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Voyage of our Memories
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Voyage of our Memories

The cast is closed for the RP at the moment, sorry! I might open up casting again later on in the RP, but for now I'm not letting anymore people join.

Introduction: The world of Istar is a magical world, full of crazy people and odd happenings. Like any society, Istar is complex and multifaceted, and there are more surfaces than what just meets the eye. This is the tale of exploring the many sides of Istar, and the interactions between its many citizens.

Plot: As stated in the introduction, the plot is fairly free-form! Everyone can PM me their ideas and I'll come up with something from there and try to combine as much as I possibly can into the RP. You can also create a personal goal/quest for your character in the course of this RP in addition to the normal plot. Or, if you'd rather not have your own quest, then feel free to help another character on theirs.

Geography: World of Istar

Link to the Map (Warning it's a really big image. The circles represent small towns, the rectangular castles represent small cities and the square castles represent big cities. Also, I'm just reusing the map from Forces of Nature since the RP didn't get too far anyway and it would be easier to reuse this map than make a new one haha so if it seems familiar then that's why.)

Map of the Orient Region (Post Orient Empire Breakup)

Map of the Adacar Region

Map of Cresthelm Region

Quick Notes about Istar:
- Both humans and monsters, fantasy creatures, etc. exist on Istar.
- Clemence is the largest city in Istar, followed by Hamberyl and Barim.
- The lake where Firovait and Causton are located is Caro Lake (I just missed it while labeling the map).
- Clemence is the economic capital of the world. It is also home to the Knight and Mage Academy, one of the most well known schools for physical and magical arts.
- The currency of Istar is Galders. The average person lives on 400 to 600 Galders a year, depending on their job, while to be considered rich one must make more than 1000 Galders a year.
- Barim has the second largest economy in Istar due to its importance as a port city in addition to the recent discovery of gold in the Tipperary Mountains (See more in the link below).
- Towns and cities on either side of the Kinver Forest (Thured, Auwynsberg, and Canca) are generally made up of those who were originally forest nomads until the forests became too dangerous of a place for them to live in (Due to monsters or other hazards). As such, these towns are newer and a bit more haphazard, having more people living in tents than in actual buildings.
- Hamberyl, Rosing, and Maudington are considered the cultural triangle: All three are in close distance to one another and all have significantly contributed to the culture of Istar. Hamberyl is considered the primier architectural cultural center and has many large, regal, and innovative structures, and is also home to many magic users that can use their power to help with construction. Rosing is the art capital of Istar and is home to the largest visual and theatrical arts academy in Istar (As well as being home to many valuable paintings), while Maudington is the musical capital of the world, the home of many aspiring and renowned musicians. Coterel and Fitzberg, although not as well known as their larger neighbors, are also more culturally sophisticated cities.
- Cities in between the Tipperary Mountains and the Paget Range (Shylton, Gorch, Pygott, Alington, Sayen, Skipwyth, and Dirgeton) are hard to get to due to their mountaineous location, but are worth it for archaeologists because they contain many ancient structures. Sayen is actually built on top of a vast system of underground pathways, some of which have still be untouched by explorers and archaeologists. However, these pathways and other ancient structures can be filled with dangerous traps or be a lair for monsters.
- Sayen is said to be the final resting place for the Goddess Elemia.
- Aylmer is a city where the Orient tradition is very much alive, and contains many relics of the Orient past. No one except those of Orient descent are allowed into it's Old City section, and it is the city responsible for maintaining operation of the Dojos of the Seven Houses (See more in the link below).
- Windrip is home to one of the most important ports on Cuesgrave Lake and is home to the primary temple of the 'Spirit of the Emperor.' (See more in the link below)
- Skipwyth is a town home to both faeries and humans living peacefully together.
- Sagecliff is renowned for its university, specifying in magic and water-related magic in particular.
- There are a lot of cities and towns on the map for this RP so feel free to make up some world lore!

There's a ton of lore for this RP already (With credit for it due to Ugo for it!), so in order to keep track of it all I made a private blog for easier access and to make it easier to find what you want to see.

For more detailed Information on Istar and it's regions/past, please go to this link!

It will be password protected, so just type in "voyage" (Without quotation marks) to access the page!

Magic is allowed: You can have as many different abilities as you want, so long as you're not proficient in all of them and it is a reasonable amount for your character (So naturally, the older they are the more abilities they can have). Just remember that the magic in this RP has limits and can't be overly powerful 24/7. If you use push your limits and use too much magic at once, or do too many unlawful actions with your magic (Eg. Using magic as an aid to kill people) you could suffer from Magic Corruption.

Magic corruption means that your character shouldn't force themselves to use magic for a long period of time, or else the side effects come in. The first time, they will be drained of their magic for a couple of days to a week, and can't use their abilities to their full effect, some lesser abilities may be unable to be performed at all. The second time this happens, or if the user continues to force themselves to cast powerful magic while they are drained, is where the name magical corruption comes from: your character will become more malicious, act more on impulsively rather than on logic, and their entire personality can be warped from magic corruption. If the user continues to try and use powerful magic while in a corrupted state, they can turn into a monster, beings who despise humans and will do anything in their power to kill them.

If the user rests for a day without using magic, they can overcome this state; but each time they go beyond their magical limits then they are more at risk for their normal personality warping and becoming more malicious, corruption, and likewise becoming a monster (So the when they go into the second phase of corruption they have 7 days to recover from corruption before becoming a monster, the next time it happens they have 5 days to recover, 3 days, etc.). The limits of magic depend on the user, and their experience in magic, but for whatever reason magic corruption has become more common in recent years.

- No God-modding (Without my permission, if you have some sort of cool idea that you might want to use in a situation to advance the plot then give me a PM about it first, it has to be reasonable though).
- No overpowered/invincible characters. Also make combat fair, your character can't be untouchable in every fight. I'll let you know via PM if your character is too powerful, just use your best judgement.
- Killing is allowed, if you want to kill another player's character then PM/chat with the other player first and send me a PM as well.
- Please interact with other characters, or at least let your character have an interest in them. It's fine if you're character wants to do their own thing, but this RP is about character interaction, not about having just a bunch of loner characters who happen to be in the same RP.
- Romance? No problem, just keep it PG-13.
- I'm going along with the rule that you can post a lot so we can keep the RP going! Even right after another person posts if you want! If you get stuck with someone that hasn't posted in awhile then just make up a situation to get out of it and continue with the RP without having to rely on that person to post.
- This RP will be using absolute time since it's much easier to deal with. Just make sure your character doesn't travel cross-country in a single post.
- If you have to drop the RP, please PM me or post about it in Gendou RPer's United first! If you're going to be gone for awhile also let me know as well.
- Likewise, if you have any questions PM me or make a post about it in Gendou RPer's United as well.

Character Sheet:

- Name:

- Gender:

- Age: (Any age is allowed)

- Appearance: (Picture is preferred but if you can't find one then please have a detailed description.)

- Weapon: (No guns allowed)

- Abilities: (Make sure to say which ones they're the most proficient at, just use your best judgement when it comes to this section)

- Personality:

- Bio: (Be sure to state your character's race if they are anything other than human; occupation, past, family, whatever is important to know about your character prior to the start of the RP should be put down here)

My Characters [Click to show]

Character List:

Iris Arco - Toyumi
Evadine Basil - Toyumi
Shuja Hajari - Toyumi
Silvius Caelestis - Fenris
Cecilia Kain - Jon
Alastair Kain - Jon
Go Ikkikari - Ugo
Asakure Crucible - Ugo
Caelum - Shinji
Soline - Shinji
Lyriel Vandesdelca - Emiya
Myu Nakajima - Emiya
River Tam - Mistress
Luna Senoushi - LD
Camus - LD
Eunclid Sinclair - Kotaro

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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- Name: Silvius Caelestis "Forest of the sky"

- Gender: Male

- Age: 278

- Appearance:

- Weapon: Teeth and claws

- Abilities:
Breath Weapon: Silvius is able breathe out a cone or line of euphoric gas that briefly dazes those who come into contact with it. The cone is 20 feet in length while the line is 40 feet.

Photosynthesis: Silvius is able to conduct photosynthesis on certain parts of his body when he is in sunlight. He supplements the photosynthesis with his internal magic considerably increasing it's efficiency. As a result he can survive without food for prolonged periods of time as long as he has access to plentiful water. He can also direct the oxygen caused by the reaction directly into his lungs allowing him to breathe in situations he would otherwise be unable to.

Stormchild: By the virtue of his blood Silvius has limited resistance against electricity and sonic attacks, he is also able to resist winds much better than his size would suggest.

Friend of Nature: Ability Silvius gained from his father, he is able to alter the size and health of plants in a considerable area around himself.

Sorcerer: Magic is part of Silvius' very being making it easier for him to channel magical energies than most others. This natural ability is reinforced by almost three centuries of training making him one of the most formidable and varied casters you're likely to ever see.

- Personality: Silvius is a playful prankster and doesn't mind getting pranked himself. He is very relaxed and tends to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

- Bio: Silvius is a faerie dragon, one of the rare breed of dragons that don't grow in size as they grow older. And so despite his age Silvius is still only 3 feet long from nose to the tip of his tail. He spent much of his first century with his parents in the wilderness around Tipperary mountains. His father, earth dragon imbued with spirit of nature, teached him in the ways of Verdant sorcery teaching him how to co-exist with nature and how to draw strength from it. His mother, a sky dragon with exceptional connection to storm spirits, instructed him in the ways of the sky and storms and showed him the freedom granted by flight, her teachings culminating in Sylvius' ability to fly without wings. He left home after his 101st birthday and has been traveling around the world ever since. Even with his playful nature and love of pranking he has ended up saving his share of humans, ranging from individuals to small villages, stories of a dragon spirit that protects people exist around the world, though very few have actually made the connection between the stories and the playful little prankster that he is.

