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Palladium (Open)
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Inspired by Icarael's Immortal Machina and the Warhammer Universe. With special thanks to Chiaki for helping me out a lot


1st January 2200. The First Century of the new millennium was supposed to be welcomed with great joy. Human civilization had reached a new frontier. The first astronauts were preparing to land on one of the moons of Jupiter, medicine had all but eradicated most diseases leaving only the strongest left to slowly be defeated in the coming century, organized religion was slowly becoming a thing of the past as more and more people began to focus on science as the way forward to humanity's future.

The world itself was coming to a golden age the likes that have never been seen in human history.

None could have predicted what would happen.

On the stroke of midnight as the people of the world celebrated, below their feet several others prepared to enact a plan that had been centuries in the making. Before most clock made their final strike, the ground itself in several of the world's largest cities began to glow an ominous red.

"There are moments when even to the sober

eye of reason, the world of our sad humanity

may assume the semblance of Hell."

- Edgar Allan Poe

Within seconds, people began to die. Some exploded painfully leaving their blood and guts to fall and decorate the ground below them. Some seem to have been infected by unknown and virulent diseases in their fatal stages instantly crying and screaming in suffering, some were overcame by complete bloodlust and began killing those next to each other with their bare hands if they had to. Others were filled with nothing but lust raping everything and everyone in sight in a horrid orgy of utter debauchery.

As this was happening, many of the television and media around the world were hacked by an unknown single which began to broadcast the horror to the world. Mass panic began to ensue. Suddenly the images began to focus on a large one with the other scenes in smaller views. In the large one was the Russian capital of Moscow which now resembled something from ones darkest nightmares.

The city itself was beginning to terraform into a dark and evil version of itself. The screen then zoomed in on the steps of the Kremlin as several sinister silhouettes stood tall as the city itself warped around them.

Finally one of them stepped forward and threw off his cloak as the others followed. The cameras of the world focus on this man for all to see as he took a deep breath, threw his arms open with a grin and bellowed for all to hear,

"Nothing can beat the music of millions of voices screaming in unison!"

The man called himself Angra Mainyu. He then told the world of what was happening. He was a servant of the darkest beings in human history. Gods of such evil and power that their names had been stricken from history for so long.

He said that for too long the dark gods had tried to make the world in their image. However time and time again they had been denied. However several years ago, one of them saw that humanity was on the cusp of jumping into a new golden age that would have possibly ended the power of the dark gods. So a plan had been hatched.

On the start of the age, they had entered several of the cities of the world and began rituals that even now were starting to terraform the area. The dark gods had returned and were now making the world in their image. They demanded worship wanted to drown humanity in darkness once more. Even as he spoke, the dark gods were beginning to claim their own new territories, cities and new worshipers from the unwilling populace.

Before the screen faded to black, Angra Mainyu declared that he and his organization whom were the greatest servants of the dark gods, Grimmoire Heart would now began to engulf the world in utter darkness.

"We make up horrors

to help us cope

with the real ones.”

- Stephen King

That day became known as "The Sundering".

The governments of the world were doing everything in their power of the next few days to prevent all out anarchy. Several countries around the world had been warped by the darkness already. Africa had completely fallen and the Middle East soon followed, eager to worship the dark gods. South America had been cracked almost in half by a massive earthquake leaving half of the continent to the dark gods.

5th January 2200. During an emergency meeting of the United Nations in Geneva as they were arguing with each other what to do, the meeting was interrupted by the arrival of a man dragging a body with him. In utter silence he walked up to the podium and then dropped the body unceremoniously in the middle of the room. Pulling back its robes, he revealed the body to be that of a human being that had been forcibly and utterly mutated.

Before anyone could regain their bearings, he politely took the podium and began to speak.

He called himself Marethyu, the Last. He politely explained to the world about the forces of darkness and how he was once part of a now defunct secret society that had been in silent warfare with Grimmoire Heart for centuries. He taught them of how his society had slowly been losing up to the massacre of a few days ago. He told them that he was the last man alive who possessed the knowledge of the darkness.

He then began to teach all who would listen about the dark gods, whom they were, what their powers were, and what was their ultimate plan. At the same time, he used a laptop to hack into a spy satellite to show everyone one something that chilled their blood. From the North and South poles, creatures that could only be described as demons began to march towards civilization.

Marethyu told the leaders that the events days ago had ripped a hole in the fabric of reality itself to the realm of darkness, The Warp. From the axises of the world, demons began to pour into the Earth in mass for the first time in history.

He then told the leaders that now they had little choice. Either put aside their petty issues and unite. Or be destroyed.

With more and more reports of chaos around the globe pouring every second, the decision was made to form a United World Government. Marethyu was quickly appointed to head a special task force to counter Grimmore Heart. Marethyu quickly began to set-up his task force codenamed: IMPERIUM.

He quickly brought in as many special forces or individuals with unique gifts to form the organization. Soon, Marethyu introduced something that would be their new sword and shield against darkness, The Gifts.

The Gifts were supposedly ancient remnants of power left behind by an unknown race to be used against the Dark Gods. A Gift as the name implies grants supernatural powers to the individual using it. At the same time, the world's largest technological company, MATRIX released the latest in military tech, nanobot powered weaponry, CRYTEK.

Now the world stands on the brink on destruction. The Dark Gods and their forces led by Grimmoire Heart will face off with the United World Government spearheaded by IMPERIUM.

At the same time, a group calling themselves Al-Thamen stands in the shadows. They have somehow acquired their own Gifts and are watching the events of the world with their own plans in waiting.

The stage is set. The time is come.

Now begins the fight for the survival of Humanity.

"Here then at long last is my darkness.

No cry of light, no glimmer,

not even the faintest shard of hope

to break free across the hold."

- Mark Z. Danielewski


Essential Vocabulary

The Gifts were supposedly ancient remnants of power left behind by an unknown race to be used against the Dark Gods. A Gift as the name implies grants supernatural powers to the individual using it. It is bonded to human beings via a special process. Gifts are sometimes semi-sentient and take a variety of forms. They can communicate with their Gifted via telepathy. It is possible for a person to have more than one gift however only through certain circumstances. The types of main gifts are:

Armed Gift

A Gift that takes the form of a weapon, such as a sword or a pair of guns.

Fused Gift

A Gift that attaches itself to a person and becomes a symbiotic being, imbuing its Gifted with increased abilities.

Servant Gift

A Gift that takes the form of an independent creature. Servant Gift vary in size and shape: some are as tall as a human, while others tower over buildings.


A person who uses Gifts. According to Marethyu, a single human being can only have a limit of 4 gifts as any more would be against the laws of the 'world'. Of those 4, one is a MAIN Gift and the others are much much weaker SUB-Gifts that are more of support abilities (e.g granting long range vision).


A new form of technology created by Matrix Enterprises. The technology is based on nanobots and plasma tech. It is used for a wide variety of items such as railguns and high speed transports to even the brand new CRYSIS Nanosuits 2.5. Interestingly, Crytek is highly incompatible with Gifts. This means that Gifted are unable to use most types of body modification nanotech. An interesting thing is that CRYTEK is extremely hard to corrupt by Chaos. In order to do so, it requires direct exposure to a Dark God over a prolonged period of time (e.g. see Lord of Night below).


Chaos, also known to its servants as the Primordial Truth or the Primordial Annihilator, is the universal and usually malign spiritual force embodied by the malevolent intelligent entities comprised of psychic energy that live in the Warp. Chaos is the equal and opposite of Order. The entities who embody Chaos are mostly daemons, but the term also encompasses those mortals who have thrown in their lot with Chaos. It is a great and raw force of change and power, and is both physically and spiritually corrupting, though it is not in itself necessarily "evil." However, more often than not, the Chaos Gods reward individual accomplishment in such a way that the ends justify the means, and the absence of hierarchy and emphasis on individual freedom leads to the pursuit of excess and personal aggrandizement that can only be characterized as damnation. Ultimately, Chaos and its entities seek nothing less than the complete destruction of the material universe and its hated Order, so that all of Creation is once more consumed by the primordial and uncontained energies of Chaos.

Chaos corrupts Mankind so easily because it speaks to the character flaws inherent in every man and woman and seeks to exploit the weaknesses of their all-too-human natures. It takes an extraordinary individual of truly iron will and selflessness to resist the serial temptations of Chaos. With all the obvious dangers associated with Chaos, such as mutation, daemonic possession, and spiritual damnation, some might wonder why anyone would willingly choose to serve the Ruinous Powers. The answer is actually simple. Chaos judges its servants solely on their abilities and their records of success and failure in promoting the agenda of the individual Dark Gods and of Chaos Undivided as a whole. Chaos also offers those who serve it the opportunity to perhaps one day wield power and respect far beyond the dreams of most mortals' avarice. For so many people, but particularly in the oppressive, hardline World Government, where too often family connections and inherited wealth are rewarded rather than ability, and where it is impossible on many worlds for a talented individual to ever better their lot, Chaos actually offers a substantial degree of freedom and the only real meritocracy that they have ever known. But Chaos is not a benevolent force, and for the vast majority of those who fall to Chaos' temptations, they will never reach either power or position and will be little more than faceless puppets in the endless schemes of the Dark Gods. While Chaos may reward success with power, even the mightiest Chaotic servant becomes a slave of Chaos, never its master.

Chaos Undivided

Followers of Chaos Undivided venerate Chaos itself, seeing the major Dark Gods as a single pantheon to be worshipped equally as different emanations of the same universal force. Of all the worshippers of Chaos they follow Chaos in its purest form. They can interpret the meaning of Chaos in a variety of ways, including as a single God, worship the major Dark Gods equally, or favour one slightly over the others. The Chaos Lords and Daemon Princes of Chaos Undivided are at an advantage in their ability to unite any of the Forces of Chaos under their leadership, even if they would normally worship opposing Gods such as Pyres and Tzeentch.

Broken Cities

Cities once belonging to normal humans, which have now been terraformed by the powers of Chaos into their images. Cities that have been claimed by a particular Dark God will usually have been molded in their image. Those that have been controlled by Chaos Undivided are usually similar looking. The broken Cites are homes to their fallen human populace who even now worship the Dark Gods.

Mad Cities

Mysterious, ancient ruins that appeared during The Sundering. Anyone who beholds them up close is driven mad- assuming they ever get near the City before they're torn apart by the monstrosities congregating round them. These are often the homes of the Dark Gods and their place of residence.

Major Mad Cities include

  • R'lyeh- In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Kadath- Somewhere in the Siberian tundra.
  • Ib of Mnar- Located in the Sahara Desert.
  • Hyperborea- In the Arctic Ocean.
  • Leng- In Central Asia.
  • The Nameless City/The City in the Mountains of Madness- On a nameless island in Antarctica.


