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About Me: Scarred heart
Burnt heart
Hollow heart
Rid of all promises, 

Healed my heart
Helped my heart
Filled my heart
With all of his sweet promises, 

Hopeful heart
Happy heart
Loved heart
Survived on those promises, 

But beating heart
Tainted heart
Hurt his heart
Broken promises, 

Regretful heart
Reformed heart
The same heart
Kept remaining promises, 

His tainted heart
His harmed heart
His mistrusted heart
Left empty promises, 

Hollow mind
Hollow soul
Hollow heart
For which his hollow promises, 

Left me shattered in pieces. 
Warning: Sexual harassment in this area will not be reported, however, it will be graded. 

~{ Roxie~-sniff sniff-; Pansexual }~ 

Lipstick, compact, blush brush, don't touch

Think about it.. Just smile.. Take a break.. Take a seat.. Enjoy life.. Enjoy the happiness..
Take alittle more time.. Love yourself.. Enjoy the fresh breath...
What if the world had no one like me?

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; therefore is winged cupid blind. -- William Shakespeare

Believe me when I say I'm rude.
When I say I'm always right.
Because I mean it.
When I say you shouldn't trust me.

About Me:

Name: Roxanne (Roxie) Nakamura
Birthday: March 12th
Favorite Color(s): Black and Red
Favorite Food(s): Pocky
Favorite Holiday: None
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Favorite Book: I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Religion: Atheist
Marriage History:
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