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Wings of Phoenix
Link | by H on 2015-08-20 02:53:02 (edited 2015-08-21 22:54:04)
The whole post is too long it got cut midway and doubleposting is locked.
The 2nd half of the post would be continued in the RPers united thread and if someone else posts after this.

Click here to go to the 2nd half of the RP post. Rules, character sheet, hints, etc.

Finally finished writing this wall of text, still need more editing though.
I haven't even created my main character yet.

This is my first RP in Gendou and serves as an atonement of sorts for the currently defunct crossover RP project.
I was motivated to create this as a contribution to Gendou City, seeing that I've been here for 10 years and the RP scene is really slow nowadays.

This RP is adapted from an RPG maker story that I am currently writing.
I added and discarded a few story elements from the original story to make it open ended and more interactive.
I can always introduce back story routes from the original if you guys want me to.

This whole thing has some political undertones and there's no clear black and white -evil and good- in the story. One country's political move on one half of the world will directly affect another country on the other half.
Your actions determine whether this world will plunge into eternal chaos, or you might want to take the noble path of peaceful resolution. You have control! The story of this RP is open ended!

Notice that the world's lore is not as detailed as its political aspect, I ran out of creative juices and time constriction.
If you want to write the world's history and link it to your character, that's perfectly fine for me.

For those of you who dislike politics and long winded history lesson below, here's a short and sweet version.
  • Alestiel-Alqobaria engaged in a war.
  • Private investors are gambling on the outcome and pressurize countries to participate.
  • Both of the countries worship different goddesses and adopt different ideologies.
  • Some people with weapons in Sargullia are unhappy due to muh ideology.
  • They add more pressure to their country to break their neutrality and join the war.
  • Financial giants secretly backed up these militant groups hoping that their country will succumb to the pressure.
  • These militant groups have grown so powerful beyond their expectations to the point that their country needs outside help.
  • Phoenix Corps to the rescue to kick these people.

Wings of Phoenix

(no cool image banner here, but have this shitty proof of concept intro video -which badly needs a remake now due to major changes in the story- from the original RPG maker project)

RP Theme: JAM Project - Hagane no Resistance

The only thing that I am proud of, is the courage to sacrifice this body of mine
Believing in you, I've fully committed myself, so that you don't have to throw away your hopes and dreams.
One day for sure, we will make it, with our strength and soul of steel
Until the day you can sleep soundly, I'll put my everything on the line and keep on fighting


Technology and Setting

Logenian National Academy headmaster's brief introductory speech on how the Academy works

Logenia National Academy, lecture theatre 2.11
Open lecture on History and Politics

Class, welcome to History lesson 101. My name is Joel and I'm your lecturer for today.

Today, we're going over current political issues and how it all began. Let's start with the obvious thing first, world geography for dummies.
As we know it, this world of ours consists of 8 countries and 1 union. Alestiel, Alqobaria, Greater Mu, Suraja, Granwick, and our beloved Sargullian Archipelago island countries.
For those of you who have been living in a cave for all your life, we are currently living here in Logenia, a part of the beautiful Sargullia.
To the north, we have the majestic country Farazhal with its famous Sultansworns.
To the distant eastern seas lies the Queendom of Kradin, home to the holy priestesses and paladins of Alodia.
Thalasia lies beyond our southern seas, the largest country in Sargullia and the country with the richest natural resources in the world.

To the south of Sargullia, lies the Granwick Federation, a country surrounded by oceans, and paradise to some.
They have rich natural resources, an advanced level of technology, and pretty much self-sufficient as a country.

Farazhal shares a land border to the north with Greater Kingdom of Mu, a beautiful union of countries with diverse culture and the second most powerful economy in the world.
Now... Mu is an Empire with a unique government system. Since explaining it would take a long time, you can open the textbook yourself under world powers.
Sargullia as a whole benefit in the trade routes between these two resourceful countries, Granwick and Greater Mu.

Suraja Empire is on the east side of Greater Mu, a mystical country with a floating capital. Yes, a floating capital, find it in your textbook under world powers.

Sharing a land border to the west of Mu is Alqobaria, the stronghold of Alnasir worshippers, as what the Alqobarians themselves said.
It has the thickest mana concentration in the world and is home to powerful mages and temple knights. Also, tons of dragons can be found there.

And finally, Republic Empire of Great Alestiel, currently the world's most powerful country.
It boasts superior economy and has the most advanced technology with robots, power suits, airships, and whatnots.
It's like a glimpse to the future if any of you have ever visited Alestiel before.


Now we're going to the main topic, "Why is the world so chaotic today?"
Anyone with half of a brain capacity would be able to point out straightaway, that it's because the currently ongoing Alestiel-Alqobaria war.

As for the reason of this war, you can find it in your textbook under Alestiel-Alqobaria war Kardial City incident.
That's just the trigger though, both countries have been at military tension for the past 200 years and things just built up waiting to explode.

This current war has been ongoing for 3 years and there's no sign of them stopping soon.
Alestiel spent almost half of its budget in military prowess and it jeopardizes their economy.
If you are thinking with your head instead of your butt, you would know that by right, stakeholders should withdraw their equity from Alestiel, but in this case they wouldn't want to.

Investors from the private sector across the world are gambling on Alestiel to win the war and has its economy rejuvenated in the future.
Their assets would multiply and they would become millionaires if this is true, but sadly, it's not the case.

If you have finished reading the Kardial City incident, you'll realize that Edward Mauser is currently a vegetable after being attacked by Don Ultimo.
By right, if he is awake now, Alestiel would have won this war in less than a year perhaps, with his cutting edge combat dolls.

These dolls are artificial humans, androids so to speak. Their appearance is pretty much indistinguishable from normal humans and their combat power is no joke.
Some says Mauser is going too far with his engineering it would lead to mankind's own downfall, but I'll leave that to you.
I'm not going to give you an in-depth lecture about this, just a passing remark. Now back to our topic.

Mauser going into a coma diminished Alestiel's military power for sure, but here's the kicker, "Sword of Ego" Sazaki Masamune, of the four eternal swords, went to Alqobaria to fight against Alestiel.

