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The Gathering

Based On Known Anime & Original Content | Here Goes Nothing! XD

This story takes place in England. After the death of her grandfather, Amelie receives a mysterious keychain and according to his will, must take custody of 25 specifically named, series of cards resembling tarot cards with various magical powers containing forbidden powers within them. The cards were sealed in One Book by the name of there Original Creator, 5 related families bounded in that time, were giving each 2 Powerful Cards to be kept at rest.

Now in contemporary times new "Related Bloodlines" appeared. With the death of all of the Gatherers and Amelie grandfather ' The Keeper ' the release of the other 15 Cards was inevitable, the unbalance of Magic and the " Normal " collide, ending in what is named The Final Judgment

Amelie is the Only Descendant that doesn't even know the faith of the wold is literally resting in her hands, Meaning that if there Cards are not Changed and place all of them to rest in The Book, Catastrophe is to come.

A few decedents that are aware of this situation, are determine that Amelie is not worthy of becoming the cards Book Keeper, and use there Rightful Powers and Cards to Obtained the other 15 Cards to there own advantage and greed, Sense Amelie Is not the Only one with a Sealing Staff, other relatives can Seal and Rightfully claim The Card.

Yet if this is to happen, The world as they know it Will Come To and End...

The Rules

This Rp is Categories as: | Suspense l Supernatural l Love l Action l
- Post You're Location So that everyone could have a clear view of whats going on, When and Were
- 2 Character per person.
- 16 and Up
- Every space is crucial, that also means if you will be dropping out because you get bored with it please contact me and we can deal with it. Working on sharing opinions on how can we get a jump start. But if you decide to leave it can't be held.

- Quality posts: Longer posts are better, If you have writers block and have to write only two three lines,
I'm not going to kill you for it. (but My character might XP) Just don't make it a habit.

- Do not control other players
- No God Modding or Invincibility
- If you will be away or absent for any amount of time please tell me
- A single person may make 2 posts a day. If anything I will raise
The post rate

- Love, keep it PG-14 ^^
- If you do not follow these rules, you will be given warn warning; if you have exhausted that warning you will be expelled from the RP and your character will become an NPC.
- Have Fun!

Well this are the things we should know

The 25 Cards: The Cards represent a combination of Eastern and Western magic centered on the concepts of natural forces and elements. Each Card has its own personality, ranging from good-natured to violent, and its own powers that are mostly centered around an elemental force or performing a specific task. When in use or acting on their own, the cards assume alternative forms that vary from card to card.

The Cards | Abilities | Appearance ( 11/15 )

- The Dark Card: generates perpetual darkness Fairy

- The Light: is able to create and control light, also able to turn night into day. Avian

- The Sword Card: gives its user the knowledge of fencing Zou

- The Thunder Card: a beast that can summon lightening bolts Zero

- The Illusion Car: shows people what's in their hearts at that time Sayuri

- The Mirror Card: can create a double of anyone or anything Jonathan

- The Time Card: Returns a person to any point in the past Roxas

- The Shadow Card: steals shadows and can control them to do its or its masters bidding Roxas

- The Shot Card: shoots out at the first person it sees after someone calls out its name Bulletwitch

- The Sheild: Card forms a protective barrier around anything Mistress

- The Arrow: is an attack card capable of creating and firing a continuous stream of magical arrows. Mistress

- The Change: is able to do things involving change. Change is able to swap the minds (or bodies) of two people. This swapping can only occur once a day, and if a change is not reverted after some time, it becomes permanent.

- The Dash Card: is able to run at supernatural speeds for short distances. It can grant this ability to others as well. Zero

- The Erase Card: has the power to make almost anything, including people, disappear. Erase also has the power to erase magical elements Fairy

These Cards are Unsealed | They will Not Be reserved Now & Will Appear Eventually and Randomly

( Pm For More Info. )

- The Fire Card: The Firey has the power to control or summon fire.

- The Freeze Card: is able to freeze things, emit ice as a weapon, and lower the temperature of a localized area to freezing point. It is very crafty when using its abilities in combat, such as attacking with frozen glaciers or attacking targets from behind with pillars of ice.

