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About Me: Dayumn it's been ages since I was here x.x mmm let's see... I'm Ren, the pervy wolf from Croatia. I was born in 1989 so calculate my age x) I love to watch anime's and read manga. I won't tell you my real name cause you won't be able to pronounce it ^__^ As you can probably see I am a HUGE wolf lover :D <3 I like to listen to musuc too and my favorite j-pop artist is Ayumi Hamasaki. I think her lyrics are really deep and honest. From other music i enjoy Linkin Park and everything else that sounds good. My favorite animes are Bleach, Naruto, Chrno Crusade, FMA, Saiyuki, Wolf's rain, Love Hina, D.N.Angel, Fruit's basket, Junni Kokki, My Hime/Otome, He's my master,etc don't click this link... My previous avy I'm a menber of the Pame and Suzaku fan club and of hana kimi fan club
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