This girl is an unstoppable battle-hungry maniac and is probably the most important factor that levels the playing field to Alqobaria's favor.
If you have no clue about the Four Eternal Swords, read your textbook, there's an entry for that.
So yes, those are the reasons why Alestiel and Alqobaria are pretty much even now, to the chagrin of people from all over the world.

Earlier I told you about people who have their share of money invested in Alestiel and why they refuse to divest.
While some of them begrudgingly let go of their investment, a few of these stakeholders are still clinging to Alestiel, and these people are filthy rich, from wealthy individuals to corporate giants to crimelords.
You know what's funny? Since Alqobaria is now in even grounds against Alestiel, some of these people changed side to Alqobaria instead.
You know what's even funnier? The number of speculants are so large they're able to bring our economy down and our government can't stop them because it's not a crime technically.


This covers the capital aspect, I'll get back to this later, now I want to touch on the other aspect of current chaos, ideology and religion.
You guys are not kindergarteners anymore so by now, you should know the twin goddesses of this world Alnasir and Alodia. As usual, refer to your textbook if you feel amnesiac.

Alqobaria is the self-proclaimed stronghold of Alnasir with its devout followers.
On the other hand, most of Alestiel worship Alodia and had 300 years of history against Alqobaria.
This renewed conflict after 200 years of silent tension is taken at face value as clash of ideologies by zealot followers across the world.
I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's how zealots operate, they're not flexible in mind.

Now a group of people are protesting us to take a stand that reflects their ideology, Thalasia and Farazhal are pressurized to support Alqobaria while the Alodia paladins in Kradin are rallying to support Alestiel.
The more rational protesters argued that being neutral is ignorant, that it's equal to letting the war and violence grow rampant without acting at all. This is the case with Kradinian nobles.
While they have a valid point, choosing a side is politically difficult as there's no clear black and white, it's just two countries going against each other for what they feel is just.
Supporting Alestiel means that we'll draw ire from supporters of Alnasir, not to mention the impact of foreign relations with other countries. You can't please everyone.

That's for the rational protesters, on the other hand, we have the powerful militants, which are mostly based in Thalasia.
These groups are armed and often resorts to acts of anarchy to try to destabilize our governments into meeting their demands.
These people are real trouble. Some of them have been left unattended for years they grew so powerful they can match the country's military.
So far we have leads that a private investor actually funded a few militants just because both parties shares the same goal of supporting war.
Now that's just one investor, think about the numerous other investors that we haven't discovered.

..... but still, we can't go to war. No matter the pressure we just technically cannot.

..... but Joel, "Why can't we go to war?"
To answer this, we need to trace back to our forefathers' days, exactly 100 years ago.
Sargullian Archipelago was founded under a long history of violence and war of the old world, which was practically Alestiel and Alqobaria aiming at each others' necks for 300 years, and carried on until this day as you can see.
When we finally declared our independence, our forefathers signed a pact for the whole archipelago, called the Emerald Belt Concordat.

This agreement is for Sargullia as a whole not to align themselves with Alestiel nor Alqobaria and not to participate in future wars.
Here's the catch. Up until this very moment, both Alestiel and Alqobaria have never signed any peace treaty whatsoever, only a momentary truce.
Our forefathers were there when they signed the truce, that's what give birth to this concordat of ours.
And all of a sudden now, they're at war again after 200 years of silence. Funny isn't it?

We have honored the Emerald Belt Concordat for 100 years with the bi-annual Sargullian Conference.
The next one, the 50th conference, will be held in Logenia next month, and also a celebration for Sargullia's 100 year independence anniversary.
That being said, it's very absurd to suddenly pick a side on this war.
I'm sure you're not that dumb not to know this conference. Those who are clueless please open your textbook.

So that's it, basically us Sargullian islanders are bound by honor to this pact of ours.
Of course the concordat is not legally binding among the countries, we are free to choose whether to join the war or not, and it's not a crime to support either Alestiel or Alqobaria.
However, if any of us are to break this pact, I can guarantee that the rest of the world will make their move and join the war.

Make no mistake, Sargullia is under constant watch of other world leaders.
Do you know why Greater Mu, Suraja, and Granwick has remained neutral for this 3 years since the war broke out?
They have very good political and trade relations with us. They are judging our moves and we are leading by example here. Us Logenians, especially, with our powerful military force.
Thalasia, Farazhal, Logenia, Kradin. These four countries have very diverse cultures with different ideologies yet we still live in harmony in Sargullia.
We are the beacon of tolerance and neutrality. If we make a mistake today, the world might just be engulfed in a global warfare the very next day.
And we can be sure as hell to say goodbye to our current peaceful lives.


So yes, that will be the end of our topic on "Why is the world so chaotic today?"

It's a complex mixture of economic speculations, military uprising, and international pressure, although everything boils down to human ego in the end.

Now, you students of the Logenian National Academy might be wondering, "What is our part in this? What can we do to help?"

Here in Logenia National Academy, we have our own Phoenix Task Force, the famous Logenian Autonomous Mobile Combat Corps.
It is an independent task force dedicated to help quell military uprising in Sargullia and to preserve peace and maintain order.
There's no pressure at all on joining the corps since it's voluntary, think of it as a co-curricular activities of sorts.

It is the perfect training ground for those of you who seek real combat experience and intelligence warfare since we are dealing against a wide range of attacks.
Sadly, there's no fame and glory if that's what you're aiming for. Our job is pretty much a thankless job.

If you're interested and want to learn more about us, you can come to the west wing and enquire more about us, our office is among the intelligence units and magecraft professors.

..... Yes, if you're wondering, I am one of the captains of the corps.
..... No, I am certainly not promoting it, I'm just stating a readily available info here.
..... I... have put a brief info about AMCC in the textbook for you to read.

That is all for today. See you around.
..... Hopefully in the west wing...

Before I take my leave, a little reminder that you need to read the textbook.
Things are going to get rough from now on so please study hard.

