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Hello Everyone
Link | by Hiro on 2016-04-08 14:02:43
Hi everyone. I'll keep this brief. Big Otaku. Been into anime for 16 years now. I've loved the music that anime plays but getting the music is rather tricky. I hope to meet everyone on this site and become good friends with you all.

Re: Hello Everyone
Link | by zephzephzephzeph on 2017-01-10 17:48:26
Welcome to Gendou.

I've been a user since 2009. Anime/anime music fan as well.

If you use an Android phone, you could try MyGendou and see if it works for you. I created the app and I would appreciate it if you can provide feedback so that I can improve the app further. The link to the app is in my signature.

Happy 2017!


Re: Hello Everyone
Link | by DigiLearnings on 2020-07-16 11:30:18
Hello Everyone, I am new In this forum. Happy to Join us Gendou.

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