- The Loop Card: is one of the strangest of the Cards. Loop is capable of warping reality--bending the time-space continuum into a continuous, repeating loop.

- The Maze Card: is able to create pocket dimensions inside the real world, which contain giant mazes. Unlike conventional mazes, which work in three dimensions, the puzzles created by Maze are twisted through four or more dimensions, allowing people to walk upside-down,

- The Mist Card: is a corrosive entity, able to eat through almost any material including metal bars. It can also create a blanket of fog for cover.

- The Power Card: is able to give its user an incredible amount of physical strength, granting whoever activates it the ability to lift objects

- The Silent Card: is a mysterious card that shuns loud noises. It is able to stifle all forms of sound, rendering even the noisiest room completely silent. It also has the power to "move" away anything that is making noise, though the movement has a limited range.

- The Water Card: is one of the four elemental cards. It has a very temperamental personality and is able to control water and create whirlpools and tidal waves. Watery appears to be female

- The Wind Card: is one of the four elemental cards. Being so, it is one of the most powerful Card. However, although it is powerful enough to create massive whirlwinds

- The Wood Card: is a gentle spirit that is able to create trees, branches, and vines. Often used to form cages with which to trap other Card

- The Fly Card: Gives any staff wings

Gatherers: Are Selected ( 5 ) Individual bounded by a long line of Family, that has carried the duty of Sealing and Protecting the Cards passed down by Generations. They posses power to summon and seal away the cards using there " Key Chain | Staff to do so.

Sorcerers (Antagonist): Are long tutelage Characters, possessing a greater degree of magical sensitivity. The are able to not only sense the Cards in a greater area and Capture them as well, but also able to discern their presence even through attempts at cloaking or hiding.

Staffs | Key Chains | These are artifacts used to Seal the Cards. Each Staff is Different, Shapes and Size vary depending on its Owner. There Power is Released by and Incantation, only known to its keeper.

Character Sheet

Name: [First & Last]
Age: [16 - 25]
Gender: [Male or Female]
Nationality: [Try to be Different from Others]
Occupation:[School or Job] [ Gatherers ] [ Sorcerers ]
Ability: [ The ability given by the Cards you Own ]

[ Gatherers 4 Cards ] [ Sorcerers 1 Defensive Card and Other abilities]

Staff Image or Sealing Image:
Incantation: ( Make You're own )
Sealing Incantation: ( Make You're own )

Personality: [Attitude]
Bio: [History and Life]
Appearance: [Picture or Written]

Character List

Gatherers: ( 4/5 )
- Mistress as Amelie Reed
- Sayuri as Alisa Esposito
- Jonathan as Noah White
- Avian as Veil

Sorcerers: (3/5)
- Roxas as Rafael du Couteau &
- Roxas as Katie Stuart
- Bulletwitch as Alex Li

My Profile

Name: Amelie Reed ( Her name's pronunciation is like Emily but with a short A sound at the beginning.)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: British

Occupation: High School Student | Gatherer

The Fly Card: Gives any staff wings, The ability to take flight

The Shield Card: The Card forms a protective barrier around anything, and can Only Be Penetrated by the Sword, the Thunder or the Shot

The Arrow Card: is an attack card capable of creating and firing a continuous stream of magical arrows.

Key Chain ( When Summoning it turns into a Staff )

Summoning Seal: Behind th image of my Character
Incantation: "Key that holds the power, Reveal your true form to me"
Sealing Incantation: " Abandon your form and reincarnate! "

Personality: Well-meaning, devoted. She generally considers herself normal with out any great importance always praising others. She speaks when spoken. Very Protective of The Cards.

Bio: Amelie Reed is Granddaughter to Cloud Vincent Reed, Famous book writer and Sorcerer, After his Passing young Amelie was called to assist to his funeral where she was given his Will, she was 12 years by that time.

4 years Later , she claimed her grandfathers wealth and home. One night she stumbled upon a book by Reed on his desk. Here she found a letter, containing a Key chain, and some sort of " Instructions".

