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Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-21 16:04:37
Here's the continuation thread from the previous Gendou Gamers Club thread.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-21 16:37:56 (edited 2011-03-21 16:38:29)
Congrats on the new thread. I haven't posted here in awhile due to not being on my PS3 as much lately. I've been keeping busy with Pokemon Black.

But I plan on getting back to the PS3 sometime this weekend, since I've been wanting to get a new game for it for awhile now and I'll have the chance to go and get something this weekend. I have a few games in mind, most of them are suggestions given to me from when I posted for game suggestions a month or two ago. I'll probably post here again once I get... Well, whatever I end up getting.

@ DA (On your post here)- Yeah, I think I've read an article about Catherine in a magazine. I have to agree with you, it seems interesting, but it does seem kind of weird too.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-21 17:41:57
Congrats on the new thread.

Ahh Catherine, I've read tons about it on various blogs. Played the Japanese demo of it too, it's like a puzzle game climbing those boxes all the way up to survive form the ghost chasing you down.
Yeah looks weird, but can be addicting from what I hear, and interesting story too.
Funny thing about Catherine is before they didn't plan for NA release but only after a few days they mentioned that, NA release was set for this July.
Ouh and the game is pretty hard and have been complained from many players, after that they released a patch to make the game easier. I guess it's fixed on the NA version soon.

Gonna get Yakuza 4 in the near future. Don't know when, but.. soon.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by stash on 2011-03-21 18:25:41
Congrats on the new thread.

I've played the demo for Catherine as well and it was a little weird, not something I would imagine myself picking up.

I did finally pick up Metal Gear Solid : Peace walker and Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep. I'm very satisfied with both.

Thing is, I have no idea what to get next. Nothing is really appealing to me right now :/

Any suggestions would be great. I mostly dabble in RPG's and Fighting games. PS2, PS3 or PSP is fine :D

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by Guitar! on 2011-03-21 20:45:41 (edited 2011-03-27 10:16:13)
Congrats on a second thread.

Well, I believe games from Atlus is good... since I've playing some of their games.


Well, I only have a PSP. I'm not sure if you've played these games before, but I'll list out ones that I like.
Phantasy Star Portable 2 / Infinite
Monster Hunter 3rd
God Eater Burst
Dissidia 012

Its just some suggestion, hope you like them.

Mio is Awesome!

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-21 23:02:59
Yeah I saw footage of CATHERINE, it looked like some weird puzzle, but interesting.
Depending on pre-order deals, who knows, I might pick it up. There's nothing else that interests me right now.
Trying to save my amazon credit towards Battlefield 3 (which owns COD/MGS, any shooter out there EASILY) and AC3 of course.


And about Catherine, it apparently has adult themes/scenes and sexy situations, wonder if the NA release will keep that.
I can't remember a Japanese imported game that originally had dirty scenes to be kept. Catherine's going to be full price, too. >_<;;

I'd definitely try the demo if it appears on US PSN.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-22 03:24:03
This month got many RPG release, as mentioned by Chiny like God Eater Burst, which I'm currently playing, and really enjoying it too. It got this.. great interface system to the player. The game is pretty similar to Monster Hunter, with anime style.
Dissidia 012 is releasing today, going to get it in a few days. The 3rd Birthday will too in a week.

As for PS3 if you played any of the Yakuza series before, Yakuza 4 just came out last week.

Yeah Battlefield 3 FTW. I watched the in-game footage and wow, talk about realistic, that's the most beautiful game I've ever seen O_O
Using the Frostbite 2 engine to make that kind of graphics.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by stash on 2011-03-22 16:27:04
@Tatsu and Chiny

As you two suggested I went to go get God Eater Burst and dowloading Xenogears. So hopefully I'll enjoy both of them.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-22 18:49:27 (edited 2011-03-25 01:35:08)
[@Tatsu] Yeah Battlefield: BC2 was a huge success, and Battlefield 3 will easily be the best shooter of 2011!
What I'm confused though is why they didn't release something like BC3, to continue the ending...
I know Battlefield and BC are two different games, but still, it's like BC2 won't ever fully be finished, story wise.