Textbook, open this for glossary and important terms *MIXED WITH HISTORY LESSON*

Textbook, Influential pro-war and radical groups in Sargullia *IMPORTANT*

I can't map to save my life, please bear with this shitty description.
Textbook, World Powers

Textbook, Sargullian Archipelago Island Countries. This is where we're currently located

Click here to go to the 2nd half of the RP post. Rules, character sheet, hints, etc.

Gendou City Crossover RP! ~Coming soon~

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by on 2015-08-21 08:38:18
Welp, might as well post so you can continue the RP in this thread H. Spent way too long working on a character last night so I know I've committed to joining this XD

Just a bit of clarification though, your character doesn't have to have attended Logenian National Academy to be a part of the Phoenix Corps, correct? And what level education would the Logenian National Academy be equivalent to, more like university or like a high school?

For example, I'm planning on my character having attended another national academy (High school level) in another country, but then joined the Phoenix Corps after graduation because their member's "longing for peace" sense of connection resounded with my character's ideals. Basically, what I'm trying to ask with the questions above is if this scenario would make sense?

Regardless, this definitely looks like an awesome RP and I'm hoping it'll be a great success!

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by H on 2015-08-21 22:02:30 (edited 2015-09-30 11:03:00)
Yep toyumi, your characters don't need to have attended the academy to be a part of Phoenix Corps.
It's just that most members and the current captains in charge of Phoenix Corps are all graduates from the academy (will upload the cast later).

The level of National Academy would be equivalent to university level, with the youngest students being 18.

Yes, your back story makes sense, no need to worry about it.
If it's abit complicated for you, you can think of Phoenix Corps as a band of mercenary that recruits anyone willing to help them on their cause, and they plead their allegiance to Logenia.

I was thinking that this RP should have been released years ago, but then again, it's adapted from my original story, which I've only finished this year lol

This post will be continually updated for supporting cast uploads.
Reminder that the RPG maker terminology is still attached for existing Phoenix Corps supporting cast, don't take the numbers too seriously.

It will take a lot of time to translate them into narration so I'll be leaving them as it is.

Four Eternal Swords

Phoenix Corps Captains

Phoenix Corps - past active members and supporters

"Fallen Angel" Shaun

"I don't know why he calls himself that, but all of us here calls him Scumbag Shaun"
- Kang


Nationality: Logenian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Shaun was the second administrator and leader of Phoenix corps, succeeding the first leader Clare of Everlasting Light.
He is a powerful wind mage who is known for his charisma and led the corps for two years before handing over the mantle to Han after his promotion.

In the first year of operation under Clare's leadership, the upper brass expressed much displeasure for Phoenix corps and their minimal results.
After taking the leadership mantle, Shaun straightaway lobbied and built a good relationship with pretty much every special force unit and the army's top brass, elevating the corps to prominence and putting them in a political safety net.

Due to this network of his and the fact that Phoenix Corps shut down Men of Destiny uprising on Farazhali border, Shaun was offered the then vacant position of the commander of Logenian guards.
It was a record breaking deal for someone as young as him.
It is well known among the past Phoenix corps members that he has been lazing around and enjoying the bureaucrat life since becoming a commander.


A charismatic and cunning guy with humongous ego, he thinks that he is one of the most handsome man in existence.
His nickname comes from his usual banter, "I'm so perfect it's like I'm an angel that fell down to this world, even heavens envied me"
Shaun is a cunning master plotter that can seemingly twist everything to his favor and to go his way, earning him the nickname 'Scumbag' from his peers in Phoenix Corps.
His charisma helped him to spread his network among the Logenian army bureaucrats, thus elevating Phoenix Corps to prominence.
Despite his ego, he is a genuinely nice guy who cares for the corps and his friends, willing to throw his body on the line.
To illustrate how massive his ego is, he insisted on having Sephiroth as his picture and One-Winged Angel as his theme.

Character theme: "Fallen Angel"

Weapon Class:
Tomes - access to tome exclusive spells
Crossbows - access to unique skillset Barrage.


~ Fully Prepared: amazing unique passive, lowers all enemies' HIT and CRIT rate by 10%
~ Barrage: Shaun's unique skillset that relies on overall party PATK stat to inflict AoE damage. The higher your party's total PATK, the higher the damage.
~ Proficient with tomes and crossbows. Access to different tome spells and crossbow skill Barrage.
~ A good sub-healer with powerful HP regen spells.
~ Best wind spellcaster in the game with access to all wind elemental spells, including the almighty Cosmo Nova.


~ Poor DEF and MDEF coupled with average HP and no EVA boost, low survivability, difficult to pull off Cosmo Nova late game where you can get one-shotted.
~ Not a dedicated healer since he has no large heal spells, might face problems against burst damage from bosses.
~ Come and go as a party member. It'll be a long time before he becomes permanent.

Ultimate Skill: "Wind Magic. Cosmo Nova"

Single Target. 2 turns casting duration. Consumes 50% of Max MP. Can only be cast when Shaun's HP is 50% or below
2xhit. 2x[(2000+40xMATK}-3xenemyMDEF]
20% chance to inflict 'Death', not applicable against story bosses.
Magic command is locked for the next 2 turns, Shaun is unable to cast spells.

"Immortal" Gill

"... If you jump from the 10th floor, our escape plan would be perfect. What's the worst that can happen to you? Death?"
- Gill


Nationality: Logenian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Logenia's acting tactician and is the inventor and originator of the Assault and Defensive Patterns currently adopted by Han.
Gill was originally a captain candidate before his official appointment as Logenia's acting tactician.

His nickname originated from his overseas assignment, that he led a team against Leviathan without casualties, a legendary Alqobarian dragon raid which previously claimed many lives.
The "Immortal" tactician was soon sought by many special force units, but he didn't want to bear any responsibility that comes with positions of power, and chose to enroll into Phoenix Corps because according to him, "These guys seems fun"

Fast forward 2 years later, Gill was appointed as Logenia's acting tactician to fill in the gap before the next chief tactician is elected.
He accepted the offer and becomes a part-time member of Phoenix Corps from then on, "I just speak my mind and money comes... You guys are fun, but not as fun as this"
He often visits the academy to give lectures on Combat Tactics and can be found in AMCC's office whenever he's around.