When she opened it, she discovered a card inside. Curious, she took it out. Unknown to her, when she spoke the name of the card she pulled out the elemental card Wind, she unwittingly invoked it, creating a maelstrom that sent 15 but 2 of the Cards flying away scattering around the City.

Now, she has to seek out and re-seal every last Cards before they are completely out of control, and provoke The Final Judgment.

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Reserve for Sword Card

Character Sheet

Name: Shaka Tenozki
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: A member of the KGB | Gatherer
Ability: Sword Card - the knowledge of fencing
[ Gatherers 4 Cards ] [ Sorcerers 1 Defensive Card and Other abilities]

Staff Image or Sealing Image: Shashka
Incantation: ( Make You're own )
Sealing Incantation: ( Make You're own )

Personality: [Attitude]
Bio: [History and Life]
Appearance: [Picture or Written]

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I'm not quite sure how the second set of cards work though (could you try and explain it a bit better? I'm unclear on what you mean by the 5 main characters choose 3 cards). If you have to reserve those, then I'd like Time and/or Flight.

Name: Noah White

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: School Psychologist l Gatherer

Ability: The Mirror Card - Can create a double of anyone or anything. The double of a person will act on Noah's behalf, not on the one that was copied. Only one copy can be made at a time, so the copy will disappear when a new one is made.

Staff Image or Sealing Image:
[Stainless steel pen - Turns into a bō when summoning.]

Summoning Seal:

Incantation: "From the depths of the mind to the tip of the pen."

Sealing Incantation: "Bend to my will and return to form."

Personality: Usually passive-aggressive. Noah usually analyzes the people around him to find out their thought process and personality to try and predict how they will act in the future.

Bio: [History and Life]

[Usually wears a suit, but forgoes a tie and leaves his jacket open.]


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Work in progress

Name: Alisa Esposito

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Nationality: Italian

Occupation: University Student | Gatherer

Ability: The Illusion Card

Staff Image: She wears it as a necklace, and then it turns into a staff.

Summoning Seal:

Incantation: "Mostrami i tuoi veri desideri."
Translation: "Show me your true desires."

Sealing Incantation: "Bloccarlo via le vostre vere intenzioni."
Translation: "Lock away your true intentions."

Personality: Eccentric, sarcastic, cunning, sly.



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Name: Kai Kiryuu
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: College student
Thunder card: Summon a beast that is able to summon lightning bolts
Dash Card: Enables him to move at a fast speed.
Fire Card: Able to summon forth fire
Mist Card:
Staff sealing:
Sealing Image:
Incantation: "Harbinger of destruction, spread your ravaging flames across this battlefield! And rise from the ashes...."

Sealing Incantation: "At the end of an endless quest, you arrive at final evolution! Sublimate your savage soul and show your true form!"

Personality: Kai is a serious person and doesn't like to joke around like other people his age. He doesn't talk much or to anyone. Despite his selective mute personality, he has a best friend, Taishi Miwa.
Kai is shown to have some knowledge when it comes to cooking. Whether this stems from him living alone and having to fend for himself remains to be seen.

Bio: Kai live his life as an orphan since his parents died in a car crash. He had mostly been living with his relatives that relates to the power of the cards. Though he has the power to summon forth the cards at his will, he rarely uses it. After months of training, he decides to live on his own. He rented his own apartment and live his life by himself.

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Been quite a while since I joined another RP and I'm glad I have a chance to work with Mistress again.

Name: Rafael du Couteau
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: Holy See
Occupation: Bookstore Owner/Sorcerer/Commander of Sorcerer Guild Grimoire Heart
Ability: The Time Card - The power the card grants revolves around the manipulation of the "time" of objects of non-living things and non-sentient living things, like a tree. The user can fast forward an object's "time" into the future, making it decay rapidly or rush to attack an opponent. This can be even used to stop an object's "time" by freezing it in midair. The user can also rewind a damaged object's "time" to restore it to its original state, just like turning ice back into water.

Staff Image or Sealing Image: Sealing Image (His pocket Watch)


"Winds of time
Gather round,
Give me wings
To speed my way,
Rush me in my journey backwards,
Make those around me freeze,
Let tomorrow be today."