ClaimedStrong Heart

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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- Name: Cecilia Kain

- Gender: Female

- Age: 102

- Appearance:  photo leys530.png
She has shoulder length black hair which is normally concealed by her veil.

- Weapon: Halberd

- Abilities:

Increased Strength - Cecilia's demon heritage provides her with increased physical strength, allowing her to do things such as wielding her halberd with ease and jumping higher than a regular human.

Blood Seal - Capable of closing up open wounds by placing her hand on the wound and using the victim's blood to create a magic seal. Open wounds can be healed easily with a little time, but damage to vital organs is incredibly difficult to heal and could take hours.

Shield Breaker - Utilizing her demonic aura, Cecilia is able to physically pass through barriers. Her projectile attack is not subject to this ability.

Hybrid Cross - Launches a wave of light and dark energy in the form of a cross with two swings of her halberd.

- Personality: Curious about the human world and more than willing to question anything that she hasn't heard of before. Due to her upbringing, she lacks some real-world knowledge, but is otherwise intelligent.

- Bio: Cecilia is a hybrid of human (Mother) and demon (Father). She spent a large portion of her life from birth with her family. Since her and her father would outlive Cecilia's mother by a considerable amount, she wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before she passed on.

Cecilia was 65 when her mother passed away, at which point she began studying for her future travels. She met Alastair some 25 years later while she was wandering the countryside. She found him hanging in a tree, having been caught by a bandit snare, and decided to help him out. Alastair gave her a pendant in exchange, which intrigued Cecilia. She chose to follow him while he traveled and sold his merchandise, mainly in the interest of being rewarded with other strange pieces of jewelry for her assistance.

She quickly became Alastair's full time guard, protecting him while he traveled so that he did not end up being robbed and allowing him to move from place to place much quicker than before. Over the next few years, the pair eventually became a couple and wound up married when Alastair was only 21.

In the years since, Cecilia has remained Alastair's guard while he continued as a traveling merchant.

- Name: Alastair Kain

- Gender: Male

- Age: 30

- Appearance:  photo 38866.png

- Weapon: Long Sword

- Abilities:

Duplication - Alastair can create a duplicate of any small item. Only the original item can be duplicated (He can't proceed to copy the duplicate item).

Ice Magic - Alastair can summon icicle shards to launch at his opponent. A maximum of four shards can be called upon at a time. He is also able to freeze over patches of water.

Coin Shield - Creates a large coin to act as a physical shield against attacks.

Beam Sword - Wraps Alastair's sword in energy and extends it to double its normal length.

- Personality: Very business minded and not very confrontational.

- Bio: Alastair was born into a wealthy family of merchants and it was always assumed that he would be the one to take over everything from his parents when he came of age. Alastair passed on the opportunity however, as he wished to start from scratch and build his own business instead.

He studied business from a young age and did some small time business within the city in his younger years. When he was 17, he set out to start doing his business elsewhere, believing himself capable of supporting himself on the road.

He met Cecilia during his travels when he became caught in a trap set by bandits. She heard his request for help and got him down, so in return he gave her a pendant from his cache of merchandise. She seemed oddly interested in the gift and began following him as he traveled while also proving to be a very capable bodyguard. Although Alastair knew how to fight, it wasn't exactly his strong suit, so he welcomed the additional protection.

He eventually married Cecilia after a few years spent working together, although the nature of their partnership was relatively unchanged. Cecilia still acted as his guard while Alastair focused on his merchant business. By 26, Alastair felt prepared to begin business in a fixed location, but decided against it as traveling with Cecilia had been enjoyable so far and seemed to please her.


Re: Voyage of our Memories
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If someone else wants to be part of the lore established with this character, give me a heads up, and we can talk about it. Though I really don't really have much planned beyond what I wrote here.

EDIT 1: Added a Second Character. She won't show up unless Go's story starts to come to light in the RP, making her more of a secondary plot character. Will finish other parts soon, just posting now for skill review.

@ Landon: Dark Frame Mastah!

- Name: Go Ikkikari

- Gender: F

- Age: 34

- Appearance:  photo RP_Go_zps986cc4c0.jpg

- Weapon: Victoria
A Long Dai Katana. The blade has almost double the reach of comparable two-handed great-swords. As a Maxter, Go's sword is imbued with the Aspect of the House of Ikkikari. Who likes to narrate Go's every move. He does possess a treasure trove of knowledge, however.

- Abilities:

-Ikkikari Swordmaxter

This user is proficient in the Ikkikari style of swordsmanship. This sword style preferred the use of longer blades to act as large magic tuners to create magic by drawing from the surrounding environment. Despite their magic skills having the magnitude of mid strength spells, they only really require half the mana input. True Ikkirari swordmasters are very adept at hand to hand combat to make up for their sometimes cumbersome blades, though they can wield their very long blades with unrivaled proficiency in their class of weapon.

-Drag Move

For forty seconds, the user activates a self enchantment that creates an inline shadow doppelganger that mimics the user's movements (Much like having an active afterimage). This will double the output of magical spells casted at this time. For physical attacks, the drag affect causes the effects of a 'slash' to longer for just one more second. Allowing a well timed slash to parry an incoming strike! It has a two minute recharge period. Magic will cost double during the duration of this skill. This is the Unique Skill of the House of Ikkikari.

-Environmental Alignment Shift

By touching their blade to a material that belongs to one of the 4 base elements according to the oriental system of thought, the blade can become enchanted to either earth, fire, wind, or water. When the sword is enchanted in this fashion, the blade will carry effects associated with that element. Earth increases the impact force of the sword, fire enchants the sword with dangerous flames, wind (the default form) makes the sword extra agile, and water drastically shortens the turn around time for the sword (allowing for easier parries). The effect can last up to forty seconds, but can be cancelled at any time. Has a 30 second recharge. The sword can only do the alignment shift if the element can be set against the blade. This is a signature skill that is granted to exceptionally skilled Ikkikari Members.

-Advancing Wing Slash

Go's signature move, and the one she is most proficient in. This is a powerful slash that is assisted by wind magic. The user cuts into the air and sends a large crescent flying towards the enemy. It can also be combined with Environmental Alignment shift to achieve various effects. The Earth enchantment sends heavy stones flying forward, the fire enchantment causes the skill to fan out forward along the ground like claws, the wind enchantment causes the slash to travel faster and much further, and finally the water enchantment makes the skill send out a barrage of ice. The skill has a 15 second recharge, which is doubled when anything but the wind enchantment is used.

- Personality: A girl with an easygoing personality. Go has been taking things as they come. With no real family to speak of, she is left to wander about the world, as is fated for anyone who joins one of the Seven Great Houses of Oriental Swordsmanship. She is good at creating a calming atmosphere, and is always on the search for something to amuse her. She would come off as completely harmless at first glance if she wasn't carrying around such a large weapon.

- Bio: The 154th Maximus of the Ikkikari Sword Tradition.

She as born as Go Crucible in Alington. One of cities located near a concentration of ancient ruins in the world. She lead a mundane life as a regular girl, but was active in a local school of fencing in the area. She was orphaned as a young woman when both of her parents died as a result of a mountain fever epidemic that breaks out in the region from time to time. Too old to be adopted, and being harped upon by unstable individuals, she fled Alington, and began her journey to travel across the world.

Go quickly found herself starving. She would've been dead if she had not been found by Azurael Ikkikari, the 153rd Inheritor of the Ikkikari line. Go hastily agreed to become an apprentice to something she had no idea about with the promise of being able to survive. From then on, she learned about the 'Seven Great Houses of Oriental Swordsmanship'. A whole lifestyle which would come to consume the rest of her existence.

The Seven Houses, or Seven Swords, was a line of knights whom served the new defunct Oriental Empire before the rise of the Caesarian Empire. These knightly houses represented seven variations on swordsmanship, and each bickered amongst one another for favor to the Emperor of the Oriental Empire. After the Oriental Empire was conqured by the Casarean Empire, the knights were dispersed, and cursed to travel the world for the rest of eternity.

Admission to one of the seven houses is not decided by bloodlines, rather, it is done by the inheritance system. Each house has three levels of members. The first and lowest level is the pawns, new initiates into the order. Then there are bishops, a more limited line who are able to pass 'inheritance' to a new initiate when a member passes. Finally, there is the 'Maxter' the strongest member and de-facto leader, who also has the ability to pass inheritance like a bishop. Each member is given a number tattooed into their left hand that denotes their rank. Numbers 2-9 are limited to the bishops. Number 1 denotes a Maxter, and everything else represents the pawns. When someone of the house dies, the numbers shift accordingly, allowing for promotion. Alternatively, if someone within the house defeats a higher numbered member, the victor gets promoted to the higher number. Promotion via this method requires the lower number to literally kill the superior numbered member. Members of other houses cannot advance by killing members of a different house. For that reason, there is actually more animosity between members of an individual house as opposed to the groups of houses as a whole. It is worth noting that each house has never exceeded 50 total members.

Despite this seemingly rigid organization, the Seven Houses are not all that united, even within the individual houses. Members are given explicit knowledge of sword skills that are unique to each class, and impossible to perfectly emulate. Members are valued for their high combat progress. When a bishop 'passes' Inheritance to a candidate they deem worthy, the candidate automatically is brought up to a certain baseline level of skill that is above the average soldier. The initiate gains access to further combat knowledge in the form of 'dreams' that are said to access the recorded consciousness of each house's former members. Though this can only take them so far. They also must also train in the physical aspect on their own. The Ikkikari line of swordsmen where the Emperor's personal guard according to tradition. There exists other houses, though it is difficult to ascertain as to whether or not they even exist anymore.

Go became a Number 9 Bishop at the age of 28, as other bishops and members in the House of Ikkikari passed. In her four years she has passed inheritance to a couple of initiates, and trained them. Though like always, she eventually had to let them go off on their own. One day, she suddenly found the number nine on her hand replaced with a one. Overnight, she had somehow turned into the Maxter of the House of Ikkikari, meaning number 1-8 had suddenly met an untimely end. Go can only hope that she can die peacefully, though that might not be what fate has in store for her.