A stoic true neutral in every sense. An extremely logical and pragmatic guy who sees things in a very blunt and objective way, himself included.
Only believing in numbers, his hobby includes game theory and applying mathematical concept into real war situations.
Due to this personality of his, it's easy for him in missions to abandon unnecessary emotions that lowers the success rate of his plans.
Unlike Joel who thinks he's the only sane guy in the corps, Gill openly admits that he has some screw loose since emotions are sometimes a hindrance to him.
Contrary to his stoic character, he likes the cartoon show "My Cute Pony", sometimes citing moral lessons that he's learned from the show.

Character theme: "Asana of Destructive Thoughts"

Weapon Class:
PROFICIENT WITH ALL WEAPON CLASSES (not including exclusive weapons)
-no access to equipment specific spells-


~ A great support character and dedicated healer, probably the best among the cast.
~ Tactics: Gill's unique amazing passive. As long as he's in the battlefield, lowers all enemies' PDEF, MDEF, and EVA by 10%
~ Formation: Gill's unique skillset. Commands various assault and defensive patterns, excellent party buff that stacks with any other buff.
~ Access to high level party buffs and debuff spells, large burst heal spells.


~ Extremely poor offensive options, having no offensive skills and spells. Gill is more or less a total support character.
~ Come and go as a party member. It'll be a long time before he becomes permanent.
~ Even though he can equip any weapon, he has no access to their offensive skills (eg: unable to use Sword Arts even though he can equip swords)

Ultimate Skill: "Formation. Assault Pattern: Wings of Phoenix"

Targets all party members. Instant effect. 1 turn duration.
All stat boost +20%, +20% total damage output, +20% damage reduction, +20% EVA, +20% HIT, +20% CRIT rate
Unable to use 'Wings of Phoenix' for the next 2 turns.

"Super Diva" Clover

"Let's enjoy ourselves! The night is still young!"
- Clover


Nationality: Logenian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Logenia's up and coming singing princess. Her debut live concert was immensely successful and tickets were sold out in just a few hours.
Clover was Phoenix Corps's vice-leader immediately succeeding Anthony, until she got her big break and resigned from the corps.

Before joining Phoenix corps, Clover was a remarkable subversion specialist and an indie singer well known for her powerful voice that is able to move the hearts of people.
She put suggestions in her lyrics that are amplified with her powerful vocals, to an almost hypnotic and entrancing effect.
She joined AMCC a year after Alestiel-Alqobarian war outbreak so that her songs can reach more people and to promote peace.

Clover was offered a major debut a few months before the story began, which was quickly followed up with her successful debut concert.
Phoenix Corps's members are always invited to her events for free, but mostly acting as security.


Genki girl who is sometimes airheaded and clumsy, she'll quickly charm you with her friendliness and youthful energy before you even realize it.
Most of the time, you would forget that she's actually Logenia's super diva due to this stark difference in image.
The genki Clover and the cool beauty Althea are two big sister figures in Phoenix Corps who are adored by the female members.
When she's in her diva mode though, her facial expression drastically changes.
You won't see the usual Clover when she's on stage and her thunderous sublime vocals will remind you why she's called the Singing Princess.

Character theme: "Northern Cross"

Weapon Class:
Singer souls - stat boosting equip


~ Ridiculously overpowered in late game (along with Evie). Alone, she can basically replace all of your support casters.
~ Sing: access to amazing instant effect party buffs, borderline gamebreaking in late game.
~ Clover's songs have good synergy with Magic heavy teams.


~ No magic options, unable to cast normal magic spells.
~ No offensive skills, don't even think about her normal attacks
~ Poor stats, very low survivability.
~ Basically, she (and Evie) is absolutely a deadweight for most part of the game and you need to sacrifice one slot for her to gain levels.

Ultimate Skill: "Sousei no Aquarion"

Casts "Love" to all party members, instant effect. 2 turns duration.
x2 (200%) total magic damage output, 999% HIT and M.HIT, 999% EVA and M. EVA, 100% Counter rate. HP-MP-OVERDRIVE +20% regen. 2x EXP and Gold if battle ends in the next 2 turns.
Clover is unable to act for the next 3 turns (singing).

"Handsome Dynamite" Anthony

"Him? Handsome Dynamite? *laughs uncontrollably*"
- female members of Phoenix corps


Nationality: Thalasian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Hailing from Thalasia, Anthony was a captain and Phoenix corps' vice-leader during Shaun's leadership, and has served the corps as a lieutenant on the Corps's inception under Clare's command.
He chose to be a riskbreaker after finishing his foreign service duty and contributed to Phoenix corps.
Even though he's a full fledged riskbreaker, he still affiliates himself with Phoenix Corps full time, loitering around the headquarters everyday and joining them on missions. This makes him the longest serving member of Phoenix Corps.

Specializing in barehanded fighting, he made his name as the "Howling Beast" back in his academy days due to his powerful sure-kill special moves (hissatsuwaza).

Before departing for the National Academy, Anthony was "Sword of the Heavens" Olivia Skye's highschool senior in Thalasia and imparted her his Hissatsuwaza, a fact that he always described as his biggest regret.


A perverted and irresponsible guy, he thinks he has a harem of beautiful ladies in the corps and goes out of his way to throw cheesy lines for them.
The girls actually entertain his behavior and often flirts back aggressively because they love to make fun of him. He always got embarrassed of pretty girls actually flirting back.
When asked why he doesn't use weapons, he retorted, "Chicks dig real men who fights unarmed and flashes off their super secret special moves!"
After serving the corps, he chose to be a riskbreaker instead of leading a unit because according to him, "All girls love mysterious secret agents".
Don't let his extravagant behavior fool you. Beneath his childish and perverted attitude, lies a hot-blooded proud fighter.