Sealing Incantation: "Trice Around the Circle Bound, Sink Into the Ground!"

Personality: [Attitude]
Bio: Rafael was born the son of a servant girl and one of the last remaining royal families of England. However, his mother died in childbirth and he was abandoned by his father's family due to the shame it would bring. He was left in the care of his aunt and uncle on his mothers side who completely resented him. They constantly abused him until his latent powers awakened.

During a particularly vicious beating, his powers awakened allowing him to control a nearby flame. Using it, he tortured his relatives and burned down their home with them still inside. He was quickly found by a sorcerer named Justin Du-Mont. Justin took him in as a student and taught him the ways of magic.

Soon at age 16, he had reached the point where his master could teach him no more and proceeded to kill Justin. Rafael then struck out on his own and formed a reputation for one of the most prominent, talented, and dangerous spell casters of his generation. At sometime during this period, he discovered the Time Card.

It was in Israel where he found the card and learned of its power to send him back to a point in time in a very short period. Using it, his reputation grew. A year later, he met Katie Stuart who saw him conducting an assassination while managing an alibi. After confronting and fighting him, she realized a great chance. She taught him about Gatherers, The Keeper, and of The Final Judgment.

She then offered a chance to work together. Intrigued, he agreed and the formed a Sorcerer's Guild to give others the chance to join them. Rafael choose the name of Grimoire Heart for the guild. He was also taught by Katie how to unlock the Time Card's 'maximum potential' altering its powers and making him even more deadlier.

Rafael's reason for being in Grimoire Heart is 'power'. He wants more and more power and sees the cards a the quickest way to it.he is more then prepared to kill anyone and do whatever it takes to reach his goal.


Name: Katie Stuart
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Occupation: Police Officer/Gatherer/Vice-Commander of Sorcerer Guild Grimoire Heart
Ability: The Shadow Card: steals shadows and can control them to do its or its masters bidding

Staff Image or Sealing Image: Key-Chain (Turns into a Spear and armour yet)

Incantation: "Darkness Falls When Silence Ends!"
Sealing Incantation: "Before Me history Ends, the Era Shall Rise on the Curtain on Nil. I Cast Open The Gate of Wraithwall! People of the World of Nil, Erase this Existence, Devour its very Memory and Soul! Begone! Begone in the Name of Zero!"

Personality: [Attitude]
Bio: Katie comes from a long line of Gatherers who were allied to the Reed family. However she herself has always resented the Reed family. She had seen the current heir to Cloud Reed and was NOT impressed one bit. She utterly hates the fact that she was supposedly born to be a servant to the Reed family and serve someone weaker then her.

The final straw came when she was rejected the chance to be head of her family with the position going to her younger brother. Supposedly this was because of her resentment to the future Book Keeper.

She managed to steal her family's prized card that had been protected for generations. She quickly sealed it and bonded the powerful Shadow Card to her will. Using its power, she killed several members of her family and left.

A few years later she ended up provoking and being defeated by the powerful Rafael du Couteau. She was in utter shock that a man who was not a Gatherer and did not even use his equally powerful card managed to utterly crush her. She managed to get him to spare her and told him about everything she knew. When Rafael decided to go after the cards that had been unsealed by the foolish new Book Keeper, she joined him happily and willingly.

In her eyes, this was a chance of a lifetime. She could bind as many cards as she could to her will and given the chance, destroy the foolish little girl who thought she could be a Book Keeper. To do this, she taught him how to unlock the Time Card's 'full potential' making its effects even more powerful.

Her reason for joining Grimoire Heart is 'hate'. She hates not being in control of her destiny and also hates Amelie Reed for being weaker then her yet attempting to become a Book Keeper.

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Oh Yeah! XD Reserving the Shot

Name: Alex Hunter Li
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: British - Chines

Occupation: Collage Student | Sorcerer
Ability: The Shot - Shoots out at the first person it sees after Alec calls out the name of the target.

