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About Me: Hello I'm Marie!I'm 14 yrs old second year highschool! :] well i'm immature sometimes but they say that it's all the here, my favorite color is GREEN well as you can see the color is GREEN hehe.i'll share my stupid love life this year i hate to admit it but he just used me so that he can be close to her.bleah!:P.that is so laaaame.but i'm still happy being SINGLE again :P hehe.okay that's enough now back to me :].i'm not scared with cockroaches but i'm scared with lizards you know how creepy and slimy they are.huh?.weird.haha.if you want to know me better then let's be friends it'll be great :] so who ever you are always keepsafe.iLabiu all guys ;] muapmuap :*.

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