Battlefield 3 takes place in Afghanistan and yeah a lot of big people helped pitched in to make it, so it's gonna be a huge hit.
Most likely, it will be DICE's showcase game at this year's E3. Can't wait to watch Part 2! JESUS, SO GOOD!

[EDIT] Hmm, nobody's been replying lately...

Anyways saw Part 2 like a few days ago, it was short for some reason.
You have to take out a sniper in a nearby building, and you take the entire building out with a rocket launcher.
You see all this destruction, but it's all in slow-mo. Part 3 Mar 30.

On another note, tried the Socom beta just now, it's meh...
Maybe it's just cause 1st person shooters are really better or I'm used to them in the sense.
Some issues were covering and how long it takes to reload a gun, jesus.
It's been a while since I've played Socom and since it's beta week they're updating a lot of stuff.

If it comes to a shooter though, I'm more excited about B3 later this year.
I still have KZ3 for now and for god sakes soon the TeamIco bundle next month hopefully.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-26 18:08:14
@DA - You should probably un-sticky the Version 1 and sticky this version.

Dissidia and 3rd Birthday are going to be a while for me. Manufacturing delays have pushed them back a few days, and while Dissidia has now been shipped to us, the manager is off on vacation for until Friday, which means that I can't pick up my copy until then.

I did pick up Yakuza 4 however. I decided to go ahead with it since I'm getting a bunch of extra hours at work. I probably won't be able to play it much until exams are over with though.

@DA (again) - Yeah, we already took a look at some of the gameplay footage, but my friend is unsure about whether he will like it or not. I plan to buy the game myself, and then once he gets a look at me playing it, he'll make up his mind and decide to buy it as well or not. We're just being a little cautious, since the last military shooter we bought for co-op (Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter 2) turned out to be pretty garbage.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by stash on 2011-03-26 21:22:46
Since my PS3 was fried, I have to get another one. I'll be getting a Slim instead of a Fatty.

I've only been playing Xenogears lately and barely started MGS : Peacewalker and GE : Burst.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-28 00:21:54
lol that sucks but I totally recommend the slim. I wish I had one.
I bought my friend's PS3 while I was still up in the city, he has the fat-glossy one with touch-power (forget the term lol).

I wish the size was bigger though cause now I have to remove all the films off of it and leave a few.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-28 15:39:48
Update. Got an interview with radioshack tomorrow. Hopefully ill be hired and finally get some income. Probably wont get internet right away though as i have to catch up on some bills. It sucks though because the socom beta starts tomorrow and wont be in for awhile. I saw your tweet about not liking it da but would still like to try it out before release if it is possible for me. Good to see we are version 2 of the club though. Its now stickied.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-28 16:11:32
@Ray: Hope to see you on soon. I think I could've tried out the BETA with my PS+ membership, but Volleyball is eatin' up all my time lately. I should've waited until after the season was over to activate my membership, since my time is waistin' away.

I reeeally need to get some more game too, but I'm waiting to see when Tales of Graces F is getting released to spend any money, because that's a game I'm going to pre-order for sure. Any news on White Knight Chronicles 2? I'm still interested in the first one, but the reason i've been waiting to get it was because I heard that the second one was coming out soon.

Tales of FC

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-28 16:17:29
Well the SOCOM beta is a closed private beta. They're going to release a public beta I think (but I think the game releases soon so it won't last long).

Btw anyone ever try out GameFly? I made a thread about it to get opinions from different people.
I might try it out this week (April) and start playing a ton of games without buying them.
I'm definitely buying Team Ico bundle but I can play older games I never played before as well as new ones.
I wanted to try out Portal 2 when it comes out, maybe Homefront (the storyline might be good), etc.