Other: Is shown, or at least implied, to be an excellent swordsman. He wields a Chinese jian, which takes the sealed form of a hanging pendant. This sword serves as the focus for his magical powers and Staff.

Incantation: Release you're form to me!
Sealing Incantation: Return to your power confined

Personality: Initial attitude towards anyone is cold, critical, portrayed as somewhat of a loner, given that he had been taught to be independent and self-reliant since childhood.
Bio: As a member of the famous Li clan of sorcerers, of which Vincent Reed ( Amelie's Father ) was also a member, Alec had firmly believed that he should be the one to capture and inherit the Cards.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Went the darkness fall the vampire girl went to play.With the blue rose i will curse you to be my friend?

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BULLET. REAALLY?!. I know I'm going to kick my butt for this, but reserve me a spot. I guess I'll get the Dark and Erase Cards.

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Name:Veil Alexander
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: scottish/english
Occupation: Gatherer
Ability: The Light: is able to create and control light, also able to turn night into day.

Staff Image or Sealing Image:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

( worn on a wristlet )
Incantation: Ne oblviscaris

Sealing Incantation: Cogito Ergo Sum

Personality: Calm and composed. He can seem eccentric and harsh at times. he would seem like a person who hides behind his appearance but hides a deep and complex almost psychotic philosophy of life.

Bio: He comes from a very secretive and dark family. Trained to be a gatherer from a young age his parents were cold and strict. His sister was his only comfort to the cold reality of having a predistined life. when he was 15 his found his parents murdered and their cards stolen. His sister had vanished and it all looked like she had killed them. He broke. The final card left to his possesion was the card of light. He trapped himself in a world of darkness for a year, speaking to no one and eating and drinking only what he needed he trained and hardened himself for one purpose. the purpose his parent gave him. To gather the cards. He is well versed in 10 different martial arts style and is profficient with most modern day weapons. Due to his living in the dark for a year he has developed Acute night vision. being able to see almost clearly in the dark.

Appearance: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Photobucket Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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This is the Prelude of Charmed, Please Post if you will, and for those whom are still updating there Profiles, please take you're time, Just remember to have Fun! :)



The scenery painted violet clouds hover the earth. The aggressive blow air currents influenced passionate cherry blossoms leaves to dance selfishly against it. The violet clouds slowly crept its destination to the mansion.

A young girl entered the manor, as a car awaited with her belongings, following the asphalt trail of the elongated driveway guided to the head scenery.

A colorless water fountain located central on the front enclosure, and the driveway looped around it. It seemed the manor was empty as she entered it. But only one soul was standing, awaiting for her. She continued her way inside, and with out a word she was guided towards, the upper section of the structure.

Left to her self as the unknown Elder stepped down the stairway, Her midnight sense of site fallowed the body of the Elder as He walked outside the wide Victorian doors. She slowly turned her gaze down the long hallway towards the end. Were another set of Victorian doors enclosed a room. Some how she felted attracted towards this particular room.

She primed her footsteps, as she walked towards it, placing her soft sense of touch on the golden handle, the door suddenly unlock, Inviting her Inside. Curiously, she entered this mysterious room,and as she walked inside it, the door closed itself.

The room contained bookshelves of sophisticated wood, Her eyes portrait amazement, as they wondered around, slowly walking, she stumbles into this one book, that stood odd against the others, inside this soft of library. This particular book shined brightly, as if it wanted to be touched.

The young girl, suddenly lost all will, and her body just moved on its own, her soft and gentle touch reached for this specific book, as the tip of her fingers touched it, a summoning circle had printed were she stood, and a light shined away from the room towards the sky.

The book opened and a card, similar to a tarot card binded its power towards her, The girl against her will, whispered the name of this card, and suddenly a storm of wind slammed the windows open, as the Cards took flight into the night sky despairing from one another into the, North,East,West and South.

As the winds calmed into peace, the book lost its shine and drooped into the ground, the room became dark, and only the light of the moon shined its beauty. This young girl, noticed a letter falling softly to the ground, before this one could touch it, she grasped it, and began to read it softly to her self....

November 13

To My Dear Amelie.

