academy? I still remember those crazy fire tricks that you have done back in the days...!"

Ruriko chuckled and Lenora did as well, happy that Ruriko remembered who she was.

"I mean, blue fire, green fire... It was pretty impressive." Ruriko said, "Not to mention those... fiery pranks you pulled on those perverted boys..."

Ruriko had a sly expression on her face, and Lenora knew just what she was talking about.

"Well hey, if they want to see our undergarments, we should be able to see theirs too," Lenora said, "Even if it means their clothes are burned a bit somehow, by someone or something in some public place... After all, it is only fair. Among many other pranks, er, fair actions as well."

Lenora shrugged as to prove that was the necessary course of action, noticing that the other worker from before had gone to a different part of the tavern and could only see her walking out of the main area before she turned back to Ruriko. She was about to ask a question, but before she could she heard a man's voice come from behind her, where she didn't look around in the tavern earlier.

"Well... I was going to change my habits for today," Orion said, "but then I spotted these two lovely ladies all alone in this den of vice, so I figured I should get over here to protect their virtues."

He smiled to Lenora, who smiled back, before he turned to Ruriko.

"You obviously know my dear friend here," Orion said, "how she forgot to mention she knows such an image of loveliness boggles my mind. Orion Deimos, singer, traveler, storyteller, a pleasure to meet you."

Orion stood up, bowing and kissing her hand before sitting back down next to Lenora.

"Always so theatrical with your entrances," Lenora said with a sigh, then smiled and put out her hand, "But that's one of your many wonderful quirks."

She shook Orion's hand, and kept looking at him.

"It's good to see you again," Lenora said, then turned to Ruriko, "Ruriko is a former classmate of mine, if you couldn't tell. Ruriko, this is Orion, the friend that I mentioned earlier."

Lenora heard a conversation outside of the bar area, presumably someone talking to the older woman who was working with Ruriko.

"Orion, how about another adventure?" Lenora said, then turned to Ruriko, "And, this opportunity is open to you too, if you want. I assume Orion has a horse, or whatever other means of travel he wishes to use since he is a man of many talents after all."

As Lenora spoke she turned back to Orion, gracing him with the same flattery he always uses with others before she turned back to Ruriko again.

"I have another horse available to take with us," Lenora continued, "And I've known you long enough, I can trust you to come with us. What do you say? It should be a nice and easy trip, if we leave now we'll get there by sunset. A trip like this would give us some time to catch up, and you know... Some time to get you out of this place, and go somewhere nicer. I haven't been to this place myself, to be honest, but I've heard great things."

Lenora leaned in towards Orion and Ruriko, and whispered to them.

"It's a mansion," Lenora whispered, "Elegant, regal, you name it, that's what it is."

Lenora went back to her original seated position and smiled.

"So, what do you say?" Lenora asked, "Everyone deserves a break, you know?"

Lenora had heard rumors of Ruriko dropping off the radar after graduation from the academy, but whatever she did during that time was unknown to her. Regardless, Lenora trusted her instincts rather than rumors. Ruriko was quite the jokester but Lenora knew that she could be serious as well, and above all Ruriko had been a good friend to Lenora. Plus, it would be nice to have the extra company, Lenora had many past experiences of traveling with Orion, so having someone else come with them would help mix things up a bit. After all, Lenora already knew Orion would be coming on the trip regardless. He was always up for new travels and adventures.

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[Ruriko Kuronuma]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Ruriko giggled when Lenora slightly detailed out the pranks that she has made on some of the unfortunate boys who decided to do some shenanigans on them back in the days when they are the Academy. She eventually shrugged at the end, hinting it is a necessary course of action. Their conversation was interrupted afterwards, when a regal-looking man behind Lenora spoke.

"Well... I was going to change my habits for today, but then I spotted these two lovely ladies all alone in this den of vice, so I figured I should get over here to protect their virtues."

The blue haired girl with a black hat giggled at the suave looking man as he stood up, slightly covering her mouth. The man eventually turned to her after giving a smile to Lenora.

"You obviously know my dear friend here, how she forgot to mention she knows such an image of loveliness boggles my mind. Orion Deimos, singer, traveler, storyteller, a pleasure to meet you."

She smiled vibrantly at the man who introduced himself as Orion Deimos, before he gave an exaggerated bow. He then took Ruriko's right hand and kissed it, as a sign of courtesy and politeness. In the process, Ruriko was clearly amazed and somewhat smitten with Orion's gentlemanly acts, as she placed her other hand on her face, smiling uncontrollably. After all, this is her first time getting such a treatment. Once he was done, Orion returned to his seat beside Lenora.