I can see my level rising up fast.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by stash on 2011-03-28 16:22:32
@Ray : Good Luck with the job interview :D
@Haseo : I haven't heard a release date for White Knight Chronicles 2 yet, I'm looking forward to it as well, along with Tales of Graces. I'm guessing late summer or fall for WKC2 though.

Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-03-31 18:03:22
Thanks guys for the good lucks. I think the interview went well and the store i would be working at is pretty close if I'm hired. Good news is that if i don't get hired then i have another interview for a different company on the 6th. I rather have the radioshack job though. In gaming news I've been playing games on my xoom tablet. I must they are pretty fun. I've been playing angry birds Rio and monster madness. Otherwise their isn't much else to report.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-03-31 21:04:08
Hope you get that job man. I feel like a bum even more since my sister just got a job and already got her second paycheck! >_<;;

On another news I'll probably subscribe to Gamefly tomorrow/this week.
Gonna play some old games, not sure if I'll take one or two games out, but my friend said you can switch back and fourth easily (and no charge).
I've been really bored lately, but I also gotta remember to apply for schools as well, soon.

Also honestly, I wouldn't get Socom cause if the beta is so flawed (gameplay wise), not sure if I'd be into it.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by on 2011-04-02 06:54:50 (edited 2011-04-02 06:55:46)
@Ray - Good luck to you. Hoping to see you back sometime soon.

@Yuna - Hope you're able to get back up and running soon too. I'm always a little worried that my PS3 will die on me, since I've had it since launch and I tend to have long gaming sessions whenever I use it.

I picked up Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012 yesterday (finally). I also still have to beat Yakuza 4. I probably won't get much time to play any of them this or next week because of finals, but at least I will have 4 games to get to once those are done with and I have like 4 and a half months off.

I did play a bit of Dissidia 012 though. I'll probably write up my full impressions of it later tonight once I get back from work, but so far it's basically just the same game as the last one. I love being able to play as Tifa, and from what I have played so far, Keftka also has a lot more speaking roles (which is downright awesome, since he is hilarious and also voiced by Dave Wittenberg). I have only gotten through Lightning's story and the first mission in Vaan's so far though, which I'm not really enjoying since I don't like either of those characters. I can't wait to get to Tifa, Jecht, Kain and Laguna's stories.

Chances are I will still play Dissidia tonight, but I may decide to start on either LOH or 3rd Birthday instead.

I still haven't downloaded the Socom 4 Beta. I have quite a few games to play already and I just haven't been able to bring myself to download, possibly because I don't have anyone to play it with.


Re: Gendou Gamers Club 2
Link | by devils-angel on 2011-04-02 16:53:42
So I signed up for GameFly on Friday and they "shipped" my games already but I'll probably get them by Monday. -___-"
They sent Crysis2 and Bulletstorm, I'll beat Bulletstorm first then send it in for my next game while playing Crysis2.

I have a lot of games on my Q hopefully they send them cause I wanna beat and play a lot of games as soon as possible.

About Socom 4 beta, I wouldn't bother Jon cause it's really flawed. Maybe cause it's open beta, yet private, I'unno.
The lack of physics and strange game mechanics ruin the game for me, plus not the biggest fan of this type of 3rd person shooter. Uncharted does it right.

Other games on my Q are Portal 2 which comes out this month, I have that at the top in case I can get it right away,
I also added Yakuza 3/4, played the demo, might give it a shot at least, inFamous (so I can fully beat it), etc.
A few older titles from a few months ago or so, I just got tired of adding so many to my Q I have like 40.

Also it might be soon I trade in KZ3 and eventually UFC2010. KZ3 is seriously boring now.
I thought about AC2 as well, even though I know about it and already saw the ending,
but if I trophy hunt, I'm sure I can get the Platinum in a few days.
Same reason for Brotherhood if there weren't any online trophies, so I would've platted both possibly.

P.S. Any games you want to try out or want to hear about let me know, I can rent it and give my opinion on it for you. ;P


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