My passing has arrived by now, I know that all of this must be so confusing and sudden, but you must be careful and pay close attention. I can no longer keep my duty as a Keeper to the book you are holding, This book has passed down from generations behind me, and now.. I shall pass it down to you.

If I am not mistaken, You have opened the portal to a new world, and now you must close it. The key that I have left you belonged to me, but now you should be its new mistress and release its powers to you're will. I also have left you with the card name The Shield. You must use it wisely, you will need it.. As of now, you will be a target for others. Each card has its own personality and characteristics and can assume alternate forms when activated.

It is now you're responsibility to retrieve the missing cards, but beware, others like you will also be looking for the cards for there own wishes, and this can end in tragic, because of the unbalance of magic. New disturbances will occur, and you must be prepared.. I wish I could've prepare you for this, But I could not. I believe in you, Because you are My Granddaughter.

Please remember.. when in doubt trust you're self. I've always knew, that you my little one, would continue on my Legacy. Trust the Cards, Trust In You...


Cloud V. Reed

The letter left behind, was from her Grandfather, as she wondered what was going to be her life from now on, a small key chain necklace, hovered before her, and beside it, it was this one card named The Shield. Trembling, her pale and fragile sense of touch reached for them, and doing so, her claim was now on them, and she would for ever be bounded by there magic... But now.. what awaits this young girl?...

A New Chapter..

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Link | by bulletwitch01 on 2012-12-21 19:20:18

Alex Hunter | England | The City | Night

The skies painted the ground dark, and the lights made shadows of the surrounding area, The shadow of a young man also painted the ground were he walked. As the light created his image.With dark black hair, and golden hue eyes,he mysteriously walked around the beautiful city of England.

The wind blew softly yet it was cold as ice, he continued his way, wondering. People that passed by noticed his strangeness, it caused people to double look, what a mysterious character he was. As he stopped in a crossway, he lifted his gaze towards the skies, drops of glittering rain began to fall, Making small rainbows as they fall.

What and Interesting site.. He whispered, as the cross light turned green, and he continued his way, as other people walked there way as well, towards there Home,work or other places. Alex as well was on his way to somewhere. In a building close to a rive site, the structure of him home, the top floor, a Studio, as he slide the door, and walked inside.

His room was plastered with an ebony wallpaper, with pair of wolf eyes within the hue of white and black pattern. On the middle wall, a huge window contrasted the space. Underneath, was a midnight and pallid bed frame, black silk comforter and pallid pillows.

On the left corner, an elongated ivory table stood confident. On it, were this particular book, with a moon sign imprinted on it. A modern midnight chair sat behind the desk,Papers were scattered on it.The right section of this room is the walk in closet, with its doors were constructed by glass. The night sky reflected on them, as his touch slide one of them to the side, placing his hooded jacket inside. His eyes moved slowly to his left, right after he closed the glass door.

He took his boots off and let his body fall above his bed, placing his arm above his sense of site using his other hand he grasp his Necklace above his eyes, as it twirled in mid air

Its to Silent..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Went the darkness fall the vampire girl went to play.With the blue rose i will curse you to be my friend?

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Veil Alexander [] England [] London - Oxford street [] Night

Veil walked slowly through the busy shopping crowds of Oxford street. This time of the year people were buzzing to get to the sales, more people means more cover. Keeping his head low but high enough to not seem timid he pushed his way through a couple of teenagers who glared at him as he bumped past. Veil ignored it. It was wet and cold yet people still seemed to waste the paper in the wallets for materialistic items, items of no Real value. Not like the item veil was searching for. He stopped at the bond street tube station and looked to his right. From the glare of the street lamps that illuminated the shop windows he saw two men in black suits stop by the nearest bus stop and pretend to wait. Who waits at every bus stop in the rain. Veil thought to himself as he carried on walking as not to alert his followers. He saw the men start to walk again and he quickened in his pace into a gentle jog. Sharply Veil turned a corner down a small flight of stairs that led into a back alley. He darted forward his legs feeling the slight pressure change in every single move he made. Veil's breath tightened as a Small van crossed his path, He swung to his left allowing his body to flow with the strong winds. He felt the smooth metal pass his fingertips in a moment that seemed to last hours and as the vans horn blared it sped past him and Veil stumbled into the next alleyway. Where a black suited man stood.

