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Hi My name is Chesity Better Known as Bullet Witch Im 23 years old. Im crazy and i love hanging out with my friends joking around and just living life.

Im a Freak about: Emily The Strange,Kingdom Hearts,Final Fantasy,Naruto... Blah blah blah! Yeah im a Anime Freakazoid.

My favorite music gender is Rock, but i can hear something here and there. I don't like it when people try to take me for a fool. I always get the truth out of the box. I like to do things that are unique because im nobody's copy Kat =}

Im a great friend and love to help people that need the help. I think we need to live life Like if today is our last chance.

Thank You and Come back again

bulletwitch Pictures, Images and Photos
Bullet Witch Pictures, Images and Photos
I Fight Like A Girl!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Went the darkness fall the vampire girl went to play.With the blue rose i will curse you to be my friend?

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