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Thank Gendou!
Link | by kitw on 2007-05-15 12:07:51
Gendou does all this work for us members, and provides it all for free! Ever check out the site statistics? This guy does a lot of stuff and helps the members when there's a problem with the site and fixes it ASAP.

Sign this form and let Gendou know how much he's helped.

Small message:

No Fear
61 DL's
Thanks Gendou! The music sure helps pass the time, and the forum is a great place to browse through! Keep up the site! Thanks, No Fear.

I can't think of anything to put here!!!!

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by りんーちゃん on 2007-05-15 12:29:10

~i extend my gratitudes to the admin for being helpful in times of need
and being friendly and considerate to people asking for reasonable assistance =)

  m y . L i F E . i . t r a d e . i n . f o r . y o u r . P A i N .

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by fabiana_seto on 2007-05-15 13:11:17 (edited 2007-05-15 17:58:12)
nice idea :D

*Thank you so much for all the work! i realy enjoy all the site, anime, musics, furum, chat... so new things that will be to much if i list XD
Thank you!

XP i can't even write my name right!?!?!


btw here i can traine my english XD

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Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by Terror on 2007-05-15 15:16:49
~Terror of Death (formally Gotaclue)
~Currently 175dl
~Thanks for the music and the community here man, and for not sounding nor looking as mean as you may seem under that Ikari avi. ; )

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2007-05-17 20:34:26
-67 dl
-Thanks for making the site. It such a great community. I look forward to posting more here


Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2007-05-17 20:40:41
Eureka *formerly Roxas Girl*
106 dL
I just want to say thank you to one of the greatest people that I know.
First off, thank you for creating and maintaining this amazing site, and updating the downloads.
Thank you for giving the site cool add-ons so that I am never bored here!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to return to this site, even after what happened. (arigatou X100 000 000)
Thank you for always protecting our forum from bad people!
Lastly, thank you for being the best admin on any site I've ever been on!

We love you, Gendou-sama!!

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2007-05-17 20:54:14
465 dl

thanks for the great site man!you rock!

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2007-05-17 21:00:48
Sweatdrop (Neon)
82 dLs
Thankies for the site Gendou-sama. The site is such a friendly community. An uber uber cool site indeed! Thankies for all your hard work Gendou-sama.

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by ladypeach on 2008-06-12 21:18:36
thanks gendou for this nice site cause of you i have wonderful friends and i found a great guy that loves me so much

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Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by Ya-Ha! on 2008-06-12 21:25:12
Thanks Gendou for making the site i love so dearly.
im meeting new people and experiencing cool things here.
*i found a great girl that loves me so much* XD


Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by yamatasword05 on 2008-06-13 00:33:43
Its always great here with good people, thanks gendou.

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by Kageboshi on 2010-05-25 18:59:50
Name:Lord of Flames
Small Message:
I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Gendou-san for making/keeping this site alive/helping other members and anything else he does. Without this site, I don't know where to find lyrics for anime songs and the song itself. I had also had found great things in the forum. All of the topics in the forum are all fun and it's a good thing I had found this wonderful cool site. Again, I want to thank Gendou-san for being a great man with shades and for creating this site. You had been a good administrator and yet you are a cool man with cool black shades. May my gratitude be yours...

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2017-04-02 21:25:32
It's fun here. Thank you for everything.

Yuuko Andrew

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by ravez on 2017-04-21 11:23:29
uhm... thanks for making this site for people who want to dl anime songs, going to forums and chatting in the chatrooms... i may be just downloading anime music but i love and enjoyed being it this site... i still remember my first few music that i download when i am still in my school days... this site really help kill my boredom... i really thank you for it...
and as the site goes to its rest... i want to give my gratitude to you sir gendou for making this site for us...

"i have an otaku fever... cure me"

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by on 2017-05-29 06:33:44

Thank you Gendou, and thank you to the many of my wonderful friends who I still have from here after 8 years. If it wasnt for this site, I never would have met my partner in life- Silent, and I wouldn't have as many dear and amazing memories. I can never express my full gratitude, but to me and my honey this site means everything because it bought us together for the last 3 years. You should feel amazingly proud for creating so many amazing friendships. <3

Thank you PG :3
thank you tifa :3

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by karuzo on 2017-05-30 07:52:57
Name: Karuzo
Downloads: 740
Small message: One of the best site where my RP started, thank you for the memories...


Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by zero_001 on 2017-06-03 21:52:31
472 dl
Thanks for all the effort you put into the site I only wished I could've uploaded a few more songs then a sad dozen

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by arashi3 on 2017-06-04 05:14:21
Name: tsuna
downloads: 485
small message: i spent a lot of time here when i was younger and made friends. it was nice


Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by SSXVegeta on 2017-06-24 11:15:04
Name: SSXVegeta
downloads: 1056

Thank you for being the site that I would always pop open first! May you rest in peace!

Re: Thank Gendou!
Link | by ssjteenkai on 2017-07-13 19:53:09
Name: Ballz
DL: 185
Thanks for the nickname Lat, I've said hi to Gendou prolly like 3 times ever but thanks for the site. teh chats and the amount of times i changed my avvie. that one time i said sum questionable things to a certain girl and found out the mods can see whispers (lol.)

thanks for introducing me to Kamen Rider Yat. Thanks to Samurai boyo, inferno, emiya (kenpachi ramasama) for being my 3 sentai lads. Fate for being my mvp. naru, kira, L, silent, alex, gregg and anyone one else who put up with me on skype. yeah.

if your wondering its just getting worse for me. like perverted wise 1000% worse. lol.

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