The houses as a whole have a secondary objective of finding the reincarnation of the Emperor of the Oriental Empire. This is exceedingly difficult as only the House Maxters can do this, and they have to touch the person in question in order to confirm it. This objective has largely been forgotten by time.

Secondary 'Plot' Character meant for Go's Story.

- Name: Asakure "Asa" Crucible

- Gender: F

- Age: 28

- Appearance:  photo RP_Asa_zpsc72ac3f7.jpg

- Weapon: A Meteor Blade, and Striker Dagger
The 'Meteor Blade' is a straight edged blade with a hammer-like head. The Blade is constructed of meteorite, a tough metal. It comes as a set with the 'Strike Dagger,' a magical dagger that is etched with basic glyphs that only require mana input. The pair can be put together or kept apart - which changes the effect of the glyph on the Strike Dagger.

- Abilities:

-Yellow Jacket Fencer Master
The user is considered a master of the style of swordsmanship taught at the 'Fencing School' located in the Town of Alington. Her skills and exhibition matches against opponents have put the once unassuming School into a little bit of spotlight in recent times. This school focused primarily on the physical aspect of combat, combining the 'strong' aspects of the Gou traditions with the 'flowing' aspects found in Oriental Styles. Meaning the user is expertly trained with the expectation of closing in with the enemy, and trading sword blows. They can outpace most other swordsman in a fight.

The user, thanks to years of practice, has a very keen sense of the situation to the point of being second nature, even when in the heat of the battle. The user is able to process and theorize the opponent's next incoming move on the fly, allowing for sometimes unexpected counters or maneuvers against enemy actions. These predictions become more and more accurate the longer the user has seen the opponent fighting. The sense ability is Asa's signature skill, and a hallmark of gifted warriors that only appear once every century or so.

-Striker Glyphs
The user's weapons can follow two different styles as taught by some disciplines in the Knight and Mage Academy. To augment the user's lack of proficiency in mana manipulation, the user has access to two trigger-able passive abilities that change depending on whether or not the Striker Dagger is attached into the slot on the Metor Sword. And are activated by simply channeling mana into the weapons. Though the glyph based magic benefit from shorter recharging periods, they are inefficient when it comes to mana usage. Though both skills have different recharge periods, these recharge periods are automatically fired when the user attached or dis-attaches their weapons. Meaning they must wait through the cool-down period before they can use one of these skills after changing weapons. Both are focused on a very modern sub-branch of Wind Magic known as 'Velocity Magic', which involves changing the quality of 'speed' on something.

When not attached, the user's trigger-able ability is Contact Rush. The user's speed and control over her weapons reach a temporary climax, being able to dish out a multitude of strikes and slashes for a short 10 second time period. Which itself has a 15 second recharge period. When under the effects of this skill the user can easily outpace an opponent guarding themselves with only a weapon.

When the blades are united, the user has access to Snap Pivot, a versatile maneuvering technique that allows the user to make very rapid 'shifts' up to medium ranges that are primarily used for dodging. When properly done, the user can also use a backward shift to pass behind the enemy with their front facing them. Shift can also be used for a much shorter distance to become airborne. This skill is much more mana intensive, and takes 1 full minute to recharge.

-Ultra-Sonic Thrust
A single powerful move that can only be utilized when the user's swords are attached. By using the shifting ability on the weapon, the user is able to perform a powerful close in move spearheaded by thrust of their sword. Execution of this move automatically generates a shared recharge time for both 'Snap Pivot' and 'Ultra Sonic Thrust' that lasts for two minutes. However, on the plus side, the move can be executed as an immediate extension of snap pivot only when the skill is used to shift into the air. Allowing for possible anti-air capacities, or a powerful aerial strike to a target on the ground when aimed downward. On the ground, the skill is easily predicted as the user must brace and focus their energy when using it on the ground - though the ground version is capable of reaching up to medium distances. This is Asakure's signature move.

- Personality: A no-nonsense type character who feels her faith in humanity die a little whenever she is witness to tomfoolery. Asakure tends to have difficulty putting her thoughts into words, so she typically keeps rather quiet, and only speaks when absolutely necessary. This might make her sound distant, but in truth her inner conscious runs so quickly that it often outpaces her own speech. To avoid sounding foolish, she simply made sure to mentally rehearse what she is saying before speaking it out. Which leads to some rather slow conversations. She does mean well overall. She was taught to never turn her swords against the innocent, or let them be held by an unstable mind.

- Bio: A renowned sword master, who has fought opponents all across the Adacar.

She was born as Asakure Preamble - third daughter of the ruling head of the Town of Alington in the Krisia Province of Hemcrest. The young Asakura would not get to know her father or family that much after the Preambles were ousted from the village for siphoning the town's taxes for their own greedy exploits. Asakura, still an infant, was spared of this and was granted into the care of the forgiving Crucible family. There, she would grow up as 'Asakure Crucible,' and lived her mundane life along with her caring sister, never knowing about her true relatives. This slipped a couple of times in the past, but when young Asakure would become suspicious, Go told her that it was a 'special secret' that 'Asa' would gain access to when she was old enough.

Asakure joined the Local Fencing School of Alington once she came of eligible age. Go by then was already a couple of years ahead. Her sister wasn't particularly fantastic with the physically intensive details of the sword style - which made it all the more surprising when Asakure proved to be exceptionally gifted in swordsmanship. Asakura felt a bit guilty when she began to think that she was forcing her sister Go onto the sidelines, both at the school, and at home where her 'parents' doted on her for her talents. She eventually graduated Early, enough to end up in the same class as her sister who lagged behind a year. The two where given the now distinctive 'Yellow Jackets' that alumni of the school proudly wear in their travels.

The Master of the Alington School knew that Asakure's potential would be wasted if she was just kept in Alington. So, he invited an Adacarian representative from the Knight and Magic Academy of Clemence to consider admitting her into the school with a much more detailed curriculum. After a single practice match, the Adacarian was wholly supportive of the idea. The 18 year old Asakure was granted the offer to study at Clemence. A place that was experiencing a huge economic boom at the time. The Cricibles happily agreed, though Asakure was hesitant of leaving behind her family. Eventually, after speaking with Go about it, she agreed. Before she left, Go approached her one more time. Telling her that she was old enough to learn about the 'secret.' The last words she ever heard from Go was that the two of them where not real sisters of the same blood.

Asakure found some difficulty in controlling her mana, as was stressed at the Knight and Mage Academy. Even though she continued to prove very proficient on the physical side of combat, she was still rather lacking in magic manipulation. Her thoughts drifted to her sister, whom loved what she was doing but was easily outmatched by even the most regular students. Her time at the academy was a very humbling experience for her. She still managed to graduate, and thanks to some rather talented friends from the Smithing Academy, she was able to gain a powerful set of weapons made of Meteorite, and imbued with modern glyphographic sigils pressed into the blades.

The young woman could not go home, however. As at the time she departed the Academy, the Town of Alington was quarantined due to the prevalence of Valley Plaugue. At her parents wishes, she was not told of the event that broke out during her time at school. The quarantine was still in effect when she graduated. With no were else to go, Asakure traveled to many different swords schools, and challenged all sorts of people to battle. At 24 years old, she was much more traveled than most people in the world, having seen everything between the orient and the Great Caesarian Bay. She eventually returned to Alington, a few months after the lifting of the Quarantine.

Sadly, her family did not survive the epidemic. Her mother, father, and sister - though not related by blood, were more of a family to her than they could've realized. Having had enough with traveling, Asakure settled in Alington again. Teaching as a sword-master of the Alington Fencing school. Her exploits, and the distinctive yellow jacket began to draw all sorts of new students to the school. It was while teaching students that she first heard of the 'Swordmaxters'. Which came of interest to her as finding a member of the Seven Houses was not as easy as walking to their Training Hall. She didn't leave the town to go hunt for them though, but talk of the ruling Swordmaxters is a popular topic of gossip amongst combat schools.

A couple years later, it was decided that it would be best to move the remains of the Epidemic Victims out of their mass graves and into proper graves with formal services. The mass graves, which where nothing less than an enclose cave full of neatly arranged skeletons, where clearly marked with whom the deceased was. To her surprise, the pile that was marked as the crucibles was missing one set of bones - and the block of stone failed to mention Go's name. In the end, it turned out that Go had fled the Alington shortly after their parents had died. It was a slim glimmer of hope however, as it was impossible to know were she may have ended up, or whether she managed to have survived her first time out of the city. One day, sensational gossip about how the most recent Swordmaxter of the Ikkikari had slain all the top ranking members in a single day to reach that position. This person was named: 'Go Ikkikari.' "It couldn't be." Asakure dismissively thought before going off to check on her students. The next day, she was nowhere to be found. Leaving a simple note saying that she was going to take a vacation.

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An spell sword than can be cuffed at the wrist for both his physical and magical attack.

Stance change
:Caelum is able to change his attack pattern from a physical one which relies more on his sword to a magical one which uses the sword energy while holding the sword backhanded,each having 2 skills and 1 skills which combines both.

-Slams the sword into the ground and create a energy wave that travel a short distance.

Flash strike-Caelum slashes the sword through the enemy and back again, returning to the place he started. After the uses, he needs around 2 minutes to snap out of the confusion of moving too fast.

Flash Burst
-A simple burst of small amounts of magical energy condensed within 10cm from the hand. Usually used as a distraction to evade or back step from an enemy that comes too close. It cannot be used if Caelum runs outs of magical energy(mana).

Circular Force-Summons around 6 magical circle to shoot balls of condensed enegry, each with a after effect of a small explosion upon contact. Takes around another 4 to 5 minutes for a full recharge.

Meteorite slash
-Caelum used almost all of his magical enegry to jump up as high as possible, bring his sword over his head and crashes down towards a certain area with massive impact. However he will stagger for a few seconds and is unable to use this skill for another 15 minutes. Usually used when surrounded or facing a large group.

