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About Me:
by mizuki~ness

by hikky~~

by lacus-nee~~

by teh fondle queen~
by Latino~

Hi! As many would have already know, I'm Rixena(though some people misread it as Vixena xD). Here's a little bit on me.

(Nick)Name: Rixena (nope, not giving my actual one 8D)
BOD: 18 February. That's all I'm saying.
Likes: Yaoi (yesh, I like yaoi *shotshotshot*), fanfiction, games, anime, cheerleading, cosplay... I can't remember. *shot*
Dislikes: One word - idiots. D8
And that's basically it. 8D *shotshotshot*

So far, I only remember that my family members are Lacus-nee, JC-bro (is Mike-nephew counted?) Cutie-niece and Blur-niece. I don't remember anyone else.
----- For war never chooses it's participants and it doesn't care about it's victims... To protect is to kill and to suffer is to survive. And hence, I do both. But at the same time, I do nothing. [A gamer, cheerleader, cosplayer and wannabe singer.] Interested in joining me for a Vocaloid song chorus? PM me! =3

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