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Anime songs suggestion
Link | by Farad on 2016-01-10 08:36:55
Hi everyone
Any suggestion for great anime songs and a list of songs that you think are the best?
So a list of best anime songs(according to you) and the manga from which they are would be great(the name of the artist too by the way)
Thank you

Re: Anime songs suggestion
Link | by genietejada on 2021-01-17 23:58:37
My favourites: THIS GAME(ngnl op) very hype and fast paced

THERE IS A REASON(ngnlz ed) slow and dramatic

Neverending Guilty Crown(Guilty Crown op 2) the chorus is hype, rest is kinda soft

Renai Circulation(bakemonogatari op 4) i think you'll know this one :)

Platinum Disco(Nisemonogatari op 2 or 3) Kinda addictive

Peace Sign(BNHA S2 OP1) famous song have a go

Kyouran Hey Kids!!!(Noragami Arogoto op) Might feel very sticky, yet really good

Goya no machiawase(Noragami Op) hype mode AMADAS(SAO alicization op) Like crossing field, but more electronic

Great Days(JJBA part 4 op3) 90's pop song type

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