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About Me: I am suikoden fans, "SoulEater" is my favorite Rune ever.
If they re-make Suikoden II, which is Suikoden II split "Rune of Beginning" into 2. =_=
The "Rune of beginning" would be my favorite rune XD. i like puddin', cheesebuga (without oninons please), n cupcake i guess >.<

Currently i'm reallllly havin' trouble findin' teh rite suikogaiden 1 & 2 translation. Wish i can understand Jpn language, it's hard playin' RPG without understand wat teh means *sigh*

I am a presence dat will only consume not give
I am a presence dat bring chaos not happiness
I am a presence dat caused cursed to my bearer
I will consume thy soul
My voice speaks commencement and finality. I shall judge all.

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