Daemons are entities of the Warp, and servants of the Dark Gods. They are created at the whim of a Chaos god from a fraction of the god's own power and act as an extension of their will. A daemon's appearance and character reflect the god's own nature. These daemons may be reabsorbed into the god at whim.

Dark Gods

The Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers are powerful beings of the psychic universe known as the Warp, created and sustained by the emotions and souls of every living being of the material universe. Although they are god-like beings, they are by their nature monomaniacal and completely single-minded (formed completely of a single emotion or concept) as well as being completely dependent on the emotions of mortal creatures for their power and continued existence. Gods are able to devote a fraction of their power to create daemons, whose appearance and character reflect the god's own nature. These daemons may be reabsorbed into the god at whim.


The Eldrazi are ancient and technologically advanced intelligent race that had visited Earth at a distant time in the past. Several archeological finds have placed their earliest presence to be around the Pre-Cambrian era. This has led some to propose that they may have influenced the genetic map of Earthlife. The Eldrazi possessed extremely advanced technology and potent psychic powers that made them essentially the masters of the known world. At some time during the past, the Eldrazi had come into contact and battle with the forces of Chaos.

After millions of years of conflict, it is said the Eldrazi successfully sealed the Forces of Chaos away in a titanic battle that was the real cause of the end of the dinosaurs. The Eldrazi also a clairvoyantly powerful race foresaw that someday their seals may be broken. As such, they sew the genetic seeds for a future race to come into being that would one day take up the fight against Chaos.

The result was us, humanity. The Eldrazi watched over and guided humanity for several years until somewhere in the early realms of human history, they approached a man who would become a legend. King Gilgamesh of Ancient Mesopotamia was approached and trusted with the future weapons against Chaos, the Gifts. He was ordered to forge a secret society that would stand and protect Earth for as long as possible with preparing the gifts to be passed on when the time would come.

The Eldrazi then vanished sometime during the Dark Ages leaving behind their mysterious legacy in the form of their loyal disciples, the Knights Templar who would then pass on the knowledge left to them and become known by various other names such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Marethyu has hinted however, that the energies released from the Sundering has possibly alerted the Eldrazi who may return if they can hold out long enough.

Greater Daemons

Amongst the teeming daemonic hordes of Chaos, a Greater Daemon is the most powerful. They are incarnations of their Dark God, living embodiments of everything Chaos represents. They are the guardians of their God's realm and the executors of his will. Greater Daemons manifest as huge, terrifying creatures capable of slaying scores of warriors and destroying even main battle tanks. They have strange, sorcerous powers drawn from the psychic energy of the Warp and are virtually impervious to mortal weapons. Summoning such a creature demands a high price, for it takes a tremendous amount of psychic energy for a Greater Daemon to achieve corporeality in the material universe. The price is always a sacrifice, the death or possession of a living being that acts as a gateway from the Immaterium into the material realm. The rampant energy of the daemon passing through into the material universe inevitably destroys this host. As such, the sacrifice is not usually the one performing the summoning.

The so far known types of Greater Daemons and the Gods they serve are:

  1. Tzeentch - Lords of Change

  2. Pyres - Bloodthirsters

  3. Barbaddus - Great Unclean Ones

  4. Azura - Keeper of Secrets

  5. Namira - Grim Reapers

  6. Slyvanas - Lich Kings

  7. Cthulhu - Denizen of the Deep

Daemon Prince

A Daemon Prince is a human Champion of Chaos who has been elevated to daemonhood as a reward for his or her actions on the behalf of one of the major Dark Gods or by the will of Chaos Undivided. Daemon Princes have chosen to trade their humanity for the god-like power and immortality of a creature of Evil and Darkness. A Daemon Prince is a living extension of the force of Chaos. To ascend to the rank of Daemon Prince is the ultimate goal of the most powerful followers of Chaos, as it gives them immortality and power beyond the reckoning of mortals. Daemon Princes combine the brute strength of daemons with the combat skill and tactical acumen of Humans. However, if the Champion fails in the eyes of their God, their lives and ambitions end as they are cast aside and instead descend into a mutated state. While Daemon Princes come in as wide a variety of shapes and sizes as there are facets of Chaos, most are massive beings composed of hulking muscle and thick sinew, displaying traditionally daemonic characteristics like horns and bat-like wings. All Daemon Princes wield potent sorcerous powers that originate in the Warp's psychic energies, and that are representative of the sphere of influence of the Daemon Prince's patron Chaos God.

Passive Ability

Each faction has their own passive ability that is explained below.


The Factions

[You can join any of the two Task Forces of the United World Government, al-Tharmen or the Order of the Blue Rose.]

The United World Government

After The Sundering, the remaining nations decided that they could no longer afford conflict. They then decided to pool their resources and manpower, creating the United World Government to replace the United Nations.

The UWG continually strives to create a "one world culture" and unite humanity under a single banner, while fending off attacks from outside threats and internal problems such as cults. They have several forces dedicated to fighting the powers of the Dark Gods.


The UWG military keeps a special group of soldiers in reserve for the most dangerous missions. Armed with nanomachine-enhanced strength, special weapons (including giant mecha) and powered armor, Task Force AQUILA are deployed to perform highly dangerous missions.

To prevent any possible backlash from interacting with the unspeakable, AVALON members are regularly given check-ups and psychiatric assistance. Their nanomachines are also heavily safeguarded against possible corruption, making the risk of transforming into a monster very low.

AVALON PASSIVE ABILITY: CRYTEK - Task Force Avalon members use Crytek weaponry that has proven to surprisingly effective against daemons. Every member of AVALON come equipped with the CRYSIS Nanosuit 2.5, which greatly boosts all of their natural human abilities OR Power Armour. The nanosuits or power armour varies from user to user due to their own uniqueness and style.


The Gifted, magicians and psychics of the UWG are under the direct control of the Marethyu, under the aegis of "Task Force IMPERIUM". Due to the low number of Gifted, Imperium members are often seen being accompanied and working side by side with AVALON

IMPERIUM PASSIVE ABILITY: INHERITENCE - This ability is granted via Maretheyu. After each Gifted receives a Gift, they are then granted an inherited name. These 'names' come from legends of human history. Via their inherited name, they gain a single passive ability based on whom the name belong too.

As an example of this ability:-

Inherited Name: William Shakespeare
Passive: Inheritance: Much ado About Nothing - Grants an aura that increases the power of Gifts for nearby allies.

Inherited Name: Vlad Tepes
Passive: Inheritance: Dracula - When close to death, assumes the form of the legend of Dracula itself. Becoming a vampire with all of their strengths and weakness. However, the longer one remains in this form, the higher the chance of falling to Chaos.


Al-Tharmen is a secretive group of psychics and magicians. Their motives and origins are shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for certain: they are extremely hostile to the various cults that infest humanity. However, they do not care for the UWG one bit, and will not bother to step in to aid government forces unless it is in their best interest to do so.

Al-Tharmen’s greatest and most hated enemies are the Thousand Sons who are like a cancerous cell that poisons others just by being there. Their members are encouraged to destroy any Thousand Sons base on sight if the chance presents itself.

Al-Tharmen PASSIVE ABILITY: OLD SCHOOL – Al-Tharmen members are almost all either physics or magic pratinors of the various old styles of magic that existed before the arrival of Chaos and the despised Tzeentch whose name dammed the very practice of sorcery to be synonymous with Chaos. In reality, the magic they practice has no good or evil just power and the morals of the user determine them.

Order of the Blue Rose

Prior to the arrival of the Sundering, about 80% of the world’s people were atheists with the remaining minority choosing to stubbornly cling to their faiths. With the arrival of the Daemons of Chaos several of these religions choose to quickly unite into a single entity. Validated in their belief that the world was ending due to unfaithfulness in a divine being, they quickly appealed to the poorer masses of the world.

These improvised people lacking in education and protection, were easily swayed by the hardline religious zealotry and quickly joined up. Those who believe in the Cult's teachings hold that there is a living spiritual entity and the only true divinity of humanity. In their eyes, anyone that does not follow their teachings are to deemed heretics and killed on sight. As such, they are fearsome enemies of the Forces of Chaos, willingly and early fighting against the dark forces. They consider themselves as champions for the purity of humankind and react violently to any who defies them.

However, they have an extremely sketchy relationship with the UWG. Their doctrines clash heavily with the UWG’s which promote atheism and scientific logic to counter Chaos. There have even been cases where fanatical Order members ordered the executions of UWG forces due to their “heresy”. In the Order’s eyes, the acts of using CRYTEK especially body enhancements which to them has polluted the purity of human genetics is of the utmost heresy. As such, most UWG commanders are advised to act with extreme caution with dealing with their religious fanatics as a valuable ally may just as quickly turn on them. The UWG itself considers them a necessary evil as they are needed to counter the equally fanatical Word Bearers.

The Order of the Blue Rose considers the Word Bearers to be heretics of the highest class and to be killed on sight. Members of the Order wear old type metal armours or for a selected few, specially made power armour much weaker than those used by AVALON.

Order of the Blue Rose PASSIVE ABILITY: FERVOR – When in combat, members of the Order gain bonus damage and ferocity when fighting against daemons or ‘heretics’. They also become tougher to kill due to their religious zealotry.


The Major Servants of the Dark Gods


With their actions during the Sundering and their long devotion to the Dark Gods, the dark legion Grimmoire Heart has been elevated to the states of the main servants of the Dark Gods. Their forces are the most powerful, their commanders the most vetran. They are led by the Warmaster of Chaos, Angra Mainyu. Below him are the Kin of Purgatory, the most powerful generals of Chaos.

A flexible fighting force, they are able to adapt to almost any combat situation. The Legion possesses an efficient chain of command, so that they will be unbroken no matter the situation. Grimmiore Heart commanders generally favor close combat over ranged firefights, and Angra Mainyu's tactic of "ripping the throat out of the enemy," the annihilation of the enemy's command apparatus through the use of a small force referred to as the "speartip," is still a favored method of attack.

Their overall goal is to find a way to permanently open the warp between Earth and the Warp so that the world itself can fall to Chaos. Angra Mainyu has hinted of possibly conquering the galaxy after their possible success on Earth…

Commander: Angra Mainyu
Base of Operations: Moscow, Russia
Worship: Chaos Undivided
Passive Ability: The Chosen – For their devotion and loyalty to Chaos, the Dark Gods themselves have anointed all members of Grimmoire Heart as the leaders of the Forces of Chaos. The average members of Grimmore Heart are generally better in most varied combat aspects then the average member of any other warband. This excludes hyper specialization such as melee combat of which most members of the World Eaters are the betters (excluding some of Grimmiore Heart’s Kin of Purgatory). They are overall extremely balanced in all skills and even then their base skills are the highest outside of a specialist legion.