"Always so theatrical with your entrances," Lenora sighed at the end, before smiling and put out her hand, ready for a handshake. "But that's one of your many wonderful quirks."

Ruriko on the other hand, still smitten by Orion's actions, as she continued smiling like a crazed woman.

"Theatrical indeed~" She repeated after Lenora, as the silver haired woman shook Orion's hand.

After a greeting, Lenora introduced Ruriko to him, and also once again introduced Orion to her, while stating that he is the friend that she has been waiting for. Ruriko did a subtle bow to Orion, before giving a formal introduction of herself.

"Ruriko Kuronuma at your service, Sir Deimos." She smiled.

Then, Lenora continued on with her conversation with Orion, saying something about another adventure. At this moment, Ruriko continued to keep an eye on her surroundings for any new customers. She also noticed that her employer was speaking to someone else, while largely unaware of her activities. Lenora then turned to Ruriko, saying that the opportunity is also open for her. After saying that Orion probably has his own means of travel, she once again turned back to the man with a regal look.

"I have another horse available to take with us." Lenora continued as she eventually returned her focus to Ruriko.

"And I've known you long enough, I can trust you to come with us. What do you say? It should be a nice and easy trip, if we leave now we'll get there by sunset. A trip like this would give us some time to catch up, and you know... Some time to get you out of this place, and go somewhere nicer. I haven't been to this place myself, to be honest, but I've heard great things."

Ruriko was pleased with Lenora's proposition, even though she was reminded of her past as a 'retrieval expert' thanks to the word 'adventure', which somewhat made her slightly doubtful on agreeing to go with her. Then, Lenora leaned closer to Orion and Ruriko, as if she was going to whisper a secret.

"It's a mansion. Elegant, regal, you name it, that's what it is."

Lenora then went back to her original seating position, smiling.

"So, what do you say? Everyone deserves a break, you know?" The silver haired woman asked at the end.

The fact that should she takes Lenora's offer, Ruriko will be able to visit and perhaps stay in some elegant, grand-looking mansion. For her, it sounded too good to be true, like a vacation. But then, Lenora and Ruriko together has through thick and thin during their days in the Academy. That fact alone has reduced Ruriko's doubts to a minimum. Even then, there is another issue that she has to get over before she can go with Lenora.

Her employer. She can be quite a handful and chances are she might not letting her go.

"Sounds like a nice vacation, Lenora!" Ruriko smiled at her former classmate. "I would like to go with you, but..."

She paused, before turning to that particular middle-aged woman who was still speaking with the same person as before. Did the person, or perhaps the customer, actually overstayed in the inn?

"My employer. She can be quite a hassle to deal with. I was running out of money, and there are no more odd jobs for me to take with in Ivalice. Little I knew that she decided to bind me with a one year contract."

Then she turned back to Lenora and Orion.

"Plus I need time to gather my stuffs as well. Still staying at my parents' place, heh."

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OOC @ H - Looks good! Just maybe write out your second ability more when you get the chance (I haven't seen Fist of the North Star so I don't know what you're talking about there orz).

[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

"Sounds like a nice vacation, Lenora!" Ruriko said, "I would like to go with you, but..."

Ruriko paused, looking out at the other person working in the tavern as she continued.

"My employer. She can be quite a hassle to deal with. I was running out of money, and there are no more odd jobs for me to take with in Ivalice. Little I knew that she decided to bind me with a one year contract."

She paused and turned back to Lenora and Orion.

"Plus I need time to gather my stuffs as well." Ruriko said, "Still staying at my parents' place, heh."

"Psh, you think I do this for free?" Lenora said, "This is what I've been doing for a living since we graduated, it's a paying job. You probably know that I'm always interested in archaeology and history, which was only second to learning magic for me back at the academy. Now that I'm skilled in magic from being at the academy, I get to focus my life on traveling to these places to learn from and identify artifacts, and now that I've built up my reputation, people contact me and hire me for this purpose."

"And I can just say you're a part of my team," Lenora said with a shrug, "I've done it before when Orion and I have traveled together."

"Getting your things together is fine, of course," Lenora said, pointing to her own bag, "I had to do the same myself, since I'm not always ready like Orion here."

