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New and Shiny Streamlined Version 1.2!

Ugo's Quote of the Now: *Grumble!*

Ugopetamia Desu!


Name: Highly Classified!
Age: *Slaps You*
Born: June 8
Gender: F!

Liked Things: Stuff, RP'n, Anime and Occasional Manga (no duh!), games, Weapons, oversized weapons, edible and delicious substances, other things!

Not Into: Procrastinating (I do it anyway >.<), Typo's, people who think Hentai and anime are the same thing, Shyness, when things break down, complicated instructions, tons of homework, things that get classified without my consent, Anime Products prices, Other things I cannot name right now...

Favorite Anime : In general it's been stuff that either had a combination of an entertaining story, and nice character art. I'm also a sucker for anime with impressive intros.

Bonus Reading Promotions!

Eh? What are you still doing here? Where you possibly looking for the walls of text that used be here?

Sadly, that stuff is gone now. I rewrote a good amount and it got lost because does not like over 1020 chars in your profile. But considering you're still reading, I guess you do want to read, huh? - Sure! I'll rewrite those walls of text and make them short and sweet.

Just for you, okay?

Rp Summaries!

"One of the Longest Running RP's on Gendou City, as well as one of the largest in terms of Post Count between the two 'arcs. It features Romcom Situations, Ridiculous Characters, Convulsed Plots, and Direct References to a multitude of Media. It ran for two 'seasons' but I had to leave for university while the third was in development.

It's 'plot' began as a generic adventure, then took place in some fusion of a Love Hina World and Cromartie High School, and then ended with a grand Fantasy Plot of Epic Proportions. The funny thing was that wasn't even an RP I started, rather, and RP I and a couple of others carried on after the creator disappeared very early on."

"An RP that was unique for being a spin-off rp (of the a Wandering Path Series). It 'run' while I was trying to work out the third A Wandering Path story. It was quite obviously was build on the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I made this RP simply because I wanted to try mimicking Kyon's Inner Monologues. The RP died in a strange part of the story - more or less it was like it had turned into a Call of Duty of sorts. I... Don't even know how it got to that. The story can be best described as a complete trainwreck."

"The End of the World is a Crossover RP where players can give a chance for their old characters from old Rp's to be put to use again. There was originally going to be a 'Crossover RP' made by 'H' but he sadly seemed to have disappeared afterwards. So during a really bad lull in Gendou City, I decided to go ahead and start this Rp.

It takes place on a world Called Limbo Universe. A Place were the remnants of worlds destroyed by cataclysms are sent. This patchwork of worlds are connected by a mysterious and thick fog, known as the void, that borders each world, and connects them. Special people are able to call fourth the spirits of heroes and villains who were involved with the struggles that brought down their worlds. These summoners seek an item known as the 'Wishing Star' which has the power to bring back all of the worlds in Limbo universe back to how they used be."


Aaand... Those are all the RP's that I've made a banner for. There's many more I've managed over time, but I don't have any banners for those yet. Looking at plain text of the RP title just wouldn't be fair to you, now would it? Rest assured, I'll come back to those once I have time to kill again.

Heheh, well that's all I can write. But I appreciate you took the time to read - or skip all the way down here. Either case, I just like writing, and the thought of you reading it is the reason I have such a shamefully conceited grin on my face right now.
Oops, ...did I write that out loud?

But, what else do I have to say? Bye Bye and a Super Nice Day!

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