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Beyond | Boundary | Casting
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Note: Check You're Volume!!

Base Information

Hakuryo Senior High Its a Privet School for People with supernatural affinities or rather known as Watcher that co-exist with normal human youth. Apart from Trying to keep them selfs hidden from been discovered as Watchers things got even more strange and mysterious in the daily lives of some students, After a Transfer student arrived.


Despite struggles and dilemmas currently being faced in Tokyo, because of the Sudden disappearance and Unexplainable deaths of People; An Organization called W.I.N.G.S. is taking the tasks into dealing with crimes related to Shades as they call it, But they also suspect that Some Watchers are also criminals and they equally hunt them down.

Shades Are supernatural creatures that appear throughout the story and can only be seen by those with a supernatural affinity. They are said to take the physical Persona of a Person that has negative emotions including hatred, jealousy and malice and therefore they can take over and Do as the Please in the " Human World" leaving the host incapable of controlling any action.

Shades can Intertwine with a Human soul only when the human is in borderline of death. Independently if the Shade is Good or Bad. When this occurs rarely the human is able to maintain there " Self Identity" But when it happens something of there Human self changes.

Most of Shades are relatively docile and coexist with humans without them even aware of their presence. However, there are times when a Shade behavior upsets the balance, producing The Calm. this is a time in which Shades Strengthen greatly and If its not destroyed it can devour the host.

Abilities The Shades and Watchers have similarity in Abilities, But Only Shades are able to use there abilities efficiently with out having withdraws.

Shade Obtain there ability throwout the Persona they become inside a Host.

Watchers Their abilities are passed on exclusively by blood or inheritance.

The abilities can distribute from Barriers | Distortion of Space | Self-Puppetry | Puppeteering | Etc.

Note: ( Please PM Me If You have another ability in Mind, NO GODMODDING )


The Coffee Shop ( Needs Owner ) This is a Coffee business that is camouflaged, But its a View Point for all the Watchers. If they successfully Unravel a Persona, they can take the Gem the Persona leaves behind which can be appraised and traded, hence providing a source of income, aside as been a shelter for Watchers.

Hakuryo Senior High Its a Privet School for People with supernatural affinities as Well For Humans.


W.I.N.G.S. is a federal agency in the Tokyo that serves as a criminal investigative body in cases connected to Shade or Watcher appearances. Despite it all, This agency employees are mostly Watchers and Humans.

The Rules

This Rp is Categories as: | Suspense l Supernatural l Love l Action l Mystery
- Post You're Location So that everyone could have a clear view of whats going on, When and Were
- 2 Character per person.
- 18 and Up
- Every space is crucial, that also means if you will be dropping out because you get bored with it please contact me and we can deal with it. Working on sharing opinions on how can we get a jump start. But if you decide to leave it can't be held.

- Quality posts: Longer posts are better, If you have writers block and have to write only two three lines,
I'm not going to kill you for it. Just don't make it a habit.

- Do not control other players
- No God Modding
- If you will be away or absent for any amount of time please tell me
- A single person may make 2 posts a day. If anything I will raise
The post rate

- Love, keep it PG-14 ^^
- If you do not follow these rules, you will be given warn warning; if you have exhausted that warning you will be expelled from the RP and your character will become an NPC.

Character Sheet

Name: [First & Last]
Age: [16 - 25]
Gender: [Male or Female]
Nationality: [Try to be Different from Others]
Occupation: [ What do You Do for a Living?!]
Origin: [ Watcher | Human | Shade | Wings ]
Weapon or Ability: [ No Godmodding ]

Personality: [Attitude]
Biography: [History and Life]
Appearance: [Picture or Written]

Cast and Origin

• Jace Baler | Human | Watcher
• Luna Baler | Human | Shade
• Ayase Kyogi| Human | Shade
• Julian Pettigrew| Human | Shade

Name: Jace Baler
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Wing's Agent
Origin: Watcher
Ability: [ Barrier ] Jace is able to generate a barrier that can either defend against incoming attacks, such as using it as a shield, or isolate opponents within them. The barriers also have the ability to disguise, or otherwise make invisible, objects or people, depending on his desired effect.

Personality: Jace has a serious side, and he proves to be a highly skilled watcher with great intellectual and judging abilities. He is also shown to be critical of his sister. However, in general he maintains his goofy and laid back attitude.

Biography: Jace is a working official in W.I.N.G.S. which is contradicting sense his sister is half Shade. But only he know of her existence, For now. They moved to Tokyo after Jace found out that his parents were killed by some people from the organization in England. He thought that may be it had to do with her half shade sibling. But he is still in search of answers.

Meanwhile he resides in Tokyo, and His sister is a transfer student in Hakuryo Senior High.

Name: Luna Baler
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: 2nd Year Student in Hakuryo Senior High School
Origin: Human | Shade
Ability: Luna has the ability to manipulate her blood in various ways such as shaping and solidifying it to form a sword or shield. This ability is limited by her body's natural blood volume. She displays graceful swordsmanship that works around precisely defending herself.

