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Link | by gendou on 2009-04-05 03:57:30 (edited 2009-06-02 07:54:22)
I am developing a game called T-Cell which was somewhat inspired by Spore.
You play as an immune cell fighting off pathogens.
Grow huge and complex as you swallow up your foes!

Here are some screen caps:


Re: T-Cell
Link | by on 2009-04-05 04:09:52
this looks awesome :D

Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-05 04:24:54
a lot of aspects of the game are missing/broken/wrong at this point.
the red dots are the bad bugs, and they will eventually have different species.
some species will run away and some will be aggressive.
they will eat up the green (good-guy) cells if you don't catch them in time.
i want to make more advantages to having multiple/forked limbs.
maybe i will add differentiation to your (blue) player cells, like lures and poison and stuff.
tell me what you think would be fun and maybe i will add it!

Re: T-Cell
Link | by HK on 2009-04-05 04:43:48

I didn't got a proper "Game Over" message...
I was at lvl 42 or was it 40... at this point.. the longer your node chain is..
when you neglect a very small one and it got eaten, the chain goes crazy..
I dun know if this is one of the nodes characteristic.. but it got out of control.

This would be more enjoyable if Gendou would add the stuffs that he said...
I would watch out for this.. XD and hope others too would play.
/competitive side ON lol...

Another thing... the game's resolution, I'm using my 1024x768 CRT...
not my 1280x1024 LCD... so, anyone else having problem w/ the resolution?

Haseki Keiri Randoms.

Here I go again...
Right here.
So yeah.
I'll try.
The End.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by on 2009-04-05 06:49:01
lol i haven't finished playing since i have to do homework...
hmmm adding those stuffs...yeah, that'll be more enjoyable, i think x]

yeah, my laptop monitor is 1280x800 so erk, it's a bit too high for me lol

Re: T-Cell
Link | by devils-angel on 2009-04-05 10:08:18
Reminds me of Bubble Tanks/2 and flOw, just without the shooting aspects from BT/2.


Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-06 04:39:15
I uploaded a version 0.7, with some better graphics, tweaked game difficulty, and a few bug fixes.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by HK on 2009-04-06 04:49:12 (edited 2009-04-06 04:57:36)

whoa.. the red cells are actually moving now.. XD
/plays some to see if I could get some bugs or errors to report.. ;D

During a few minutes of gameplay, I only saw one thing...
since the field is somewhat boundless, finding some of the red cells
was kinda hard. Especially when dealing with the last cell...
And then when the next stage begins... you are still on the last coordinates
you were, so navigating back to the green cell base is kinda.. hard.. XD

Haseki Keiri Randoms.

Here I go again...
Right here.
So yeah.
I'll try.
The End.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-06 07:14:12 (edited 2009-04-06 08:11:23)
yeah, i think i will have your position at the end of a level be (0, 0) for the beginning of the next.
also, i will try to make the world either wrap around or be effectively bounded some other way.
eventually, there will be a background image/animation which will help you orient during navigation.

EDIT: version 0.8 is up with sound effects!

Re: T-Cell
Link | by devils-angel on 2009-04-06 18:49:39
Looking forward for future features you'll add to it. :P


Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-08 00:37:58 (edited 2009-04-08 04:02:35)
New in version 0.9: ability to save high scores, zooming in/out, and a background image (which does not yet properly tile).

EDIT: Once I fix the background tiling, I will upload version 1.0, which includes a toggle quality option.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by HK on 2009-04-08 07:35:50 (edited 2009-04-08 08:21:12)

played version 0.9 and so far:

the nodes seems to move a little bit slower on parts w/ the bg...
though I'm not sure whether it is because I have a very weird connection here
and the game is on its highest quality bracket...
still, the sfxs are nice.. XD

if Gendou would still develop this more,
it would be a game good for passing the time.. and also enjoyment... XD

one suggestion though, a mini-map to show the bugs' location will be nice,
it would also help a lot on the navigation. Though if this would be something
too long/hard to code, then the zoom out function is enough.. XD

v1.0 is somehow faster than the last, I'mma wait for the next versions. XD

Haseki Keiri Randoms.

Here I go again...
Right here.
So yeah.
I'll try.
The End.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-08 08:07:21 (edited 2009-04-08 11:29:17)
The score board has been cleared and 1.0 has been released!
A mini map or beacon is a good idea, I'll consider that for the next release.
Also, I'll try to do something about the game's processor usage.
The graphics library I'm using is a monster.
Resizing images seems to take the most processor time.