Character theme: "Handsome Dynamite"

Weapon Class:
N/A -unarmed-


~ Unconventional character that revolves around female party members for buffs. Ridiculously strong if you build a team that revolves on maximizing his damage.
~ "I want to be popular dammit!": unique passive, +5% OVERDRIVE regen each turn for every female party member.
~ Hissatsuwaza: Anthony's unique skillset with both magic and physical options. High base damage with several "Ignore DEF" properties, consumes MP and OVERDRIVE.
~ "It's Showtime!": best offense buff in the game bar none, available from the very start. Sadly it's wasted on a low PATK character.
~ Three different builds with three different passives acquired mid-game, he can only equip one of these passives in any given scenario due to different requirements.
(Serene Mind: Requirements - No female party members. +30% to CRIT and MATK, +30% physical counter rate, +10% OVERDRIVE regen.
Hurricane Thunderclap: Requirements - One to four female party members. +20% to HIT, EVA, and Magic EVASION.
Strength of a Thousand: Requirements - Full female party members. +20% Max HP, +20% PATK, +20% total damage output, +20% total damage reduction.)


~ If you don't pay attention to party composition, the exact opposite will happen and he might be a deadweight.
~ Cannot equip weapons, thus having lowest PATK among all combat characters. His normal attacks are comparable to Clover and Evie.
~ Constant need for OVERDRIVE, cannot deal damage without meter. Dependent on using Hissatsuwaza and "It's Showtime!", his normals can get nullified by damage reduction.
~ Dependent on "It's Showtime!" for early game survival and until he gets his buffs. Will often die in boss fights unless he's equipped with the best armor.
~ Total deadweight against enemies that constantly drains OVERDRIVE meter (eg: Succubus, Dancers, and generally female seducers).
~ For damage dealing, "It's Showtime!" gets more impractical as the story progresses as he'll easily die before reaching 100%. He gets more damaging Hissatsuwaza to compensate however.

Ultimate Skill: OVERDRIVE. "It's Showtime!"

Self Buff, instant effect. 3 turns duration. Consumes 100% OVERDRIVE
Attacks twice, +300% PATK, +30% total damage output, +30% total damage reduction, +30% EVA, +30% CRIT, +30% Magic EVASION
30% chance to inflict "Stun" on every attack.
Hissatsuwaza command locked during "It's Showtime!".

Phoenix Corps - current generation's members


"A breath of fresh air that is long overdue"
- Han, describing Monika's presence in the corps


Nationality: Surajan
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Monika is currently a freshman at Logenian National Academy. She joined Phoenix Corps through Rui's recommendation and is the first student member to join the corps activities on a full time basis, sometimes delving into dangerous missions.
She is considered the central protagonist among the pool of characters, being able to join any routes in route splits and is almost always available in each chapter.

One of the youngest members of the corps, Monika has been following Phoenix Corps activities since its inception and straightaway registered for the corps after she enrolled into the academy.
The existing members and captains however, found her abilities and affinity to magic to be more suitable for healing and support, thus placing her in a non-combat team.
Being an earnest girl she is, Monika insisted on becoming a frontline fighter and managed to convince the captains and won the hearts of her seniors in the process, earning her the moniker of "Princess of AMCC".
She is currently permitted to join combat missions and is training hard under the tutelage of every single Phoenix Corps senior members.

Although everyone knows that she is a Surajan, Monika herself hides the fact that she is a princess of Suraja and is actually the granddaughter of Emperor Sanjuras himself.
Elizabeth is her childhood friend and personal bodyguard and is the only one who is aware of this fact, aside from the higher-ups of the academy.
Due to her heritage, Monika has the potential to harness the ancient Sun Magic. However, it seems that she herself is not aware of her potential, at least for now...


The so called princess of Phoenix Corps, Monika is a very earnest young girl who gives it her all in everything she does.
Some call her Clare Mk-II, but she lacked the obvious hot-blooded qualities that Clare possesses and is a really shy girl despite her boyish attitude.
Being a shy girl with a refreshing aura of innocence, most of the ladies in the corps treat her as their little sister.
Most of the guys love to spoil and treat her as AMCC's mascot princess, often to the point of being overprotective, without knowing that she is actually a princess for real.
She has a very romantic side to her, sometimes daydreaming of her perfect prince to come and sweep her off the floor.
This poses an actual problem since she is really shy and blushes madly when good looking guys try to get flirty with her.

Character theme: "Biggest Dreamer - Battle Evolution ver."

Weapon Class: Swords


~ Available in most missions and is a decent starting character.
~ Jack of all trades, Monika fits in literally any party composition due to her wide range of skills.
~ Access to decent Sword Art skills and having the widest range of magic options, from offensive to healing and support spells.
~ Sun Magic: Monika's unique skillset, received in mid-to-late game. An amazingly powerful set of spells with dual effect eg: Heals whole party and deals AoE damage at the same time, party buff and enemy debuffs at the same time, etc.
Her ultimate is a real tempo changer that can save you from certain death, but kind of detrimental if the battle tempo is in your favor.


~ Jack of all trades, over-generalization makes her fall short compared to the rest of the cast.
~ Extremely average stats and rather low survivability. No passives, no nothing.
~ Gets obsolete real fast as you get more playable characters, and she is often locked as an essential member in future chapters so you're more or less stuck with her.

Ultimate Skill: "Sun Magic. Majesty"

Targets all actors on battlefield. Consumes 50% of Max MP. 2 turns casting duration. 3 turns spell effect duration.
All party members gain Majestic status, recovers 50% of Max HP and temporary +100% Max HP boost, immune to all status effects and instant death.
All enemies stunned in the initial turn, silenced for 3 turns and unable to cast spells.
Removes all existing buffs and debuffs from all actors, be it party members or enemies.


"I spent years perfecting the Black Wings and this girl just...!"
- Han, shocked after Aren somehow mimicked his Black Wings although imperfectly


Nationality: Thalasian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Another freshman at the National Academy who joined shortly after Monika did, Aren is a rowdy young girl with a somewhat unhealthy obsession of the corps's combat squad.