She knew her close friend was always up for travelling, it's what he did for a living alongside storytelling and singing.

"But of course, there isn't any pressure to come along," Lenora said, frowning, "I guess I might have been pressuring you a bit. I apologize if it seems that way. It's just... I'd hate for you to stay here when there's greater things in the world that can be done, you know?"

Lenora sighed and slightly smiled as she continued.

"I guess that makes me a bit of a romantic about things like Orion here," Lenora said, "Anything you want to say on the matter? I've been doing most of the talking here without giving you a chance to speak up."

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[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

"Well... you are asking me if I want to go on a trip with two beautiful women?"

He looked at Lenora.

"Of course I'm coming along, I mean... there's quite a few reasons why I should, I can name two on the spot."

He chuckled and turned to Ruriko.

"If your employer starts protesting too much let her know I might need to reconsider coming back next time I visit."

He then turned back to Lenora.

"Apparently my performances are highly liked here."

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[Ruriko Kuronuma]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Lenora was not seem too pleased with Ruriko's response, as she continued to explain that she has been taking expeditions and journeys into identifying and learning artifacts for a living. She also further elaborated that she has successfully built her reputation as well, and now certain interested parties began to hire her to learn more of those ancient artifacts that scattered across the continents.

"And I can just say you're a part of my team." Lenora shrugged in between her words. "I've done it before when Orion and I have traveled together."

Lenora's words actually reminded Ruriko about her past as a 'retrieval expert', especially on the mentions of artifacts and so on. However, she felt relieved, as Lenora did not mention about taking them and making them as their own. Then again, Ruriko expected her trusted former classmate will not do such things right? She also felt flattered that Lenora was also interested to take Ruriko under her wing.

"Getting your things together is fine, of course" The silver haired archeologist pointed at her own leather satchel. "I had to do the same myself, since I'm not always ready like Orion here."

Ruriko gave a chuckle in response, as Lenora continued on.

"But of course, there isn't any pressure to come along," The former classmate explained, before adding a frown to her expression. "I guess I might have been pressuring you a bit. I apologize if it seems that way. It's just... I'd hate for you to stay here when there's greater things in the world that can be done, you know?"

The words coming out from Lenora was no match to Ruriko's defense, as her stand on the expedition began to waver. After giving a sigh that soon followed with a light smile, Lenora passed the chance to talk, to Orion. As for the suave, regal-looking singer, storyteller and traveler, his words are simple and straight to the point which proved to be quite effective too.

After agreeing Lenora's offer in a flowery manner, he chuckled and turned to Ruriko.

"If your employer starts protesting too much let her know I might need to reconsider coming back next time I visit."

She lets out a laugh as Orion turned to Lenora, saying that his performance in the tavern are highly sought after. Ruriko remembered that the crowds would cheer after his performance. Of course, the woman back then did not know who he was.

After stopping her laugh and ending it with a quick sigh, Ruriko knew what the decision was, as she turned to Lenora. Her expression turned into her usual mischievous smirk that she commonly displays whenever she agrees to a plan.

"Alright, I'll go with you. When and where shall we meet for the journey? You said that you have a horse for me, right?"

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[Octavia Crechendo]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Octavia bid the Inn owner farewell after handing over her payment for the room and extra day. With all debts paid, she could make her way out of Ivalice. Heading into the front of the building towards the exit, Octavia weaved herself through the tables and other patrons crowding in the area. However, overhearing one particular conversation made her listen, as someone mentioned themselves to be something of an archaeologist.

Hearing tidbits of the conversation, Octavia pinpointed the source. A couple of females and one male. The one female and male seemed to be about to head out of town themselves and wanted to take along this blue haired girl who worked for the bar. Regardless, the fact that one of them mentioned traveling and artifacts made it seem like someone worth having a quick chat with.

Feeling a little guilty, but determined to see it through, Octavia approached the trio, butting in to their conversation. Coming in a bit behind and to the left of the Silver Haired Female.

"...Sorry to intrude! But I couldn't help but overhear one of you seemed to know a thing or two about ancient ruins?"

Her hand stiffly raised in greeting, and looking a little embarrassed, Octavia introduced herself.

"My Name's 'Tavi'. I was asked to scout out some ruins that are supposed be located a few Uberpaces East of Ivalice. Some Travelers have been apparently gone missing around there, so the local government tasked me to head out and find out what happened to them. You wouldn't happen to know any ruins in that area do you?"

Octavia crossed her arms, then continued.