Personality:He a friendly and playful guy .He enjoys the company of his friends and anyone he's close with. Usually he's just cracking jokes with his friends or just fooling around in the academy.

Caelum is one of the few Spell Knights that has graduated from the Knight and Mage Academy(KMA) in the capital city, Clemence. Originally he was there since a young age, training to be a full-fledged knight like his father. However, after a few promotions, it was found that he actually had a little bit of magic inside of him which he could not access as he did not receive proper training in magic channelling. After a while, he started to take both Knight and Magic classes at the academy as long as the timing doesn’t clashes and became a Spell Knight. He now currently travels with Soline, a wind mage he met in magic class to further hone and masters both their skills.




Weapon: A emerald rod, use specifically for casting wind based spells

-Soline uses her ability to manipulate wind to cause the surrounding air to become denser, allowing her to float in mid air.

Whirlwind-Soline creates small whirlwind that will go in a forward only direction. However the whirlwind can change direction or be blown off by any wind that is stronger than it.

Gale cutter-Soline can send sharp blades of winds that is able to cut or slice targets that it passes through.

Wind barrier-A simple gust of wind will surround the target and act as a sort of protection against attack. The barrier like Soline’s Whirlwind spell can be blown off. It will also wear off after a set amount of time. It can also only be cast on a maximum of 2 targets at a time. It has a cooldown of 3 minutes X the amount of targets.

Personality: A naturally cheerful and happy-go-lucky type. A bit of a scatterbrain but can be very focus when things get serious.

Bio:Soline is like most of the other girls in the same academy as Caelum, on the magic side, a mage. As female mages are much more common as compared to male ones, Soline didn’t stand out much. The only things that was different was that she, on one hand, didn’t look like the type to talk much but in reality went all around the school making friends. After Caelum asked her to join him, she agreed happily and started to set off.

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively,there is no such thing as death,life is only a dream, and we are an imagination of ourselves.

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Eh, forget my final year. Reserving a spot XD

Initial draft, may subject to edit again. I also have slightly elaborated some of the religions. Just let me know if anything needs fixing.

Added Mana Overload ability, tidied up some stuffs.

Character Sheet

Name: Lyriel Vandesdelca
Gender: F
Age: 25

Appearance: [Show]

Weapons: Lyriel is able to use swords, shields, axes as well as polearm weapons such as pikes, halberds or spears. She is unarmed all the time, whether she works at the church or not.


>> Light Element Proficiency

Lyriel is able to control and manipulate Light Elements, in accordance to her requirement. The ability is divided into two branches, Destruction and Defense.

Destruction Branch, as the name suggests, Lyriel uses the Light Element to create harm on her opponents. Most notable skills are her Trident Blades, which are a bunch of thin but sharp, Light Element projectiles with a size of a pebble that are quickly produced without much focus and mana, although the damage when hit on an opponent are mostly light. They serve as a distraction or disrupting people's attack pattern, buying time for the priestess to stage for a stronger attack.

Her known offensive Light magics are Grants, a blade-like, Light Element projectile, at a size of a short sword that will pierce and shatter upon hitting a target, and Gigrants, a set of triple blades of similar size with Grants in a triangular formation which surrounds Lyriel, before swiveling in high speed, damaging anything that is close to her. Both of the skills require a period of casting time and focus.

Her Trident Blade has a recharge period of 2 seconds, while her main Light magics has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

The Defense Branch serves mostly where the defensive skills are located. One of the iconic Defensive skills for Lyriel is her Reflect Barrier, which serves as a hard block for most Light and Medium based physical attacks, while deflecting projectile or ranged elemental attacks of the same magnitude. The Barrier may face breakage should it receives Strong attacks, physical or not. It is a circular, transparent barrier which is only active when supplied with Lyriel's mana. It absorbs all Light based attacks, however.

The Reflect Barrier has a cooldown of 20 seconds when deactivated.

>> Restoration Magic Proficiency

Aside from being skilled in handling Light Elements, Lyriel is also trained in healing magics. She can heal Minor and Light injuries without much effort, while those who has suffered Medium injuries and above require even more mana and focus. She can also remove status ailments, but limited to those normal ones such as poison. Lyriel can even remove Magic Corruption on a magic user, with the price that she has to bear the amount of the Magic Corruption that the person has.

Rumor has it that Lyriel is capable of resurrecting dead people, but the public has yet to see an actual case of human resurrection by her.

>> Arcane Warrior

By using her proficiency in Light Element, Lyriel can focus her mana to augment her martial prowess, allowing her to be a skilled close range combatant. Being as one of the priestesses of the Goddess Elemia, it was compulsory for them to take up alternate or supporting abilities to complement with their Element proficiency. She received basic trainings for swordsmanship, hand to hand and other weapons handling to utilize the ability.

The Arcane Warrior starts off as a passive ability, but can be improved further by activating it.

Whenever the Arcane Warrior stance is activated, Lyriel is unable to cast any offensive magics, namely her Destruction Branch in the Light Element Proficiency. She can only cast Defense Branch magics. Her endurance and agility are improved, allowing her stats to be on the same level as an average soldier. Even without the stance, Lyriel is still able to fight at close range, albeit much weaker.

The stance will be active for 180 seconds, before auto deactivating itself. It has a cooldown time of 360 seconds.

>> Mana Overload

Being mainly as a Magic user, Lyriel has access to a large pool of mana, and these mana will be converted into Element magics. With the Mana Overload ability, she can transfer these raw, unconverted mana into a person. Though transferred in small amounts it was claimed to rejuvenate most recipients, it is not recommended to transfer in large quantities of raw magic energy. When a person receives too much mana, it will cause an explosion, often leaving the victim wounded. This is because each person has their own limits in storing mana. A typical Clemence citizen will have smaller pools and storage of mana when compared to a trained sorcerer.

Even that, proficient Magic users such as Lyriel and other Magic-reliant users also face the risk of Mana Overload, as the same principle above can used against them. A typical Magic user will have their mana filled to the brim at the beginning of a battle, and when another Magic user with the Mana Overload ability, he or she will attempt to 'overfill' the storage, by transferring his or her own mana, through physical contact. Should the victim is unable to withstand the extra raw magic going into his or her body, there will be a catastrophic explosion, often seriously wounding or even killing the victim outright.

Lyriel utilizes this ability whenever she is going to fight against powerful monsters, often with heavy regenerative or Magic capabilities, as those might have been transformed due to severe Magic Corruption. Until now, she has yet to use this ability on a person.

Depending on the situation, Lyriel can use Mana Overload twice at most within a day. If she pushes the limit however, she will suffer Magic Corruption, leaving all of her Magic related abilities disabled and causing her to faint, due to the extreme usage of her mana pool, and the consequences that has resulted from its usage.

Personality: Lyriel is a reserved person, and does not take kindly to dirty jokes. She always gives out sarcastic comments, and occasionally, indirect insults whenever the situation permits her to do so. Other than that, Lyriel is sociable, just you need to be more mindful with your own words. Her rough attitude is due to her experience that kindness does not necessarily begets kindness in return.


Born in Clemence, the largest city in Istar, Lyriel had lead a comfortable life with her parents, whom are successful merchants within the city. She was raised carefully, as her parents wanted her to inherit their businesses. At that time, Lyriel simply obeyed her parents' request, until she met a group of traveling priestesses, following the teachings of the Goddess Elemia, assisting the poor and helping the ill. Although this is a normal occurrence for most merchants, it seemed quite fascinating and a fulfilling effort for Lyriel, who was barely a teenager back then.

She continued her studies, before deciding that she would be a priestess. Lyriel broke the news to her parents regarding her wishes, as per her expectation, they are not happy with her ambition, while stressing that it is a waste of time and she should be into commerce. Nevertheless, the parents decided to let Lyriel enroll into the Elemian Monastery, letting her experience the life of a priestess, and hopefully she will change her mind. To her parents' surprise, Lyriel managed to adapt herself to the plain, minimalist lifestyle of a priestess.

From there onwards, the parents gave in to her requests, and years later, Lyriel was a full fledged Priestess of the Elemia. She first tended to the Clemence's church, before going on a traveling group to the southeastern cities, such as Goldcrest, Barim and so on.

Initially, Lyriel was happy with her own current status. But when the time goes by, while meeting more and more people in her travels, she began to have doubts. Due to encountering several major incidents, her kind personality changed into a more anti-social, and now merely doing her job as a priestess, out of responsibility. Lyriel still maintained her stout devotion to her religion and her minimalist lifestyle.

She once thought about quitting her role as a priestess, but that would be certainly impossible, as being the servants of the Goddess is considered eternal, and disobeying it is a grave sin, unless she makes a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Sayen, where it was the final resting place for the Goddess Elemia...

Character Sheet [Seven Houses Side Arc]

Name: Myu Nakajima
Gender: F
Age: 21

Appearance: [Show]


-> Autumn's Descent

A normal sized katana with a black scabbard, adorned with the designs of orange colored maple leaves. The blade itself seems normal, but whenever Myu uses it, it somehow causes falling maple leaves, especially she performs her special Nakajima house moves. It has a dull and a sharp edge, and can be used for non-lethal engagement, or otherwise. It was given by her Maxter when she was crowned as the 9th Bishop.


>> Nakajima Swordsmanship

The Nakajima House adopts the normal sized katana as their main weapon. The swordsmanship is mostly focused on quick attacks based on their concept of Quickdraw, and defensive postures. Quickdraw is about drawing your weapon as fast as possible, landing an attack on the opponent, before sheathing the weapon back, preferably all in a single action.

Another main aspect of the Swordsmanship is the fighting stances. In Myu, she has two main stances: Brave Stance and Wise Stance.

Brave Stance is one of the main offensive stances for most of the Nakajima house members. Focusing on offensive maneuvers and attacks, the Brave Stance is versatile, capable of dealing with a myriad of situations, but it does not excel in any particular areas.

