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About Me: Hi! I'm a white mage. I can cast white and green magic. My weapons are two magic gloves: one is white and the other one is green, each one of my gloves casts differents spells, the WHITE glove casts WHITE MAGIC and the GREEN glove casts GREEN MAGIC. My name? Ummm...... Just call me WHITE MAGE 1000! OK?! Well, now let me talk about things that I like: I like SAILOR MOON, SAILOR CHIBIMOON, SAILOR MERCURY, SAILOR MARS, SAILOR JUPTER, SAILOR VENUS, SAILOR PLUTO, SAILOR URANUS, SAILOR NEPTUNE and SAILOR SATURN. I'm also LOOOOOOOOOVE FINAL FANTASY, here are some characters that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE too: SQUALL, YUNIE, QUISTIS, ZELL, SELPHIE, IRVINE, EDEA, CID, SEIFER, FUJIN, RAIJIN, LAGUNA, KIROS, WARD, ELLONE, IFRIT, SIREN, ZIDANE, ORLAN, GARNET, STEINER, FREYA, QUINA, EIKO, AMARANT, BEATRIX, LANI, RUBY, MIKOTO, KUJA, YUNA, RIKKU, TIDUS, WAKKA, LULU, KIMAHRI, AURON, JECHT, SEYMOUR, YUNALESCA, the CACTUARS, the MOOGLES, and the CHOCOBOS. It's sad knowing this site only have Anime Musics and doesn't have Final Fantasy Musics, but it's all right because I already have all the soundtracks and theme songs of FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2 and FF12 (only the "Kiss me Goodbye" theme song: English and Japanese) in MP3. Well, let's stop here, if I continue on, I think it'll MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH time, OK?!

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