"I wasn't really given much details aside from it's general location. I was originally supposed go in this general location and ask locals for specifics. But, if you happen to know anything - it would really help me to catch any survivors who might still be hanging on."

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OOC: The original post from 8/18 is the one on the top half of this post, while the newer post is the last paragraph of that post and the entire section below it. Also, as a bit of a reference, this is what the Clef Mansion would be like (Link from the original RP was broken but this is more or less the style of it, maybe even bigger than the mansion in the picture).

[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

After Orion gave his opinion on having Ruriko go with them, sighed then turned to Lenora with one of her trademarked mischievous smirks.

"Alright, I'll go with you." Ruriko said, "When and where shall we meet for the journey? You said that you have a horse for me, right?"

"Yes, there's a horse ready for you," Lenora said, "And as for meeting, well... I suppose we can just meet at the eastern city gates whenever you're ready. I'll bring both the horses there with Orion."

Lenora smiled and was about to say more when she saw another lady come up to their small group out of the corner of her eye, and turned to her when she spoke up.

"...Sorry to intrude!" the girl said, looking slightly guilty, "But I couldn't help but overhear one of you seemed to know a thing or two about ancient ruins?"

She raised her hand stiffly before she continued.

Her hand stiffly raised in greeting, and looking a little embarrassed, Octavia introduced herself.

"My Name's 'Tavi'. I was asked to scout out some ruins that are supposed be located a few Uberpaces East of Ivalice. Some Travelers have been apparently gone missing around there, so the local government tasked me to head out and find out what happened to them. You wouldn't happen to know any ruins in that area do you?"

Tavi crossed her arms as she continued.

"I wasn't really given much details aside from it's general location. I was originally supposed go in this general location and ask locals for specifics. But, if you happen to know anything - it would really help me to catch any survivors who might still be hanging on."

"That would be me who knows about ruins," Lenora said, "And I'd like to think that I know more than just a thing or two about them."

Lenora paused, quickly looking Tavi up and down in order to remember her, before continuing.

"Well, there's four I know of off the top of my head in the general eastward area," Lenora said, "Granted, it depends on how far east you're speaking of, but none should be particularly dangerous, at least to the experienced explorer and archaeologist."

Lenora furrowed her brow as she thought about it more.

"Although, that could have easily changed," Lenora continued, "This is kind of a golden age for archaeologists lately. You see, many ruins have parts of them that were sealed off, both physically and magically, and now as time has caused those seals to weaken, these once secret parts of ruins are now being exposed to the outside world. Some bandits roam around these ruins now and try to steal from travelers who might have taken artifacts from the ruins... And some are rumored to have monsters living inside of them as well..."

"But of course it's all just speculation," Lenora continued, somewhat dismissing the monster part, "If you want, we can chat while my friend here goes and gets a few things squared away for our upcoming journey, and I can try and help you figure out where you're supposed to be going. I just have to go around back and get a couple of horses first."

Lenora turned back to Ruriko.

"I'm so glad that you're coming with us, truly," Lenora said with a smile, "Remember, eastern city gates, and whenever you're ready is fine. There isn't any rush to leave, well, aside from leaving sometime today."

"Good luck sorting things out with her," Lenora said, nodding to her employer who was now back in the main area of the tavern, before she turned back to Tavi and Orion, then started heading towards the door to the tavern.

"Wait just one moment," Lenora said once they were outside, going around the tavern to the stables there. Sure enough, there were two horses just as Serge said in his letter, one white and one brown, both having saddles and harnesses with the crest of a knight, just as Serge said in the letter. She took hold of them both and brought them around to the front of the tavern to where Tavi and Orion were.

That's some coat she has on, Lenora thought as she noticed Tavi's overcoat, more obvious now that they were out in the daylight, Then again, people might point out how Orion's outfit and my own are strange to the region as well... And about how much they look alike. At least we don't look like we're siblings... I hope.

"Now we can continue our conversation," Lenora said, "My name is Lenora, by the way."

With that, Lenora and Tavi continued their conversation as they waited by the city gates for Ruriko. When she arrived, about an hour later, the trio parted ways with Tavi and wished her luck in finding the ruins and missing people she was tasked with finding. Lenora mentioned to her that if she needed help with finding the ruins once they were back from their trip, she would happily accompany Tavi. After all, archaeology was her passion.

