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Warning~! My profile is quite text-heavy
This space for notices~!
To anyone who cared enough to check on my profile :D A big thank you. I am currently on a hiatus from posting (regularly).
- posted 25th March 2009

Hint: try clicking~!

First afflicted with Gendou-ism: This is purely for my own historical records, my first post was on 01:28:19 am 12/29/06

Real name and age?: Classified information XD A clue though, I grew up watching cartoons like Care Bears, Transformers, Voltron, Flintstones, Smurfs and the like.

Location: South East Asia, those near the region would call the city I'm in as the 'muddy muddy city' (it's a literal translation) XD If you're a fellow Malaysian, come join the Malaysian's thread~!

A little more information about me..

I had a deprived childhood (lolz) so I read a few mangas and barely had any animes to watch. I survived on game CGs alone XD I prefer watching anime over reading manga in general. There is an overabundance of good anime around (due to my lost childhood-anime-watching years XD) so I tend to pick and choose anime that have received somewhat favorable response. So no, I don't go for really brand spanking new anime unless it's an OVA of a series I already know about.

The list of anime I've watched so far (might have forgotten a few..) in alphabetical order. Animes I'm currently watching are at the end of the list, I'll place them in order when I've finished them. Some one-off/short OVAs are not included (for example Full Metal Panic's 'The Captain's Day Off' and the Mai Hime/Otome dvd specials) Try not to use this list to decide what anime to watch. I'm the first to admit I've never won any of those "choose the top ten XXX of the year~!" thingys. My taste in anime does not sync with the general masses perfectly >_<" However, I can tell you which anime to avoid. Those that are marked with an * at the end of the name are ones that I found to be a complete waste of time.

Teh Hidden Anime List~!

More useless, interesting facts about me..
  • I am a *coughahemteachercough* by profession, who also happens to be a closet anime otaku
  • I am a member of the Haruhiism club
  • I love discussing about animes that I've watched~! Feel free to engage me in any discussions about animes~!
  • I enjoy moe, nonsensical anime like Lucky Star XD
  • I have a thing for the timeline when guns weren't around yet, so anime themed around the middle ages (i.e., swords, amour and magic) holds an interest for me as well
  • I also enjoy a good dose of folklore and mystical stuff
  • Subconsciously, I think I enjoy anime with a good dose of angst, those tend to be quite memorable >_<
  • I rarely watch an anime episode just once (yeah, I'm weird that way). I take my time to enjoy good anime.
  • Tsundere FTW~!!
Gimme a shout~! XD
Post some comments about my profiley, too what you like (or dislike) about it XDD I'm always open to suggestions on making it better (as far as my HTML skills go anyhow XD) Oh~! linkup your profile page too, so I can reply easier XD

If you managed to read it all the way this far, let me reward you with some eye-candy~! These resized wallies and pics are pretty much randomly thrown in, i'll change these every now and then to give it a fresh feel XD If you see a wallie or picture that you like, give me a shout~! I'll either pm you or post the link to the original sized image on a thread somewhere. All images do not belong to me, and are copyright to their respective owners.

The first pic is a banner~! By Jaydel~! Saber.. she's mine~! bwahahahaha~! Oh and err, if you're familiar with Fate/Stay Night (anime), you might be scratching your head why the pic only slightly resembles the Saber you know. This Saber is from an alternate version, and is depicted slightly younger.

Edited: I've removed the pictures for now. Will add some new ones, perhaps later.

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