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About Me: Adam Savage - Mythbusters Pictures, Images and Photos Quote ~Adam Savage Pictures, Images and Photos Quote of Adam Savage that he used on the "Rear Axel" myth on season 3 of the show Mythbusters. What the emphasis here is, if you know you had the facts to back up every words and data to prove it, and the opposition is all talks and no cold hard data to show, reject them. Let them take the dosage of your "reality". Star Trek Pictures, Images and Photos And I'm also a Trekker(the real term for a Star Trek fan, Trekkie is somewhat, like a kiddo's lingo hehe). As the show Star Trek shows, it might gives us the window to our future generations. You might think of me wearing a fighting red uniform, seriously I want that^_^. I'm not a science or physicist type of a person, I'm more of a literature, history, and gaming type. But science fascinates me, and it gives me thrills when I'm discovering new horizons that our minds takes us to another level. And I'm also an anime fan, that's already given of course... GEEK Pictures, Images and Photos Sexy Geek Pictures, Images and Photos

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