[Lenora Locke - Approaching Clef Mansion]

After that, they set off, first east but then later in more of a northeastern direction. Along the way, Lenora, Ruriko, and Orion talked more and caught up from when they last saw one another. By the time the trio could see the mansion on the horizon, the sun had already set and its light was quickly fading from the sky.

"Well, we're almost there," Lenora said, "Might as well travel in the dark for a bit so we don't have to set up camp."

It was worth traveling in the dark, even for Lenora who was more used to being awake before sunrise than staying awake after sunset. The stars were incredible, galaxies were clearly visible, and so was another strange sight in the sky.

"Is that... A dragon?" Lenora asked, pointing up into the sky as a dragon flew in large circles above them, unnoticeable as its dark color blended into the night sky. She was worried for a moment that the dragon might think of them as food or possibly challenge them somehow, but it merely flew off and down into a forest in the distance.

"I guess it's bedtime even for dragons." Lenora joked.

After awhile, they finally arrived at the Clef Mansion.

"Well, this is it." Lenora said, then shouted to the guards stationed at the gates.

"Hello!" Lenora shouted, "Lenora Locke and company, here to see Serge Clef!"

The guards didn't budge until Lenora and the others stood in front of the gate, and Lenora showed them the letter she received from Serge. At that, they opened the gates for her, Orion, and Ruriko, letting the trio inside the mansion grounds before closing the gates once more.

"One moment." A guard said as he left the trio at the gate with the other guard, while he went inside the mansion.

"So, any last questions?" Lenora asked Orion and Ruriko.

Re: Free and Dream: The Prequel
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[Octavia Crechendo]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

Octavia was lead outside towards the stables after the archaeologist let her compansions finish up their own tasks.

"Now we can continue our conversation. My name is Lenora, by the way."

Octavia looked over at steed Lenora had brought outside. The Emblem of Ownership was unmistakably noticeable. In the interest of staying in good graces, howerver, Octavia refrained from asking about it.

"Well met. Um...."

Octavia pulled out a roll of parchment from her coat. Rolling it out, it turned into a scrawl that vaguely looked like the immediate Ivalice Region.

"So in general, would you be able to point out where those Ruins are located...?"


"I see. Thank you very much."

Ocatavia had to decline Lenora's further offers to accompany her. While it certainly would've been nice to have an archaeologist to lead her around the ruins, it was also important for Octavia to remain as anonymous as possible. Namely, her method of getting to the ruins would take her there faster than most contemporary methods, but it was unwise of her to show it to a stranger.

With a grin, Octavia bid farewell to Lenora as her companions approached.

"You were a big help. Safe travels."

Octavia turned around to depart. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew. Bringing up her large overcoat ever so slightly. Allowing for a glance at the combat vesture she was wearing under the overcoat for just a split second.

[Ivalice - City Wall Rampart]

Octavia carefully examined the map and Lenora's directions. She would have to string a a few blinks across quite a long distance, so it was important she kept in mind the direction with consideration to larger visible landmarks.

To her side, she saw Lenora and company making their way through the gate, heading off to their destination outside Ivalice.

Octyavia, herself finished, clasped her hand. Preparing for a long distance blink. The gathered force in her hand glowed in a pale azure color. The instant she thrust her hand forward with an open palm, she vanished.

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[Ruriko Kuronuma]
[Ivalice - The Rolling Hearts]

With Ruriko agreeing with Lenora to join on her journey, Lenora explained that she has a spare horse for her and set the meeting place at the eastern city gates. Before the conversation could continue, a lady with a neck-length amber colored hair and eyes joined the group.

"...Sorry to intrude! But I couldn't help but overhear one of you seemed to know a thing or two about ancient ruins?"

From there, the lady introduced herself as Tavi. She was tasked to scout out a few distances away from Ivalice. After giving a good look at the woman who just joined the group, Lenora turned to Tavi and began explaining. All this while, Ruriko was keeping a silent stance, but her thoughts were slightly wondering on Tavi's sudden appearance on them...


Once she was done, Lenora changed her focus to Ruriko, smiling and expressing her joy on Ruriko accepting the offer, and reminding her on the meeting place. Then, Lenora and Orion got up from their seats. Before heading out to the entrance of the tavern...

"Good luck sorting things out with her."

Lenora nodded, giving out the hint on the main objective that Ruriko has to do before she could meet up with them.

"Thanks." Ruriko responded, while giving out her usual mischievous smile.