Unlike Monika who joined due to the corps' cause of promoting peace, Aren joined because she is a huge fan of the senior members.
She has always adored the powerful fighters of AMCC and has been studying their fighting techniques for a long time, especially Han's.

At first, Han was opposed to the other captains who told him that Aren is a prodigy.
He was reluctant on letting her join full time since according to him, "This girl is annoying and she's here for the wrong reasons"
After she displayed her skills however, Han was convinced that Aren harbors a great potential and reluctantly let her join the corps.

Currently, she follows Han around like a hamster much to his chagrin.
When Han is not around, she clings on to other seniors and studies their technique in depth.
There have been talks that Aren is groomed to be Phoenix Corps's next leader after Han.
Among the new members, Aren shows to be the most promising one skill-wise, aside from Toby for obvious reasons.


Hyperactive young girl that is so unnecessarily chatty she might grate on your nerves.
Likes to cling on to other people and blabbers on and on, especially blabbering about fighting techniques to the seniors.
Even though most people find her liveliness to be too much, things are just not the same without her around.
The corps got so used to her presence that things seem so quiet and lonely when she's not around.
Beneath her outgoing persona full of optimism however, she hides a fragile and lonely self.

Character theme: "Shining Brave"

Weapon Class: Swords, Rapiers, Daggers, Spears, Axes. Access to unique Mimic skillset for each type of weapon.


~ Amazing level of weapon proficiency and partial access to their skills -unlike Gill-.
~ Good synergy with physical heavy teams and perfect as a backup character to replace certain members (in case of route splits).
~ Mimic: Aren's unique skillset, a variation of other characters' unique skills with her own twist. Restricted to physical skills which weapon she has access to. Her ultimate is a combination of Han, Anthony, and Gill's skills.
~ Plays almost exactly like Han, innate +10% EVA and +10% HIT, with Sword Arts skills that lowers enemy HIT rate.
~ Due to her Mimic, she has access to decent burst damage skills like Anthony's Hissatsuwaza and Althea's Blade Dance, unlike Han who exclusively serves as a character to soften and distract opponents.


~ Unlike Han, she has no Dragon Install to help her pump her damage output and evasion rate.
~ Relying only on her high EVA rate, even lower health and defense than Han.
~ Poor magic options, having only access to the most basic party buffs.

Ultimate Skill: "Mimic. Hissatsuwaza. Houyokusen" (Phoenix Wing Flash) - any weapon type

Single target. (5000+10xPATK) - 3xenemyPDEF. Consumes 100% OVERDRIVE.
50% chance to stun for 1 turn.
30% chance to inflict "Confusion" and "Blind".

All party members: All stat boost +10%, +10% EVA, +10% HIT, +10% CRIT rate. Instant effect. 1 turn duration.


"Watch and learn, now this is a real lady killer"
- Althea speaking about Nigel, reminding Anthony of his place


Nationality: Farazhali
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Nigel is a final year student in Logenian National Academy who joined the corps shortly before Monika and Aren.
His reflexes are top notch even among the most veteran of soldiers, being able to dodge incoming arrows in target practice.
He was rather indifferent to the corps at first before Kang noticed his amazing reflexes and asked him to join, which he complied rather inconclusively.
Soon thereafter, he admitted that he joined the corps for companionship and to make wonderful memories before the end of his academy days.

Being an easygoing and friendly guy he is, Nigel got along real fast with the corps members and found mentorship in the likes of Kang, Shaun, and Althea.
He derives his own special technique 'Blitz' from the skills of his three mentors while adding his own uncanny reflexes to the equation.

Kang offered Nigel a position as a captain for the next term, to which he rejected the offer, saying, "That sounds complicated, I don't like complicated things..."


The most good looking guy in the corps and also the most airheaded.
Blessed with good looks, supreme physique, and an innocent personality, Nigel is a natural born lady killer who is able to make most girls blush madly.
He has a signature refreshing and innocent smile that has captivated many unwary ladies before.
Due to him being airheaded and clueless most of the time, he's able to throw cheesy romantic lines casually without even realizing it.
His catchphrase is a shrugging, "Meh..." that indicates he couldn't care less or is totally clueless.
A running joke in the corps is that he can make women fall for him just by uttering, "Meh..."

Character theme: "Arashi no Saxophone 2 - XIII rendition"

Weapon Class: Daggers


~ Highest AGI. Guaranteed to be the first character to act in battles no matter what, especially handy if your party needs healing.
~ Innate +30% EVA and +10% Magic Evasion, the highest in the game. He can be played as an EVASION TANK since he has access to PROVOKE.
~ Blitz: Nigel's unique skillset, multi-hitting physical skills that rely on his AGI instead of PATK.
~ Decent magic option with access to advanced wind elemental spells and basic party buffs.


~ Very weak against magic attacks, having negative affinities to most elemental properties.
~ Extremely low DEF stat, if somehow an attack passes through, Nigel might suffer heavy damage.
~ MP problems, not enough MP to sustain his spells if he's played as a spellcaster, even though he has an impressive repertoire of wind spells.

Ultimate Skill: "Blitz. Touken Ranbu" (Wild Dance of Blades)

Targets all enemies.
18xhit. 18x[(100+3xAGI}-3xenemyMDEF]
All enemies -10% HIT, -10% Magic accuracy, for the next 3 turns.


- Toby, Mephisto awakening

(meta talk: this character serves as an anti-diabolus ex machina, a very useful tool.
eg: Your party is close to winning a boss fight, but suddenly a banana peel tripped you out of nowhere and the boss managed to recover to full health. This event progression will trigger Toby's Mephisto awakening)


Nationality: Logenian
Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Toby is a fresh graduate from National Academy who is currently posted in Logenia's Strategic Intelligence Unit, aka. The Shadow Chasers.
Being a full fledged Shadow Chaser, he excels in subversion and sabotage, and dark magic, which he often says is not his forte as it exhausts him real quick.
He joined the corps after Rui noticed his absurdly large information network and expertise.

