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About Me: Hi eveybody. If your intrested to know a bit about me read on. If not take a hike. JK. Anyways I am a big anime fan, well arent we all. lol. As you can see, I am a happy go luck person and always ready for fun and jokes. I am a girl of many aspects. I love Martial arts I am acctually a green belt in ju jitsu. I kick butt. HEHE. I love to draw and watch anime. I am a great artist. I am a Canadaian from Ontario Canada. I live in a small town so many may not know it, it's called Mattawa. Good luck finding it. Well acctually I live in North Bay Ontario. My folks live in Mattawa. I love travelling and metting new people and trying new things all the time. My birth language is french. And I am half native. My apperance is of no great inportance but every body says i have wonderfull eyes and beautiful hair. And I am always happy. That's what everyoe loves about me. I get alonge with everybody. I am currently 20 soon to be 21 on Dec 21. So wish me a happy birthday. Cause this little snow baby is gona be affically an adult. Go me. I like to praise my self cause it is funny. I honestly cant say my fav anime cause I love then all. My most fav hobbie would be swimming, in the summer and snow activits in the winter. I like 2 go 4wheeling and I love to spend time with friends and animals. I am a big animal fan. My fav animal would be the dolphin. But I like cats and dogs 2. All animals are KAWAII. CHIII! Also I like to do anime quotes. Cause they r so fun. Well anyways that rounds most of me up. I still have lots more about my self to say. I probebly can write a book all about me, but I dont think I will I dont feel like doing that. Well Have fun and be happy in life. Oh and if any of you ever have troubles in life, I am you gal to come seek advice and councle my doors are open to all. TTYL
Sato Neko_chan If wish to email me. E-mail me at I will be happy to recive mail fron any of you.

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