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You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-09-15 08:36:26 (edited 2010-09-20 03:14:04)
last version
You Draw!
version 6.0

from Imppy:

You can share your drawings here if you want them to be acknowledged, improved and show your talents!

Rules & guidelines:

- only post your own work. plagiarism will get you permanently banned from the forum!

- please limit the total file size of embedded images to 500kb. if you need to, use links or thumbnails instead of embedding big pictures.

- only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is allowed.

- have fun!

* NEW added rule [9/20/2010]: No inappropriate images please.

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-09-19 07:28:25 (edited 2009-09-19 17:08:13)
wow so the 6 version huh xD keep it up!! for me I might add more to this gallery
after having a deal with Andrey, the owner of BROSE online private server to make
wallpaper artworks. So for the meantime ill excuse myself.

----------- e d i t e d -------------

heres my new artwork and illustration gift

Jacky No Hi.Mi.Tsu -ORG- by ~ichvon on deviantART

Jacky No Hi.Mi.Tsu -LV- by ~ichvon on deviantART

You can visit me there!!

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by amd64 on 2009-09-21 03:50:37
Hello everyone, may I join this? I not very good(and very noob too) at drawing but looks fun of all of you guys posting own drawing picture :D

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by lust on 2009-09-27 09:49:33
It's been some time since I posted something here:)

TTGL: Yoko Lineart by ~Yurla on deviantART

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by DeAngelus on 2009-09-28 10:47:15
Congrats on making it into the sixth version ^^ . Anyways , just a lil' reminder :

Do please comment the works from the previous thread as well , if you want to , that is :) , but still , if you can . I'd appreciate it if you do so :) .

Now to comment ^^ :
[Page 49]
That's one well done Sailor Moon character there ^^ .

*Nosebleed* !! *Wipes Off* I'll suck joo soul out for making such a smexy gal there XDD ! <-Angelus is trying to say 'it's a damn good CG work there'

You know , you do make cute character very well . I can't do so , I wonder why .....

Awww , that's sweet ^^ . Good one :) .

Nice character design there , especially how detailed the clothings are :) .

[Page 50]
That's one well done lineart there , good job ^^ !

Now for this page :
Well , welcome .
That's a good work you have there . I like the guy who is holding Mokona's expression (What's his name ? Forgot already :P)
Keep on posting , nya ??

That's an awesome lineart work you have there XO !

Now to post my work . But first , a re-post of an older work . This one is better in quality :

..... by ~DeAngelus on deviantART

This one is my new ones :

Soutarou Kanou by ~DeAngelus on deviantART
It's Soutarou Kanou from 'My President's a Maid' . It's a request made by a Gendou user .
Details :
-Modified fan-art work from a pre-existing manga/anime
-Done in A4 size paper (Vertically)
-100% Pencil-made
-Did it with 2B , 2H pencil & 2B Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm + eraser and ruler
-No smudging
-Done in about 2 weeks

That's it for now . More to come soon ^^ .

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by amd64 on 2009-09-28 17:39:46
his name Fai ^^
They are from Tsubasa Chronicle...I'm not really good on drawing...but I try to draw better next time :)
I like your wizard that one, the toning/shading very nice, the background as well too^^

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-09-28 21:20:39

You used a drawing tablet for that one I guess. I really liked how you drew the face, if you fix the hands and body a little it's going to be perfect =D


I have not been drawing lately but I'll just post my old drawing. This one was drew last year, Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night


Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-09-30 02:31:11 has been a long time since I stepped foot into this forum again (metaphorically speaking). And the you draw thread has gone up to v.6!! Woot! Imppy if you're still active here, let me tell you that I've missed you and everyone else since the last time I stopped being active in gendou.

No, this does not mean I'm back for good - though I will make an effort to pop in once every few weeks or so.

Now for the comments before I post my own stuff.

ich: Very sexy and nice colours. I like the use of the light source above her left shoulder too. On another note I absolutely adore that chicken t-shirt hanging about on the left X3

vorbis: A fan of TRC I see? While's there's some errors in character proportions I do think that you've captured their personalities on paper nicely :)
Keep practicing, k?

lust: Such clean lines...A lovely version of Yuko in your style. Now that's fan art!