Wise Stance however, was the opposite of Brave Stance, as it purely focused on defensive techniques. When Myu is in Wise Stance, she will concentrate on her opponent's attacks and tries to defend herself from them through deflection or blocking, along with the occasional sidesteps. In this stance, she can either block, disperse or even deflect incoming projectiles created from magics or special attacks eg. wave slashes, by providing the equivalent amount of energy to counter the move (for example to nullify a special attack, Myu has to perform a special attack). In return, Myu is unable to move or advance to her enemy, as all of her efforts are on predicting and reacting on enemy movements.

Stance changing has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

>> Strike Arts

The basic special moves of the Nakajima Swordsmanship, and their properties change accordingly to the two stances. Myu mostly perform 2 special moves.

- Kanran Kikyou

Myu draws her katana and does a quick slash around her. It has decent range, although its power is a bit lacking. Good for crowd control. Kanran Kikyou can be performed twice when Myu is in Wise Stance, with extra mana consumption. Though the Wise Stance version is even weaker than the Brave Stance version, at the second Kanran Kikyou, it can knock down heavily armored enemies. Myu's favorite and her signature move.

It has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

- Hatou Rindou

Unleashes a stream of raw magic energy projectile that travels in a straight line that destroys anything in its path. Most powerful at midrange, where the stream expands into a triangular wave. During Wise Stance, it becomes a different skill. Rather than creating a projectile, Hatou Rindou in Wise Stance coats Myu's katana with raw magic that reinforces the blade, allowing it to cut through strong magic projectiles. The coating dissipates within 2 to 3 hits with the weapon.

It has a cooldown of 20 seconds for the projectile version of Hatou Rindou, and 15 seconds for the Wise Stance version.

>> Break Arts

Break Arts are the stronger, drastically altered version of Strike Arts, and can be performed on Brave and Wise Stances, although it has even higher requirements, requiring Myu to sacrifice a portion of her stamina along with a significant consumption of mana, which can lead to Magic Corruption if she breaks through a specified limit. She can perform 2 Break Arts at most, in a day. Every members of the Nakajima has their own distinctive Break Arts. Most of them are elemental based attacks, and it is the unique skill of the Nakajima.

- Cherry Ronde

After imbuing her katana with water elements, Myu swings the katana around her as if she was performing a Kanran Kikyou, freezing everything around her that comes into contact with its icy aura, before giving another icy strike at her frozen foes, causing tremendous water-element based damage.

- Rending Gale

Based on Hatou Rindou, Myu creates a deadly wind element, crescent shaped sonic blade even at long ranges. If blocked or deflected however, the sonic blade breaks down into even smaller sonic blades, throwing lesser skilled opponents into disarray and ensuring that some form of damage can be done to her opponents.

Break Arts has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

>> Soul Skill: Spirit

Fighters and warriors who possess the Spirit mental trait are skilled in fighting battles and skirmishes with long durations. Although they might start up slow and defensive at the early of a battle, they began to analyze their opponents' movelists and tactics, while getting the rhythm of the battle. Once they got the hang of the momentum, they will try to turn the tables to their favor, especially when their opponents starting to get tired as they took the initial attack.

This is a passive ability that activates whenever Myu enters combat.

Personality: Occasionally an airhead and gullible, especially when it comes to matters related to gold. Myu is borderline lazy and hates to work hard, although she enjoyed practicing her swordsmanship, and it is one of her favorite pastimes, cutting down swaths of dummies made of straws. She rarely provide her services for charity, and instantly rejects those who disagrees with her provided fees while being as wandering mercenary or guard. Mostly an upbeat, but blunt person.


Myu does not exactly remember her half-beast origin, aside that she was raised in an orphanage in Firovait. The caretakers there mentioned that she was left in a tunnel entrance leading to the underground cities. Should the citizens there did not discover the rattan basket she was in, Myu could have freeze to death. Having a decent resistance to the cold when she was a teenager, she was constantly being drafted to lumberjack operations, gathering wood.

After a while, Myu was tired with the slow moving life in Firovait. When she was just 16, she decided to move out, and perhaps find an adventure for her own. Her fellow friends and mentors initially disagreed with her plan, but nevertheless, granted her wish. Myu left Firovait, with the amount of gold enough to take her to Clemence.

But her travels are not by any means, smooth. Without sufficient knowledge of the outside world, Myu was cheated, mislead. In order to survive, she became a pickpocket, a thief, stealing others to sustain herself, and at the same time, quickly learning the survival tips and tricks in a city. She was very lucky, as she did not get caught by her acts, although there are several events that can lead her to the Vanguand's desolate prisons, if she fails to escape. At the end, she finally arrived to Clemence.

At the grand city known for its economic prosperity, Myu began to look around, until she discovered the Knight Academy. She wanted to enroll into the Academy, only to once again realized that she ran short of gold. On a fine day, Myu noticed a particular old man in white robe holding a distinct sword on the streets, possessing a large amount of gold, possibly more than enough to have her enrolled into the Knight Academy and secure some nice hot meals. Since that moment, she began to plan her attempt to steal the gold from him.

Several days later, Myu commenced her plan, and successfully stole the gold from the old man. Thinking that she was out from the trouble, she entered into an alleyway, and counted her earnings. Then, a blade was pointed at her throat. Myu quickly gave the gold back to the old man, while pleading for her life. As for the old man, he laughed at her, while saying that she is the first pickpocket to steal his gold successfully. From there on, he treated Myu for a dinner, and reveal himself as the Swordmaxter of the House of Nakajima, the Seven Houses of Swordsmanship.

The Swordmaxter felt that the half-beast girl has potential in the fields of swordsmanship, he took her into the initiation, and becomes a member of the Nakajima. Since then, Myu turned over a new leaf. She quit being as a pickpocket, and focused on her trainings in swordsmanship. She readily absorbed the knowledge of the Seven Houses, and learned the house moves at a faster rate compared to other typical members. Being the fact that she was a half human, most of the in-house members despised her, save for the Swordmaxter who brought her in and the Bishop members.

Myu quickly rose up to the ranks, as numerous house members challenged her, even those who are in higher ranks, along with several unexplained disappearances and murders on the members of the House of Nakajima. She just reached her 9th rank, as a Bishop few days ago. The Swordmaxter then gave her a katana, congratulating her efforts, though it seems that his figure of speech stated that he will gone for a long time. The next day however, Myu realized the ranking tattoo on her left hand immediately turned into 1st.

She was completely taken aback by the revelation. Realizing that she is no longer safe, being the fact that she is the now the Swordmaxter of the Nakajima, she decided to leave Adacar in search of her beloved old man, who was her mentor, and find out his fate along with 7 other Bishops.

Myu met Lyriel when she was in Goldcrest. Having terribly wounded by an unknown hooded assassin who possessed swordfighting skills which looked like from the House of Ikkikari, the Elemian Priestess stabilized her condition and brought her to a physician. They become fast friends, though it seems the relationship between them is much more than it seems...

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Name: River Tam
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

Personality: She is immediately depicted as being very intelligent and athletic.She often ignores other people's advice and does things her own way, But usually she is kind, polite, graceful and cares for those she loves.

Biography: River was known by been The Granddaughter to Cloud Vincent Tam, Famous book writer and Sorcerer, Unlike her family she had " No Magic ". After his strange Passing young River was called to assist to his funeral where she was given his Will, she was 16 years by that time. A week after her parents also very proficient sorcerers were found killed on there Villa. Alone and the only heiress left, she claimed her grandfathers wealth and home. One night she stumbled upon a book on his desk. Here she found a letter, and some sort of " Instructions", about how to use his Bow & Arrow. Apparently her grandfather knew about his upcoming death and wanted to prepare River.

Curious, she took it outside. Unknown to her, she unwittingly invoked it's power creating a maelstrom of fire. She continued on her lonesome training until she mastered one of the arts of it. On her 20th Birthday, she decided to go on a journey and find whom ever killed her grandfather and Parents, But most importantly why.


→ Despite her tiny size, she is a very capable fighter. She uses a very agile and somewhat artistic style of combat, performing leaps and jumps around and over her opponents, distracting them and than easily defeating them with her bow and arrow.

Divine Summonings:

Crimson Arrow's: It coats the arrows with a flame which she can use to hurl at enemies from a distance, whether as a wave of fire. She is accurate and almost never misses. The withdraw to it it takes time to calculate distance and location.

Heavenly Protection: She takes on of her arrows shooting it sky-hight, is able to summon a large dome-like barrier, but it last about a minute.

Unwilling Flame: She is most proficient with this type of Offense. Is a summoning capable of creating and firing a continuous stream of Flamed arrows

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welp, going to reserve a spot

- Name: Luna Senoushi

- Gender: Female

- Age: 33

- Appearance:

- Weapon: Star Sword
A seemingly normal looking longsword. Though it was extremely light to wield.

- Abilities:
- Senoushi Swordmaxter

The user is proficient in the Senoushi style of swordsmanship. This style prefers the use of lighter blades to provide swift movements. Senoushi swordmasters are incredibly agile, they're so agile that it would be as if the opponents were seeing doubles.

- Dark Element Proficiency

Luna is able to control and manipulate Dark Element. Her signature skills were Dark Bullets and Meld.

Dark Bullets are a bunch of tiny black projectiles that could be fired without significant amount of focus and mana. Mostly served as distraction or disruption.

Meld is an ability to blend in the dark, making Luna wouldn't be able to be spotted with sight and touch in the dark.

Dark Bullets can be used without any real cooldown at all. Meld can only be used should the darkness of her surrounding is sufficient enough, it also have a recharge period of 10 minutes. While other dark magics have a cooldown of a minute.

- Illusion Clones

The ability that is given to exceptional swordmasters of Senoushi. By giving the after images resulted by their movements some magics, it came to live and will live until 10 seconds passed or it got hit. The clones could come in a batch, the main cooldown is 5 seconds, multiplied by the number of the clones that were made by this skill.

