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About Me: good in science... okay, fine. I like to watch anime.

Okay, I don't understand all these html, CSS, blahwhatever stuff. So now I'm trying to learn it.
I'm still making it... please leave a comment!

Hello, my name is Chin Liang. Nice to meet you all!

Well, I'll have you know that I'm a Male.
Whos cares anyway.

However, you can just call me .

Oh, and add me as a buddy! ^.^
PM me for facebook, I do play games. I'm human afterall! I guess.

RPs I'm joining:
Highschool in the Military
God Child 2
Koihime Musou Themed RP
Simple RP- School of Magical Insanity
Thε [A]wakεŋεd

Hmm... in this section, I might put some images here... stay tuned!
Here is one that I've drawn. Mio! (:

What's up fellas?
How're ya guys doing?
Feel free to express your boredom and creativity in the shoutbox below message box!
Oh, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

ShoutMix chat widget

-Shoutbox currently not available, sorry! Gomenasai~ >_<


Thanks Toyumi!(:

Some avvies I made:

Some sigs I made:
Victorique is Awesome!

Mio is Awesome!
Marriage History:
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