Angelus: Waaahhh....I can't compete! Use of shades and tones are extremely well done. The attention to detail is also lovely on the eyes *stares at thorny rose designs on magician's cape*
A mix of traitional and digital perhaps?

Liwen: So cute. Even before reading your comments I immediately thought of Rin. Post some of your current works next time, ya? :)


That's all from me. And now for a few of mine. Even now I still have some issues with my own work. There's a saying that you are your own worst critic. I guess that's true ^^; :

A character of mine that I created when I used to join a roleplay thread on gendou. I'll be a bit sad to let this piece go as I'm planning on selling her somewhere around this December :(

Something old, something new, something blue and...well you get the picture. An old character concept of a thief girl I once drew. After looking through some old files I found her again and decided to line it digitally, giving it a more cleaner look. After some thought I decided to give her another outfit for when she needs to work at night XD

Archer character concept
A character concept of a male archer. Not much to say about him. Personally I think he looks better in the pencilled version than the new digital one. His legs are too long and I think I still need practice on my male anatomy. Meh, whatever. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-09-30 05:15:08

I suck at drawing American style comic drawing so I was like =O! when I saw your first drawing...pretty good actually.
If you fix the fingers for the thief girl it would be good.
Well, at least you have some courage to try and draw the six-pack on the archer's abs. Had it been me who's drawing that, you'll just see a belly button =P

Meanwhile I'm in the process of drawing a recent work so for the time being I'll just entertain you with my older ones...this one was drew few months back. Little Dragon Girl (Xiao Long Nu) from Return of Condor Heroes by Jin Yong...


Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by amd64 on 2009-09-30 09:03:17
I like your drawing line, it's very nice and very smooth line, the archer character very good

Wow, your drawing very nice! I like it very much!
oh ya, is it ink arts?
Like to see them more!

Anyway, this picture I gonna post is last 2 month ago, it is some chibi, and not so good ^^"
Drew with some cheap price black color pen on A4 paper
Did taken by camera(because they are on each paper) and merge them together with photoshop plus some editing

Some notes of what they doing:
the left is holding key blade, center holding IPOD(hearing music) :P, right sitting while reading manga

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by kireina_sakuya on 2009-10-02 19:45:03
Yay, can i post my old one, i haven't got the mood to draw this month.

So here it is:

random sketches 1 by ~sakunowaarudo on deviantART

and one more

Scrap drawings 3 by ~sakunowaarudo on deviantART

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket HENSHIN!!!

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-10-07 19:17:57 (edited 2009-10-07 19:38:32)

I have not been drawing for a long time so I had to refresh my drawing touch. Took me some time to refresh =S
Here it is...I just finished this yesterday

Asuka Langley Soryu of Neon Genesis Evangelion



Thanks. Yes it is. I used a fiber tip pen. Hmmm..hold on...this one


You must have practiced a lot to draw faces. Your chibi looks good especially the cute faces =D a little messy though =P

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-10-07 20:26:30

Hahaha, yeah. I'm very aware that my thief-girl's fingers are not anatomically accurate, but I figured that since it was just a drawing concept, I guess I can get away with it XD

OMG! Dragon girl!
I love that show!!!
And I especially love the actress they chose for the part. Young, sweet and SO innocent looking X3
Lovely lineart of her too <3

And don't worry about your drawing skills. I even still think that your current Asuka drawing is good ;)


Why thank you, Vorbis :)

Its hard to tell from the quality of the photograph, but I do think that your chibis are cute? Are those the characters from Rozen Maiden? :3

Lol, of course you can post your old drawings ^^

Your style is lovely by the way. Is the first girl an original character of yours? I like the 2nd one too. Ninja? :)


One old and two recently finished ones around last month:

A character I drew for a friend. The original is now with him. I managed to scan a copy for myself so I could attempt some digital inking. Just so some of you should know, I'm still practicing doing things digitally ^^;

Done with pencil and ink and edited in photoshop
I love watching Inuyasha, and SO love Kirara from that anime X3
I want one XD

Photobucket's NOT what you think >.<;;;;
Anybody here familiar with an online MMORPG called Adventure Quest Worlds?
Anyway, this is Elmyra(black) and Sheti(white); my friend's character and mine respectively in the game that we play. I've always pictured Elmyra as being the dominant one, thus the creation of this drawing. Looks kinda CLAMP-esque, huh?