"You should not of followed me." Veil said aloud as the second man stepped out from behind him.

"Give us your card. And we MAY let you live. " The suit behind him ordered. Veil at first glance thought them pro's. Just pro's that thought they were so good they didnt mind getting seen at first. but as the man spoke Veil could hear the uncertainty in his voice. The frail breaking at the end of his sentence. Small fry then.

" Who sent you ? " Veil asked softly

The man behind him stepped up and grabbed his shoulder.

"Did you not hear me i sai" His sentence was cut short as Veil pushed his right foot back throwing the mans balance off. Moving his right hand Veil pushed the suits hand off his shoulder throwing it violently in the air. The man in surprise turned and saw his hand flailing and in a attemmpt to control it hesitated to bring his arm back from full stretch and in that moment of wait veil's open palm struck the man's chin, Jaw broken. vail slipped his hand into the mans jacket as he flailed in pain and Pickpocketed his Small knife. Veil caught the now limp man and pushed him to his knee's holding the knife to his ear.

"I said who sent you...Or your friend dies.." Veil pushed the blade against the mans ear and a small drop of scarlet blood rolled down the mans neck.

The man's partner had reached for his own weapon but stopped once veil had his partner taken. He took out the gun slowly but hesitated as more blood fell.

" Give me the card"

" You don't even know who sent you do you..hired punks who do any job for dont even know what you are looking for. " Veil sighed. he had hoped this time the information would be usefull.

"pointless..." Veil whispered. With a sharp flick of his wrist the knife left his hand a flew true. Before the suit could react the cold steel plunged into the nape of his neck a fountain of blood gushed out. Veil slammed the already limp man down and turned running into the darkness of the London back streets. He had to find his next clue, Where his instincts would take him next. He knew one thing. His coming to england was the right choice. It was the true start of his Gathering.

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Kai Kiryuu-England-London-Night

Within the dark night, as the mist clouded the streets, a young man with spiky brown locks is seen leaning against the window within one of the buildings. The man stare out the window onto the streets with his emerald green eyes. He was consider lean in body proportion yet fit. He is dressed in a white shirt with a black jacket over it, while wearing black pants and boots along with it. He casually lean away from the window, letting the curtains fall into place.

He stride across the living room towards the door that leads to his room. He take hold of the handle and turn it before pushing the door open and entering his domain. He closed the door behind him quietly and walks over to his desk where his deck lay in place. Unlike most deck it is not one of Tarot cards, but that of Vanguard that he occasionally played to pass the time. But within that deck, he hid a special card that was passed to him within his family, a card that holds a mighty power. He knew the fight between the sorcerer and the gatherers. But he chose not to be a part of it and remain neutral. His family however wish him to choose the path of the gatherers, but he refuses and had moved out. Thus is the main reason he now live by himself.

He then glance to his right and stare at a photograph featuring a child version of himself with his parents before they both had passed.

He lower his gaze and walks over to his bed and sat on it before lying down on top of it. He closes his eyes and drifted to sleep.

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OCC: Hello Everyone just to let you know, That i will be posting on Roxas behave until Wednesday. Please Read carefully, To avoid confusion i will post in different colors ;3
Have Fun everyone! & If any Q or Opinions Do PM Me ♥

Rafael & Katie | London | Bookstore | Night |

Outside the busy streets of London, there was a small part named The Plaza, were small and conventional stores were constructed. In this particular place, there was the only Bookstore withing the Plaza. It portrayed a very modern outlook, with small tabled outside, for occasional readers to enjoy them selfs.

The sign outside spelled closed, but above this Bookstore, was the residence of a young man, the owner actually. He portrayed a very vigorous look, with dark soft hair. His eyes were interesting to look at, but other then that her was " and ordinary man" Or was he?

