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Understanding songs?
Link | by AnimeAngel27 on 2005-12-13 20:03:08
So first thing I wanted to know is, does everyone here that listens to anime music (b/c I can't just assume that everyone listens to anime music that's here, that would be crazy!) alright so anyways does every one here that listens to anime music, are you able to understand what they're saying in English without really having to look at the lyrics? For the most part I do, but I would think that not everyone here is a fluent japanese or even learning japanese so I can't assume (b/c when you assume you make an ass out of you and me... hehe!!) Ok so those who don't quite understand it without having to look at a translation I was wondering, can you or do you ever get a "feeling" from the songs you listen to? Like do you ever get any kind of emotion from what you listen to and what the songs may be trying to convey? And if you do get the jist of a songs tone, what songs make you feel the strongest emotions? (They don't necessarily have to be happy or sad they could be any emotion, anger, love, hope etc...) I was just curious is all because I was listening to a song and even though I knew what it was saying (maybe even more so because I knew) I was kind of made sad because it seemed like such a sad song...

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by diane on 2005-12-13 20:56:18
u don't need english lyrics 2 understand songs..i usually got the feeling of it by just listen. especially sad song..

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by bill on 2005-12-13 21:45:42
about 50%. i'm happy with just 50% and the "feel" of the song, rather than have the whole 100% translation. in my experience, after i've seen the translations for a particular song that i thought i knew the lyrics, i've ended up hating that song even more because it turns out the lyris are damn stupid. especially songs that sound sad, with lyrics that aren't. the only exception for me is ritsuko okazaki; you really appreciate her music if you can translate her lyrics.

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by KIN on 2005-12-13 22:03:23
I understand some phrase but they're right, you just need to feel the song and understand it's message by how it was sang.
(But it's really necessary for me to get a translation!)

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by on 2005-12-13 22:21:49
i don't mind the lyrics, what's important to me is how you appreciate the song. One thing i love from listening to anime songs is that I don't understand it (weird, isn't it?), I just follow the rythm and melody of the song. I agree with bill, you'll end up hating the song because of the stupid lyrics, right?

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by ShadowKitten05 on 2005-12-13 23:54:57
The reason why I only listen to jrock (and a little jpop) is because I feel that there is a greater feeling from the music, unlike most american music I've heard. Most of the american stuff (i live in america so yeah) is just screaming and yelling and doesn't really tell any stories. But with jrock and jpop, there's actually a feeling, a greater emotion behind the song than the words may even convey at first.
It's just a love/love situation.
I especially love dir en grey's lyrics. Despite kyo being quite perverted, when you listen to his songs, you just KNOW what's going on, no matter if you can understand the exact words. Like in Masohyst of decadance, you can FEEL the baby being killed, the abortion taking place, just with Kyo's shrill screams. It's just greatly performed. It's beautiful in that sickening way.

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by diana© on 2005-12-14 03:40:16
I just like how the song sounds and how it makes me feel. Of course, if translations are available, then good. :)

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by OwdEe sh4H on 2005-12-14 04:44:05
i really enjoy listening to japanese songs.probably bcoz i could understand them a little...well,i love the music n plus by actually understands it, jz makes it more good.i mean, all my friends jz gave me this wierd look whenever i'm smiling alone..they know i'm listening to anime n jap songs n that i'm the only one wo makes me feel great!!hahahaa^_^ as though it's a language that only i could comprehend

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by oturansama on 2005-12-14 21:15:50
Its probably better that you don't understand them 100%. Most japanese pop songs tend to be lovey dovey songs that you might not be interested in if you knew japanese. On the other hand, several of my favorite songs are my favorites because I know what they mean.

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by annita on 2005-12-14 22:57:21 (edited 2005-12-15 12:27:22)
I'll start learning japanese next year. I know a bit though. I dont really understand the hole song, thats why i look for translations :D

I like to know what i'm listening, and you can found some ecxellent lyrics! There are some songs that are oh so lovey dovey and so, but i cant stop liking them though xD

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by The loyal Servant of the Moon Goddess on 2005-12-14 23:49:08
I listen only to japanese songs since last year. But i dont undrestand a word in it. But nonetheless i love the songs even if i dont understand them. I listen to whatever sounds good. And ye i get a feeling sometimes when i am listening to music. When i am listening to 'Friends' from Soul Hunter i get this calm feeling inside......cant explain why

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by kaoru on 2016-10-07 15:19:00
Songs I can remembre the OP or took the time to read/translate lyrics, but out of the blue I usually can't understand a thing. I do love the instrumental work, even the most unknown anime's usually have beautiful soundtracks. It's a bit of a mistery to me.

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by shunukiya90 on 2016-10-31 06:59:54

Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by beldarius on 2019-04-02 06:11:15
I've actually studied a little Japanese (just two basics courses), but I've spent so many years watching anime that I can kind of understand the Japanese lyrics by now. Of course the emotion in the song helps, but if I catch on to a few familiar words, I can kind of translate the sentence in my head. I've also noticed I can understand around 50-60% of the lines in drama CDs.

I've also gone ahead and translated a few anime songs to English, though by using Google Translate for help. I initially put the entire thing through Google to get the basic idea, then check the Japanese in a dictionary and fix the English until the lyrics are correct. I eventually got good enough to match the English to how the Japanese version is sung, kind of making the words "flow" with the music. It's one of my favorite pastimes and a great deal of fun. XD

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Re: Understanding songs?
Link | by Billius on 2021-04-07 04:14:37
I like listening to anime music but I understand nothing. I just like how it sounds.

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