A calculating perfectionist, Toby gets upset whenever there are random outliers that just happen to affect the overall plan progression.
If this random outlier is so incomprehensible yet it is able to hinder the progression, he would lash out and display the highest level of dark magic, capable of annihilating pretty much everything.
What the corps and even Toby himself doesn't realize is that this "lashing out" is actually the awakening of the demon Mephisto inside him.
Mephisto himself is a demon who promotes chaos, often encouraging Toby from his subconscious to unleash destruction, and his presence is totally unknown by Toby himself.

Most of the captains nominated Toby as the leader to replace Han for the next term due to his leadership skills, but Rui vehemently rejected the notion since according to him, "A Shadow Chaser can't be fully trusted"


At first glance, he's a cute guy which small stature made him look harmless. Once you get to know him better, he probably already got a hold of your dark secrets.
A perfectionist and also a calculating guy with an absurdly large information network, Toby is the guy to go to for your intrigue needs and latest gossips.
He often clashes with Rui due to their fundamentally different takes on utilizing their information network and subversion technique.
Rui uses his network aggressively to slander his opponents while Toby uses his to trick his opponents to gain their favor.
Even though he's no stranger to manipulations, he treasures his friends and often gives them sound advice.
He believes in no nonsense approach and is brutally honest, never hesitating to tell a lady to lose a few kilos.

Character theme: "Dark Prison"

Weapon Class: Tomes, Swords


~ The only Magic-based rushdown character in the game, great synergy with both physical rushdown party and magic heavy parties.
~ Surprisingly high HP and DEF for a spellcaster, able to absorb lots of damage.
~ Proficient with tomes and swords. Access to different tome spells and elemental enchantment magic to imbue elemental properties to his sword.
~ Kabbalah: Toby's Mephisto awakening trigger, insane damage output and access to high level dark magic, including ultimate spell. Can only be activated once per battle and irreversible.
+20% to all stats, +20% Max HP & MP, +50% total damage output, +20% CRIT, +20% M.CRIT, -20% HP & MP regen each turn.


~ A rather mediocre damage dealer without Kabbalah. Pure damage with no utility -similar to Joel-, and no access to advanced Sword Arts.
~ Kabbalah is irreversible once you tap and -20% HP regen is going to hurt in the long run. It's a death warrant without a dedicated healer.
~ Really bad MP problems after Kabbalah. There needs to be a party member that constantly recover the -20% MP regen.

Ultimate Skill: "Dark Magic. Degeneration Blast"

Targets all enemies. 2 turns casting duration. Consumes 80% Max MP. Can only be used after Kabbalah trigger
20% chance to inflict 'Fear', 'Blind', 'Paralyze'. All enemies -20% to all stat for 2 turns.
Toby is unable to cast Degeneration Blast for the next 2 turns.

Gendou City Crossover RP! ~Coming soon~

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by temporaryfornow on 2015-08-25 15:01:35 (edited 2015-08-25 22:58:34)
Giving you another spot to post if you need it. Also, to ask you two three questions others might want to know the answer to.

When do you plan on starting the RP? And how many people would you want to start with?

EDIT: Also, I noticed that MLP "My Cute Pony" (which I assume is a reference to "My Little Pony") and FF7 are referenced in Gill's and Shaun's bios. Does modern media in our world exists in Wings of Phoenix?

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by FenrisOkamishiba on 2015-08-25 15:34:56
Well, I guess I should declare my intention to join in as well. So... wait for further information on character =P

ClaimedStrong Heart

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by H on 2015-08-26 10:14:12 (edited 2015-08-26 10:20:32)
For the MLP and FF7 reference,
They were actually meant as a meta joke.
I mentioned in the 2nd half of the post (in RPers united) that all of the Phoenix corps members are complete pasta of my real life friends (personality might be dramatized A BIT)
and AMCC as an organization -where all of these guys are gathered- exists, although it's not Autonomous Mobile Combat Corps (no, it's not the one in google).

As for modern media, it's up to you whether you want to throw it in for parodies and the likes (eg: anime, music, celebrities, etc.), I'm not placing restrictions on things like that.

TV-like projection exists, but only in large institutions for public use (eg: public parks, academies, libraries, hospital, train stations, government office), so does "My Cute Pony" in the world of Wings of Phoenix. This applies to all countries.
Computers, internet, cars, and gizmos are readily available in Alestiel for public consumption -and Granwick to an extent.
For other countries, only high level government office have computers installed.
Remember that the wireless communication, Ping, exists in all countries, and has pretty much replaced phonelines.

Sephiroth and FF7 is only a meta joke, Shaun in real life jokingly insists that he's Sephiroth and actually had the name "Sephiroth" engraved in his police badge.

For RP starting point,
I'm thinking of starting this in two weeks, either 12-13th of September or if I have at least 3 more people posting their profile already.
I'm going overseas and going to be busy for a week until next Sunday so there will be little update on supporting cast, maybe 1-2 characters every 2-3 days.

Gendou City Crossover RP! ~Coming soon~

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by on 2015-08-29 13:59:48 (edited 2015-08-29 14:03:46)
I'll probably end up editing this a bit (Adding a weapon, maybe more demon related lore, other background, etc.) so it's not my final version of my character, but here's my character sheet anyway.

Name: Fenna

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Nationality: Surajan

Allegiance: Logenia - Phoenix Corps

Weapon Proficiency: Staff (Exclusive weapon information will be edited)


Bio: Fenna, originally from Suraja, grew up as an orphan in a small village not terribly far from the capital, Acala. She was abandoned as a baby, and was adopted once when she was young, but alas returned as her once-parents claimed that she was too much to handle. No one at the orphanage could see why she was that much to handle, granted she did ask many questions and did not understand things as readily as her peers, but overall she was a kind and gentle child. She was sent to a local, public elementary school, as were the other children of her age in the orphanage, and near the end of her elementary school career a group of recruiters from a specialized combat academy came to visit the town and recruit new students. One of trials was to "defeat" one of the recruiters in a mock duel, purposely made easy since they were only recruiting the children for their middle school division. Fenna easily defeated the recruiter who challenged her, as well as another recruiter with the first. It was only when the third recruiter challenged her that she was defeated, yet even he was challenging her with a difficulty equal to that of a high school level. It was obvious that she had a natural talent in combat, and was accepted into the academy without question, even providing her with room and board.