Once Lenora, Orion and Tavi were outside from the tavern, the middle-aged woman, the owner of the tavern noticed Ruriko and...

[Approaching Clef Mansion]

With some quick breaks in between, the journey to the Clef Mansion was nearly continuous. Nightfall eventually arrived, and yet the trio continued on. Ruriko was mostly fine with it, thanks to her past experiences as a 'retrieval expert' where she has to travel for quite a bit. She can be seen giving up a few yawns as her horse galloped on the fields. Her thoughts also occasionally went to the woman named Tavi as well. Then half way through the night...

"Is that... A dragon?"

Ruriko then looked up as Lenora commented, expecting for some surprising events. However, the black flying figure went away into a forest nearby moments later.

"I guess it's bedtime even for dragons." Lenora joked in response. As for Ruriko, she smiled lightly, however.


After that encounter with the dragon, the trio has finally arrived at a large metallic gate. Beyond the gate, was a magnificent mansion with elaborate gardens and decorations. Before coming to a stop, Lenora shouted her greetings and identity at the guards stationed nearby. One of the guards acknowledged, and went to the mansion. At this moment, Lenora questioned everyone.

"So, any last questions?"

"Hmmm..." Ruriko thought for a while. "No, I guess? I'll just follow wherever you go. The mansion looks... quite big."

Re: Free and Dream: The Prequel
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OOC: And without further adieu, here's this belated post! I'm also introducing kingepyon's character here as well, since they PMed me about joining the RP as well.

I was actually going to have this post be a bit longer than it is, but instead I'm leaving the ending of this post a bit open-ended so you can have the opportunity for your character to chat with any of the characters that were introduced in this post. They're all NPC's aside from kingepyon's character (Celeus Thyros), so as long as you don't have them say/do anything that would be out of character for Serge or Isabel then feel free to control them in your posts!

[Lenora Locke - Clef Mansion]

"Hmmm..." Ruriko replied, "No, I guess? I'll just follow wherever you go. The mansion looks... quite big."

Lenora grinned at her response.

"It is quite big," Lenora said, "But don't worry, it'll be alright. Everyone who lives or works here have always been kind to me, I'm sure it'll be the same now as it always is."

A few moments later, the other guard returned, this time with two men, one of them quite large and although he was not wearing any armor, he was dressed very formally, even including his signature blue cape. This man was one that Lenora recognized.

"Lenora!" Serge greeted her in a booming shout, "It is indeed so wonderful to see you again. How are you?"

"Very well, thank you," Lenora said, "And I hope the same for you as well."

"But of course," Serge said with a smile, then turned to Ruriko and Orion, "I see you bought some companions with you this time as well!"

"Indeed," Lenora said, also smiling, "They are Ruriko Kuronuma and Orion Deimos."

Lenora turned to them and gave them the chance to introduce themselves to Serge. When they were done, Serge spoke up again.

"And I suppose I must introduce myself now as well, although I'm sure Lenora told you already," Serge said, "I suppose I'll give you a bit more detailed introduction then. My name is Serge Clef, you may recognize my family name as I hail from a line of politicians. I however, never became a politician myself, and instead became the first knight my family has had in a long time. I am from the Queen Annemarie Academy in Ivalice, and I met Lenora through the Magical Mastery Competition, where she bested me in the mastery of fire competition. I did however pull off a triple win, and instead won the competitions for mastery of wind, water, and ice. I suppose you can say that I proved my worth in becoming a knight for our land."

As Serge pointed to the lapel of his cape to show off the brooches he has, Lenora spoke up.

"He just likes bringing that up because he still wishes he could have beaten me in the mastery of fire competition," Lenora said with a smirk, "And he likes to be long-winded as well."

"Indeed," Serge said, admitting his downfalls, "Perhaps we may challenge one another at some point during your visit, Lenora?"

"If so, then not right now," Lenora said, then turned to the other man with Serge, "And may I ask who your friend is now, Serge?"

"This man is Celeus Thyros, an ambassador of the Drakos clan." Serge said, then turned to Celeus for him to make his own introduction. Once he has introduced himself, Serge gestured toward the mansion.

"Well, enough of us standing out here in the dark," Serge said, "I have told my staff to prepare you a meal for your group, so come in and relax for awhile."

"Thank you," Lenora said, then she and the others followed Serge into the mansion. They passed through a grand entrance hall, and went only a bit further into the formal dining room, where another woman waited for them.

