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Hey guys, I'm OtakuShoujo. I rarely socialize here, so forgive me if I'm wrong at any point. Hikari Nanao is some name I made up. Hikari is... well, you should've known. It means 'light'. Nanao is from the name of Shino's (.hack//G.U.) real player, Shino Nanao. I'm a fangirl, though I tend to stay calm until the bishie shows up :D
You may have guessed from my avatar, but yes I love an unusual bishie there, not the blue but the green XD It's mostly because he plays the piano though.

Well that's that. Have a nice day.
My name, 'OtakuShoujo' means Otaku Young Girl. Not that I only like Shojo mangas and animes. I use the 'u' in Shoujo because 'OtakuShojo' has been claimed.

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