An example would be in naval combat whereby they are the best of all of the legions of Chaos excluding the Sea Scourge which hyper specializes in that area. Also, warbands of Grimmiore Heart have the power to summon daemons into combat to fight by their side almost instantaneously without use of sacrifices. Additionally, almost all of their basic warriors can be considered just below in power to a Chaos Champion with Grimmiore Heart’s own Chaos Champions being much more powerful than their counterparts in other legions.


Known for their extreme religious fervor even before their conversion to Chaos, they are some of the most fanatical Chaos Servants, notable for using Dark Apostles (a corrupted version of religious priests) to inspire their warriors and their cultist allies in battle. Word Bearers do not worship Dark Gods individually. Instead, they are venerated and regarded as a Dark Pantheon of Chaos Gods. They view those who limit their worship to a single Chaos God with contempt. However, they are also the most friendliest as they happily spread like a plague to civilized cities to convert others to cults.

They are the most hated enemy of the Order of the Blue Rose. Before battle, the Word Bearers gather in ritual prayer, chanting hymns and cult doctrine to affirm their faith in the power of Chaos. Often these chants will be answered and it is common for the Word Bearers to fight alongside daemonic entities. The Word Bearers then march into battle beneath their standards, bellowing catechisms of hatred at their foe as drums beat out a dolorous thunder. The relentless advance of the Word Bearers is a terrifying sight, as the monotonous chant and beat of drums can break even the strongest will. The unshakeable belief of the Word Bearers in the truth of their cause has seen them marching into certain death, yet unwilling to take a single step backwards. A battle ends either in victory or in the utter destruction of the Word Bearer host.

The leader of the word bearers is Erebus of the Black Faith, a former kin of purgatory of Grimmoire Heart who has now been elevated to the status of Daemon Prince. Due to this, the Word Bearers have an extremely good relationship with Grimmoire Heart and happily take orders from the ones they see as the chosen of the Dark Gods.

Commander: Erebus of the Black Faith
Base of Operations: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Worship: Chaos Undivided
Passive Ability: Bearers of the True Word – Members of the Word Bearers generate an aura of sorts whenever they chant or pray to their Dark Gods. These prayers raise the combat potential of nearby allies by 20% and have a chance of driving others who listen insane.


Formed from the ashes of Salem, the Thousand Sons legion are one of the smallest legions but make up for that with the mighty firepower they possess. Granted mighty sorcerous magics by their patron god, Tzeentch, the Thousand Sons are the scientists of the Dark Gods. They are often the leader or advisors of lesser forces. For the Thousand Sons, knowledge is power and the most knowledgeable the most powerful.

However, as worshippers of Tzeentch they are forced to constantly create and learn. Becoming complacent is the quickest way to lose their God's Favour. The Thousand Sons also often end up mutating into horrible monsters seemingly at the whims of their evil patron. The only sure way to avoid such a fate as a mindless spawn is simply to climb up the ranks and keep their patron interested.

The leader of the Thousand Sons is Balalaika Shemzai. She was the one who led them out of the ruins of Salem. When they entered the Broken City and began to mutate into monstrosities, she both saved and damned her people by offering their souls into service to Tzeentch. The Changer of ways agreed and instead of instant suffering, her people now had a fighting chance. Only the strongest survived and the weakest and most foolish fell. For her service, Tzeentch, turned Balalaika into his personal Daemon Prince to further serve his machinations. The Thousand Sons have bad relations with the World Eaters and the Death Guard. They acknowledge the status of Grimmoire Heart but often seek and plot ways to replace them.

Commander: Balalaika Shemzai
Base of Operations: Salem, Massachusetts
Worship: Tzeentch
Passive Ability: Just As Planned – All of the members of the Thousand Sons have been gifted with the power of magic by Tzeentch. They are free to use their powers in any way they please within limits. The more they earn the favor of their patron, the less restrictions he applies on them.


Possibly one of the most depraved of the legions, the World Eaters are complete and utter devotees to the Blood God, Pyres. This Legion was a collection of people with the potential for viciousness long before becoming corrupted and monsters they would remain, only with what little remained of their restraint and their humanity stripped away after their fall to Chaos.

The World Eaters now possess but a single desire in life -- to slay their enemies in savage melee combat and take their skulls for Pyres. To this end, the Legion has cast away their long-ranged weapons completely and are the greatest masters of melee combat with the possible exceptions of some of Grimmiore Heart's Kin of Purgatory. Their thirst for blood and slaughter has become such an overpowering addiction that when battle is joined the World Eaters, now all transformed into Berserkers, rampage across the battlefield, roaring the name of Pyres, all strategy and tactics forgotten in their overpowering thirst for bloodshed. In combat, these frothing, psychotic berserkers are ferocious and will fight to the death, knowing that their own blood is as welcome to the Blood God as that of their enemies, Bloodletting, blood drinking and such are important daily rituals to the World Eaters.

This legion is well known for their habit of taking the skulls of their defeated enemies as part of their worship. They have an extremely bad relationship with the Thousand Sons and the Daughters of the Dark Lady. This is in conjunction with their god's disdain for magic and them considering Slyvanas's worshippers as weaklings. They respect the overwhelming combat power of Grimmoire Heart but that does not mean they take orders from them easily.

They are led by the Daemon Prince, Aragast the Pillager. Aragast is the most vicious and insane of all of them and utterly devoted to Pyres. The number of people he has killed since the Sundering lies in the hundreds of thousands. With their homebase in Turkey and most of its surrounding regions, The World Eaters are the greatest threat to the remaining people of Europe.

Commander: Aragast the Pillager
Base of Operations: Istanbul, Turkey
Worship: Pyres
Passive Ability: Blood for the Blood God – When wounded, members of the World Eaters have a 10% chance of going into a mode known as “Perkses Mode”. In this mode they enter a true berserk state even greater than their natural one granting immunity to pain, increased damage, durability and bloodlust. The chance to enter this mode increases as they receive more damage until when close to death they automatically enter it. In this mode they can only be satisfied with the utter annihilation of EVERYTHING around them.


The members of the Death Guard are also known as Plague Bearers. As a result of their servitude to Barbaddus, they are rife with all manner of deadly diseases, which renders them immune to pain. In practical terms, this makes them harder to wound and kill than others. Plague Bearers under the tutelage of Mortarion know how to win a battle through sheer attrition. Because Mortarion intended for the Death Guard to rely heavily on infantry, the Death Guard are short some measure of fast assault vehicle and heavy weapons. Their bodies are bloated with disease, swollen with corruption and rank with decay even as they no longer are capable of feeling pain, the greatest mutational "gift" given to them by the Plague Lord.

The Death Guard hails from Middle Asia, India in particular. During the Sundering, many of the cities in this region were corrupted by Barbaddus's power resulting in mighty plagues, diseases and toxins the likes that have never been seen on the planet. Even with the power of modern medicine, the diseases kept on coming and even as the WUG constructed a quarantine to let them die in order to stop the plague. With so many in pain and suffering while being abandoned by their fellow man, 1 person stepped forward to being them to 'salvation'.

Mortarion appeared as one of the sickest and most polluted of them. Under the guidance of Typhus the Traveler, a worshipper of Barbaddus from Grimmoire Heart, Mortarion offered the souls of all the people in the quarantine to the plague god in exchange for salvation. Their bodies became bloated and swollen with the corruption, festering within them, but they no longer felt the agony of the Warp-pox and did not die from the horrific symptoms. Each person was now a bloated grotesque, covered in pock-marks and boils, scabs and putrescent sores. They bore the stink of corruption as the very air about them was clouded with swarming flies. Even their weapons and war machines had been mutated and were now powered by the sickly sorcery of Chaos, glowing with lambent green energy and oozing gangrenous pus. These walking pestilence carriers formed the Death Guard; they had become Plague Bearers.

The flesh of the Plague bearer is always bloated, distended and corpulent, seething with corruption and decay and it is a terrible sight to behold. The stench alone given off by Plague Bearers is enough to incapacitate many enemy troops. Yet this seemingly necrotic and decaying flesh makes the Plague Bearer almost impossible to kill with small arms fire and they are able to shrug off injury and damage. Mortarion was elevated to Daemon Prince status for giving Barbaddus a massive amount of new worshippers. They have a very bad relationship with the Thousand Sons due to the differencing principles of their respective Dark Gods.

They now devote themselves to spreading Barbaddus's 'gifts with the world. The UWG is extremely vigilant to avoid any outbreaks in major cities, as this would open the door for the arrival of the Death Guard. The Death Guard are the greatest enemies in the Chinese battlezone as half of the country is in their hands as they push on daily to expand their power. UWG Navy patrols the Indian Ocean in order to destroy marauding Death Guard ships to prevent the infestation from spreading to the arpelego of South East Asia.

Commander: Mortarion, the Prince of Decay
Base of Operations: New Delhi, India
Worship: Barbaddus
Passive Ability: Rot – All member of the Death Guard are Plague Bearers. As a result of their servitude to Barbaddus, they are rife with all manner of deadly diseases, which renders them immune to pain. In practical terms, this makes them harder to wound and kill than others. Just standing several meters from one provides the potential to be infected by one of the deadly diseases leaking from them.


When the forces of Chaos struck, Africa was one of the worst hit. The populace of Africa became infected by several of Barbaddus's plagues effectively destroying their immune systems. They tried their best to hold out but due to the UWG's blockade, were left to die a slow death. Their resentment for Barbaddus provided a chance for another Dark God. Namira, the Dark Goddess of Death waited for several months as the populace became more and more desperate.

Their bodies were so weakened, they could not even fight simple sickneses as the flu. She searched for the strongest one and came to him. In Cairo, Horus al-Bashir buried his son, wife and parents leaving him alone. She came to him and they discussed the suffering of the people of Africa. She played on his resentment of the so called 'cilvilized nations' that had pilaged the continent and its people for centuries and were once again leaving it to rot.

She then told him frankly, that they were all going to die and there was no hope left except one. As they would rather die then worship the Plague Lord, she then stired their resentment. Finally she made them all an offer. She would strenghten their weak bodies in exchange for them to undergo a special process and to worship her. The people of Africa agreed and underwent the 'Ritual of Nercotyr'.