Personality: Her sometimes rash attitude comes from having to live a stressing double-life of a human and Shade identity. As a Shade Hunter, she reveals a more reckless and ruthless personality.

Biography: Luna was 8 Years Old when she " Died" in a " Car Accident", Luna Before dying she saw a Shade and a month later she was waking up in a hospital alive. Later on her brother figured out that a Shade had intertwined with his sisters soul making her a half breed, Luna her hair originally brown turned white after her presumed death. Her older brother Jace, decided to dye his hair white to help Luna feel relatively " Normal".

Re: Beyond | Boundary | Casting
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Well, as promised. Here's to hoping it can attain the activity of serenity. Tell me if I need to change anything.

Name: Ayase Kyogi
Age: Looks 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chiba, Japan
Occupation: High School Student
Origin: Human | Shade

Weapon or Ability: Particularly adept with bladed weapons. the wooden bokken she normally carries around is actually a sheathed sword. Her characteristic power is 'void'. Allowing her to exploit imbalance in Light and Darkness to be used offensively against opponents. Many of her attacks have a whirling, or tornado-like aspect. Though she can utilize the powers of light and darkness individually for simple short ranged attacks.

Personality: Ayase appears particularly disinterested with high school life in general. The only excitement she seems to get is messing around in the Kendo hall. But even then she fights so offhandedly she would be instantly kicked out of any tournament. In yet, the members of the club are too afraid to try forcing her out, and any authorities above that haven't taken any action towards that either. With anyone she involves herself with, she makes it clear that they are at the most acquaintances. Warning that whatever ties she has to people will someday disappear in an instant. Though she can look alluring, her antisocial tendencies, as well as the wooden bokken she fancies carrying around keeps most people away from her. The original Ayase was remembered as being a soft-spoken student who was just too shy to instigate conversations alone, and outside of her group of friends. During the course of last year, her personality has just changed inexplicably.

She seems to be naturally attracted to any form of Chaos.

Biography: Ayase Claims to have originally been a 'Dark Lord.' Due to her 'considerable' power being taken away, she is now just another high school student in the visage of Ayase Kyogi. Thus, the actual Ayase is locked away, buried under the influence of this 'shade'. This dark lord is apparently seeking a great power that had been stolen away from it. However, at the start of the story, Ayase comes off as just another high school student. Though her aforementioned sudden personality change has not gone noticed by her friends and classmates, but up until now, everyone has been unwilling to confront her about it. Though in a weakened state, she remains a formidable opponent, and a potentially useful ally even, as getting 'help' from her is but one potential pathway to get their power back, or a way to entertain themselves. But the looming aspect of what happens when they do get their power back, can be a cause of concern. It is implied that whatever it may be, it will be something that they will likely have to confront personally, even if they do no wish for it. It is implied that the one time authorities where called in for her misbehavior in the kendo hall, that something very unfortunate happened. Leading to most of the staff being very lenient to her whims.


Name: Julian Pettigrew
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: Guam
Occupation: Manager, The Coffee Shop | Appraiser
Origin: Watcher | Human

Weapon or Ability: Excellent at using non-gunpowder ranged weapons. He actively uses a Bow and Arrow but most of the time he is expected to use iron darts. His characteristic ability is Analyze. His family possesses eyes as keen as a hawk's. But that skill is further taken forward with the ability to perceive minute details about people due to appearances. This translates into someone who can infer the gestures and movements of an opponent, as well as respond with accurate ranged tosses even in a dire situation.

Personality: Well spoken and seemingly acquainted with almost everyone. Julian is a bit of an info-maniac. Despite his dangerous dealings with the word of the shades, he maintains himself as a good spirited Coffee Shop Manager, keen to listen in on the normal everyday problems of the regular customers, rather than worrying about the unique set of threats and problems brought about with being able to see shades. Though always apparently smiling, the one thing that seems to irk him are people who try to hide their true intentions behind a facade. When this happens, he usually stops paying attention to them outright. He truly likes to hear people's problem's and offer them advice, but it unfortunately is rarely of much use due to his naivete.

His most prized collection is a log that has the three sizes of each unique female customer ever to enter the Coffee Shop. Though on the surface his favorite pastime is making small talk.

Biography: Julian came from an American Military family. At the time he became 20, he decided to live permanently in Japan, and supported himself through work at the coffee shop. He was very new to the area, and thus he found working there as a convenient instrument to get acquainted with new people, and to afford his small apartment. He hasn't turned back since. His power of Analyze is actually a combination of his natural watcher skill: Eagle Eye, which gives him particularly good vision, and observation skills drilled into him as a child. According to him, his father was able to specifically locate and specify the differences between the shells on the beach without even needing to get onto the sand. Ge was similarly trained to this standard, but never really got as far as his father. Still, his families History as appraisers is the primary reason this skill was developed. Though not up to mark as his father, Julian can accurately appraise stones from Shades quickly and accurately. As opposed to other appraisers who need to fetch out special magnifiers in order to get down to the detail that Julian can do without such instruments.


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