With him, a young female, that portrayed a very innocent look, with a long hight pigtail, luscious black hair, and midnight hue eyes. She contemplated a smaller stature, with petite bodily configurations. Apparently, she was staying with him. To the naked eye the were just ordinary people... The young man was comfortably sleeping in his room, But the young female, stood close to the window, viewing the outside spectrum of London. Her luscious hair, loose at this time, she was wearing her pajamas, as she stared outside, the glimpse of her past cluttered her memory. Her childhood and predestined lifestyle enraged her, fulling the hate inside her soul. At her left sense of sight, she hold a card, powerful in its own way,The Shadow.

As she looked outside, the figure of the young male stood above her, as he looked outside the window as well, gently he placed his hand above her head and whispered to her ear. Do not eager.. The time is soon approaching.. Angry the girl turned towards him, as her eyes rose upwards to meet his own. I've done my waiting!.. Below them a sealing light began to appear, The young male smirked and just said You.. Hate her that much?.. The girl lowered her site as she grasp the card in her hand. The Shadows will consume her..

As the young male tilted his head, proudly he stated It will Consumed them all.. Stating his judgment, they both smiled as the night slowly began to dissipate, as the fist shines of light began there ascend into the skies of London. The War is about to begin...

Amelie Reed | |Reed's Villa | Twilight | Amelie's Room

Silence could be heard around the Victorian structured room. Amelia's eyes began lingering throughout the atmosphere. She examined the design of the parameter only to grasp that she was located within her room, to her right reflected a mauve background contrasted by the midnight wool furniture situated.

Emerald green shades can also be witnessed in some minor appliances. Her ebony Celeste Style chaise angled within the center of the suite. She rested on the bed, engulfed in a vision operating within her intellect. Her pale fragile arms placed on her left side, her body curled up towards her.

The purple silk comforter guarded her pale legs, and then an interrupting DING DING DING DING!!! The young Amelie sat on her bed, with her hair loose, as the first lights of her day of school. As her sleepy eyes rolled to watch what time it was, her maids heard a loud Kiwaaaaa!!! Im going to be late!!!

Her care taker, smiled as usual, Miss. Reed.. what a child you are.. As he walked towards the entrance door with Amelie's backpack. A loud raucous was been heard down the halls and stairway, as Amelie galloped down the stairs. Good Morning Yulian!, Thank You!

Amelie grasped away her backpack an headed out, Putting on her roller blades before, exiting the villa. She turned around and smiled at Yulian See you later! She waved good bye, and headed to school. It was her first week of school in London, sense her big move into the Villa. It was around 7:10am, but she always liked to arrive early for her classes. As she Rollerblade her way, she enjoyed the beautiful view of the City. Wow.. Its beautiful.. She giggled, as the City began its new day.

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Sorry I haven't posted yet. I was working all weekend.

England - London - School - Morning

Noah had just wrapped up an early morning session with one of the students at the school. He had made some progress towards finding out what the girl's problem was, but came short because she seemed hesitant to truly discuss it. It was a little frustrating to have students come to him for help only to have them hold back important details due to fear or embarrassment, however Noah possessed something special which allowed him to easily get to the root of any issue. As soon as the girl left the office and shut the door behind her, Noah closed the blinds and turned around to see the girl sitting on the couch where she had just been seated.

"Alright, she hesitated for a second when the topic of home troubles came up, so let's start there. Was she telling the truth when she talked about her home life?"

The girl shook her head gently, but otherwise remained motionless.

"Well, that's not much of a surprise judging by her response. What was she trying to hide from me when that topic came up?"

Noah spoke with the girl for some time, taking down further notes as he did so. When he finished he took the notes he had made and placed them into a folder which he filed away.

"That should be everything I need to know about the situation. I'll make sure to have a look over those again before I see her again. Great job."

The girl stood up and nodded slightly. Cracks then began to appear over her entire body before she finally broke into pieces. The pieces vanished into the air and a card appeared in Noah's hand a second later. He returned to his desk and placed the card face up in front of him.

'You make it so easy. It might be a little morally questionable, but it is my job to help them, and I can't do that if they go hiding everything from me because of silly things like being shy.'


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