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About Me: Yo! Uhhh わたはRachelです. And no, before you go rushing to click the message button to ask me if I speak Japanese or something, I don't. =( I take lessons though. ^-^ Anyways, I'm a totally random girl that's obessed with Pokemon and FMA and Naruto (Shippuuden), but I also like TMM and CCS and Negima. =D I listen to lotsa Japanese music too, and some of my favorite artists/bands are Sowelu, Mika Nakashima, Hearts Grow, Little by Little, and Ali Project. I know, they all sing different genres of music. (Haha) I also love drawing and violin and annoying my friends with the llama song and obesseing over hot anime guys. =D (No really, I can't how many I've liked) Btw, I like Riley from Pokemon Diamond! (Aka sir Erin in the Lucario Movie that I watched today) He's hot. *drools* Haha! See? ^-^ だから uhhhh....さよなら!

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