Namira binded their rotting bodies to an alien material called Nercodermis completely. However she had lied to them slightly. The Ritual did not save them but damm them all in her image. The Ritual killed whomever underwent it, and their diseased flesh would be repalced by Necrodermis which was a type of living metal. Their discarded organic husks would be consumed and their cold, metal forms would then be free to pursue their great vengeance against the rest of the living. They did not realize that their dark path would lead to all of Africa be utterly purged, their essences fused with the robotic necrodermis bodies crafted through the power of Namira.

The Africans became the Iron Dead, cursed to the eternal servitude of Namira. She feasted upon the entire continent human race's life energies even as they made the transfers, leaving behind only the ghostly echoes of their consciousnesses. Only a few of the most strong-willed retained their intellect and self-awareness and even they were but shadows of their former selves. They had been purged of so much of what had made them unique individuals. The Iron Dead cared not at all for their loss; all that mattered to them was that they would live forever without disease or death as Namira had promised. Only one thing truly remained of the old humans- their burning hatred for all the other living, civilized people of Earth.

Horus whom was a particle scientist was the only one who knew what he was getting into. Namira was utterly fascinated by human technology and with her and Horus's efforts; they created new and mighty Necrodermis weapons for their forces. Horus in particular unlocked phase transporting technology. The strongest willed Iron Dead were made lords of their own territories and answered only to Horus. Horus himself underwent the Ritual but with Namira's blessing. He emerged with all of his personality intact (although more emotionless) and was given powerful weapons by Namira. Now he leads the Iron Dead on their eternal quest to slaughter all living things on the planet in the name of their patron, Namira.
Commander: Horus, the Stormlord
Base of Operations: Cairo, Egypt
Worship: Namira
Passive Ability: We’ll Be Back! – The Iron Dead have a remarkable 50% chance ability to repair themselves when destroyed due to their use of the Necrodermis Living metal. Living metal has an uncanny ability to 'flow' back together, closing bullet holes, mending gashes and tears, or even reattaching severed pieces with little delay. The background basis for this lies primarily in the construction of living metal itself which is a mysterious and inscrutable substance, as well as the additional repair mechanisms provided by Tomb Spyders and Scarabs for maintenance purposes. Even the most powerful armaments have no way to stop this terrifying resurrection mechanism so long as an advanced repair source is nearby.


Little known to most people, the Daughters of the Dark Lady are one of the smallest, but most feared of the forces of Chaos. During the Sundering, the Dark Goddess Slyvanas awakened her servants. The banshees and dullahans of Ireland all came to existence at once. The banshee's immediately began possessing any female they felt worthy to serve the Dark Goddess. Soon, their small army began several gurrera raids on the unsuspecting populace of Ireland.

Within days, Ireland was almost completely under the control of Slyvanas. As they moved to consolidate their power, they discovered a single town left. The town of Tanith was attacked and would have been wiped out if not for one man: Colonel Ibrahim Gaunt. Gaunt was the last remaining member of the Irish militarily left in the country and stumbled on the town as it was being attacked. He quickly rallied the menfolk into a cohesive fighting unit and countered all of the tactics of the possessed womenfolk and their dullahans. The fighting lasted for days until in a daring raid, Silena Beauguard one of the possessed commanders of the forces attacked the rearguard and began to eliminate the women and children of Tanith.

Before they could stop them, only the men of Tanith were left alive. Left with little choice, Gaunt forced them to retreat, leaving the remaining civilians to the mercy of the banshees. During the retreat, Gaunt personally slayed Silena as the men of Tanith killed countless women possessed by banshees. With Ireland now completely under her control, Slyvanas consolidated her power. Her first act was to resurrect several of the best female fighters that were possessed by banshees and killed by the Tanith. The resulting unholy creations were deemed 'Dark Rangers’: womenfolk who possessed extreme cunning, their bodies augmented by the magics of the banshee in their veins, unwavering loyalty to their goddess, and an eternal hatred of men.

They became the new commanders of the Daughters of the Dark Lady with Silena as their leader. Dark rangers are silent and invisible stalkers of the shadows, felling unsuspecting opponents with a single arrow. They favor ranged weapons especially bows as the ultimate weapons, using the same arts that Slyvanas taught them. Their spells work with manipulating the essences of life and death, as well as various horrible curses and mind-enslaving abilities.

The Daughters now spent their lives constantly hunting young children to use. Girls are turned into Dark Rangers and boys are used as servants and sex slaves until they reach 15 whereby they are executed. Many of the Daughters end up working with other forces of Chaos despite their hatred of men. This is because their Goddess is sometimes forced to put aside her hate of males in order to advance the cause of chaos. They are the greatest trackers, assassins and scouts in the service of Chaos. The Daughters have a particular blood enemy in the UWG Task Force AVALON Scout Squadron 7: TheTanith First and Only under Ibrahim Gaunt who challenge their scout status as both sides seek to eradicate each other at every chance.
Commander: Silena Beauguard
Base of Operations: Dublin, Ireland
Worship: Slyvanas
Passive Ability: Blur - When at night or in woodland areas, the Daughters Dark Rangers gain the ability to become very hard to see with the naked eye. Also, via their patron’s alliance with Tzeentch, they have the ability to use ice element magics.


Even before the Sundering, there were many who had found the deadly truth about the existance of Dark Gods. Some had chosen to cover in fear, some had joined them, and others tried to get the word out to warn others subtly. One of those individuals whom tried to warn the world was the legendary author, H.P. Lovecraft. However he failed as those that believed in him quickly saught ways to contact the Dark Gods for their own gains. One such man was a deadly serial killer from Japan named Hironaka Takakane. He was a legandary serial killer who had never been caught by the police and often taunted them with complicated messages. He became known as the real life ‘Riddler’.

Through his efforts, he managed to get in contact with the mightly Dark God whos name was known throughout the world, Chutullu. After gathering followers and getting in contact with Grimmoire Heart, they were amongst the ones who helped in the Sundering. As the world stood still, several fighters led by Takakane attacked a secret lab owned by Matrix Enterprises. Within, they discovered to their luck several sets of Crytek Power Armour (Jump Jet Type-N). Stealing all of them, they were shown by Chutullu how to reach him as the Dark God’s mighty city, R’yleh completed an ancient prophesy and rose from the oceans in Antarctica.

Upon arrival and being greated by their patron, they were rewarded for their efforts with mutations to enhance their new roles. The sets of power armour were presented to their patron who corrupted them and gifted them to his new legion. Takakane was quickly elevated to Daemon Prince status of the new Lords of Night legion.

The Lords of Night adopted the modus operandi of their Patron without exception, and thrive in sowing fear and confusion among their enemy. It is common practice for them to ensure that the communications of a target are shut down, broadcasting hideous messages and screams across the airwaves as they begin slaughtering the occupants at their leisure. It is very rare that the Lords of Night voluntarily fight a force able to withstand them; they much prefer to attack the weak and frightened. Repeated instances have shown that the Lords of Night will not give quarter, and are entirely bereft of mercy. Any poor soul offering to surrender will have his pleas answered by mutilation and painful death.

The Lords of Night are masters of stealth, able to infiltrate a position quickly and silently. These arts appear to be innate to the Legion, and are used most often during the sick games the Night Lords use to drive their prey into paroxysms of terror. Once they have prepared themselves and found places to launch an assault that meets their standards, the Lords of Night are capable of sudden, shockingly brutal ambushes or unconventional attacks intended to thin the enemy's ranks or simply sow chaos amongst the foe. Each member of the Legion is highly trained and proficient in the use of terror tactics, psychological warfare, and lightning raids and ambushes intended to leave their opponents completely demoralized and easy targets.

The Lords of Night are the ONLY legion to be completely equipped with Power Armour (in the other legions power armor is extremely rare as Crytek required direct exposure to a Dark God to be corrupted). Their power armor is the Jump Jet Type-N which comes with the ability to make powered jumps across the battlefield, allowing the warriors wearing them to cover ground quickly and unexpectedly drop into the midst of their foes to launch a close-combat assault. The Lords of Night have a tendency to modify their armour to give themselves a more terrifying appearance, mimicking the appearance of a vicious bird of prey or a swooping daemon. They often fit amplifiers and Voxcasters that emit piercing wails and screams to their helms, falling upon the enemy like a shrieking, furious gale, tearing their foes apart.
Commander: Hironaka Takakane
Base of Operations: R'yleh
Worship: Chutullu
Passive Ability: Hunter in the Night - All members of the Lords of Night do not have irises, with the visible part of their eyes consisting entirely of jet-black pupils. Their skin, eyes, and even their senses of smell and hearing are all adapted for living in complete darkness. When at night, they generate a minor aura of terror amongst their foes. They also gain 70% bonus movement and 40% bonus attack speed in darkness.


During the Sundering, South America had been ripped in half by the Dark Rituals of Grimmiore Heart. On one half of the now split continent, the Dark Goddess Azura made her mark .People of the cities in that region began to experience hedonistic desires that no natural power could fulfill. They began to rape and indulge in any method they could to attain and fulfill their desperate desire for pleasure.

They began to kill each other as the sounds of the dying and the thrill of battle brought new pleasure to them. Eventually, a champion rose amongst them: Xavi Gonzales. A former child serial rapist, Xavi rose quickly to the top of these new cultists eventually attracting Azula's attention. She turned him into a Daemon Prince and he quickly gained control of the people of the area. The Violators are now the main danger in the South American theater.

The only focus of life for the servants of Azura is the senseless indulgence of every whim and desire. This makes the Violators the most violent, sadistic, and debauched creatures imaginable. Many of them were mutated by Azura in an attempt to 'prefect' them. The newly created Screamers' hearing is a thousand times more sensitive than even a "normal" human's, and can distinguish between even the subtlest differences in pitch, tone and volume. A Screamer's enhanced hearing affects his whole mind, causing extreme emotional reactions that make all other sensations seem pale and worthless. The louder and more discordant the noise, the more extreme the emotional reaction provoked and the resulting pleasure the Screamer feels. Eventually only the din of battle and heightened screams of fear, pain or terror can stir a Screamer to feel the pleasure he so craves. The Screamers name comes from their preference for weapons that use concentrated sound.

The members of the Violators are known for possessing outlandish mutations and surgical alterations as "gifts" from Azura which are designed to make them more "perfect" in the eyes of their twisted patron. They now constantly raid the other half of South America for slaves to abuse and use for their own pleasure. There is perhaps no worse way to die than at the hands of these superhuman fanatics.
Commander: Xavi Gonzales
Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Worship: Azura
Passive Ability: Charm - Worshippers of Azura exude a hypnotic musk that causes men and women to be even more susceptible to their otherworldly charms. The hardiest warriors can fall victim. Some have been known to lay down their weapons and surrender, only to be gutted like fish upon the blades of the lunatic killers.