She attended the academy for both her middle school and high school years, and upon graduation, Fenna's advisers suggested she join the AMCC. They did not send her to the Logenian National Academy as they knew the curriculum would be strict, and those at the Logenian National Academy might not understand Fenna's... Very specific learning style, as she had never outgrown her tendency to not understand knowledge of the world as well as her peers. Regardless, upon graduation, her advisors got in contact with those at the AMCC, and agreed to allow Fenna to join upon her graduation. Fenna agreed to joining the AMCC as the goals of those in the AMCC were simple enough for her to understand: to fight for the cause of peace.

Fenna had always wanted peace for she could "sense a greater danger" looming on the horizon. Everyone thought she was talking about the war until she joined the AMCC, where her true power was revealed: Fenna is actually a demon, abandoned by her true parents while her demon form and power is contained within a locket she always wears. She only revealed her true form to those in the Phoenix Corps once before, to a select group of people on a mission a year ago, when their team was in grave danger and Fenna's true form was able to save them. From that point on, Fenna explained that the greater danger was not the war, but rather, the demons and monsters of the world. Only a portion of them resided on the planet, because in reality, the majority of them were banished long ago by the 3 main goddesses of the world (Alnasir, Alodia, and Aluza), which forced the rest of their population that escaped banishment into hiding. Those who are in hiding and often kept away from society are a part of the demons who exist as monsters in the world today . There are some however who still know of the banishment, and wish to bring their brethren into the same world as them, and as such they too have taken sides in the war, if only to later achive their goals after the war is over. The demons in particular have sided with the Alqobaria nation, for their magical tendencies align with the demon's natural strengths in magic.

Fenna is different as she was abandoned by her true demon parents at birth, as she was the by-product of her birth father, a higher-society demon, having an affair with his servant, Fenna's mother. She would have most likely died had it not been for the kindness of her mother, who as a servant was given the dirty work of disposing Fenna as a child. She had sealed Fenna's powers in a locket, and put a spell on her to permanently disguise her as a human for 3 years so the orphanage staff would keep her, as she would be, to them, an ordinary baby. In three years time she was adopted, but on her second birthday, while taking off her locket for a bath, it was revealed to them that she was a demon. Fenna was left confused and abandoned again at the orphanage, now never taking her locket off for being afraid of what else would happen. On her next birthday, a woman came to visit Fenna, who finally revealed her heritage to her, and what happened when the locket was either opened or taken off of her. She never revealed herself to Fenna, and it was only older when Fenna realized that this person was most likely her mother. Even though it is unlikely, Fenna hopes that one day she will get the chance to meet her mother once again.

To this day, Fenna has continued to be a part of the Phoenix Corps, being a loyal member and a seasoned fighter.

Personality: Curious yet not naive, she asks many questions about the world around her and why people act the way they do, even though she does understand that there is evil present in the world. Her curious nature makes her seem very childlike, but this sharply contrasts with her natural incline to be a fighter. Seems to lack feelings of embarrassment and doesn't hesitate to speak up, especially when it's a topic she doesn't understand (Which is often). Often selfless and willing to protect her friends and allies.

- Only a Flesh Wound - Heals quickly from physical wounds, and is hardier than other characters.
- Blocker - Fenna can block all physical attacks for 30 seconds, either attacks going to herself or attacks meant for a teammate so long as they are within a meter. Cool down period of 2 minutes.
- Skilled primarily in dark magic.
- Highly skilled in many variations of martial arts and other close-combat fighting.
- High Health, Attack, Damage, Defense, Accuracy.

- Cannot act solo as her curious and questioning nature might distract her from the job at hand.
- Low Magic Resistance, Speed; average Magical Attack

Ultimate skill:
Inside the Locket - Fenna has a demon form, whose powers are sealed inside a locket Fenna wears. This form, which is actually her true form, changes both her appearance and her abilities. Her demon self is much more skilled in magic, but not as skilled in physical combat. Fenna can stay in either form for any amount of time, but must stay in one form for at least 10 minutes before switching back to another form, because she does not have enough energy to switch between forms so quickly, and if she does so she will be rendered unconscious (And thus vulnerable).

Demon Strengths:
- Soul Siphon - Heals herself whenever she deals damage.
- Dark Binding - A sphere of dark magic is sent out to her opponent who, upon contact, is both hurt by the sphere and grounded (Cannot move) for 10 seconds.
- Double Dip - Fenna can duplicate an attack she landed on an opponent, only this time the damage is doubled. It also has higher accuracy now, but it can still be dodged by the most speedy of opponents.
- High Health, Magical Attack, Damage, Defense, and Magic Resistance.

Demon Weaknesses:
- Cannot act solo as her curious and questioning nature might distract her from the job at hand.
- Low Attack, Speed; average Accuracy.
- Staff changes form and is not useful for attacking now (No attack weapon).

Demon form appearance: To be revealed later on in RP.

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by H on 2015-08-31 04:02:19 (edited 2015-08-31 09:24:57)
Character is alright. Since you bring up demons into the storyline, I'll undo the changes I'm planning for one of the supporting character.
One of phoenix corps members harbors a demon in him in the original story, the plan is for him to just be a very good dark magician in the RP.

For all of you who wants to join in:
Don't be afraid to create a character like Fenna, you can make a backstory as convoluted as you want, you can insert whatever you want into the world of Wings of Phoenix. -edit: Of course with moderation, please don't break the world's premise, rather integrate your story in it-
Unleash your imagination.

Gendou City Crossover RP! ~Coming soon~

Re: Wings of Phoenix
Link | by DebbieHarper on 2022-12-12 23:09:42
Yes, Toyumi, your characters can join Phoenix Corps without having attended the academy. The majority of the personnel and the present captains' order now leading Phoenix Corps are all academy graduates (will upload the cast later). The youngest students at the National Academy are 18 years old, and its level is comparable to that of a university.

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