"I am so glad you have made it to our mansion safely," Isabel said, curtsying to Lenora and the others, "I am Isabel Clef, the wife of Serge Clef. Please make yourselves at home. There is Lamb and potatoes for you here. It is not much, but it is a warm meal after your long journey."

"Thank you," Lenora said with a smile, flattered by such a formal welcome. Then again, that must be custom for the wife of a rising knight in the kingdom.

After she spoke, Serge joined his wife and introduced Lenora and the others to her, then invited them all to eat and relax. Lenora found that there were plates set out for all of them, as well as some alcohol. Lenora sat down at her plate, but then motioned for Isabel to join her while Serge was distracted talking to someone else. From there, Lenora spoke with Isabel, trying to get to know her better. She was more familiar with Serge since he was the one actually in the Magical Mastery competitions with her, she had only met Isabel briefly then as she simply watched from the crowd. She had been to Clef Mansion on previous occasions too, but even then Isabel was generally occupied by her studies, and thus Lenora never had the chance to have a longer conversation with her.

Character Profiles:

Name: Serge Clef
Age: 22
Weapon: Sword
- Mastery of wind, water, and ice magic, skilled in fire, earth, and plant magic.
- Illusion Master - A study of magic pertaining to illusions, an a title given to one from the Clef family who is in possession of the Picasso. Picasso is a book of spells (More like a dictionary since there are hundreds to a thousand spells within it) which is bound to Serge since he is the latest Illusion Master, and he can use any spell that he learns from the book. Despite these advantages from being an Illusion Master, there is one big drawback: He is only able to learn spells from the Picasso after being bound to it. However, this was not an issue for Serge, as magic came easy to him and he became skilled in all of the major elemental magic branches before being bound to the Picasso. The spells in the Picasso are spells that relate to illusions.
- Forming water out of air moisture and controlling it freely, even turning it directly into ice.
- In a vein similar to necromancy, he can create and control creatures made out of ice. He can make either 3 small ones (1 meter tall), 2 medium ones (2 meters tall) or a single large ice creature (3 meters tall).
- Serge can control the air to create a pocket of air that has lower levels of oxygen. This makes it tougher for opponents to fight against him as they cannot acclimate their bodies to the lower levels of oxygen, unless they have acclimated themselves to areas of higher elevation which this technique aims to mimic. Serge has trained himself to be able to fight normally in this environment, but it is dangerous to him too if he is in it for longer than 10 minutes. Or, he can do the opposite on him and his allies: more oxygen for more blood flow and better performance. He cannot do both parts of the technique at once.
Personality: Kind and considerate, loyal and trustworthy, he is open to anyone and is an all-around likable type of person. He is the type to keep his promises, and if he has any downfall it is that he should think more before getting into something.
Bio: Serge grew up in a wealthy and noble household, coming from a line of politicians. However, even at a young age, his parents and tutors could sense that he was different from the others in his family, and he possessed great talent in combat. He enrolled in the Queen Annemarie Academy when he was 10, a 300 year old academy in Ivalice (Making it one of the oldest academies in the world) that is more prestigious than the Great Academy of Ivalice. Serge turned out to be a combat genius, having expertise in both magic and swordsmanship. However, he never had the best of grades in academic matters. This is how he met Isabel, who had to tutor Serge when they were 15, due to his many failing and near-failing grades. Serge was the one who fell for Isabel, and the two became engaged shortly after graduation. Serge met Lenora when they competed in the Magical Mastery Competition, when she beat him in obtaining the Mastery of Fire pin. Serge, however, won the Mastery of Wind, Water, and Ice pins, becoming a rare triple pin winner. Afterward, Serge left Ivalice to reside in the Clef Mansion, and Isabel also began to live there a year later, after she and Serge were married. Recently Serge was knighted and serves a local noble, and has quickly become one of his best knights, there are rumors about that he is too good of a knight for the noble and that he may be promoted to another higher-ranking individual soon.