UNIT 731

Unit 731 was originally a scientific taskforce send by the now defunct United Nations to investigate the powers of Chaos in the broken cities. As they entered and explored, they were eventually entranced by the powers of Chaos. To their shock, during their exploring, they were found and treated as fellow comrades by one of Grimmoire Heart's Kin of Purgatory, Dr. Lam Mun Khong. Dr. Lam also known as “Dr. Death” threw a celebration feast to welcome them.

As the team was served by the mutations around them, they watched in horrified silence. Dr. Lam took this moment to appeal to their loves of science. He twisted their ideals by pointing out that they will NEVER understand Chaos without doing true research. However the research needed would be labeled by their leaders as “unethical” “insane” “vile” or worse. He appealed to them as a fellow “scientist” to try and understand what he is trying to do. Under the guidance of his patron Dark God, Tzeentch, he had embarked on several experiments in order to create a perfect being.

Engrossed by his charisma, his words, and the chaos tainted food that they ate, they soon all made the decision to fall to Chaos. Under the guidance of Dr. Lam (and with assistance from Grimmoire Heart), they managed to secure and build a gigantic lab in the Australian outback known as “The Primordial Flask”. In this lab, the new servants of Chaos constantly experiment on countless hundreds daily in whatever twisted subject that they wish. Their finest project has been the creation of Super Mutants which serve as the attack force for many of the forces of Chaos.

Having assisted them, Dr. Lam returned back to Grimmoire Heart to continue his own work directed to him by Angra Mainyu himself. The members of the taskforce choose to rename themselves “Unit 731” in ‘honor’ of the original bearers of that name. They are currently led by Professor Elise Arul who has been elevated to Daemon Prince status for her incredible dark researches that had helped to further the cause of Chaos. Many of the members of Unit 731 eagerly experiment on themselves as well as other in order to enhance their bodies. They are also responsible for creating many mutated creatures that now roam the Australian outback.
Commander: Professor Elise Arul
Base of Operations: Uluru, Australia
Worship: Tzeentch
Passive Ability: Haemonculus – As a genetic “gift” for worshipping him, Tzeentch has mutated all of the members of Unit 731 into a new being called a Haemonculus that can reshape not just the body but also the soul of their chose victim. They specialize in body modification and flesh-sculpting and they love to work with a new "canvas" of flesh. If their client wants barbed quills added to his shoulders, the scaled face of an alien reptile, or the eyes of a fly, no request is too difficult or bizarre for a Haemonculus to fulfill. All Haemonculi physically alter themselves to the point that they barely even resemble other members of the species they mockingly still call their own. While the physical modifications will differ from Haemonculus to Haemonculus, representing their personal tastes and particular brand of insanity, they are always attenuated and twisted in form. Some Haemonucli place their intestines, lungs and heart within a powerfully-muscled piece of additional tissue that sprouts from their shoulders and serves as a repository for stimulants and other alchemical mixtures as well as boasting secondary limbs of mechanical or biological origin. Others replace their blood so that searing ichor or even a potent molecular acid now runs through their modified veins. Their spines have been elongated so that from the lower back, their vertebrae meld into prehensile bone-tails that can lash out at their victims.


With the arrival of the Sundering, the effect on the world’s trade system was crippled heavily. During the time leading up to the Sundering, piracy had all but eradicated from Earth. Only a few scarce pirates remained mostly relieving their glory days. They were based on the old world pirate and criminal island towns of Roanapur and Tortuga. After the events of the Sundering, with the UWG heavily focused on deploying munitions around as fast as they could, the oceans became the site of an old war. Many people especially in the smaller towns around the world had been cut off or entirely abandoned by the UWG that focused its efforts on protecting the larger cities. With little choice, the people of these towns began to delve into piracy. Many of the pirates of the new age focused on the larger UWG supply ships with seemingly random abandon.

Eventually, the UWG began to pay attention and quickly wiped out any of the smaller pirate forces that dared to prey on their ships. Soon, a council was convened at Tortuga involving the 7 most powerful pirates of the modern age. The new Kings of the Seven Seas agreed that a single strong leader was required to unite and at least organize them slightly in order to not just continue their way of life, but to do whatever it takes to avoid being wiped out by the UWG.

After days of arguments, brawls and debates, the new Dark Admiral of the United Sea Scourge was chosen. Raquel Diarist, King of the Atlantic Ocean was the chosen Admiral. She quickly brought to heel any possible rebellions and managed to at least create some form of governance. The Sea Scourge would help provide supplies to the coastal towns of the world in return for shelter. All pirates could find shelter at either Tortuga or Roanpur where they had to pay a small tribute to the pirate lords from their booty.

The Sea Scourge usually avoids attacking any of the forces of Chaos unless attacked first which automatically categorizes them as allies of Chaos by the UWG. In reality most of them are Atheists or too busy to waste time praying. Only a few of the Sea Scourge openly worship the Dark Gods and even then only in the form of Chaos Undivided. They especially avoid going anywhere near Turkey or Russia as to not be attacked by rabid World Eaters or annoyed members of Grimmoire Heart.

The Sea Scourge are organized into a large fleet, able to deploy small, elite forces of renegade pirates supported by larger groups of ships. The pirates among the force are supremely proficient at the boarding actions favored by the legion whose ship-to-ship fighting prowess is infamous. Raquel Diarist maintains a substantial fleet consisting of vessels captured over numerous engagements ranging from smaller fighter ships to massive battleships. Raquel herself has a fleet of 10 Emperor Shogun Battleships stolen on a raid in Narita as well as a special sky battlecruiser stolen from a Matrix Enterprises laboratory.
Commander: Dark Admiral Raquel Diarist
Base of Operations: Roanapur and Tortuga
Worship: None/Chaos Undivided
Passive Ability: Naval Mastery

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In the jungles of Asia lies one of the largest and most vicious of armies that serve Chaos. During the Sundering, almost all of middle Asia had been consumed in a gigantic matrix that released unfiltered daemonic energy onto the earth. Strange forests bloomed and within them, one of the greatest dangers to humankind was born. The many countries and towns in the area experienced severe mutation in matter of seconds.

Almost every man, woman and child had been mutated severely by the dark energies. They became partly human and partly animal creatures, Beastmen as dubbed by the UWG. Their minds too are a hybrid of man and beast; although they have the intelligence of humans, they employ it with the savage cunning of a wild animal. Within hours, several of them had formed into warbands that began to slaughter each other. After 3 months of unending conflict, one of the Dark Gods decided that he had enough of seeing such a waste of potential power.

Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways called a meeting of the Dark Gods to convince them to provide their support in the form of Chaos Undivided to Beastmen. Many of the Gods were reluctant until a compromise was reached. Each of them would select a champion from the Beastmen who would lead their own warbands against one another. After a period of one year, the strongest warband would be declared as the leaders of the Beastmen of the world. The War of the Clans would be utterly bloody and brutal as all seeked to attain the favor of the Dark Gods.

Tzeentch himself already had a candidate in mind. He found a man whom had been heavily mutated and displayed several insect like appendages. The Beastman in particular accepted the patronage of the Dark God and after one year his warband was declared as the victors. This was due to his extremely skilled tactics and cunning mind that had transited easily into his mutation. What none of the Dark Gods realized was that Tzeentch had cheated. He had gifted his champion with the power to grow and evolve with each kill he made until the point was he was unstoppable.

The Champion took the name Kah’Zix for himself as he was elevated to the status of Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided by the unknowing Dark Gods. At this point, he was more insect then man but utterly relished in his new form. Kah’Zix united all Beastmen in the known world into a Swarm that began to sweep out of the new forests and attempt to take the world of man by force. The main bulk of UWG forces in Asia are stretched thin in having to contain the danger of the Death Guard but with the arrival of the Swarm, they are near breaking point.

Only with the use of biological and chemical weapons have the UWG managed to hold the line against the swarm. However an expected development has occurred that may turn the tides. During the War of the Clans one Beastman did not take part in much fighting. This Beastman discovered that he had completely retained his humanity and sanity eventhrough he was now in the body of an albino humanoid lion. He chose to dub himself Rengar and spent the time of the War searching for others like him.

Rengar succeeded in finding several other Beastmen who like him have retained their humanity. Choosing to train in human combat, they were more than a match for any warband that dared to challenge them. Towards the end of the war, the inevitable encounter between Rengar and Kah’Zix arrived. Both Beastmen fought non-stop from sunrise to sunset in a titanic battle of proportions. Despite the evolutions granted to him via his Patron’s gifts, Kah’Zix was shocked to find that Rengar was his match.

Rengar was equally shocked to find that Kah’Zix was evolving and becoming tougher and stronger even in the middle of their fight. Eventually at sunset with both unable to fight anymore, they retreated with Rengar missing an eye and Kahzix suffering several deep and unsealing scars. After Kah’Zix succeeded in creating his Swarm, and began his attack on the normal humans Rengar realized the danger Beastmen truly were to the world.

Rengar calling upon all of his stealth skills infiltrated the UWG army base and successfully located and forced an encounter with General Katarina Du Cortou. He made her an offer; he humbly offered himself and his forces to her use. Seeing the potential, she was skeptical at first and inquired why of all times a Beastman would be against Kah’Zix right when the UWG was barely holding back his Swarm. After explaining that both he and his warriors felt that they were abominations against mankind, Rengar told her that they wished to aid humanity as much as they could to atone for the sin of becoming monsters. Katarina then cut a deal with him in that the newly formed Rengar’s Rangers will join the UWG as a Special Forces taskforce under her in exchange for training and supplies as well as being in the main front line of any battle against the swarm.

It was just what Rengar wanted. Now as the battles intensify between the UWG and The Swarm, it also is leading up to the inevitable final rematch between Rengar and Kah’Zix. Kah’Zix in his rage against Rengar for being the only one to match him in combat seeks to devour the hunter to evolve into an unstoppable and perfect creature. His Swarm follows him in join the Ultimate Evolution of a new race to remove humans from the planet.
Commander: Kah'Zix
Base of Operations: Siberia
Worship: Chaos Undivided
Passive Ability: Hyper Accelerated Evolution - Beastmen in the Swarm have the ability to naturally evolve new traits by collecting the "essence" of their prey. By consuming their foes, a beastman is able to evolve and change their form in a never-ending evolutionary development. They have a belief in a kill or be killed philosophy with the victor taking the strengths of the defeated.



