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Is it me or is my level getting lower??....HMMMM....THIS IS WAR!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE BITCHEZZZ!!!! Well not really. But that sounds neat. XD Gendou genocide.


Ah yess.....Bloody trail leading to destruction. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....Like...the dull yet resounding crack of bone against metal, or the soft drip-drip of blood falling from a descimated body into a chalice made of silver...Better yet, the last agonizing screams of the tortured soul as it begs for mercy from the unescapable to deaf ears, the melody that I wish would never stop.


Do you know that feeling? When your dreams cave in and the visions of a life to live fade to the background of a dream turned nightmare? To see the something turn to the nothing and even the nothing flee the grasp of your outstretched fingers… It’s the empty cave in my chest, that won’t let me see the good in things, the depression that turns the gold to lead….

It’s a malady of sorts, you see. An ailment with no cure. Every day we wake up waiting to triumph over life, over adversity…

They speak of hollow victories--wins that mean nothing. But our wins mean something, right? And therefore they could never be hollow. Yet, the feeling persists, that something is not right. I’ve been fighting a winning war for, what, almost 16 years…and yet at the end of each day, I am hollow. We all are, and we can’t shake it. It’s maddening.

The truth is, we never win. We lose, get a pat on the back, and a good dose of the amnesia-inducing drug called stupidity.

But some cover it better than others. And most keep on with the fight to beat life at its own perverse game, all in the futile struggle to find that one Purpose in being...the one unworthy endeavor....

Name: Anandy
Location: Miami, Florida, US
Height: 5'7 (about 174 I think)

Anandy:n.--The Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Universal Mirage of Despair, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Butterfly of Temptation, Siren of the Counter-culture, Princess of This World, Pulverizer of the Universe, Scourge of Light, Mother of Lies, Spawn of Satan, and Lady of Darkness.


Feel free to drop me the random line.

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Rajkumari Purnima

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