Name: Isabel Clef
Age: 22
Weapon: N/A
- Skilled in plant magic
- An academic, Isabel is very intelligent and knows many different subjects, sciences, and languages.
- Isabel is gifted in psychology and physiology, and can tell when someone is lying, not telling the complete truth, or if they are injured.
Personality: A cheerful and aloof woman, who is often absorbed in her studies. Has difficulty interacting with strangers and can be quite shy, but will open up if questioned about something that she has knowledge of.
Bio: Isabel comes from a rich family who made their fortune by establishing the major harbors and water travel routes of the world. As such, her family had both the wealth and the affluence to send her to the Queen Annemarie Academy. This proved to be very beneficial for Isabel as it allowed her to flourish academically in the heart of Ivalice, gaining both academic and worldly intelligence. She never partook in the physical combat classes, and only dabbled a bit in the magical arts, as she wasn't extremely talented in either. Instead, she both learned and taught a variety of academic subjects, which is how she met Serge. Isabel never saw their romance coming, as she was oblivious to the fact that Serge was in love with her until he told her. Nonetheless, she did her best to wrap her head around it and she too began to love him in return, and later married him.

Re: Free and Dream: The Prequel
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OOC: Hope this isn't dead, sorry I'm so late, midterms.

Name: Celeus Thyros
Age: 24
Weapon: paper talisman (ofuda)

Barriers: His family has been the protectors of the Drakos clan for generations, and Celeus is no exception. Because of this, he has been trained in magical barriers from an early age. The strength of his barriers usually depend on time he has to cast them, as well as amount of magic put into them. They are utilised in various situations, ranging is sizes of a small shield, to being able to cover an entire castle. Of course, covering a castle would take hours of preparation, as well as assistance from other mages, but he is able to do it. His strongest barrier is 'Aegis'. He is able to put up this barrier quickly, and it is nearly unbreakable, but he tires quickly when using it, preferring to save it for emergencies.

Seals: Considered by his family to by a type of barrier, seals excel at holding things in rather than keeping things out, unlike normal barriers. Like barriers, the strength of the seal is determined by the time to prepare it, as well as the magic committed to cast it. Using seals he can seal various things, like sound and magic. He is even adept at temporarily silencing incantations of other magicians, however the spell only lasts for a few seconds, and takes a large amount of magic to use.

Paper Talismans: A seal that has been prepared for future use by drawing one on a paper. These hold various magics for use in combat or defense. However, they are weak on their own and Celeus usually combines them for stronger effect. The downside to talismans is he can only have a limited number prepared at any one time, which means he has to cast and use them sparingly. Celeus mostly uses them to help prepare stronger barriers faster and cast low level elemental magic, a feat that would be otherwise impossible for him.

Combination: Due to the similarity of all his magics, he is able to combine the effects of any type with any other type. However, the time and magic requirements to combine increase significantly, so he is careful when he decides to commit to this

Three Heavenly Gates: An extremely powerful seal created by Celeus in order to help the Drakos family control their bloodline trait: the ability to drain energies from those around them. While intended to be controlled by the one the seal is applied to, he can alter it so it is unaffected by others. This seal takes hours of preparation, hours to perform and the assistance of at least 2 other magic users to act as a focus for the magic for the spell, but it will permanently seal the magic of the user.

Personality: Energetic and focused. Due to his position of protector of one of the most powerful clans in the East, he is typically found to be be a man of few words, and thus hard to talk to. It is the job of a bodyguard to protect, not to speak, after all. However, he is not rude, and will speak when addressed.

Bio: He is the heir to the Thyros clan, the protectors of the Drakos clan. The Thyros clan, one of the three supporting clans of the Drakos clan, has earned them some respect and influence in the East, and this influence has extended to Celeus. However, in his eyes, he is a bodyguard for his close friend, the current head of the Drakos clan, Cyril - a man whom he respects and admires for his level headed decisions and strength to follow through with them. This has had a profound effect on Celeus, who strives to be like his close friend.

Currently, he is acting as an ambassador of the Drakos clan to Ivalice. Cyril has given him leave in order to better relations with the west, as well as learn more about the new magic academy they have set up. He has been instructed to assist with anything that they may need of him.


[Celeus Thyros - Clef Mansion]

Celeus nodded in greeting to the new group of people that had entered the mansion, each in turn, and politely listened to the banter between the friends before Lenora turned to him.
"And may I ask who your friend is now, Serge?" she said.

"This man is Celeus Thyros, an ambassador of the Drakos clan." Serge said, then turned to Celeus.

Celeus bowed formally towards the new group "I am the bodyguard to the council of the elder's Drakos clan." He glanced around and smiled warmly before continuing, "you may call me Celeus, any friends of Serge are friends of mine."

"Well, enough of us standing out here in the dark," Serge said, "I have told my staff to prepare you a meal for your group, so come in and relax for awhile."

Celeus silently agreed, and proceeded with the others to the meal.

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