  1. Tzeentch

    • Tzeentch is a Dark God who represents the vitality and volatility of change. Tzeentch is closely associated with sorcery and magic, as well as dynamic mutation, and grand, convoluted scheming. The domains of history, destiny, intrigue and plots are his chief interests, and in pursuit of these aspects he listens to the dreams and hopes of all and watches their plans take form. He is not content to merely observe, however, and chooses to interfere in the skeins of fate in order to fulfill his own, unknowably complex schemes. Tzeentch is known by an endless multitude of names, but the chief titles he bears are the Changer of the Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate.

    • His sacred number is 9.

    • As well as an interest in magic, Tzeentch takes keen notice of all plots and plans. As the Great Conspirator, he is aware of all the dreams of plans and mortals. This is how Tzeentch is able to perceive the future; by being aware of all that is planned and all that may potentially happen, he can see all possible fates. Wishing to be involved with the fates of existence, Tzeentch directly and indirectly interferes in the fates of all things. His intentions are unknown, his schemes insanely complicated and his plans so extraordinarily long-term it may be that none other than he will ever see the end of all of them.

    • Tzeentch's opposite force in the Chaos pantheon is Barbaddus, who stands for despair and the acceptance of one's fate. Such a form of existence is anathema to Tzeentch, who derives power from the will to change one's destiny.

    • The mortal champions of Tzeentch are especially dangerous, as they often wield awesome sorcerous power on top of their considerable physical prowess. Professors, philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, and artists also swell Tzeentch’s ranks, for as much as the Changer of Ways embraces magic and guile; he also loves knowledge in all its forms. Predictably, Tzeentch finds those who investigate forbidden or taboo subjects particularly interesting, as individuals willing to defy convention and perhaps even ethics and the law to pursue their intellectual ambitions often make willing and effective servants. Some thinkers who reach a stumbling block in their scholarly pursuits can become obsessed with a particular problem or question. These scholars may try any number of approaches to find answers, but no experiment, no amount of research or consultation with experts, and no amount of sweat and elbow grease brings them closer to a solution. These obsessed scholars are particularly vulnerable to Tzeentch’s temptations. While some may deliberately seek the assistance of the Master of Fate, many more unwittingly fall into Tzeentch’s service after accepting help from an insightful but mysterious new colleague or after gazing too long at a classified or forbidden text that somehow finds its way onto their desk

    • Tzeentch has the most number of legions of the Dark Gods directly receiving his patronage: Thousand Sons, Unit 731 and The Swarm of Kah’Zix (indirectly). He is also the main architect of The Sundering and the main Dark God who united all of the bickering others into a single plan and cause.

    • Not many people have seen the true face of Tzeentch as he prefers to deal with others in the guise of a mortal gentleman in order to put others at ease when he meets them. It is said that his true form is so incomprehensible that to look at him can drive one mad.

  2. Pyres

    • Pyres is the Chaos god of fire, anger, violence, and hate. Every act of violence gives Pyres power, whether committed by his followers or by their enemies. The name " Pyres " derives from his Dark Tongue name, " Pyreseth", meaning "Lord of Rage" or "Lord of Blood". Although Pyres despises the use of magic and accordingly hates Tzeentch, Azura is his opposite. Pyres and Azura personify two entirely opposing aspects of Chaos, and Pyres considers Azura a weakling without martial pride or honour. Images of Pyres show it to be a mighty being, sitting upon a great throne of brass atop a mountainous pile of bleached skulls centered in a lake of blood. The skulls are of all those slain by Pyres's Champions, and of all his slain Champions. The mountain slowly grows ever higher.

    • His associated number is eight.

    • Pyres's followers are warriors without exception, if only in mind than in occupation. His followers build no temples but rather worship him on the battlefield. To devote time to building temples rather than fighting for something would more likely incur Pyres's wrath than please him. Worship of Pyres is purely through bloodshed, either from one's enemies in victory or one's own through earnest struggle; it is said that any follower who allows a day to pass without contributing to this act of worship will incur Pyres's displeasure

    • A devotee of Pyres is as likely to be an honourable champion in combat as a blood-crazed slaughterer. Pyres take no artful approach to killing, seeking only to slay rather than to inflict pain, because while the blood of their victims strengthens Pyres, their suffering actually empowers his nemesis Azura.

    • Pyres needs no honeyed promises or convoluted plots to draw mortals into his realm; the anger and fury lurking just below their civilized demeanor is often more than enough. The path to Pyres's domain can be just as slippery as any represented by the other, more subtle Ruinous Powers.

    • The followers of Pyres are always ferocious warriors and never make use of psychic powers, for the Blood God abhors the trickery of magic and cowardly sorcerers, particularly the servants of Tzeentch. Men turn to Pyres for the power to conquer, to defeat their enemies in battle, to wreak bloody vengeance and to attain unmatched martial prowess against all comers. The most fanatical and dedicated of his followers, those whose souls are trapped fully within his bloody embrace, know that he truly desires only constant and wild slaughter for its own sake. Pyres cares not from where the blood flows, only that it flows without cease for all eternity.

    • Pyres’s personal legion solely devoted to him is the World Eaters.

  3. Barbaddus

    • Barbaddus also known as the Plague Lord, is the Chaos God of Disease, Decay, and Destruction. In particular, the emotion of despair in mortals empowers him. He is known also as Grandfather Barbaddus, the Lord of Pestilence and the Lord of Decay. Barbaddus is also the God of perseverance and survival. While those who wish to spread decay and corruption are certainly amongst his followers, there are also those who wish to endure, to become tough enough to handle the difficulties and opportunities presented by an uncaring universe. Many of those affected by Barbaddus‘s poxes usually turn to him in order to escape the pain caused by sickness and disease.

    • Barbaddus also embodies the will of Mankind to struggle on no matter what opposes it, albeit perversely. Suffering, death, pain: human beings push these things from their minds and try to forget them by living in the moment in the hope that the future will be a better one. For this reason Barbaddus, his daemons and mortal followers usually demonstrate a disturbing joy at the pestilence that he inflicts, seeing the plagues as gifts and the cries of their victims as gratitude for the strength to overcome the obstacles of a mortal life rather than agony.

    • The Plague Lord is often referred to as "Grandfather Barbaddus," "Father Barbaddus” or "Papa Barbaddus " by his followers because of this hideous paternal stance. Barbaddus ‘s sacred number is seven.

    • Despite his horrific appearance, Barbaddus is a warm, welcoming God who prides himself on the achievements of his followers, gifting them with his most hideous diseases even as he protects them from all pain and the cold sleep of death.

    • Barbaddus is the age-old enemy of the Dark God Tzeentch, the Lord of Change. Their energies come from diametrically opposing beliefs; Tzeentch's power derives from hope and changing fortune while Barbaddus's comes from defiance born out of despair and hopelessness. His forces corrupting influence is often successful in thwarting the Architect of Fate and they erode his accomplishments constantly, safe in the knowledge that whatever survives the collapse into entropy becomes their inheritance.

    • Barbaddus’s sacred number is 7 and his most devoted followers are the Death Guard who spread His name and his gifts to all they meet.

  4. Slyvanas

    • Slyvanas is the Dark Goddess of Shadows, Wind, Women, The Wild and Nighttime. She is also known as the Dark Lady, The Queen of Night, and Manhater.

    • She has a vicious hatred of men which stems from an incident involving her fellow Dark God, Pyres. As such, her worshippers consist of mostly women.

    • Strangely, Slyvanas’s power base is only in Ireland where she is the undisputed master. Her servant daemons have roamed the Irish countryside for millennia and were known as Banshees and Dullahans.

    • Very little is known about her as her followers number few and are secluded in a single location which is impossible to be penetrated by spies. Men are killed on sight; women are captured and converted into her most powerful servants, Dark Rangers.

    • Her sacred number is 5 and her largest gathering of followers are the Daughters of the Dark Lady. Slyvanas encourages human sacrifices in her name in order to feed upon the life energies released by the dying.

    • Interestingly, she is allied with Tzeentch and is great rivals with Pyres and Namira. As such, Tzeentch allows her Dark Rangers the ability to use several types of magic chosen by Slyvanas herself.

  5. Namira

    • Namira is the Dark Goddess of Death, Despair, Fatalism and Domination.

    • She enjoins the soul to strip away mortality and meaning, for which there is no true purpose, and surrender to fate. Namira has an eternal disdain for life and its shortcomings, feeling that the gift of mortality was wasted on the souls of Mankind. Rather than foster growth and inspire hope in those souls her grasp reaches, Namira seeks to keep them from passing Beyond by promising them immortality as undead or throwing them into the Abyss.

    • As mortals surrender their free will to Namira, she gains more influence in the world, the better to gather all souls under her dark shadow.

    • She constantly thirsts for new souls to devour in order to become more powerful giving her the name She Who Thirsts.

    • With advice from Tzeentch, she had taken advantage of Barbaddus’s plagues to not only thwart him from getting an entire continent of servants, but also gain an entire army of her own. Tzeentch’s reward for this was the joy of seeing Barbaddus’s annoyed by Namira.

    • Namira feasted upon the entire African continent's life energies even as they made the transfers, leaving behind only the ghostly echoes of their consciousnesses. Only a few of the most strong-willed Africans retained their intellect and self-awareness and even they were but shadows of their former selves, purged of so much of what had made them unique individuals.

    • The Iron Dead cared not at all for their loss; all that mattered to them was that they would live forever without disease or death as their Star Gods had promised. Only one thing truly remained of the old people -- their burning hatred for all the other living, humans of Earth.

    • Namira’s sacred number is 4 and her most powerful servants are the Iron Dead.

    • She is slightly allied to Tzeentch and an enemy of Barbaddus who is still rankled of her actions. She is also an enemy of Slyvanas but this is mostly due to their different needs from human sacrifices. Namira gains power from the souls released upon death while Slyvanas gains power from the life energy itself leading to them constantly competing against each other for sustenance.

  6. Cthulhu

    • The Dark God Cthulhu is one of the most ancient of the Pantheon of Chaos and possibly one of its most powerful members. He is the Dark God of Water, Fear & Terror, Astrology, and The Unknown.

    • Unlike most of the Dark Gods, Cthulhu was actually imprisoned in a semi-sleep state on Earth itself in his mighty city, R’yleh. It was via the actions of his chief rival and closest friend of the Dark Gods, Tzeentch that he managed to join in the planning of the Sundering.

    • Tzeentch is a trusted friend and ally of Cthulhu and also each other’s chief rival. In eons past they constantly schemed with and against each other weaving large and convoluted plots to one up the other.

    • It is later discovered that the same unknown race that fought Chaos for untold years and left behind the Gifts were the same ones who buried Cthulhu in R’yleh under the frozen waters of Antarctica.