- Glow Manipulation

The user is able to manipulate any sources of light. Manipulating the glow surrounding it. The user could dim or even brighten the sources of light. Utilizing it as stealth maneuver or escape mechanism.

- Perfect Feint

Luna's favourite move, utilizing her swiftness and some magics, she could create a very perfect feint attack. A what seemed to be a complete attack would turn into another attack from different side or direction. For example, Luna was seen trying to do an overhead slash at her enemies. The enemies blocked upwards, but then suddenly Luna's attack turned into a horizontal slash, hitting the enemies that have their sides open.

- Personality: Luna is an energetic girl, dislikes overly-complicated stuffs, she also comes out violent in nature.

- Bio: The 152nd Maximus of the Senoushi Sword Tradition.

She was born as an unwanted baby, she was left behind in a forest by her real parents. She was found by a horse carriage rider. She was raised as a regular girl with a knack of adventures. Though a misfortune strikes her and her adoptive family at her age of 19. During one of the trip that she accompany her father with. They were attacked by forest bandits. Her father was killed, Luna was taken to ransom. It would've been the end of the line for her if it not for the 150th Inheritor of the Senoushi line, Solari Senoushi had broke through the bandit camp and exterminated them. Rescuing Luna along with the other hostages.

Luna felt indebted to the man that rescued her. Though she doesn't have anywhere to return. Luna immediately begged Solari to teach her how to survive at her age.

She was then taught of the Senoushi style of swordsmanship. Initiating her into the House of Senoushi. She noticed that her left hand suddenly have a tattoo of the number 35. It was then, Luna were introduced to the lifestyle that changed her entire life. She started to wander around the world.

Luna ranked up to Bishop at the age of 29. She also passed inheritances to some of the initiates. Though they left her after she trained them after a while. Though at the age of 31. She found the 151st Inheritor of the Senoushi line. She promptly fought him in a duel and won. Making her the 152nd Inheritor of the Senoushi line.

Being the Maxter of the House of Senoushi. Luna seems interested on the long forgotten secondary objective of the Seven Houses. Finding the reincarnation of the Emperor of the Oriental Empire.

- Name: Camus

- Gender: Male

- Age: 29

- Appearance:

- Weapon: Camus never relied on weapon, he only uses his magics and fists

- Abilities:
- Dark Flame Conjurer
Originally, Camus is able to conjure normal flame, but due to the severe corruption he experienced some years ago. He is now conjuring dark flame, it burned a lot more than the normal flame, the flame is colored purple.

- Corrupted Mode
He once experienced severe corruption and recovered from it. His severe corruption caused him to gain a form that exceeds his limits fourfold. It increases his physical powers and his magical powers. His skin turned black and his swift movements left a blood red trail when he turned into this form. He could maintain this form for 10 minutes and be able to turn back after another 10 minutes passed with a limit of 6 times each day. He could force the time limit to half an hour at max but only if he have yet to activate this mode for the day, after it ended, Camus is stripped from his magics for the rest of the day. Exceeding the limit would cause Camus to turn into a monster with no means to return him to normal.

- Personality: Camus is selfish, he does everything as he pleases. Dislikes other humans as that side effect of corruption were carried out from his past experience being severely corrupted.

- Bio:
Born in Firovait. Camus is naturally hardy. Camus also have a natural affinity in fire magics. He went out to travel at the age of 18, becoming a mercenary. Though there were no work for him, he eventually resorted to banditry. Not being merciful at his works, he often leaves the victims burnt.

Eventually his banditry turned him corrupted at the age of 22. He went on a rampage on a small village, slaughtering everyone in the village. Leaving no person, building, or even animals standing.

After nearly a whole week of corruption, he eventually brought down and captured by a group of people who experienced the same thing as him. Returning himself to normal is hard enough, as he nearly lost himself when they did so.

The long period of corruption left Camus with some lingering effects. Such as his ability to recall that power he wield during his corruption, his flame that turned into purple instead of the normal red-ish orange, and his hate towards humans other than him, the corrupted ones, and himself.

Camus travelled with the group for a while, doing various mercenary jobs, also dealing with humans that were experiencing Magic Corruption. Curing them and ask them to join if their case was like Camus'. He was less than content with this life.

Camus then decided to break off from the group and went on his own. Looking for another purpose that fulfills himself.

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Thanks for joining so far everyone! I plan on starting this probably next weekend, so you have a week to complete your profiles before the RP will start.

However, since so many people joined I think I'm going to have to close casting already. Kotaro is joining too but he's the last one I'm allowing in. You can however make a second/third character though so don't worry about that. I just want to limit the amount of people posting here, at least until the RP is steady (Or otherwise, after the introduction).

As for the abilities (Since everyone seems to be confused about it), I'd say just have a broad specification of what your character can control, and then go into more detail from there. I think Emiya so far had the closest in mind to what I was going for. I'm not putting a specific limit on abilities because I think that your characters can have multiple minor abilities that aren't as significant/powerful per say (I'd consider Iris's "tough skin" to be in this category). Although I would only want 4-5 main abilities that your character is proficient at, but then again this would vary by age (Young kids/teens would only have 3, young adults have 4-5, and older adults could have up to 6, that sort of thing).

I'll be going over all the profiles too to make sure that your character isn't overpowered/not allowed/etc. so I'll be keeping an eye on abilities and such. Like I said in the first post, I'll send you a PM if I think there's something that has to be changed, if I don't send you one by the time the RP starts then your character is good.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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Note:- I'll post it first, as for bio, I'll work on it. I'm trying to link engineering and magic. So yea, working on it

EDIT 1: I'll put ability first. If there's something wrong, please do inform me I'll try to change it >.<

FINAL: Done. If there's any confusion, please do tell me.

Name: Eunclid Sinclair

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Weapon: Magic Tools(including prototype) and Engineering Toolbox

By having proper materials, he could make a tool, or repair of certain item
(mainly mechanical or magic related)
-Magic Conserve
By using his magic tools, he can conserve his Mana(magic energy) to perform
With his magic tools, his own personal weapons; *Runic Wing, which similar to
double edge blade imbued with magics, however he can control it within 5 meter

Personality: Very dedicated toward his works. Everytime he gets inspiration, or
giving some explanation with his profession, he's fully unaware with it's
surrounding, not even giving opportunity for other people slip in or giving
opinion until he's finished. He's love doing mechanical stuff, and kindly do
repair stuff for free.

Bio: Eunclid is a top student when comes to magic theory in Magic Kingdom
called **Scwartz at northern west of Examinis Ocean. He's
expertise in dark arts with his grimoire and also genius in understanding the
magic pattern nor create a new one at young age. At the age of 17 years old, he
followed his master visited ***Cranes, The City of Progress. He was
impressed with how a mere metal can be moved and be useful to both public and
military. Thus, he spent 3 years, studying the art of engineering, approved by
his master which his purpose to bringing him along.

After he came back to Scwartz, he studied on applying both magic and engineering
at the same time. As the result, he created Runic Wing, his own first Magic
Tools which used Runic Stone to linked the manabetween user and tools which
specialized medium quaters combat and incantation, however it's still unstable
to use for long period.

He also progressing one of Cranes' pride invention; a flintlock, however it
remains incomplete ever since 10 years after the idea brought up to
revolutionize the long range combat. Even after 3 years of research, eventhough
he graduated as Master Magician class, he's unable to complete his own creation;
Magic Tools. He ought to set a journey for himself, to study further about the
world he never knew under his former Master's advice.

*Runic Wing

**Scwartz, The Magic Kingdom:-
A nation where all magician gathered and formed their order. Main city located
at the center of island while most residence, mainly villagers scrambled across
the island. At Scwartz, they have Magic Academy which uphold most magic skills,
theory, and dark arts. They believe magic is everything and refused to join
forces with other nation, however, they welcome the outsider to join or visit
the city/academy. The Council comprise 12; 3 Grand Elder and 9 Admistrator
Council which control the balance of nation.

***Cranes, The City of Progress:-
A lone city, where most machine freak gathered and make their own machine; whom
also known as Engineers. They well known as 'Golem Maker', where they use
electricity, which produced by wind and water, which is a mechanical metallic
humanoid which either for combat, nor daily life. Cranes' special attraction is
Colisium where the Engineer can bring their own Golem to fight each other. This
enable to show the other Engineer who is the best as 'Golem Maker'.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
Link | by on 2014-02-21 12:26:59
OOC: Alright, since most of the cast's profiles are done so I think I'll go ahead and start the RP~

By the way, I want everyone to start in the city of Barim so we can have our character's meet up and make acquaintances with one another, etc. My characters are on their way into Barim, but your can either start in Barim (If it's more convenient for your character to do so, since my characters will probably be in Barim by my next post anyway) or outside of Barim like my characters are.

@ KM Revolution & Mistress- Since you're both still missing quite a bit of your profile, please PM me when you've completed your characters before you start posting in the RP. I'll go over your character profiles then to make sure they're okay, and then after that you can start posting.

@ Mistress- Also it looks like the link to your character image is down and the spoiler/link to your character's weapon doesn't work as well.

Voyage of our Memories

[Iris Arco & Evadine Basil - Nearing Barim]

The sun was shining down on Iris as she and Evadine continued their journey from Gorch. There was barely any wind, which meant perfect conditions for Evadine to fly in on her small wings. They had been traveling for a week now since they were last in a major town, Alington, and overall had been traveling for nearly 2 weeks. They were running low on supplies and desperately needed to reach Barim to stock up again. Granted, there were small villages along the way that had been able to supply them with some food, but not as much as Iris had hoped. And there was one vital thing that these villages did not have: quality beer. Iris had quite a craving for beer, at home she always had a supply but couldn't take much with her without making her parents suspicious that she was going on a trip that was more than just going to Gorch to visit Evadine. She did however leave a note for them in the cupboards, that way they could inform Evadine's parents of what happened and hopefully not worry about the two of them going on a journey, even though Iris knew they would. Placing it in the cupboard was more of a strategic move on Iris's part, so her parents wouldn't notice she was gone until after Iris and Evadine left and were making further progress on their journey and towards their goal: to find out what exactly happened to Evadine, and hopefully to find a way to revert her back to human.

