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Pronounciation help!!
Link | by on 2009-04-11 05:45:04 (edited 2009-04-11 05:50:08)
Hey, um... My friend sings, and she knows, like, no japanese whatsoever. She cant even say ohayou gozaimasu properly...

So... she sings, and she has to go to Japan to perform. Now, with me being a jpop lover, I jumped at the chance. Shes having a lot of trouble pronouncing words, and even though Im studying japanese, Im not the best at helping... ^^|

Sorry; I should mention the song is Kesenai Tsumi by Kitade Nana, and shes REALLY struggling with 'mayowazu ni' and 'oboe'. Ill get a complete list off her once she replies to my email... TT

Also, I cant see her regularly. Like, once every 2 months, if that. Thats not enough, and this isnt the sort of thing youd be able to explain over MSN, see...

Anyway, please help!! We dont have much time!! ><

ALSO~... I need help with tones, too. Like, I say 'ne', but it sounds so Australian... it scares me... ^^| I was trying to talk to a few japanese people today, but half the time they didnt get what I was saying. ^^| Ive been studing for 4 years now. >< Not being able to use tones in Japanese isnt helping with Chinese... かのじょがほしい~の~。><

Re: Pronounciation help!!
Link | by on 2009-04-11 05:48:07
Voice chat with her? and help her pronounce it.
I'm pretty sure it won't be hard if she just listen to the song and follow the same way of singing it.


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Re: Pronounciation help!!
Link | by quatreyesquatreyes on 2009-04-14 02:41:00
the hardest thing to do is to teach someone to pronounce a foreign language, I think the easiest way is to hear and practice to sing the song more often.

I never hear the Australian English but I think the Japanese 'ne' is almost same as ne at 'never', well, practice a lot will give you a result.

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Re: Pronounciation help!!
Link | by mewarmo990 on 2009-04-25 17:22:54
I don't really see anything I can help you with as far as posting on a forum goes... I'm trying to imagine how an Australian would say "ne"... nay! haha anyway, I think voice chat or telephone would be the best way. Maybe you could set up a session with some people who know Japanese.

You have to remember that each kana in Japanese represents a distinct syllable. In speech you don't really catch it but when people sing they will often take advantage of that fact to make the words fit the music, which is one of the more convenient things about Japanese music.

I'm a little worried about my help here since I don't know much about Australian pronunciation, sorry.
mayowazu ni:
mah-yoh-wah-zoo nee


Random advice... These are a few common mistakes:
The Japanese "r" consonant sound is pronounced like the rolling R in Spanish. If you can't do it, use L instead, it's closer than the English "R". But don't unless you have to...
"O" in Japanese is a little different than your standard long O in English. In English, at the end of the sound one tends to close it with a "U" tone, but in Japanese you would leave it open.

Out of curiosity, may I ask why your friend would possibly want to go to Japan to perform *in Japanese* despite being utterly clueless in the language?

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Re: Pronounciation help!!
Link | by giiraaffee on 2011-12-13 00:08:49
I find it is easier to find the pronounciation by learing how to say the letters and characters in the alphabets (Hiranaga, Katakana, and Kanji) correctly.
However, watching some anime and listing to Japanese songs may help.
Also, practicing.

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