    • With the powerful Chaotic Energies released by the Sundering, Cthulhu finally acquired enough power to break free of his forced slumber and then proceeded to raise his city above the oceans once again.

    • The subsequent arrival of Hironaka Takakane and his worshippers combined with his mighty daemon army that had been sealed with him to form one of the most dangerous of Chaos Warbands.

    • Incredibly, he has a daughter named Cthylla born of his flesh and a human woman. One of the goals of the Lords of Night is to return her to him at all costs. This is because Cthylla rejected her origins and her ‘father’ as abominations. She is currently hiding somewhere on the planet assisting Mankind wherever she can against the forces of Chaos (it is implied that Marethyu has met her before). Cthylla is incredibly powerful and can be considered to be more powerful than even the Greater Daemons of Chaos.

    • Cthulhu’s personal legion are the Lords of Night and his sacred number is 13. He is closely allied with Tzeentch. He specializes in water element magic but his greatest mastery is in space and star magic. So great is his poweress in this area is until he even surpasses his friend Tzeentch in both knowledge and power when it comes to Space and Star Magics.

  7. Azura

    • Azura also known as the Dark Princess, the Princess of Pleasure and even the Princess of Chaos is the Dark Goddess of Pleasure, Passion, and Decadence. Lust, pride and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of all who follow her. Azura is the Goddess of hedonism and excess. But this is true in all things, not just carnal pleasures. Those who desire to indulge in the finest culinary delights, the most beautiful artworks, even the most sensual clothing, could all be amongst Azura’s disciples. Just as importantly, Azura is also the Goddess of perfection. The singer striving for the most beautiful song or the warrior who seeks the perfect fighting techniques, both could be devotees of Azura.

    • Azura is divinely beautiful. She is as seductive as only an immortal can be, disarming in her innocence, utterly beguiling in her manner and irresistibly tempting with her words.

    • It is impossible for a mortal to look upon her without losing his or her soul and becoming a slave to the Princess of Pleasure's slightest whim. Mortals that seek charisma and fellowship turn to Azura, for his gifts can make one popular and inspiring. Poets and artists are drawn into his gaze by the promise of inspiration and fame, while even the hardiest warriors might seek the adulation of the masses and the ironclad loyalty of their followers. Yet, as one continues in the service of Azura, such pleasures soon grow stale and his servants are driven on to search for ever greater sensations and ever more self-fulfillment until only the most decadent and debased of acts can stir their emotions or provide the pleasure they have come to crave in the purest form of addiction.

    • The followers of the Princess of Chaos pursue ever-greater heights of experience, seeking pleasure in increasingly extreme and outrageous fashion. Azura’s influence often reaches into the upper echelons of hierarchies where the greatest luxury and privilege resides, corrupting nobility and the wealthiest of Imperial families. It can be seen at its most insidious among those that strive for rectitude, as if the Princess of Chaos takes particular joy in corrupting those that dare to proclaim themselves as upright souls.

    • Servants of Azura, by their incantations, conjuration and accursed crafts, have seduced, depraved and corrupted both Man and Beast, bringing them low in the sight of others. Numberless are their enormities and horrid offences; heinous and wicked their every action. Reveling in perversity and debasement, twisted in mind and body, these insidious servitors of the Princess take delight in all manner of abominable and unclean deeds. The denizens of Azura spread the depravity of Chaos to the unwary and uncaring with heretical crimes that cry out against nature and the true order of the world. Amassed on the field of battle, the electric colours of their contorted forms offend the eye as their diseased lewdness offends the mind.

    • Worshippers of Azura are known for their complete lack of fear, as they see even losing a battle or their own lives as a new experience to be enjoyed. While not interested in the dirty warfare of Pyres's narrow-minded berserkers, Azura does enjoy combat of the artistic sort, taking pleasure in watching extremely talented gladiator battles, where the act of fighting is transformed from a means to an end into an art form all its own.

    • Azura is said to have little interest in the other Chaos Powers, being too caught up in her own pleasures to be interested in alliances or co-operation. However, the followers of Pyres with their boorish beliefs in bloodshed for its own sake are particular enemies. Cults dedicated to Pyres and Azura clash frequently in the mortal realm just as their daemonic legions are believed to battle endlessly.

    • Her sacred number is 6 and her most dedicated worshippers are the Violators.



  1. All normal City rules apply.

  2. No God-modding or power-playing. I'm certain we're all talented RPers here, and we know there's a time for asskicking and a time for getting one's ass kicked. Imbalanced PCs and Mary Sues will be shot: survivors will be arrested by the OIA and will never be seen again. (Remember, the OIA is watching you!)

  3. Avoid one-line or unintelligible posts. I'm not strict on the use of language so long as everyone can understand your writing.

  4. No killing characters without my permission (and the permission of the killee).

  5. Up to two characters per player only. You may create any number of NPCs and villains, but try to keep track of them.

  6. All characters must be at a minimum of 17 years old and above.

  7. If you're going to quit or take an extended leave of absence, please PM me.

  8. If you have any ideas for the plot or have any questions, please PM me. I also accept criticism and any violent reactions you may have.

  9. Rule of Cool: If it's awesome and it makes the story even better, it's allowed, so long as it moves the story forward and isn't outright power-playing bullcrap.

  10. Romance, whether it's hetero, yaoi or yuri is perfectly allowed; however, keep it to a PG-13 level. Please.

  11. Violence and bloodshed must also be kept at a PG-13 level. Yes, the Cults (and the UWG at times) are vicious as hell. No, we don't need to know what the Rapine Storm does to its victims. (Really. We don't. It's disgusting and we don't need anyone elaborating further.). If you wish to post such grizzly details, PLEASE place them in a spoiler type tag so that only those interested may view as to not offend others.

  12. If you can't post on the RP for a long period of time, feel free to leave your character in the hands of me or of someone who can post, just so we don't get bogged down because of hanging plotlines. *

  13. Number of Gifted is limited so it’s first come first served.

  14. Have fun!


  1. Gifted may only have one type of main Gift: Servant, Armed, or Fused. No hybrids.

  2. Your Gift is not a godlike engine of destruction, so don't play it like one.

  3. No mind control (only NPCs may have this power: this is to prevent any abuse of such a power), invincibility, or any Game Breaker-ish powers.

  4. Again, only one Main Gift per Gifted! Psychics and spellcasters may have up to three powers with them.

  5. To explain in more detail for the Gifted, Your Main Gift will be you main “power” so to speak. You may have up to 3 non-main gifts but they are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS POWERFUL. An example would be if your main gift is in the form of a ranged weapon, your sub-gifts can be something minor such as the ability to see large distances, etc.


NAME: (First/Middle [Optional]/Last)






OCCUPATION: (Any normal human job will do.)


*POWERS: (6 total) (Member of Al-Tharmen only)

*Ability: (3 total) (Member of Order of the Blue Rose only, physical skils)

*Enhancements: (3 total) (Member of AVALON only)


BIO: (Be creative here. Mysterious/dark and tragic pasts are fine, but try not to make it too cliché.)

APPEARANCE: (Picture/written description of your character.)

*MACHINA (For Gifted only a.k.a. members of IMPERIUM)

NAME: What name does he/she/it go by?

TYPE: (Armed Gift, Fused Gift, or Servant Gift.)

POWERS: (Up to three. Please, no invincibility, teleportation, or mind/time control.)

BIO: (A little something about the Gift.)

APPEARANCE: (A picture or a written description will do.)

PACT MARK: A mark that symbolizes your character's bond with the Gift.

LOCATION OF MARK: Where is the mark found?

Re: Palladium (Open)
Link | by on 2013-05-02 10:26:01 (edited 2013-05-13 16:06:43)
This is pretty fantastically large, so much so some people might get scared off, but I'll be the first to take a spot. It'll probably take a while to read up on everything.

Is it alright to have your character be head of like a detachment of units? Hearing the warhammer inspiration makes me want to crate a couple of character "commanders" who control a company sized (80 to 225) npc unit (blame company of heroes). Is it alright to have an officer type character commanding a unit?

NAME: George Rienberg

NICKNAME/TITLE: Major - The Fusilier


AGE: 39


FACTION: United World Government - Task Force Avalon

OCCUPATION: UWG Armed Forces Major - 2nd Jaegers Company

HOBBIES: Pastries Connoisseur, Sharpshooting, Paint-balling

*Enhancements: (3 total) (Member of AVALON only)

Trajectory Augmentation - An implant that allows for computer assistance when shooting, and fine tuned from years of use. The Major can hit a dime from miles away.

Mirror Camouflage Augmentation - A mandatory implant for members of the 2nd Jaegers. It uses an incredibly advanced mirroring technique that allows the user to literally disappear into the surroundings. It has a limited operation time of 2 hours in total before needing a recharge.

Strength and Impact Augmentations - An even more mandatory Augmentation type that much of Task Force Avalon Uses. They are given extra strength to hold heavier weapons that are supposedly in development. The Strength Augmentation in use by the Jaeger's also reinforces their bodies, presumably to increase their chances in surviving a mauling from a Daemon.

PERSONALITY: Off the battlefield, he comes off as solid and unshakeable. He rarely worries himself about anything aside from his duties as an officer, and his responsibility to his men.

BIO: George hails from Germany, and was a part of it's armed forces prior to all hell breaking loose across the planet. Rienberg was fortunate enough to not be one of the first waves of men sent against chaos. By the time he was sent into combat, humanity had gained some hard earned lessons in confronting their new foe. George survived enough battles to be considered for a promotion to control a company of his own men. At that time, mankind believed the best way to handle the Daemon's in battle was to hit them with the biggest bullets before they could engage. This train of thought is what shaped the "Jaeger" Companies. George wasn't particularly effected by the appearance of Chaos as he had joined the army straight out of the orphanage. His loyalty primarily rests with the responsibility he feels towards his men, and the army he has spent a majority of his life serving.

The Jaeger's are primarily utilized as Skirmish and Scouting units. They are armed with cloaking technology, as well as the other benefits granted by Cretek Armor and Augmentations. Their primary weapon is the Barrett-2 Fifty Caliber Antimaterial Rifle. Surprisingly, these men are trained to use these weapons as if they where regular small arms, and can lay down a volume of fire with their hefty rifles when required. Ideally, however, they are trained to engage enemies at range, and wipe them out before they have a chance to fight back.

Even with the development of weapons and armor that allows for infantry to engage Daemon's at closer range, the 2nd Jaeger's abilities in Infiltration, Rapid deployment, Ability to carry battles with little to no support, as well as their battle hardened status keeps them as an important part of the UWG's Armed forces, even with the appearance of more advanced equipment and tactics being used by other parts of the army.


