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About Me:
Phionsoft, Std. has focusing itself on development of Japanese Pop-Culture in Indonesia especially for anime, manga, and game industry, aiming to get unique position in that expertise - “Number One”.
Since the beginning of its foundation, Phionsoft, Std. has researching and reviewing Japanese most prominence technology that can support the advancement of J-Pop Culture, such as voice synthesizing, illustration tools, game engines, and recent Augmented Reality technologies.
As growing game developer, we're opening new staff positions,
You need to be well versed in Japanese - at least JLPT level two or equivalent speaking/reading and writing skill.
We want to make sure that Phionsoft Std provides you with the experience that enables you to grow and have a load of fun at the same time.
Full Patch for Love Plus EN translation
Current patch v.1.0 (Released 2012-Jan-07)
Phionsoft Studios
Research and Development Division.
2nd floor Kagaku Office, Permata Cimahi.
Berlian Str. V4/08 Bandung, Indonesia, 40552.
Mobilephone: +62 022 765 62251
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