Granted, being a faerie isn't bad, with having a longer lifespan and all, but... It's not who Evadine is. She was born human, raised as a human and knows the most about human culture, and thought she would have died a human as well. That and Iris feels responsible for what happened to Evadine, as if she didn't protect her enough. She was there when it happened, if only she told Evadine to practice with her and not treat her as a dainty girl who couldn't fight, because that's how Iris knew her as prior to setting off to travel the world after graduation. But the reality was much different when she had returned, Evadine had grown into a wonderful young lady who could take care of herself, and was much more knowledgeable than Iris would ever be and that... That was a thought too different for Iris to accept. And it was why Evadine was now a faerie. Iris will never have the guilt of it off her chest until Evadine's curse is lifted, and until Evadine is a human again.

"Iris, do you see that over there?" Evadine asked, interrupting Iris from her thoughts before Iris started an internal monologue about all the things she could have done differently to prevent Evadine from becoming a faerie.

"Hm? Where?" Iris asked. Evadine flew over into a field on the side of the road, and urged Iris to follow her. To Iris's shock, it wasn't a person or even a faerie that laid before them. Rather, it was a small dragon, curled up and sleeping in a nest it made for itself.

"A dragon," Iris said, "This is rare. It's probably young too, judging from its small size. Or at least I would think so..."

"It might be a faerie dragon," Evadine said, obviously the more educated of the two, "They usually only grow to this size, and this one doesn't look young, his scales aren't as shiny as a young dragon's would be."

"Well, what should we do?" Iris asked, "Will it attack us? Shouldn't we just walk away?"

"No, it probably won't attack us if it's a faerie dragon," Evadine said, "Well, at least as long as we don't make it mad. I just... Wanted to show you. I haven't seen a dragon outside of a textbook myself."

"Oh," Evadine said, flattered, "Well, uh, thanks for thinking of me, Evadine."

"Don't mention it," Evadine said, "You were the one who rescued me from my prison of a home and swore to take me on this wonderful journey to save me, my knight in shining armor~"

"Shut up!" Iris shouted, getting embarrassed as she reached out to try and catch Evadine, but missed, and instead accidentally hit the dragon.

"Crap," Iris whispered, backing away a bit. This was her first encounter with a dragon and she managed to wake it up from a sound sleep. She panicked, not sure it if would wake up angry, and ran away, back onto the road and down until Barim was finally in sight just downhill from where Iris stood.

"Evadine look, Barim is right there!" Iris called out, but Evadine sped in front of her on a gust of wind. Now, coming up just behind Iris was the dragon that she had woken up.

Oh no, Iris thought, starting to run again, So close... And yet still so far. I just want to make it into the city in one piece.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
Link | by FenrisOkamishiba on 2014-02-21 13:12:56 (edited 2014-02-21 16:07:32)
[Silvius Caelestis - Near Barim]

Silvius had been dreaming of home as he occasionally did he was just about to bite into a meal when he felt a sudden impact on his back. His eyes shooting open he took a small jump away from the direction of the hit before his eyes started focusing and he noticed a girl running towards the city, he also thought he saw something else ahead of the girl, but couldn't quite figure out just what it was. He could still feel the hit on his scales, but it hadn't really hurt him, so he shrugged it off. He looked around to see if the could spot what the girl was running away from and what had hit him. He quickly realised it must have been her and she was running away from him.

He took to the air flying after the fleeing girl, curious more than anything else. He realised she was running towards the town and wanted to stop her before she made that far. His eyes glowed green and he let out a long whistle. The grass around the area the girl was running on responded grappling at her ankles and making her stumble wrapping around her wrists as well when her hands touched the ground. Silvius picked up his speed and did a twisting flip in the air before landing on front of her and looking straight at her as he dismissed the spell.


His voice was soft, almost childlike and there was no anger in it, but it also held an older tone like an echo behind the first. He sat down watching her curiously, though his ears were moving around picking up a curious sound, like small wings, but he decided to focus on the girl in front of him.

"Why were you running away?"

He yawned and then looked at the sky, smiling as he saw the near cloudless sky, he drew a deep breath catching a her scent in the air, there was a hint of beer and he could also detect a mix of sweat and dust, a scent he associated with travelers, but it was otherwise a clean scent. What confused him was a second scent, he could detect it, but it was too faint compared to the girl in front of him for him to make any further observations.

"I guess you're not around here? Where are you headed?"

He then focused back on the girl and grinned slightly.

"Oh... I haven't introduced myself, haven't I? Silvius Caelestis, a pleasure to meet you fair maiden."

ClaimedStrong Heart

Re: Voyage of our Memories
Link | by on 2014-02-21 16:50:19
[Go Ikkikari]
[The City of Barim, the Docks]

"What the hell are you doing?! Go get that woman!"
"Me!? But I have a family to feed! No way in the Blazes am I going to throw my life away today!"

Having just caught up with the criminal, the two city guards suddenly found themselves arguing over who was to attack first.

"H-hey Miss. Could you consider putting down that big ole' sword of yours and surrendering peacefully?" Meekly asked the older looking city guard, pointing bony finger at the unfairly long sword in the criminal's hand. The Katana styled sword was easily longer than the guard was tall.

"Eheh~" Gestured the white haired criminal, moving her body into another stance. Her sword began to glow with an Azure colored hue. Illuminating the bodies of several other nearby guards, impaled with ice crystals.


[The City of Barim, the Southern Docks]

"I should've expected as much coming to a big town like this!" Yelled the same white haired woman as she ran down the docks. Pushing aside locals and barrels getting in her way. Behind her, a fresh groups of city guards were chasing after her.

[Well, should've expected as much when you stole evidence out of their guard station]

"If I recall correctly you where the one who asked to be left in the view of that weapons shop for a reason that was only meant to hide the fact that you where oogleing at the Scimitars!"

[How rude! I will have you know I am a gentleman of class who would never even consider an indecent gesture! I was actually there because it was a good vantage point... for vile thieves who would run off with fair young blades without paying debts due to the blacksmith!]

The 'Criminal' was conversing with none other than the blade that she was carrying. Her blade was sentient, and able to speak directly into the woman's mind. The blade, "Victoria" spoke in a most defiantly female tone of voice. Just thought that might be worth mentioning.

Eventually, the woman passed under a great arch that was a gateway from one pier to the next. This was the sort of chance the woman needed. After passing the gate some distance, she turned around, and touched her sword to the ground. It's azue glow was replaced a new golden glow. Signaling it's elemental alignment was now of Earth. She spoke the incantation that would allow her to bring the arch down, and block her pursuers.

["Spirits of the earth, come fourth! Stone Sapper!"]

The woman swung her blade, and sent several of the clay cobblestones on the street flying upwards, and striking into the large arch. The sandstone blocks of the arch gave way, and fell onto the path below. Harmlessly blocking the passageway from passage.

"No! Donavvan! You knew that you couldn't beat a falling stone, why did you have to try now!?"
"Quick! Get these stones out of the way! Ignore the blood!"

Or maybe that wasn't the case.

"Gah! Someone over there hold down that woman in the yellow jacket!!" Yelled the voice of the guard from the other side of the gate.

[Uh oh. I think you're in real trouble now 'Go']

Looking around, the criminal named Go saw that most everyone else was more interested in taking cover than doing any sort of public service that could cost them their lives.

"My, we should get going then!"

The plan had been to run down the docks and lose her pursuers in one of the older military fortifications along the pier. That particular structure was just a few stones throw away from where she currently was. However, a sudden happening put a change to that plan...

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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[The City of Barim - Streets]

Alastair had set up his wares for potential customers to browse on a major street in Barim. It had been a slow day overall, with few sales being made. There seemed to be a strange lack of foot traffic in this area, despite what Alastair had observed yesterday while scouting. Cecilia was nearby as usual, her eyes closed and arms crossed with her halberd planted in the ground beside her.

"What the hell do you mean you don't give refunds?! This piece of junk is broken! You're selling shoddy merchandise!"

One of the few customers that Alastair had seen during the day had returned to complain about his item being broken and demanding that he get his money back for it. It was rare, but every few months Alastair would run into people like this. The usual case was that they had purchased an item, done something stupid with it or were otherwise careless, and now felt as though it was Alastair's problem.

"I'm sorry sir, but in case you have forgotten, you signed this form upon purchase acknowledging that you inspected the item in question and found no defects or issues before the sale. Your signature proves that the quality of the item was to your satisfaction. The condition of the product after your purchase is then your responsibility."

The man didn't like the answer he was given, but at the same time he was unable to come up with a counter-argument. The local authorities would no doubt side with Alastair since he had the appropriate paperwork. Having nothing to say in his favor, the man resorted to simply repeating himself.

"You listen here. I'm not going anywhere until I get my money back. This is complete bu--"

The man suddenly stopped speaking as a sharp object found itself held to his neck. Cecilia had decided to intervene, although it was in a much more agressive manner than Alastair would have preferred.

"Do you have a problem with his answer?"

When the man saw it was Cecilia holding the weapon, his aggressive attitude returned for a brief moment.

"You're damn rig--"

He put his hand on the flat part of the halberd's blade and attempt to push it away, but found himself unable to make it move more than an inch. He put his weight behind it, but it failed to achieve anything. Cecilia was only holding the halberd with one hand. Her hand was halfway up the staff, but the leverage should have still allowed the man to force it away from him. The realization that he was dealing with someone well out of his league slowly came to him and he stepped back slightly.

"I mean, I just didn't want to get cheated out of my money."

Cecilia lowered her Halberd and drove it into the ground again, then returned to crossing her arms.