Done in ink and edited in Photoshop.
Keep those drawings, paintings, etc, coming ppl! \(^o^)/

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by amd64 on 2009-10-08 18:45:22
wow, your random drawing also nice, simply only pencil but done very good job! I wondering that your drawing has use how many minutes to finish it?
the random sketch that girl looks very nature, very like it

wow, keep looking your arts feel like manga. Although the line of your art is simple, but the whole character looks wonderful
The fiber pen, I think I will look forward it

the first picture, is it from ragnarok online? Dancer job is it?
and your digital ink art looks really awesome! the line really steady

I will try post mine next time when I have free time ^^

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by kireina_sakuya on 2009-10-09 02:28:54 (edited 2009-10-09 02:38:37)
Thank you, i just try a little experiment and eventually works. and.. your work.. soo gooood like it used to be^^

Thank you ^^
yes, the first was my original but my brother said it really looks like Asuka langley. but i don't know,does it really look like Asuka?
2nd one was my interpretation on Anayama Kousuke, i guess... so she is a ninja alright.

Woow, i like your work, you're already pro. I like the details ^^

he..^^ thank you! I usually draw with pen and rarely use pencil. the first one was my one coincidence, but the result not too bad. Umm.. it takes about 30 minutes to sketch it.

The chibi's So cute^^

Ok, i post one today

Okita Hotaru by ~sakunowaarudo on deviantART

and, here it is when i try to edit it with photoshop. My brother ask me to give it a try to use a software, but it turns out not too good. i guess i have to try to use it more.

Okita 3 by ~sakunowaarudo on deviantART

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket HENSHIN!!!

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by holkers on 2009-10-09 10:35:20 (edited 2011-03-15 05:05:25)
Ohay this is my first post here.

So i'll just post some of my old artwork.
Then slowly it would go to the lastest one xDD

(finally found this thread, phew)

This is my 2007 arwork. xDD

So i actually active drawing in 2007 xD

I'll post my 2008 collection next post then xDD

I claimed someone that I can't remember because photobucket is ended.

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by amd64 on 2009-10-12 08:10:05
maybe you photoshop one should don't use too much blur, and try sharpening the image effect, this might give better result
but still like the hand drew one ^_^

wow, you drew naruto arts very good, very impressive!

okay I try post one of my hand drawing(again, it is not so good haha) :P

next time I will post some of my art using computer

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by Bart on 2009-10-17 19:17:45
Here my another Artwork
Everyone draw sooooooooooooo good....but...not active one?
hope everyone keep on show more artwork at here...share them...hehe

Here...If you got play Ragnarok RO got 3rd job already...
and i got draw them....hehe, hope you like it @@

....( i still got far away to draw good good artwork T.T)

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-10-21 14:42:34

BROSE : MistGun by ~ichvon on deviantART

for more details just click the image above xDD

You can visit me there!!

Re: You Draw! Sixth Thread [read 1st post]
Link | by on 2009-10-21 20:29:21
@Vorbis: Nope, she's an original character I created. I've never played Ragnarok Online before. Do you play it and is it fun?

For the last drawing you posted the head needs to be a bit smaller, but everything else looks alright. And I love the little attention to details :)

@Henshin: Lol, yes she actually does look like Asuka. And no worries about learning to things digitally. You'll get the hang of it eventually, I'm sure of it ;)

@Holkers: Wow, its a Naruto explosion XD
Very nice and you even coloured a few them traditionally which is something I greatly fail at >.>

@Bart: Nice lines and so is the attention to details. Gawd, how I love details! XD

I think you're very well on your way to making some great stuff. Post more next time, k? ;)

@ich: Its shiny XD
Man, how I wish I can colour like that.
Love the glowing effect you made on those wings. The character herself is a cute sight to behold too as well as that little plushie-bear like thing she's holding :3


Some recent stuff from last month. As a fan of RPGs I made my own version of a Trickster job, male and female.

The male would use cards to attack and other things I'm not sure of.

The female would use heart/spade shaped throwing darts and dice that would either explode, act as a smokescreen, etc. depending on the outcome of the situation.

They have other tricks and stuff up their sleeve, sadly even though I'm their creator they won't even tell me :(

Photobucket Photobucket

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