Re: Palladium (Open)
Link | by roxas678 on 2013-05-10 00:17:04 (edited 2013-05-10 01:44:34)
@Ugo - To answer your questions, yes its alright. The main cast will be a sort of combined group that still maintains their positions and commands. This is because we will be doing missions as well that involve normal forces so sometimes we may need to command our troops.

Here is an example of a character aka my 1st one.

NAME: Jason Harker
AGE: 25
HOBBIES: Smoking, Reading the latest medical discoveries and theories

*MAIN GIFT (For Gifted only a.k.a. members of IMPERIUM)

NAME: Ten Commandments
TYPE: Armed Gift
a)Mode Change - The Ten Commandments can transform into 9 other legendary 'swords' in human history with their own powers. It's default form is called Esperacchius (Hope) and takes the shape of a simple steel broadsword. It's other forms and powers are:

-Joyeuse (The air sword, Grants supersonic speed where he can unleash multiple attacks in seconds. The flaw with this weapon is that it does not have much offensive power, mainly due to making him lighter and thus weakening each attack. Also grants minor wind manipulation)
-Durendal (An extremely heavy massive sword, allowing the wielder to break through hard objects. Also grants the power of minor earth manipulation).
-Hrunting (Known as the Bloodlust sword, it grants the user extreme power after taking all the user's emotions except for anger.)
-Kusanagi (The Grasscutter sword. It has the power to extend itself and retract its blade to attack from long distances. It also secretes a powerful and virulent poison that can kill a man in seconds. However it is slightly brittle and can be broken when extended too far if enough weight is put on it.)
-Clarent (The Traitor's Sword. It grants the power of lightning manipulation. However it also whisper's into its users mind over time in an attempt to manipulate their thoughts.)
-Tizona and Colada (The Twin Swords. Tizona grants the power of Ice manipulation and Colada Fire manipulation. Both a considered part of a single sword set)
-Zulfiqar (The Prophet's Sword. It can cancel magic, create seals and cannot cut physical objects. It just becomes intangible when slicing into physical objects.
-Excalibur (The Sword of Promised Victory. A powerful light element manipulation holy blade that deals extreme damage to daemons.)
-Ea (The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth. A powerful sword that unleashes a mighty attack that can only be used once a year. It is capable of destroying an entire fortress in a single blast.)

BIO: The Ten Commandments gift takes the form of a simple metal sword. It's power is the ability to transform into 9 other different forms based on legendary swords throughout history. Each corresponding form has its own powers.



a) Duelist - Allows him understand an opponent's fighting style the longer a battle goes on. This allows him to eventually triumph in a battle with a more skilled opponent via attrition.
b) Serendipity - His overall combat ability goes significantly more then a normal person with each battle regardless of victory of defeat.

Inherited Name: Miyamoto Musashi
Passive: Inheritance: Book of Five Rings - The Book of the Five Rings, the book of philosophy and swordsmanship that Miyamoto Musashi wrote. It is the compilation of all his learnings in life and was influenced by Taoist and Buddhist philosophies and is also an autobiography. increases efficiency in battle and speed as well as strength to execute efficient maneuvers as dictated by him. He can invoke different physical effects based on his choice of ring (water, fire, wind, earth, void).

Re: Palladium (Open)
Link | by on 2013-05-16 12:17:39 (edited 2013-05-19 11:17:44)
Been quite a long while since my last RP days.As I'm one of the Immortal Machina player,I'm using the profiles from there,so let me know if there's any changes needed(in fact,I already did a few).Still need a mode of transportation? ;)

@Ugo:Roxas already answered that before me,but my character can be used for references.

NAME:Snake Valentine

Supreme Shogun(Imperial Shogunate by his Co-Commanders and his commanding fleet members)
Human/Akihabara Battleship/Senkan(HumBatt/AkiBatt for short;only his otaku and Akiba-Kei friends call him by the latter while in Akihabara,where he resides before the events)
Car Rammer(rarely by some witnesses due to his habit of ramming a car off-course when he attacks)
Yamato(military callsign;only his old war buddies and enemies called him by it.Just hearing the name was enough to give his opponents a extreme chill on the spine)


AGE:35(some may mistook him for a man in his 20s)



OCCUPATION:Owner of the Yamato Cosplay Cafe,also a bartender.

HOBBIES:Read comics/mangas,watch animes and play video games.Occasionally trains both himself and his members via milsim games.

PERSONALITY:Extremely optimistic,even at the point where most people would have given up.Has a love-hate relationship with anything he came across(ACs is definitely his #1 most hated things,since they took down his favorite WW2 battleship).

BIO:A Supreme Shogun in his military days,now a member of IMPERIUM who's popular among the Japanese people there due to his heroic acts in the Japan.Before he became a IMPERIUM's member,he lives a peaceful life at Akihabara.He lives in his battleship,Yamato Shogun,one of the history's most powerful SSB(Supreme Shogun Battleship) and one of the Supreme Shogun Sister flagships,which now doubles up as his home and runs a cafe named after the ship,Yamato Cosplay Café onboard.

His favored weapon is a heavy,custom-made HK21E AMG(assault machine gun;he called it so due to the ability to fire 3 rounds at one burst,just like a few modified assault rifles),which he called "her" the Patriot Battleship.It comes attached with a modified HK79 grenade launcher attachment(which took him quite a effort to fit on the machine gun) in place of the bipod(gains explosive firepower at the cost of accuracy stability).

The HK21E before the modifications.

Wears a bandanna with chrysanthemum emblem on the center and a trench coat with the IJN emblem on its back.

*MACHINA (For Gifted only a.k.a. members of IMPERIUM)


TYPE:Fused Gift

1.Battleship/BB(a double-letter denotation to identify a warship's class)
-Focused on mid-long range combats.
-The cannons is "loaded" with HP(High-Powered) plasma rounds capable of destroying his enemies at long range with minimal collateral damages due to the tight,focused bombardment system.
-Increased durability and accuracy,though slower than the SW form in terms of “cruising” speed.The "weight" of the form makes the "Ramming Speed" ability devastatingly powerful,although using it more than once would hurt them.

2.Shogun Warrior/SW
-Focused on close-mid range combats.
-The cannons is loaded with special Sanshiki "shotgun" plasma rounds,which devastates his enemies at close range,ripping them with their spread shots.(Note:This rounds can also be loaded while in BB mode,although firing more than 8 rounds will damage the 40mm cannons.)
-Increased speed and added CQC ability,although lacks the durability.The speed increase means more distance covered when using "Ramming Speed" ability,though will eventually slow down as he hits more objects on the way(sometimes stopping in the midway).

3.Ramming Speed(Both forms;counts as a ability.Limited to 1 in BB form,2 for Shogun Warrior form):A devastating move used by his battleship counterpart,he charge towards his enemies with surprisingly high speed,crushing them(like a tsunami wave) as he speeds through.Although unable to ram a tank off using this ability,hitting one will cause it to shake violently(more so in BB Form due to the weight).(Note:Because of its devastating(and suicidal) nature,his military buddies,particularly IMPERIUM's,told him to at least give them a warning before doing so,since it doesn't discriminate either allies or enemies)

BIO:Takes the form of a battlesuit,she assists (the already-powerful Supreme Shogun) Snake in many ways.One of the unique Machina,as she could talk with just about anyone since she could transform into a cute,beautiful girl.Anytime Snake needs help,she'll approach him and hugs and/or kiss him,much to his friend's jealousy(both male and female).When not in battle,she helps out at Snake's cafe.


When fused,takes one of the 2 armored battlesuit forms,equipped with different armaments:
1.Battleship/BB Form:16 50mm cannons(8 on both shoulders,another 8 on both arms),a pair of 6mm miniguns slunged under his arms.Wears a helmets based on Yamato Shogun Battleship's bridge section(with chrysanthemum emblem embedded on the forehead).Stylish sakura emblem on the central chest armor(similar to that of the Iron Man's,though it actually replicates the battleship counterpart's emblem placement).
2.Shogun Warrior/SW Form:6 20mm "shotgun" cannons on both arms,a pair of katana slung on his hips,a pair of broadswords used for the "Ramming Speed" attack slung under his arms(where his machine guns are used to be).Wears a helmet based on a Shogun's.


LOCATION OF MARK:Both shoulders(can be seen when using the Ramming Speed ability in his SW form and/or without his shirts/coats)

Freedom's the power of everything!! Usual RP characters

Re: Palladium (Open)
Link | by on 2013-08-31 09:27:59
NAME: Kael Misha



AGE: 19

NATIONALITY: Japanese/Filipino


OCCUPATION: High-School Drop-out,currently seeking part-time job

HOBBIES: Football(soccer),reading war and love novels and MMA

PERSONALITY: Happy, outgoing, street smart with an aura that attracts people, hates sacrifices

BIO: A boy who is very passionate about what he does, and because of that tends to be misunderstood from time to time, poor and in debt because of his parents who sold him to the Yakuza at a tender age of 10, worked his way through the ranks and is currently a "made-man" who in an extent is free to do what he wants without permission of the boss, to the envy of long time memberss which try to assasinate him

 photo Yamamoto_zps0d2673fb.jpg

Main Gift (For Gifted only a.k.a. members of IMPERIUM)

NAME: Shi no Hana

TYPE: Servant Gift

POWERS: Tactical Power-ups: Depending on the position of Hana and Misha there would be a boost in their abilities. They both have a katana and two handguns each

Depending on the position:

Back-to-Back: they would share a vision of 360 degrees and can parry/defend any melee?range attack. Downfall: 360 vision is limited and cannot move from position

Both facing front: The bullets BOTH fire in a straight line would fuse an make a hyperbeam like attack! Downfall: decrease in melee fighting

When only one is around: The one around will have increase in dodging ability while the hiding one will have TRUESHOT wherein one shot one kill! Downfall: the hiding one is vulnerable and the one visible one cannot attack

Ultimate attack: Hand-in-Hand: A ultimate combo attack that can destroy a whole fortress. Can only be used once a month

Secret attack: The kiss: ???

Familiarity: Increases familiarity of each others attacks therefore an increase in attack speed and effectiveness in battle and gains ecperience 2x faster
Safeeguard: Can never be damaged from behind

BIO: Shi no Hana was presented as a sword by Misha's Yakuza Boss Tsunayoshi. Then one day a saint named Kanzaki duelled Misha for the evil sword and forever came the servant gift to Misha.

 photo kanzaki_zpsd9dc131c.jpg


 photo download_zps02fd3d41.jpg

LOCATION OF MARK: Misha on the right side of the neck, Shi no Hana left hip

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