"You were not 'cheated'. You inspected the product and agreed to the terms of sale. If you have any further issues with this I will assist you in sorting them out."

Cecilia's otherworldly red eyes locked on to the man's and he quickly lost any nerve he had left. His expression was now more fearful than angry and after turning to leave his pace was noticeably quicker than when he had approached. Alastair watched the man leave, then looked up to his wife.

"Cecilia, we've been over this. I will let you know with a non verbal cue when the situation calls for you to get involved. I've dealt with people like him before. He wasn't going to harm anyone, he was just hoping that I would be intimidated into giving him whatever he wanted."

Cecilia didn't budge, remaining firmly planted where she stood.

"Overruled. I am your guard, so I will decide when it is appropriate to intervene."

Alastair chuckled slightly before reminding Cecilia who it was that was paying her for that job.

"Don't forget who signs your payment. The employer is the one who decides what the employees will do."

Cecilia slowly turned her head back to look at Alastair over her shoulder.

"Are you saying that should I continue to act like this, you will fire me?"

Seeing the way Cecilia was looking at him, Alastair knew where the normally 'correct' answer to that question would take him. He sighed a little, as Cecilia clearly had him defeated.

"You know that I'm not nearly stupid enough to do that."

She smiled at his answer and went back to keeping watch.

"Then you understand. Good. Since firing your wife would prove to be a very unwise move, you have no choice but to allow me to carry out my duties however I see fit."


Re: Voyage of our Memories
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[Lyriel Vandesdelca]
[Barim - Southern Docks]

It was a nice sunny day in Barim, as a woman in a black religious attire walked out from the docks. Her brown eyes gleamed slightly as the sunlight shined on her face. The weather was not too hot, and not too cold either. For the woman, who is a priestess, her identity was prominently displayed by the pendant she was wearing on her neck: a holy symbol made with silver and other metals to prevent rusting.

("Barim. Now... to meet the ones who requested my help.")

The priestess in her black habit walked inconspicuously, crisscrossing through the crowd in the docks. She expected this to be a simple walk to the bustling city, until she heard a cry from afar.

"Gah! Someone over there hold down that woman in the yellow jacket!!"

She lifted her head upwards, and from a distance, the gate leading to the main city was covered with massive boulders, probably from the destroyed archway above the street. Then, not far from the devastation, there was a woman, wearing a yellow jacket, similarly described from the cry coming from the debris. Her arms are obviously carrying a long sword, sheathed, possibly of an Oriental origin, running towards her position.

("... Some rogue ruined today's atmosphere. Such wondrous occasion.")

The priestess closed her eyes and continued to walk to the destroyed archway. At first, she appeared to be ignorant towards the current situation. But as the time passes by, the priestess in fact suddenly veered towards the yellow jacketed woman's running lane.

As the passerby expected the two women to collide with each other, the priestess immediately changed her course and barely evaded the woman in a sword. At that moment however, she suddenly stopped, and extended her left leg, trying to trip the running criminal.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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[Go Ikkikari]
[The City of Barim, Southern Docks]

Go had only ran a few meters before she felt something clip under her feet. Making her lose balance, and sending her crashing into some conveniently placed pieces of wood.


[It would seem that you have been tripped, dear.]

("I think that's pretty obvious Victoria!")

From Go's place on the ground, she spotted what seemed to be a holy woman, glancing her way. The same woman whom suddenly gotten out of Go's way just as she tripped. Go had her culprit.

From the style of her dress, she appeared to be a servant of the Goddess Elmia. But the biggest thing that was occupying Go's mind was whacking her with her sword.

[Now dear, starting a fight with a defenseless priestess is not going to do you any good. We're still being chased you know.]

As much as go hated to admit it, her sword was right. Standing up, go decided to do the next best thing at getting back at the priestess. Wasn't normally this hot tempered, however.

"...The next time you hear about an Elmian Temple being burned down or an Elmian Clergyman being murdered, be sure to think of me, okay?" Said Go as she stood up.

She yelled this the woman before continuing to make her way off. Go didn't actually intend to do those things so much as she was caught up at being greatly offended at how well that 'trip' had gone. But to everyone else, it sounded like she was intending to do just those things once she managed to evade the guards.

Was this priestess going to allow the woman to get away?

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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[ Eunclid Sinclair | Barim - Forest ]

"Eunclid, you should try travel around the world, try to help needed people, the ability you've obtained are the rarest since you are our very own first 'Rune Caster'. Try unravel the world by yourself. Knowledge is unlimited, my apprentices."

These word are given by Eunclid's master before he started travel. His master also recommended to start at Barim where he can start gathering the information, and probably companion. However, due to his Master's lack of coordination, he was sent to forest instead of in front of gate nor dock.

"I knew I shouldn't asked my Master to do teleportation on me. She's the best wizard, and yet... SHE CAN'T EVEN TELEPORT AT SPECIFIC LOCATION!

[insert Eunclid's Master's teehee icon here]

"Sigh, complaining won't help either... and it's getting late?" as he getting agitated.

"HELLO!!? IS ANYONE OUT THERE!!?" he shout as loud as he can.

But no one came, not even a single bird came across. He guessed he's really alone. Until, he heard leaf rustling. He almost overjoyed that somebody came, but then, he remembered his conversation with his Master before he depart;

"Eunclid, try not to involve with a group of people on travel. They're might bandits"

"Bandits? What's that?"

"A group of savage human who will kill any people, and steal all of your belongings. A ruthless group. Unless you're in town, you'll be just fine ♥"


He thought himself what if that approching is a bandit? He summoned his Runic Wing in defensive stance, waiting for that approaching.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
Link | by on 2014-02-21 19:38:53
[Lyriel Vandesdelca]
[Barim - Southern Docks]

Having not realized the priestess' attempt to trip her down, the female swordsman tumbled, before crashing into a pile of woods nearby. Feeling satisfied with her own achievement, the priestess giggled. She turned at the fallen lady, and as per her expectations, the criminal looked very furious, while quickly got on to her feet. Before she left however...

"...The next time you hear about an Elemian Temple being burned down or an Elemian Clergyman being murdered, be sure to think of me, okay?"

The priestess closed her eyes, and unexpectedly, smiled.

"That amount of anger and ignorance, quite thick..."

While the yellow-jacketed woman running away from her, the priestess began to catch up on her, while remaining in a light hearted mood despite the woman's last words. In front of the pair however, was crates of merchandises being transported with a series of advanced pulleys and ropes, to a ship nearby. The crates are dangling in mid-air.

Seeing this opportunity, the priestess swings her right arm, and a bunch of silver colored, thin-blade like projectiles was instantly materialized, before heading straight to the rope which was carrying the crates. The small Trident Blades then severed the rope, causing the crates to fall down on the swordswoman's path, blocking her from further advancement unless she uses her powers to clear the rubble.

At that moment, the priestess appeared, 5 footsteps behind her.

"Thou hast to know that threaten-death towards the Servants of Elemia, is sin..."

She remained in her laid-back stance, as she continued.

"I, possess do-not the intentions of fighting you, lady. But, with the destruction, and presumably stench-death that I experienced from your escape from the dock-gate..."

This time, the priestess went to a cautious stance, as she expected the 'criminal' in front of her is going to make a move.

"I plead you, to repent for your sins. The Goddess, and The Maker, doesn't turn away from those who sincerely changed their ways."

Re: Voyage of our Memories
Link | by Lando on 2014-02-21 20:29:36
[Luna Senoushi]
[The City of Barim - Southern Docks]

Luna was walking through the crowd until she found that the crowd cleared out of the way and theres a girl in yellow jacket with a freakishly long katana approaching her, which she promptly dodged to not bump on her.

She passes by until she passed a great arch. Turning around after some distance, touching the sword to the ground and then after she swung her blade, clay cobblestones were sent flying. Striking the large arch and collapsing the arch to the ground, effectively blocking the pursuers.

Luna saw through the technique, she knew it was a technique from the other House of Oriental Swordsmanship. The House of Ikkikari to be exact. Luna found it interesting to find someone from another house. She then decide to went on her way to catch up with the girl in yellow jacket.

She looked on the blocked passageway for a while before quickly tiptoeing her way up. Scaling the boulders and went pass the blocked passageway easily.

By the time she finished going around the blocked passage way. She saw the yellow jacketed girl finished yelling at a priestess and goes on her way again. Luna only walked along the way, didn't really bother to catch up.

Then, she heard objects came down crashing again, coming from the direction the yellow jacketed girl ran into. She fasten her pace to the scene. Finding the same priestess earlier, and also the girl. With crates blocking the path in front of her.

Luna refrained from directly joining the scene, instead she continued to observe from a distance.

Re: Voyage of our Memories
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OOC: Going to be not posting for 1 week.I have Final Exams to finish.
[Caelum & Soline - Nearing Barim]

Th sun shines down on both the young knight and mage as they continue in thier way towards the next city.However, the mage seems to be lagging far behind the knight.

"Caelum...How much longer till we reach the next town or city?We've been walking for hours...I'm tired..."Soline complained as she tried to catch up with Caleum who was way ahead in front of her.

"Well not that far.Its just directly...Look!There it is."Caelum exclaimed pointing downwards as he stopped at where he was standing.

Soline upon hearing that ran beside Caelum and almost fell downhill.However Caelum managed to pull he up before she started to fall.Soline the looked downwards util something caught her eye.

"Oh!Look,what's that over there?You know that black shiny moving thing."Soline asked as she pointed towards a creature together with another person.

Caelum scratched his head and said."I have totally no idea what that shiny creature is but then again its only been a few weeks since we've traveled so I guess it to no surprise that there are some creatures we've never seen before.But the one beside it is 100% a human.Well,lets go and see what up with them,shall we?"

Soline and Caleum both headed down towards them and they saw a girl kneeling down somewhat with a creature that looked like a dragon somewhat.

"Um...Are the two of you okay?"Soline asked

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively,there is no such thing as death,life is only a dream, and we are an imagination of ourselves.

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