EDIT: I have added a "Start new game" button.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by Terror on 2009-04-08 16:19:59
Tee hee, second on the list at time of posting (out of ten, lol).

I like it. But if I could make some suggestions:

1. I was a little annoyed at how the more passive bugs would wade away from the cell pool and so when I went to kill the last one far from the cells, the next level started with me in the middle of nowhere with bugs surrounding my cells. Maybe reset the player's position every level?

2. I was playing and thinking: "This is kind of slow." Maybe make it faster? Lol, that was low quality. I switched and it's like: bang! Fast! So, that solved, maybe try to incorporate difficulty levels, such as a hard version with smarter AI. :o

Nonetheless, it was quite fun to play. I hope to see it continue to evolve. :o

Re: T-Cell
Link | by devils-angel on 2009-04-08 16:48:31
I'm totally gonna play this again. I was just wondering how you like, lost, and I found out.
For me, HQ played slower than LQ for some reason, haha. LQ wasn't that bad though.

I also learned that to make your worm thing go faster, grad your mouse further to the edges of your monitor.
Also if you have larger (nodes is it?), and you go faster, you have better momentum.
Sometimes it's hard to slow down and capture those bugs especially when they get really tiny, they just try to sneak off.

I guess if your green gets smaller, you get smaller, thus loosing. :D

One thing I wished was that you didn't have to hold the mouse down to move cause it strains your finger after a while.
Maybe something like, just following the cursor or something?


Re: T-Cell
Link | by yamatasword05 on 2009-04-08 17:51:36
Ohhh Niiiice. :D

For some reason...
I keep losing track of 1 bug constantly. :c

I agree on the finger thing.
Maybe a follow the cursor?

Re: T-Cell
Link | by #2 on 2009-04-08 22:43:46
Very fun game you created there Gendou. Here's a few suggestions:

1) Increase difficulty by either reducing the amount of cells to protect as you get farther while increasing the bugs, or reduce the HP of the cells.

2) Add a self destruction option where in the event you are too tired and want to rest and keep your score you can end the game prematurely (unless it exists and I didn't see it). I had to resort to killing myself the long way because my nodes were too powerful :D

Eventually it would be really cool to add new variants of bugs to up the difficulty (perhaps the ability to respawn more) and hey maybe even a boss bug at certain levels to make it more interesting.

Regardless, this is a very nice game albeit repetitive at the moment.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by gendou on 2009-04-08 23:40:53
Thanks for all the great ideas, I will get to work on the next release.

Re: T-Cell
Link | by devils-angel on 2009-04-09 12:12:15
Zomg, I was playing a game, and I was on track to reach synai's new high score (was at level 32 or 33),
then my weakest, smallest nodes wondered off on their own and dragged me along with them,
causing the distance from the center to be like, -2000000, -2000000 or something and I couldn't go back for some reason.
The background became a blank black background and I just see a black screen now. :O

The only thing left I see on the game screen is the cursor but nothing else. Guess I crashed, haha. >_<;;

I like synai's idea about being able to save the game and returning to it later.
You can't play this game for numerous hours straight, you'll just find something else to do.

About the nodes, I know you can re-attach them to other nodes, but what about merging them into other nodes?
Eventually as you go further into the game, your snake node gets longer and longer,
and you have to watch out for your 'tail' cause they're your weak points.
I think it'd be cool if you could somehow merge your smaller nodes into the larger ones,
because then it'll be easier to make different shapes and figures with your node (like surrounding your main one with the lesser, yet larger ones).
I've been using the snake figure all this time, because trying to re-attach other nodes into other nodes just makes me node overall, look weird and unbalanced. >:D

I like it though. Keep up the good work, Gen-dono! >3<


Re: T-Cell
Link | by Terror on 2009-04-09 15:06:47
I liked the tail cause I could "engulf" smaller bugs when I rushed in, but it took me awhile to notice that I can lose my tail too. >_>

So yeah, I like DA's idea of maybe being able to "customize" the nodes to add more of a "strategy" to the game.

Also, I noticed at one point during my playing that my "snake" froze up for like a minute before I could break it loose. Otherwise, flawless from hat I've seen.

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